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									Compare Pet Insurance Plans
Does your pet insurance plan...

  Pay claims based on the actual veterinary bill
  Plans that use a benefit schedule are hard to understand and often
  reimburse much less than plans that use the actual veterinary bill.

  Cover congenital and hereditary conditions
  These can cost a lot to treat and even mixed breed dogs are suscep-
  tible. Many - but not all - plans exclude them.

  Cover chronic and recurring conditions
  Determines whether the plan will continue paying for treatment of a
  single illness over several years. Some plans don’t cover these at all.   OPTIONAL

  Allow you to tailor a plan to your budget and needs
  Why settle for small, medium, or large when you can have a
  designer plan? When you’re in charge you can design a plan to fit
  your budget.

  Cover routine and wellness care

  Pay claims quickly and explain your reimbursement
  You should be able to quickly and easily figure out your reimburse-
  ment without having to decode complicated tables or schedules.

  Not have restrictive per-incident claim limits
  These limits kick in before your annual maximum and can reduce
  claim payouts.

  Let you submit claims without raising your premium
  Some plans surcharge your pet when you submit too many claims.

  Adjust your premium as your pet ages
  Usually your premium will increase as your pet ages because older
  pets, like older people, fall ill more frequently. Some plans offer the
  ability to freeze your premium for an additional payment.

  Pay for treatment at a specialist without a surcharge
  Some plans make you pay a bigger portion of the bill if you visit a
  specialist or referral veterinarian.

  Offer a number of discounts
  Typical discounts include: multiple pets, microchipped pets, military,
  employer groups, service pets, veterinary staff, and annual payments.

  Not charge fees on monthly billing
  Some plans charge installment fees on monthly plans.
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