Discounted Heating Oil prices for Wellow residents by ramhood17


									                                 Discounted Heating Oil prices for Wellow residents

              Heating oil prices have risen by nearly 100% over the last year and are likely to continue to
              rise in the future.

              The                     group are exploring the possibility of establishing a Group Buying
              Scheme for heating oil purchases here in Wellow.

              The intention is to obtain discounts on the price of heating oil by grouping together a number
              of oil deliveries from a single supplier. By delivering to a group of houses in one tanker
              delivery rather than by separate journeys we can offer price discounts to you and help the
              environment by reducing the number of tanker deliveries to Wellow.

              For the scheme to work we would request that you should provide details of your oil delivery
              needs by the beginning of each month either by telephone, e-mail or directly to the Wellow
              organiser. We would then collate the group delivery and arrange for the supply of heating oil
              to your home. Whilst a specific discount cannot be quoted at this time, due to the volatility of
              oil prices, we anticipate a saving of 2p to 5p per litre. On the basis of an annual use of 1500L
              per year you could save between £30 and £75 a year and importantly for our environment
              the number of tanker deliveries into Wellow could be reduced considerably.

              We do hope you will be interested and, if so please provide the following details to help us
              assess the viability of the proposed scheme. Please complete the details below and return
              them to Richard Holland, Wellhope Knowe, Station Road, Wellow or e-mail
     or telephone 01225 833348. Thank you.

              Name : _____________________________________________

              Address : __________________________________________________________________

              Post Code : ___________________

              Approximate annual consumption of heating oil : _____________________ Litres

              Size of your oil tank : ______________________ Litres

              How many deliveries of oil do you generally have per year? (Please circle below)

              1 to 2             3 to 4             5 to 6             More than 6

              Please return to :-

              Richard Holland, Wellhope Knowe, Station Road, Wellow, BA2 8QB


              E-mail :-


              Telephone :- 01225 833348

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