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									The Restoration of Christian Culture
Author: John Senior
Table of Contents

Foreword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Andrew Senior
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
David Allen White, Ph.D.
The Restoration of Christian Culture
i. The Restoration of Christian Culture . . . . 13
ii. The Air-Conditioned Holocaust . . 33
iii. The Catholic Agenda . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53
iv. Theology and Superstition . . . . . . . . . . 73
v. The Spirit of the Rule . . 91
vi. A Final Solution to Liberal Education . . . . 107
vii. The Darkness of Egypt . . . . . . . . . . . . 123

A sequel to The Death of Christian Culture, this spiritual treatise covers social, cultural, and political
topics. It explores the importance of religious knowledge and faith to the health of a culture, provides a
historical sketch of the change in cultural and educational standards over the last two centuries, and
illustrates how literary and other visual arts either contribute to a culture or conspire to tear it down.
Compared to a series of sermons, this analysis explains that there is a continuing extinction of the
cultural patrimony of ancient Greece, Rome, medieval Europe, and the early modern period of Western
civilization, owing to the pervasive bureaucratization, mechanization, and standardization of increasing

On July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued a motu
proprio Summorum Pontificum that vindicated the group ofloyal Catholics who had held to the fullness of
the faith for many years in spite of calumny and derogation directed against them. The Pope in the
document makes the simple statement that the Traditional Mass “was never abrogated,” an obvious fact
that had nevertheless caused the unyielding faithful to be vilified. John Senior, one of the great warriors
who fought for the Traditional Mass and for the Traditional Faith, would have taken a measure of joy in this
vindication, and he would have deserved the elation. More than that, however, Dr. Senior would have
understood that the document represents a reversal in the movement down the road of destruction,
specifically the destruction of Christian Culture. He had called for a movement for the restoration of that
culture in this book first penned in 1983. He would have grasped the full implications of this document
that admits priests have always had the right to celebrate the Traditional Mass and that they are free to
do so. Dr. Senior’s deep joy would have sprung from the wisdom displayed in his words on the Great
Sacrifice:Whatever we do in the political or social order, the indispensable foundation
is prayer, the heart of which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the perfect prayer Christ Himself, Priest
and Victim, recreating in an unbloody manner the bloody selfsame Sacrifice of Calvary. What is Christian
culture? It is essentially the Mass. That is not my or anyone’s opinion or theory or wish but the central
fact of 2,000 years of history. Christendom, what secularists call Western Civilization, is the Mass and
the paraphernalia
which protect and facilitate it. All architecture, art, political and social forms, economics, the way people
live and feel and think, music, literature – all these things when they are right are ways of fostering and
protecting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.The road will be long and arduous, but with the return of the
source of
all civilized life, the restoration of Christian culture, described in this book, must necessarily, if not
quickly, follow. Those who marveled at the precise and careful diagnosis of the fatal disease which had
struck the West in Dr. Senior’s earlier book, The Death of Christian Culture, may be surprised to find no
simple medical prescription or home remedy in this volume. Dr. Senior does not present an easy cure-all
based on a few practical steps. In fact, one of the few specific and concrete steps he does recommend is
the obvious one: smash the television set. (Perhaps we could now have a mass execution, lining up the
television set, the computer, the play station, the x-box, the cell phone, the iPod, and the Blackberry,
shooting them and burying them in a mass grave.) The essays presented here offer instead a coherent
vision of what mustof necessity occur to restore what has been lost. Before new life can spring forth,
however, the ground must be made fertile again. The dead remains and the “destructive element” must be
cleared away. There is a sober recognition in these pages that we are on the brink of such events, what
Dr. Senior calls “the Destruction of the Cities of the Plain.” If Almighty God in His justice
destroyed Sodom, what can the world now expect as it has willingly become Sodom? How do we prepare
for such events? Dr. Senior reminds us of the basic tenets of our faith that provide the best and only
preparation, and that will also begin the process of renewal and new growth when the rebuilding begins.
Author Bio
John Senior
John Senior holds his doctorate from Columbia University and was a professor of English, comparative
literature, and classics and the founder of the Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas.
He was dedicated to preserving Catholic orthodoxy.

"In death as he was in life, John Senior is ever the 'teacher of souls.' In The Restoration of Christian
Culture, he has left us a treasury of truth."

"I once referred to my teacher, Mr. Senior, as 'the Socrates of Kansas.' I would say now that he was the
Catholic Socrates of the 20th century."

"Direct, wise, and rooted deeply in the classics of the Western tradition, Senior offered a Christian
humanist critique of the modern world without the slightest measure of trepidation."

"The republication and editing of these volumes will solidify, and I do not say this lightly, Dr. Senior will
take his proper place in history as a true prophet."

"Next to Senior, every other combatant in the present culture war for the soul of the West pales like a

"Anyone interested in the future of our troubled society has to consider the truth of Senior’s central

"The Restoration of Christian Culture is a timeless and timely prescription for regaining our sanity, both
individually and as a civilization."

"The text is illustrative of a life well lived and therefore a lifetime of wisdom, in the true Christian sense."

"A thought-provoking proposal for a way out of today's cultural crisis."

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