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Effective Personal Leadership

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									                                                                                                                    C R E A T I N G        E X C E P T I O N A L            R E S U L T S     T H R O U G H            P E O P L E

                                         THE UNIQUE LMA PROCESS

           LMA delivers a process that not only provides skill and competency development,
                    but changes the attitudes and behaviours of the participant.                                                                Effective Personal Leadership
            To ensure that measurable results and a Return On Investment are achieved:                                        Organisations that allow people to develop their individual potential and personal
                                                                                                                                   leadership characteristics produce highly motivated and self confident
   ◗    Specific workplace goals for learning and             ◗    Each workshop concludes with application and                                            managers and leaders.
        performance improvement are established in                 action steps to produce measurable results
        consultation between the Participant and
                                                              ◗    LMA's unique Feedback OnLine process
        Company Management
                                                                   provides real time assessment of progress
   ◗    Individual support from the LMA Coach guides
                                                              ◗    Mid and Post Course Reviews are conducted by
        the Participant’s “on the job” application of the
                                                                   the LMA Coach with the Participant and their
        learning to the accomplishment of the goals
                                                                   chosen Manager/Mentor
   ◗    Complete resource materials allow multi-
                                                              ◗    Participants present key results and a summary
        sensory learning and regular review
                                                                   of course accomplishments at a special
   ◗    Sixteen interactive modules are facilitated in             Graduation Meeting
        convenient weekly workshops

                      This course is designed for anyone in an organisation responsible for
                                        obtaining results through people.

                                                                                                                    The Effective Personal Leadership Course builds on         ◗    Find time for planning and goal setting
                                                                                                                    existing skills and focuses on required behaviour and      ◗    Increase personal and team productivity
                                                                                                                    attitude changes to cope with the pace and changing
                                                                                                                                                                               ◗    Understand vision, mission and values
                                                                                                                    nature of business.
                                                                                                                                                                               ◗    Enhance communication skills
                                                                                                                    The participants can expect to:                            ◗    Identify high pay-off activities
                                                                                                                    ◗    Understand the role of leadership and coaching        ◗    Improve the team’s performance
                                                                                                                    ◗    Improve team management                               ◗    Create a culture of inspiration and
                                                                                                                    ◗    Improve delegation abilities                               motivation
                                                                                                                    ◗    Enhance employee attributes and behaviours
                                                                                                                    ◗    Improve decision making skills

                                          Leadership Management Australasia

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                                                                MODULE               CONTENT

Introduction                           Four - Understanding Motivation                Eight - Your Personal Plan for            Twelve - Decision Making and
◗ What is Personal Leadership?         ◗ A Framework for Understanding                Leadership Action - Part I                Problem Solving
◗ How to Develop Personal Leadership   ◗ The Basic Needs                              ◗ Choosing Goals                          ◗ Decisions and the Decision Maker
                                       ◗ Emotions and Intellect                       ◗ Goals Commitment                        ◗ How to Make Decisions
◗ How to Use the Resource Material     ◗ The Exchange System
◗ Self Evaluation                      ◗ The Disadvantages of Motivation Through      ◗ Value of Written Goals                  ◗ The Problem-Solving Process
◗ Establishing Course Goals              Fear                                         ◗ Obstacles to Goals Achievement          ◗ Personal Leadership and Decisiveness
                                       ◗ The Limitations of Motivation Through        ◗ How to Overcome Obstacles               ◗ Plan of Action Activities
                                       ◗ The Power of Motivation Through Attitudes    ◗ Plan of Action Activities
                                       ◗ Plan of Action Activities

One - Who Can Exercise Personal        Five - Attitudes and Habits                    Nine - Your Personal Plan for             Thirteen - Communicating and
Leadership?                            ◗ How Habits are Formed                        Leadership Action - Part II               Listening
◗ We Lead Every Day                    ◗ Altering Present Attitudes                   ◗ The Power of Target Dates               ◗ The Importance of Communication
◗ The Rewards of Leadership            ◗ Leadership Inhibitors                        ◗ The Rewards of Achievement              ◗ Empathy in Communication
◗ An Internal Quality                  ◗ Plan of Action Activities                    ◗ Is It Worth It To Me?                   ◗ The Art of Listening
◗ Plan of Action Activities                                                           ◗ Personality Integration                 ◗ Plan of Action Activities
                                                                                      ◗ Plan of Action Activities

Two - Preparation For Leadership       Six - Goal Setting and Personal                Ten - Affirmation and Visualisation       Fourteen - Leadership in Business
◗ Our Untapped Potential               Leadership                                     ◗ What is Affirmation?                    ◗ Leadership Through Extension
◗ Self-Image                           ◗ Our Values                                   ◗ Repetition and Displacement             ◗ Leadership Through Expectancy
◗ Self-Motivation                      ◗ Mission Statement                            ◗ Types of Affirmations                   ◗ Leadership Through Participation
◗ A Matter of Choice                   ◗ The Bases of Goal Setting                    ◗ How the Art of Visualisation Supports   ◗ Leadership Through Goals Achievement
◗ Plan of Action Activities            ◗ Types of Goals                                 Affirmation                             ◗ Development of Leadership Skills
                                       ◗ Tangible and Intangible Goals                ◗ Plan of Action Activities               ◗ Plan of Action Activities
                                       ◗ Plan of Action Activities

Three - We Are A Conditioned People    Seven - Five Leadership Essentials             Eleven - Time Management                  Fifteen - Live A Full Life!
◗ What is Conditioning?                ◗ Developing Personal Leadership               ◗ Time is My Friend                       ◗ Positive Expectancy
◗ Family Influence                     ◗ Crystallised Thinking                        ◗ Types of Time Problems                  ◗ The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
◗ Our Social Environment               ◗ Written Plans and Target Dates               ◗ A Positive Time Program                 ◗ Creative Leadership
◗ Mistakes and Failures                                                                                                         ◗ Overcoming Obstacles to Leadership
                                       ◗ A Desire for Leadership                      ◗ Assume Responsibility
◗ Plan of Action Activities                                                                                                     ◗ The Leadership Challenge
                                       ◗ Supreme Self-Confidence                      ◗ Plan of Action Activities
                                       ◗ Unshakeable Determination                                                              ◗ Winners Never Quit
                                       ◗ Plan of Action Activities                                                              ◗ Plan of Action Activities

                                                                                                                                ◗ Presentations by Participants
                                                                                                                                ◗ Awarding of Certificates

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