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                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.1   Welcome
1.2   Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements
2.1   Temporary Assignments
2.2   Assignment Details
2.3   Availability for Assignment
2.4   Office Hours and Contact Details
2.5   After Hours Contact
3.1   Calculation of Wages
3.2   Pay Queries
3.3   Timesheets
3.4   Personal Data Change
3.5   Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
3.6   Quality Policy
4.1   Attendance and Punctuality
4.2   Absence and Lateness
4.3   Mobile Phones
4.4   Personal Belongings
4.5   Alcohol and Drugs
4.6   Smoking
4.7   Confidentiality
4.8   Procedure for Handling Complaints
5.1   The Induction Process
5.2   Client Site Induction
5.3   Training
5.4   Control and Supervision
5.5   Your Responsibilities as an Employee
5.6   Identification of Hazards
5.7   Accidents and Incidents
5.8   Rehabilitation Policy
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6.1     General
6.2     Hearing Protection
6.3     Eye Protection
6.4     Safety Footwear
6.5     Warning Signs
6.6     Housekeeping
6.7     Fire / Emergency Precautions
6.8     Working Alone
6.9     Confined Spaces
6.10    Dress Code
6.11    Electrical Equipment
6.12    Tools and Equipment
6.13    Hoists and Elevators
6.14    Machinery and Plant
6.15    Common Sense
6.16    Manual Handling

Note The content of a manual does not constitute nor should it be constituted as a
promise of employment or as a contract between Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty
Ltd and any of it’s employees.

Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd at its option, may change, delete, suspend, or
discontinue parts or the policy in its entirety, at any time without prior notice.

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This document has been developed in order to familiarize on-hire
employees with Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd (AILS) and
provide information about working condition, key policies, procedures, and
benefits affecting on-hire employment at AILS.

1.1 WELCOME to Adelaide Industrial Labour Service.
We are a Labour Hire and Recruitment specialist supplying supplementary
skilled casual labour and permanent recruitment services to all industries.
You are now an integral member of our team, working together to support
the day-to-day operations of our clients.
Your role is important to both our clients and us. Our reputation is built on
the performance of our employees.
We hope you enjoy your assignments, and are quick to become an
efficient, happy and productive member of our team.
                                                     KEITH PATTERSON
                                                   MANAGING DIRECTOR

                              OUR MISSION
      To Provide Quality Labour Hire and Recruitment Services to our
                          Employees and clients

                               OUR VISION
          To be a Leading Labour Hire and Recruitment Provider
            To be a Respected and Proactive Service Provider
                      To be a Preferred Employer

                              OUR VALUES
      We will Ensure Fair and Equitable Treatment of Our Employees
      We will satisfy our client’s Needs in a Fair and Honest Manner
         We will promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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An “On-hire employee” of AILS is a person who works for AILS on a
causal basis to carry out a temporary assignment under the control and
direction of a supervisor at a client site for wages
As AILS is your employer, contact your consultant if you have any queries
relating to pay or assignment details.

2.1 Temporary Assignments
AILS receives requests from clients for on-hire employees to carry out
specific duties at client sites. These are known as temporary
assignments. At all times the on-hire staff we provide are employees of
AILS not of the client.
When we receive orders from our clients we contact suitable candidates to
ascertain their interest in undertaking the assignment. All on-hire staff has
the option to accept or decline assignments offered to them.

2.2 Assignment Details
At the time of offer of each assignment the consultant will inform the on-
hire employee of the duties, hours of work, the length of the assignment
and the rate of applying to the temporary assignment.
AILS are to be notified immediately should there be any change to
these duties or system of work.
2.3 Availability for Assignment
Please remember to keep AILS informed of your availability for work,
when you finish a placement or become available let us know so that you
can be considered for future positions that arise.
This may be done between 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday by calling
(08) 8348 3333 or emailing

                                                                       Page 5
2.4 Office Hours and Contact Details
Office hours are 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.
The Office address is:   275 South Rd
                         CROYDON PARK SA 5008
The Postal address is:   PO Box 255
                         HINDMARSH SA 5007
Phone number             (08) 8348 3333
Fax number               (08) 8348 3344
Web site       

2.5 After Hours Contact
After hours contact can be made by either calling the main office number
on (08) 8348 3333 and waiting for prompts or by contacting the
consultants directly on their mobiles.

