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									                              ACT Heritage Grant Program
                            Successful Projects 2008-2009

Community Group/Individual Projects

Grant Projects                                                                                                    Funding

ACT Sailing Inc. (trading as The Canberra Yacht Club)
The Canberra Yacht Club - 50 Years - 1959 to 2009                                                                    HG08/05
A book on the history of the first 10 years of the Yacht Club, funded by a Heritage Grant in
2007-08 has been researched, documented and launched in June this year. This project will
complete the task of researching and documenting the 50 year history of the Yacht Club.

Alan Paul Carmody                                                                                                   $7,000
Conservation Management Plan for Elm Grove Gungahlin ACT
Preparation of a Conservation Management Plan to guide the future management and
operation of Elm Grove.

Alan Foskett                                                                                                       $10,000
"The Memories Linger On" - A Book
This book will be Part 2 of a series on Canberra’s hostels and early hotels. Part 1 A Home in
the Capital was published in June 2007. The book will complete the coverage of Canberra's
hostel era and will include those hostels where the original buildings remain but are used for
different purposes

Council of ACT Motor Clubs                                                                                          $5,000
ACT Rail Infrastructure Heritage Study
The project will research the heritage values associated with the existing rail infrastructure and
associated sites in the ACT.

Council of ACT Motor Clubs                                                                                          $3,600
The Canberra Pie Cart - A Motoring Heritage Promotional Tool
This project seeks to acquire and fit an audiovisual and public address system into the rear
section of the Club's 1939 Chevrolet "Pie Cart".

Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead                                                                                       $995
Interpretive signage for farming equipment and memorabilia at
Tuggeranong Homestead                                                                                                HG08/14

Donated farming equipment currently displayed at the homestead will have signage
appropriately placed on each item.

Anglican Parish of St John the Baptist Canberra                                                                     $6,000
St John's Church Heritage Area Landscape Conservation
Management Plan                                                                                                      HG08/15

To produce a plan for the management of the heritage landscape around St John's which

                                                                          Macarthur House • 12 Wattle Street Lyneham ACT 2602
                                            GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 • Telephone (02) 6207 7624 • Facsimile (02) 6207 5527
Grant Projects                                                                                            Funding
integrates the diverse requirements of historic tree management with the preservation of
heritage graves and other man-made structures, while conserving flora and fauna in adjacent
remnants of grassland.

Darani Lewers and Tanya Crothers                                                                            $2,580
Conservation/Condition Assessment Report for "Expansion" - Margo
Lewers Mosaic Mural, Canberra Rex Hotel                                                                     HG08/17

The Mosaic Mural is being nominated for permanent inclusion on the ACT Heritage Register
and the Conservation/Condition Assessment is intended to support this application as well as
providing recommendations for treatment. This report will faciitate the restoration of the
mosaic as well as support the application for inclusion on the ACT Heritage Register.

Elizabeth Burness                                                                                           $2,300
“Pages of Early Canberra History" - Fascinating Stories from
Canberra's Rural Past for ACT Schoolchildren                                                                HG08/19

A series of ten A4 illustrated sheets for ACT students plus ten accompanying information
sheets for teachers to be distributed by the ACT Branch of the History Teachers Association of

Tuggeranong Community Arts Association                                                                      $7,024
Tales of Tuggeranong Digital Storytelling Project
This project aims to collect stories from the ageing population of Canberrans who have a
strong association with the Tuggeranong Homestead, in particular, those who have living
memories of the working homestead during the period of the McCormack family (1926-1977).
The project will use digital storytelling – autobiographical ‘mini movies’ created and edited by
ordinary people using computers, cameras, scanners and photos.

National Trust of Australia (ACT)                                                                           $8,380
Heritage Survey of Pialligo
This project seeks to conduct a comprehensive heritage assets survey of the area lying west of
Pialligo Avenue and east of the Molonglo River.

Richard Snashall (trading as Spinning Reel Audio Visual)                                                  $16,100
The Stakeout of Canberra
This documentary film will examine the choice of Canberra as the location for the nation’s                  HG08/29
capital. Local documentary maker Richard Snashall will produce and present the program,
which will include modern day footage and interviews integrated with historical material to
create an entertaining, colourful and informative 15-20 minute film.

