; Employee Relations Briefing Ses20104751823
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Employee Relations Briefing Ses20104751823


Employee Relations Briefing Ses20104751823

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									circular 4.1

TO:          Chief Executive Officer                           DATE:              17/01/2003
FROM:        Executive Director                                LGA REF:           6.6
             Ph: 8224 2036
             E-mail: marlene.molnar@lga.sa.gov.au

Employee Relations Briefing Session - Program of Topics and
The program for the Employee Relations Briefing Session to be held on Monday 3 February 2003 is now
available on LGAnet. Those planning to attend should register no later than 29 January 2003.

As advised earlier (Circular 36.8 of 2002) the LGA has been conducting the employee relations briefing
sessions on a regular basis in recent months. This is the fourth of our sessions, which have all been well

The standard program for the sessions is available on LGAnet. The program provides participants with
the opportunity to interact, ask questions and exchange ideas throughout the session.

Those currently negotiating enterprise agreements are encouraged to stay for a ‘working lunch’, which is
structured to give participants an opportunity for informal discussion to share current issues, information
and ideas. Alternatively people may not want to attend the whole briefing but may simply want to join the
lunch time session.

The briefing sessions are held at Local Government House commencing at 9.00 am and finishing at no
later than 12.30 pm.

To register please complete the attached form and email to marlene.molnar@lga.sa.gov.au.

ER Program & Reg form 3 Feb 2003(1814 Kb)

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