All employees are paid weekly. Wages are deposited directly into your
supplied bank account on Wednesday afternoon for access on Thursday
morning. Some financial institutions may take an extra day to credit your
bank account. In the event of a public holiday falling on a Monday
payment may be delayed.

3.1 Calculation of Wages
On-hire staff is employed on a casual basis unless expressly advised
otherwise. As such on-hire staff is only paid for the hours they work.
There are no entitlements to holiday pay or pay for any Public Holidays
that are not worked.

3.2 Pay Queries

If you have any questions regarding your pay, please contact the
office during the business hours of 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to
Friday on (08) 8348 3333.

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3.3 Timesheets
All on-hire employees must complete a timesheet detailing the hours that
they work on client sites. The time sheet must be signed by both the on-
hire employee and the site supervisor before AILS can generate the on-
hire employee’s wages.
Timesheets are to be filled out Monday to Sunday and must be supplied to
the AILS office before 10.00am on the following Monday, to ensure
payment of wages on Thursday.

Please note – Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of
every employee. Time worked is the time actually spent on a job(s)
performing assigned duties, payment of your wages is calculated from the
information supplied on your signed Timesheet. AILS does not pay for
extended breaks or time spent on personal matters.

3.4 Personal Data Change
It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify AILS office of
any changes in personal data such as:
• Mailing address
• Telephone numbers
• Individuals to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

You must ensure that your personal data is current and accurate at
all times.

3.5 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Adelaide Industrial Labour Service is committed to a principle of Equal
Employment Opportunity; all employees are selected and trained on their
merit in relation to the needs of the job. Selection will be made without
regard to personal characteristics such as sex, marital status, pregnancy,
parental status, age, race, religion, impairment or political belief.
Adelaide Industrial Labour Service aims to provide an environment free
from harassment, discrimination, victimisation and vilification.
Please report any grievance you may have to your AILS consultant or the
Managing Director.

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3.6 Quality Policy
Adelaide Industrial Labour Service (AILS) is a labour hire and recruitment
specialist supplying supplementary skilled casual labour and permanent
recruitment services to all industries.
AILS is an Adelaide based company, established in 1992 meet the
growing need for industry specific personnel. The major focus of the
company is to provide good quality personnel with specialised skills that
meet the individual needs of our clients.
The management of AILS is dedicated to the continuous improvement of
the business.
This is maintained by ensuring that all employees, including administration
staff, are knowledgeable in their chosen field and are dedicated to
providing the highest level of professional and reliable service.
Management ensures, through ongoing contact and performance reviews,
that employees are meeting the needs of the clients and fully understand
the requirements of the quality management system. All employees are
responsible for the quality of their own work.

The work rules and standards of conduct are important, and the
Company regards them seriously. All employees are urged to become
familiar with these rules and standards. The following are examples of
some of the rule infractions or misconduct that may result in disciplinary
action, including termination of employment.

