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Employee Relations Briefing Ses


Employee Relations Briefing Ses

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									circular 8.6

TO:            Chief Executive Officer                                DATE:               20/02/2003
FROM:          Executive Director                                     LGA REF:            6.6
CONTACT:       Tina BORG
               Ph: 8224 2000 to be transferred

               EMAIL: tinaborg@bigpond.net.au

               (disregard information below please - thankyou)
               E-mail: tinaborg@bigpond.com

Employee Relations Briefing Sessions
Due to the positive feedback from Councils regarding the LGA's Employee Relations Briefing Sessions it has
been decided to continue with the bi-monthly sessions on an ongoing basis. This Circular provides details
of the dates for Sessions to the end of 2003.

The LGA's initiative to conduct "Employee Relations Briefing Sessions" on a bi-monthly basis have received excellent
support from Councils. Feedback indicates that Councils would support the continuation of the conduct of these
sessions during 2003.
The Local Government Human Resource Managers Network Group has indicated that on a bi-monthly basis its
meetings will following the LGA Employee Relations Briefing. (It should be noted that the Network meet on a monthly

The Briefing sessions will commence at 9.00 am and finish at varying times depending on the agenda for the session,
but no later than 12.30 pm. Network Group meeting will commence at 1.00 pm following the completion of the
briefing session. The schedule for the 2003 sessions are as follows:-

    Thursday 3 April
    Thursday 5 June
    Thursday 7 August
    Thursday 2 October
    Thursday 4 December

All meetings will be held in the Boardrooms, Local Government House, 16 Hutt Street, Adelaide.

The programme for the briefings session is designed to maximise opportunities for participants to receive information
regarding key industrial issues current at the time of the conduct of the session. We will continue to notify Councils of
the topics by Circular prior to each session. Those currently negotiating enterprise agreements are encouraged to
stay for the lunch time session, which commences at 12.00 noon and is structured to give participants an opportunity
for informal discussion and to share information and ideas. Tina Borg co-ordinates the conduct of these sessions and
is interested in hearing from Councils any ideas for potential briefing topics.

To register to attend the April session please complete the attached form and email to Marlene Molnar

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Please note that a Special Employee Relations Briefing Session will be held on 10 March 2003 from 2pm -
4pm to discuss the recent claim by the AWU to vary the Local Government Employees Award - refer to
Circular 8.5.

Please double click on the icon below to view attachment.

IR Briefing Sessions Registration form.(1213 Kb)

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