DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT
                                DIVISON OF COMPLIANCE,
                                CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS, MARION COUNTY, INDIANA

                 This brochure is designed to inform you whether or not your
home based business is in compliance with the Indianapolis/Marion County Revised

                  Home Based Business

                                 DID YOU KNOW?

1.Revised Code. You can view the entire Indianapolis/Marion County Revised Code online at

2.Signs. Any signs you have on your property advertising your home based business must have a permit, and
fall under the guidelines of the Revised Code.

3.Primary Residence. If you are running a home based business, that home must be your legal residence, as
listed in The Code.

4.Parking. Additional parking to serve your home based business is not permitted, only that parking
which is permitted under the applicable Dwelling District ordinance is allowed.

5.Violations. Can result in citations, a court appearance, and fines up to $2.500.
                                                         which would render it undesirable for
SEC. 731-220. HOME                                       residential use.
OCCUPATIONS.                                         (7) No structural additions, enlargements
                                                         or exterior alterations changing the
(a) Permitted home occupations.
Professions and domestic occupations, crafts or          residential appearance of the dwelling
services which, as typically carried out, can be         or lot shall be permitted.
conducted in a dwelling without impairment of        (8) No additional or separate exterior
the use thereof as a place of residence and with         entrance shall be constructed for the
no detrimental effect upon adjacent residential          purpose of conducting the home
properties, as permitted home occupations.               occupation.
Examples of professional services which              (9) The dwelling unit shall not be a mobile
constitute permitted home occupations include            dwelling unit.
law, medicine, dentistry, architecture,              (10) The home occupation(s) shall not
engineering, real estate brokerage, tutoring,            regularly attract more than four (4)
writing, painting, music instruction,
                                                         individuals simultaneously onto the
photography and such services as are provided
by clergyman, insurance agents, notaries public          premises for reasons related to the
and manufacturer's agents. Examples of                   home occupation(s) and shall not
domestic occupations, crafts and services which          generate significantly greater traffic
constitute permitted home occupations include            volume than would normally be
dressmaking, millinery, sewing, tailoring,               expected in the particular residential
weaving, hair grooming, washing, ironing and             area in which the home occupation(s)
cabinet making.                                          is conducted.
(b) Home occupation requirements.                    (11) No provision for off-street parking
Permitted home occupations shall comply                  or loading facilities, other than
with each of the following requirements:                 requirements of the applicable
  (1) The primary use of the dwelling unit               Dwelling District, shall be permitted.
      shall remain residential.                      (12) No display of goods or external
  (2) The home occupation shall be clearly               evidence of the home occupation shall
      incidental and subordinate to the                  be permitted other than a window or
      primary residential use of the dwelling.           wall sign as permitted by the Sign
      No more than six hundred (600) square              Regulation of Marion County, Indiana,
      feet or thirty (30) percent of the total           71-AO-4, as amended (section 3.20,
      square footage of the dwelling unit,               On-Premises Signs: Dwelling
      whichever is lesser, shall be used in              Districts).
      connection with the home                       (15) Hours of operation of the home
      occupation(s).                                     occupation shall not interfere with use
  (3) All aspects of the home occupation                 and enjoyment of adjacent residential
      activity that occur on the premises                properties.
      shall be conducted within the dwelling         (16) Permitted home occupations shall
      structure in which the operator makes              comply with all standards set forth in
      his actual residence.                              section 2.00, B.
  (4) The operator of the home                     No permitted home occupation shall
      occupation(s) shall make the dwelling        interfere with the reasonable use and
      unit within which the home occupation        enjoyment of adjacent residential properties.
      is conducted his legal and primary
      place of residence.
  (6) No structural alterations shall be
      effected to the interior of the dwelling     Updated July 2003

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