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					Advocacy and Leadership Across the Public and Private Sector

Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria and Leadership Plus is pleased
to invite you to hear Mike Adams from the UK Disability Rights Commission
talk about leadership and advocacy by people with a disability and particular
initiatives that have been undertaken in the UK.

                         When:                 7th December 2006, 10am to 12.30pm,
                         Where:                Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria,
                                               level 3, 380 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
                         Registration:         by 3rd December to Samantha Roberts (03) 9281 7106
                         Registration is free. Please advise at the time of responding if you require a sign
                         interpreter, attendant carer or other support.

                         10.00                 Welcome and Introduction - Fiona Smith, Chairperson
                                               Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria
                         10.15                 Victoria's response to People with Disability
                                               as Advocates and Leaders
                                               'Diversity in Leadership' - James MacIsaac, Director, Seniors
                                               and Veterans, Department for Victorian Communities
                                               'Strategies to Encourage Leadership' - Stephen Gianni,
                                               Director, Leadership Plus
                         11am — 12pm           International Responses to People with Disability
                                               as Advocates and Leaders
                                               'How the UK Disability Rights Commission has encouraged
                                               Leadership in the Public and Private Sectors'
                                               - Mike Adams, Assistant Director, Delivery & Learning,
                                               Disability Rights Commission, UK
                         12pm — 12.30pm Questions and Discussion
                         12.30pm               Lunch

                         Mike Adams
                         Mike Adams is Assistant Director, Delivery & Learning for the Disability Rights
                         Commission, (DRC) UK. The DRC was established by the British Government with
                         a goal of achieving a society where all people with a disability can participate
                         fully as equal citizens. Mike plays a leading role in taking forward activities
                         concerned with education, employment, health and independent living. He is
                         also responsible for the leadership strategy within the DRC such as conferences
                         for people with a disability to raise leadership aspirations, with follow up forums
                         which seek to provide actual leadership positions for up to 50 people.
                         Mike was previously Director of the National Disability Team with responsibility
                         for supporting higher education institutions to better meet the needs of students
                         with disabilities. He is also former Co-director for the Centre for Research and
                         Policy in Disability and Disability Officer at Coventry University.

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