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									The Soldier's Story
Author: Warren Lee Goss

Edition: 1866 Edition

During the Civil War tens of thousands of soldiers died in prisons. In Andersonville Prison Pen alone over
11,000 soldiers of the 33,000 died of starvation, exposure and consumption or other disease. Warren Lee
Goss was a member of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment of Heavy Artillery during the war. In “The
Soldier’s Story” Goss writes of his captivity at Andersonville and Belle Isle prisons. Goss was a prisoner
twice, once in 1862 for four months and in 1864 for nine months. His experience in these prisons was of a
kind that few endure and live to write about. Although he attempts to relate the tale of horrors experienced
in these prisons without exaggeration, he realizes that it is hard to comprehend that men can live through
some of the cruelties of which he writes, to understand man’s inhumanity to man. With 24 Illustrations,
maps and drawings by Thomas Nast from Harpers Weekly.
s, maps and drawings by Thomas Nast from Harpers Weekly.

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