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									                       MINlJ'r£i:S     OF OHHOROO HISTORICAL SOCIETY
                                          -,                ---                                 MEETING
        !!!:~J_~-,   O!L_]_~'_9.1J~_~y~~~~g}:_L.2~Q.Q.1._.i~-~
                                                      :t:_JO_E!!                   the      Masonic    Hall.
Present:                  IJI;,(';:im~~-            1\   1\:1r L ! f'L I    f:   1(llen,;chner,        M. Shephard,
                          S.      Prosser'-

Apologies:                S.     Shephard.

President,Clara S1l11s welcomed            everyone to the meeting    and a special
welcome     was extended      to new member Sue Prosser.
There    hus been mention        of other"   people   who are considering joining the
Fogden's     history   received,      Maxine    Rose.

Correspondence:-Thankyou    note from the Shephard family for the card
received on the death of William.
Letter from the Orroroo Area School asking for help on the usage of
various school classrooms
Notes on the State Volurlteer Congress held on December 5th.
A/c's to be dealt   with over   the next two months. Ann Bartlett/Gf~rald
Kuer'schner',                                                   CARRIIm.
The   Carrieton          Progress             Association          have sent us two copies of both
Carrieton Histories. Two donated and two to be payed for,                                 $50.

The Society has    i) balance of $734.86.                                  Received $12           Gerald's book,
$7. 70 Dona t ion Un,   and $21 jam sales.
Gerald Kuersdmer          reeei               ved   a visit from Mr and Mrs Spiers regarding
Smedley's        of Walloway.
Ian Shields wishes to donate n~re Masonic                                        Lodge material,            and would
like two more clothing dummies.

Professor Brian Medlin, Vietnam War protestor has                                              died.

Picture      rails were discussed                        and it~ was agreed             to contact          Helen Halley

The Orron>o/Carrieton District Council will                                        come to the masonic hull
to see our collection                         on November        16th.

Next meeting           2nd February                 at 1.30 pm in the Masonic                      Hall.

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