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									The Three Stars and Other Selections
Author: Jefferson Davis
Author: Andrew Podnieks
Table of Contents

Ten Oddities About the Three Star Selection 1

Last Number One Goalies of the Original Six 3

Ten NHL Players to Become NHL Officials 5

Seven Amazing Facts about Hilda Ranscombe 7

Current NHL Coaches Who Once Played in the NHL 9

First Ten Coaches of the Minnesota North Stars 14

Eleven Odd Facts about the 500-Goal Club 17

Most Games Missed by an Art Ross Trophy Winner 19

Ten Fewest Career Goals by Retired 1,000-Game Players 22

Nine 30-Goal Scorers with the Fewest Career NHL Goals 25

Most Career Goals without a 30-Goal Season 27

Most Consecutive Years with at Least 40 Goals 30

Ten Player Nickname Origins 32

Original Members of the Montreal Wanderers 35

Five Players Who Skated for All But One Original Six Team 31

Ten Obscure Brothers in the NHL 39

Fewest Career Minutes Played by a Goalie 42
Most Career Shutouts by a Goalie Who Debuted after the 1967 Expansion 45

Ten War-Time Goalies 48

Most Penalty Minutes by a Player in His Only NHL Season (Original Six) 51

Most Points by a Player in His Sophomore Season 53

Longest Time between All-Star Game Appearances 57

Eight Unlikely MVPs of the All-Star Game 59

Ten Members of the IIHF Hall of Fame with North American Connections 61

Ten Little-Known Members of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame 65

Six Memorable Games from the First Super Series (1975-76) 68

Ten Best Players at the First World Junior Championships in 1977 70

Seven Longest Last Names of Active Players 73

Eight Shortest Last Names of Goalies in NHL History 75

Ten Best Players Whose Last Name Starts with a "V" 77

Ten Surnames with an X 81
Six Names That Don't Fit 83

Ten Best Wilsons 85

Longest Gap between Stanley Cup Wins by a Player 88

Seven Least-Known Players to Score a Cup-Winning Goal 90

Seven Largest Point Decreases by a Team in One Season 92

First Ten Stanley Cup Challenges 95

Most Consecutive Years Missing the Playoffs 98

Eight Most Lopsided NHL Playoff Games 100

Six Fastest Trips to the Stanley Cup Finals by an Expansion Team 102

Ten Biggest Mismatches in a First-Round Playoff Series 105

First Ten New York Rangers to Score a Playoff Overtime Goal 1108

Most Hall of Famers on a Stanley Cup Team 111

Fewest Hall of Famers on a Stanley Cup Team 113

First and Last Goals in Original Six Buildings 115

Five Players Born on February 29 116

Nine Shortest Lives of WHA Teams 119

Eight Best Toronto Toros 122

Ten One-Game Wonders of the Original Six 124

Eight Players Who Hold Single-Season Records for More Than One Franchise 126

Ten Records Wayne Gretzky Never Broke 129

Ten Toughest NHL Records to Break 132

Most Regular Season Games Played, One Season 135

Seven Best Players Drafted from the Brandon Wheat Kings 131

Eight Worst Top Five Draft Choices of the 1980s 140

Ten Successful NHLers Drafted by Lesser-Known Teams 141

First Ten American-Born U.S. College or High School Players Drafted in the First Round 145

Seven Best Players Born in New York State 148

Eight Players from Cleveland to Play for Minnesota after the Merger of 1979 151

Seven Most Important Games Played in California 153

First NHL Games Played by the 1967-75 Expansion Teams 155

Eight Greatest Moments from the "Igloo" 157

Four Players Who Skated for the Most Expansion Teams 160

More Amazing Hockey Lists for Trivia Lovers Following on the heels of their successful Hello Hockey
Fans from Coast to Coast, hockey fans and researchers Andrew Podnieks and Jefferson Davis present
the second book of obscure hockey lists, The Three Stars and Other Selections. With more than 40
photos, this book features lists such as: Highest Point Totals by a Player in His Second NHL Season;
Players To Hold Single Season Records for More Than One Team; Best NHL Players Born in New York
State; Most Career NHL Goals Without a 30-Goal Season; Largest Point Decrease by an NHL Team in
One Season; Fastest Trips to the Stanley Cup Final by an Expansion Team. The Three Stars and Other
Selections contains information not previously available, and will have hockey trivia fans testing their
friends and seeing who can name the ten least known players to score a cup-clinching goal. As a
companion to Hello Hockey Fans or on its own, The Three Stars is the perfect book for any die-hard
hockey fan.

