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       Enterprise Cloud Computing:
 Understanding Costs, Managing Risks and
         Realising Business Value
     •	 27-28 April 2010
     •	 Paul Brebner, NICTA & Anna Liu, NICTA
     •	 NICTA Canberra Research Laboratory
     •	 1 Day Course: AU$770 (includes GST)
     •	 2 Day Course: AU$1320 (includes GST)
Are you prepared to commit your core enterprise
systems to the Cloud?
Cloud computing is widely promoted as a technology that
can assist both large and small enterprises acquire and
grow their computing capacity, scale-up their business
activity when the demand arises, and reduce costs of ICT
» But…, how do you know if your current and future
  enterprise applications will perform safely and efficiently
  in the cloud?
                                                                    Level of Difficulty
» How much is a cloud commitment really going to cost your
                                                                     » Day 1: Intermediate
                                                                     » Day 2: Intermediate/Advanced-Day 1 is prerequisite
» For organisations with significant legacy, it’s not just
  the procurement cost of the cloud computing service,              The course is focused on critical aspects of cloud
  but what about the cost of re-architecting existing               understanding, such as the costs and performance
  applications and infrastructure?                                  risks to the business associated with the (incorrect)
                                                                    use of cloud products and services in major ICT re-
» And how will it affect your future business strategy?
                                                                    architecting initiatives. The course is presented by
» Should you lock-in to a contract during the hype and              NICTA experts and draws upon leading-edge research
  excitement, or wait until the market and technology               and technology developed by NICTA in the fields of
  matures?                                                          cloud computing and enterprise performance.
Target Audience
 » CIOs.                                                            Course Outcomes
 » Enterprise Architects,                                           At the conclusion of Day 1, course participants will
 » Business Architects,                                             have gained an understanding of current cloud
                                                                    technologies and the typical costs, benefits and risks
 » Program Managers                                                 to their business associated with different cloud
This 2-day NICTA course is aimed at decision makers in both         computing strategies. For those participants who
public sector organisations and commercial enterprises who          continue the course and complete Day 2, they will
are trying to grapple with cloud computing concepts and             have extended their understanding with additional
vendor technologies, and who need to understand how cloud           topics to support development of a cloud computing
technology fits into their strategic business plans in areas        strategy for their organisation.
such as enterprise architecture and ICT provisioning.

Teaching Arrangements:                                          How to Register:
The course will be conducted from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.           * Register Online: www.nicta.com.au/short_courses
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.
                                                                * Register using the form on the back of this page
For further info please contact
Anne-Marie Eliseo +61 8 8343 8710
or email industryeducation@nicta.com.au
                                                                from imagination to impact
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Enterprise Cloud Computing: Understanding Costs,
Managing Risks and Realising Business Value
    Day 1: $770 AUD (includes GST) ::                                                 Days 1 & 2: $1320 AUD (includes GST)
Dates: 27-28 April 2010
Location: NICTA Canberra Research Laboratory, 7 London Circuit, Canberra City

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when payment is made.
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