•   Refusal to comply with or breach of Safety Rules
•   Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
•   Possession or consumption of alcohol or un-prescribed drugs in the
    work place
•   Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of alcohol or illegal
    drugs in the workplace
•   Breaching the smoking policy
•   Theft or misuse of client property
•   Unauthorized use of telephones, or other company-owned equipment
•   Using company equipment for purposes other than business (i.e.
    playing games on computers or personal Internet usage)
                                                                     Page 8
•   Neglect of duty
•   Disorderly conduct
•   Sleeping on duty
•   Unauthorised disclosure of confidential company information
•   Falsification of timekeeping records
•   Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace
•   Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace
•   Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct
•   Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of company-
    owned or customer-owned property
• Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment
• Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice
• Unauthorized disclosure of business “secrets” or confidential
• Violation of Company policies
• Unsatisfactory performance or conduct
• Not advising AILS of any changes to your duties or system of work
All employees are urged to become familiar with AILS rules and standards
of conduct and are expected to follow these rules and standards faithfully
in doing their own job and conducting company’s business

4.1 Attendance and Punctuality

AILS expects that all employees will be regular and punctual in
attendance. This means being on site, ready to work, at their starting time
each day.    Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other
employees and on the company.

4.2 Absence and Lateness
From time to time, it may be necessary for on-hire employees to be late or
absent from work. AILS are aware that emergencies, illnesses, or
pressing personal business that cannot be scheduled outside work hours
may arise. It is the responsibility of all employees to contact their
consultant and site supervisor.
Failure to inform AILS that you are unable to attend may result in us
having an unhappy client and you may loose the assignment if we are
asked to supply alternative on-hire employees

                                                                     Page 9
4.3 Mobile Phones
All mobile phones are to be switched to silent during working hours and
may only be used during permitted breaks. Preferably mobile phones are
not to be carried on your person, they should be left in bags or not brought
on site. The site employer’s mobile policy is to be strictly adhered to.
Personal mobile phones are only to be used during dedicated break times.

4.4 Personal Belongings
AILS assumes no risk for any loss or damage to personal property and
recommends that all employees have personal insurance policies covering
the loss of personal property left at client sites.

4.5 Alcohol and Drugs

Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs on AILS or client
premises will not be tolerated. Please advise your AILS consultant if you
are taking any prescribed drugs that may affect your work abilities

4.6 Smoking
Smoking is not permitted on the premises of Adelaide Industrial Labour
All employees must observe the clients’ smoking policies and only smoke
in permitted areas, during dedicated break times.

4.7 Confidentiality
You are to treat all client and company information and work methods that
you are privy to as confidential. At no time are cameras and/or video
equipment allowed on client sites, including camera equipped mobile

4.8 Procedure for Handling Complaints
Under normal working conditions, employees who have a job-related
problem, question or complaint should first discuss it with their immediate
site supervisor. At this level, employees usually reach the simplest,
quickest, and most satisfactory solution. If the employee and site
supervisor do not solve the problem, AILS encourages employees to
contact their AILS consultant.
                                                                     Page 10

Adelaide Industrial Labour Service is committed to managing the safety,
health and welfare of all of our employees.

We strive to ensure that work activities, carried out by our employees, are
undertaken with all reasonable and practicable measures applied to
prevent injury and risks to their health, or any other person affected by the
 We strive to achieve our aims and values, and to foster continuous
improvement with work-related injury and illness.
Our management system incorporates the establishment, monitoring and
review of safety objectives and targets and focuses on identifying,
assessing and controlling risks in the workplaces.
We are committed to complying with relevant legislation, acts, regulations,
codes of practices, and standards.
Management will consult with employees and clients to ensure that health,
safety and welfare requirements are addressed. All employees are
provided with relevant information, instruction training and supervision as
reasonably practicable to ensure they are safe from injury and risks to
All employees must ensure they demonstrate their duty of care for safety,
health and welfare for themselves and others. They shall co-operate with
our management systems and the promotion and compliance of this
Adelaide Industrial Labour Service will ensure appropriate resources are
allocated to administer this policy.