Ten Oddities About the Three Star Selection1. The naming of the three best players in a game originated
as a promotion for Three Star gasoline advertised during the Hot Stove League on radio broadcasts of
Leaf games in the 1940s. As a result, the selections were a particularly Canadian tradition for many
years.2. When Foster Hewitt made the selections, he invariably chose one or both goaltenders. Usually,
however, the selections were made by one of the Hot Stovers - Wes McKnight, Baldy Cotton, Court
Benson, Elmer Ferguson.3. The stars used to be announced 1-2-3, the most prominent receiving
immediate acclaim. However, some U.S. based teams such as Buffalo reversed the order in the 1970s as
the drama built from the third star to second to first.4. It wasn't until games were televised that the
honoured players actually skated out onto the ice and their names
announced over the p.a. system at Maple Leaf Gardens or the
Montreal Forum.5. Molson breweries began sponsoring the selections in 1973 when it introduced the
Molson Cup trophy for Canadian teams. This was presented to each of these clubs on a monthly and
yearly basis of those players who were named the three stars most frequently.6. Mike Walton of the
Leafs was named on of the Three Stars in eleven consecutive games.7. Rocket Richard was once named
all Three Stars after scoring five goals in a playoff game against Toronto.8. Wayne Gretzky played his
last two NHL games in Ottawa on April 15, 1999, and three nights later in Madison Square Garden. In
both games, he was named the only Star of the game.9. Eddie Shack was rarely named a Star, but when
chosen he was by far the most exciting. He would skate madly out to centre ice and then do a quick twirl
with his stick high in the air to acknowledge the cheers of the fans.10. One night in Toronto, Barclay
Plager of the St. Louis Blues played a particularly inspired game but also enraged the Leafs' fans in the
process. When coming back out as one of the Three Stars, he blew a kiss to his "admirers."The Last
Number One Goalies of the Original Six1. TORONTO
Johnny Bower & Terry Sawchuk
The Leafs actually used five goalies during the 1966-67 regular season, Bower and Sawchuk as well as
Bruce Gamble, Gary Smith, and Al Smith. But come the playoffs it was the two forty-year-olds who took
the Leafs to the Stanley Cup. While both men were to play parts of the first few years of expansion, this
was, for all intents and purposes, their swan song in the NHL.2. MONTREAL
Charlie Hodge / Rogie Vachon / Gump Worsley
Although Hodge played 37 games for the Habs, Vachon and Worsley played 19 and 18 games
respectively. All three were at different stages: Vachon was just beginning what was to be a superb
career in the league; Worsley, though well into his thirties, still had many years to go with Minnesota
even though he had been in the league more than a decade; and Hodge was trying hard to become the
heir to Jacques Plante's throne, but without much consistent success.3. CHICAGO
Denis Dejordy / Glenn Hall
This was a class old/young tandem. Hall had been sent to the Hawks in the deal that took Ted Lindsay
out of Detroit...
Author Bio
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis is the author of Hello Hockey Fans From Coast to Coast: Amazing Lists for Trivia Lovers
and Talkin’ Tuna: The Wit and Wisdom of Coach Bill Parcells.

Andrew Podnieks
Andrew Podnieks is the coauthor of Hello Hockey Fans From Coast to Coast: Amazing Lists for Trivia
Lovers and the author of numerous hockey books including Red, White, and Gold: Canada at the World
Junior Championships 1974–1999.

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