Conservation Council of the South East Region in partnership                                              $40,000
with Canberra Inc. & Canberra Archaeological Society Inc.
Joint project to produce booklet on Gungahlin's natural, historical,                               HG08/30 & HG08/31

cultural, Indigenous and environmental heritage
A joint project with Canberra Archaeological Society to produce a colour booklet to be used as
a field guide on Gungahlin’s natural, historical, cultural, Indigenous and environmental

The Trustee for Estate of EAG Mawson                                                                      $10,000
Restoration of Well Station Homestead Conservation Management
Plan                                                                                                        HG08/34

A Conservation Management Plan to continue the restoration work on the Well Station
Homestead that commenced in 2006 with Heritage Grant funding.
Grant Projects                                                                                      Funding

Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) ACT Chapter                                         $18,000
A comparative assessment of their previous nominations to the ACT
Heritage Register                                                                                    HG08/38

Manning Clark House Inc                                                                             $10,000
Conservation Management Plan for Manning Clark House
Manning Clark House, the former home of historian Manning Clark, is a Robyn Boyd home and
is on the ACT Heritage Register. This project will prepare a Conservation Management Plan to
cover contents, grounds and house.

Stepwise Heritage & Tourism                                                                         $16,150
Namadgi Rock-Art Conservation Project
Since 2003, when bushfires swept through Namadgi National Park, the four main rock-art sites
located within the Park - Yankee Hat, Rendezvous Creek, Middle Creek and Nursery Swamp -
have been in urgent need of conservation management. The project outlined in this
application is the first stage of a three-year plan to develop a Conservation Management Plan
(CMP) for these sites. This project builds upon and updates previous conservation work

Carousel Organ Restoration Group                                                                    $12,500
Carousel Organ Restoration Project - Stage 5
Consultancy with professional organ builder to assess the condition of the organ bellows.
Dismantling and shipping bellows to Adelaide for repair, return after completion of repairs and
reinstallation in the organ.

St Edmund's College, Canberra                                                                        $5,000
A Chapter in the Educational History of Canberra - the first Catholic
Boys' School – 1954                                                                                  HG08/04

A project to draw together schools in the ACT to develop an exhibition and educational kit on
the history of education in the Canberra community for display in 2013 - the 100 year
celebration of Canberra as a city. The College will catalogue and digitise the collection as the
first stage.

Reid Residents’ Association Inc                                                                      $5,000
Reid Housing Electronic Book (Exhibition)
The project involves the creation of an electronic book to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the
gazettal of the suburb of Reid. It is intended the book will contain one page per dwelling that
will feature ‘then’ and ‘now’ photographs of all the dwellings in Reid, together with information
about current and/or previous owners.

Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) ACT Chapter                                          $6,100
Dirk Bolt Monograph - research, scanning and photography
Dirk Bolt (1930- ) was a significant residential architect in Canberra in the mid 20th Century.
He was a leading modernist practitioner in the ACT and to date no major research has been
undertaken on his work and his influence on Canberra’s heritage and architecture. This work
is necessary to record and document his contribution to the ACT and to ensure that his work,
that is of heritage value, be conserved.
Community Partnership Projects

Project Details                                                                                  Funding

Heritage Advisory Service                                                                        $25,000
Funding for a free advisory service for owners of heritage places intending to alter or update   CUPP08/01
their properties. The Service responds to public requests and ensures that heritage values are
considered early and sympathetically in a development proposal.

Heritage Festival                                                                                $40,000
The Canberra and Region Heritage Festival celebrates the importance of heritage to Canberra      CUPP08/02
and its region. The Festival raises the awareness of the wider community to the ongoing need
to conserve our natural, Aboriginal and historic heritage places and objects through active
engagement and participation in a range of festival events.

Archaeological Advisory Service                                                                  $12,000
An Archaeological Heritage Advisory Service has been proposed to provide expert advice on a      CUPP08/03
range of archaeological cultural heritage issues, and to complement the skills and experience
within the Heritage Unit. The service will assist in streamlining advice to developers and
Aboriginal communities on the identification of the heritage significance of sites, and the
development of pragmatic and effective archaeological mitigation strategies. The Advisory
service will also be used as a form of professional peer review panel to review and comment
on Heritage Council policies as they relate to the protection of archaeological heritage, in
particular in the development of the Aboriginal Heritage Guidelines which will provide greater
certainty and more consistent policies in this area.

Oral history interviews of Chief Minister’s Gold Awards-                                          $8,000
recipients.                                                                                      CUPP08/04

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