5.1 The Induction Process
On registration you will be asked to complete a number of forms, including
an OHS checklist, which provides some history of your experience with
OHS in the workforce

During the interview and AILS On-Hire Employee Induction you will be
given as Induction handbook, it is provided as a general summary of your
AILS Induction training and provides procedures to follow if you observe a
                                                                      Page 11
hazard at your workplace, or in the unlikely event you experience an
incident or injury.
Please keep this handbook handy and review often, as your safety is our

5.2 Client Site Induction
The AILS induction process is in addition to a client induction which is
specific to the worksite where you will be placed.
At the back of this handbook you will find an Induction Checklist. The
Induction Checklist is to mark off mandatory procedures you need to be
orientated to by the site supervisor, at the client work site, prior to
commencing work. The site supervisor must sign off, with yourself, and a
copy returned to your consultant. Your AILS consultant will be available to
advise and reinforce any specific hazards that may be found at that site.

5.3 Training
Employees must not operate any vehicle, item of plant or equipment if
they do not hold the required license or certificate of competency. They
must only perform tasks for which they are adequately skilled using the
appropriate work instructions and equipment, and they have been
employed to do as per their job/ task description.
AILS on-hire employee’s training requirement will be identified and
reviewed. Site supervisors will be informed of the training needs of the
On-Hire Employees they supervise and ensure that all required training is
offered or provided.

5.4 Control and Supervision
AILS On-Hire Employees will work under the control and direction of the
site supervisor(s) nominated by the client.

5.5 Your Responsibilities as an Employee
Employees have the responsibility to take care to protect their own health
and safety and to avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of any
other person. Employees have a responsibility to:

                                                                    Page 12
•   Report and incident or hazards at work to the site supervisor and
•   Carry out their roles and responsibilities as detailed in the relevant
    health and safety policies and procedures
•   Obey any reasonable instruction aimed at protecting their health and
    safety while at work
•   Use any equipment provided to protect their health and safety while at
•   Assist in the identification of hazards, the assessment of risks and the
    implementation of risk control measures
•   Consider and provide feedback on any matter which may affect their
    health and safety
•   Ensure they are not affected by alcohol or another drug, to endanger
    their own or any other persons’ health and safety

5.6 Identification of Hazards
Before workplace hazards can be controlled, they must be identified,
AILS, the client and employees all have the responsibility of identifying
Hazards like slippery walking surfaces, poor lighting and obstructed
passages may be obvious. Other hazards like poor indoor air quality may
not be quite so easy to identify.
You must report every hazard in your workplace to your consultant by
either completing the form supplied in the induction or by downloading one
from our website.

5.7 Accidents and Incidents
It is the legal requirement under Occupational Health & Safety to report all
work injuries and incidents.

1.         Incident: An unplanned event which causes injury and/ or
damage to property and/ or equipment
2.         Work Injury: Any injury, occupational disease or disability which
arises out of or in the course of any workplace activity and which requires
first-aid or medical treatment
                                                                       Page 13
Injuries and incidents however slight must be reported to your AILS
consultant and site supervisor
If first aid is required, you must report to the client’s first aid officer.
Should your injury require further medical attention you should attend one
of the following work health clinics:

• Gillman Clinic - 136 Eastern Parade
Phone (08) 8447 6955
• Mile End Clinic – 10 Railway Terrace
Phone (08) 8352 3788
• Elizabeth Vale Clinic – 44 John Rice Ave
Phone (08) 8287 6800

5.8 Rehabilitation Policy
In the event of an employee suffering from a work related injury or illness,
we will take all reasonable steps to rehabilitate the person to their fullest
physical, mental, social, vocational and economic usefulness of which
they are capable.

General safety rules must be followed at all times at every work site. You
must also comply with any site specific safety rules and instructions as
determined by the client. This includes but is not limited to the following
safe work practices, wearing prescribed protective clothing and the correct
use of safety equipment.
It is the duty of every employee of AILS to behave in a safe and
reasonable way towards fellow employees, work colleagues, suppliers and
visitors. You must observe the client sites Health and Safety rules. Any
item not understood must be bought to the attention of the site supervisor
and your AILS consultant.

6.1 General
All safety equipment or personal protective clothing that is considered
necessary by the host employer must be worn at all times. Should you
require any safety equipment or personal clothing please contact your

                                                                       Page 14
AILS consultants. Damaged, faulty or lost equipment must be reported

6.2 Hearing Protection
Approved ear protection must be worn when exposed to the risk of
hearing damage arising from the operation of power driven machinery,
hammer drilling machines, explosive power tools, pneumatic breakers,
high speed cutting machines, etc.

6.3 Eye Protection
Approved eye protection must be worn by all persons engaged in or
working close to any activity which may cause eye injury, e.g. explosive
power tools, abrasive blasting, power operated high speed cutting
machines, drilling machines, welding operations, use of compressed air
tools, use of high pressure water jets, use of chemicals, acids or other
corrosive substances, breaking, cutting drilling and carving of any
substances with power or hand tools and when there is foreseeable risk of
flying particles.

6.4 Safety Footwear
You must wear steel-capped work boots at all on-hired work sites.

6.5 Warning Signs
Warning and danger signs throughout the work place are to be observed.
Employees must not obstruct, deface, remove or destroy any warning or
danger signs. Obey designated walk areas – do not take short cuts.
6.6 Housekeeping
Ensure your work area is kept clean and tidy at all times. Remove any
obstacles from your work area, in consultation with your site supervisor.

6.7 Fire / Emergency Precautions
All on-hire employees must be aware of the site Fire and Emergency
Procedures and the appropriate assembly points. They should discuss
any problem, which could occur with the site supervisor.

                                                                    Page 15
Fire fighting equipment, fire escape routes and fire service points must be
maintained free from obstruction at all times.

6.8 Working Alone
If you are working alone and are concerned with your safety at any time,
contact your site supervisor and or your AILS consultant

6.9 Confined Spaces
Do not enter a confined space unless you have a license and prior
approval from the site supervisor. An “Entry Permit” may be required
before entering such conditions.

6.10 Dress Code
Employees of AILS are expected to present in an appropriate manner
while conducting undertaking on-hire assignments. Dressing in a fashion
that is clearly unprofessional, that is deemed unsafe, or that negatively
affects AILS image is not acceptable.

6.11 Electrical Equipment
Do not use electrical equipment or leads where the lead or plug shows
any sign of damage. All electrical equipment must be appropriately tested
and tagged.

6.12 Tools and Equipment
Do not use tools or equipment unless you have been instructed, trained
and authorised to do so. Always use the correct tool for the task and use
it in a proper manner. All tools must be in good working order at all times.
Any defective tools must be reported to the site supervisor or your AILS
consultant for repair or replacement.

6.13 Hoist & Elevators
Only fully trained personnel are authorised to operate a hoist or elevator
and must await instruction to do so.

                                                                     Page 16
6.14 Machinery and Plant
Inspect all machinery before using it to ensure safety guards are in place
and safety lockouts and limit switches are functioning.
Any machinery that is not in safe working condition, or has a danger tag
attached, must not be used at any time. Report the matter to your site
supervisor and AILS consultant.
Cleaning and repairs to machinery must only be carried out while the
power source is locked or tagged out and or isolated as per site practice.
An unauthorised repair of any kind to machinery or equipment is strictly

6.15 Common Sense
Use your own judgement and common sense. If an activity is not safe,
then don’t do it, contact your site supervisor or AILS consultant if in doubt.

6.16 Manual Handling
“Manual handling” means any activity requiring the use of force exerted by
a person to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain
any person, animal or load.

On any site where AILS employees are working, any current manual
handing task which is likely to be a risk to employees and all new manual
handling tasks should be identified and assessed to determine risks.
Where necessary, controls (ways to eliminate or reduce the risk) shall be
Employee Duties
• To follow instructions given in supervision of the manual handling task
• To not use any equipment that you have not been formerly trained on.
• To use the equipment provided for safe manual handling
• To apply any training provided
• To highlight any areas of concern

                                                                       Page 17

AILS encourages all employees to bring forward their suggestion and
ideas about making AILS a better place to work and enhancing services to
AILS clients and employees. Any employee who sees an opportunity for
improvement is encouraged to talk it over with their AILS consultant. All
suggestions are valued.

Do keep in touch with us on a regular basis to let us know your availability
for assignments. Be sure and let us know if any of your personal details
change or if you wish to be removed from our database.
If you are experiencing problems that might affect your work, let your
consultant know. Our consultants are trained professionals. They will
listen and give help where they can. If they cannot help they will try and
refer you to someone who can.

Client Offer of Employment
Please let your consultant know if a client offers you direct employment of
either a permanent, casual or contract nature. We are always supportive
when one of our on-hire staff secures a permanent position with our

Closing Statement for Employment
Successful working condition and relationships depend upon successful
communication. It is important that employees stay aware of changes in
procedures, policies and general information. It is also important to
communicate ideas, suggestion, personal goals, or problems as they
affect work to you AILS consultant.
AILS keeps on-hire employees up to date with changes through our

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    275 South Rd

     PO Box 255

  Phone (08) 8348 3333
   Fax (08) 8348 3344
web site
   Employee name:………………………………….Commencement date:                           /        /

   Position / job:……………………………………………………………………………….
                   Introduction       Health and Safety

   Nature and structure of organisation and     Occupational health and safety policy and
   job                                          procedures

   Job description and responsibilities         Drugs and alcohol

   Work times and meal breaks                   Emergency / evacuation procedure

   Out of hours enquiries and emergencies       First aid – location and procedure

   Change room and facilities / toilets         Roles and responsibilities for safety

   Phone calls / mobile phone rules             Information on hazards and controls in the
   Overtime arrangements
                                                Hazard and incident reporting procedures,
   Meet key people                              including location of forms that need to be
   Health and safety representatives
                                                How to correctly use and store protective
   Supervisor                                   equipment

   Co-workers                                   Job specific

   Workplace related information                On-the-job training in safe work procedures
                                                (how to do this job)
   Quality management procedures
                                                Advice of specific job-related hazards and
   Environmental management procedures          methods of control

   Car parking                                  Supervise and test understanding

   Personal security (storing belongings etc)

   ……………………………………………..                          …………………………………………….
   Supervisors Name                             Supervisors Signature

   Date:         /   /                          Date:          /   /

   …………………………………………….                           …………………………………………….
   Employee Name                                     Employee Signature
Remove this page when completed and return to AILS office to be included
in your employee records as an understanding of you the employees
    275 South Rd

     PO Box 255

  Phone (08) 8348 3333
   Fax (08) 8348 3344
web site

   I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Adelaide Industrial
   Labour Service Pty Ltd On-Hire Induction Handbook, and I do commit to
   read and follow these policies.

   I am aware that if, at any time, I have a question regarding Adelaide
   Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd policies I should direct them to my

   I know that Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd company policies
   and other related documents do not form a contract of employment and do
   not guarantee by Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd of the
   condition and benefits that are described within them. Nevertheless, the
   provisions of such company policies and incorporated into the
   acknowledgement, and I agree that I shall abide by its provisions.

   I also am aware the Adelaide Industrial Labour Service Pty Ltd, at any
   time, may on reasonable notice, chance, add to, or delete from the
   provisions of the company policies.

   Employee’s Printed Name

                                                /      /
   Employee’s Signature                                     Date

   Consultant Witness Printed Name

                                                /      /
   Consultant Witness Signature                             Date

Remove this page when completed and return to AILS office to be included
in your employee records as an understanding of you the employees
    275 South Rd
     PO Box 255

  Phone (08) 8348 3333
   Fax (08) 8348 3344
web site
Use these pages to write any useful notes
Other employee’s names
Site supervisors phone numbers
Special Procedures
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Your best endeavours create your future.

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