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Dynamic Positioning Operator Courses


Dynamic Positioning Operator Courses

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									Dynamic Positioning Operator Courses
Basic (Induction) and Advanced (Simulator)
Australian Maritime College, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

•	 Kongsberg	K-Pos	dual	redundant	system
•	 Theory	and	elements	of	a	DP	system
•	 Reference	systems
•	 Special	functions	and	applications
•	 Watchkeeping	and	operational	proceedures
•	 Control	modes	and	functions
•	 Simulated	scenarios
Dynamic Positioning Operator Courses
Basic (Induction) and Advanced (Simulator)

AMC	Search	is	the	commercial	arm	of	the	Australian	Maritime	
College	(AMC).	It	provides	the	only	
Dynamic Positioning (DP) courses in Australia
that	are	accredited	by	the	Nautical	Institute.
                                                                                                 Course	participants	must	attend	both	
Course content                                  Advanced (Simulator)
                                                                                                 courses	at	DP	training	facilities	approved	
                                                •	 Introduction	to	Advanced	DP
Basic (Induction)                                                                                by	the	Nautical	Institute,	although	not	
                                                •	 DP	practice	and	procedures
•	 Theory	of	DP	operation                                                                        necessarily	at	the	same	facility	for	each	
                                                •	 DP	operation
•	 Elements	of	a	DP	system                                                                       course.	They	must	also	meet	the	Nautical	
                                                •	 Control	modes	and	functions
•	 Operation	of	DP	facilities                                                                    Institute’s	DP	operator	sea	time	experience	
                                                •	 Controls	and	indicators
•	 Position	reference	systems                                                                    requirements	in	order	to	become	certified	
                                                •	 Simulated	scenarios
•	 Special	functions	and	applications	of	                                                        DP	operators.	Details	are	available	on	the	
                                                Duration:	5	days                                 Institute’s	website:
   DP systems
                                                Aim:	To	provide	participants	with	a	range	of	    Accommodation	for	course	participants	is	
•	 Power	generation	and	management
                                                practical	DP	operation	experience,	including	    available	on	AMC’s	campus,	Launceston,	
•	 Watchkeeping	and	operational		       	
                                                planning,	procedures,	risk	assessment	and	       Tasmania, Australia, at economical rates.
                                                problem	solving	in	various	operational	and	
Duration:	5	days                                environmental	conditions.
Aim:	To	provide	the	basic	theoretical	and	      Realistic	scenarios,	faults	and	failure	modes	
practical	knowledge	to	satisfy	the	Nautical	    are	created	using	the	Kongsberg	K-Pos	DP	
Institute	requirements	for	phase	one.           Simulator.
Upon	completion	of	the	Basic	course,	the	       Phase	two	of	the	Nautical	Institute	training	
participant	completes	a	minimum	of	30	days	     program	is	undertaken	upon	the	completion	
operational	familiarisation	onboard	a	DP	       of	the	Basic	course,	followed	by	practical	
vessel,	which	is	documented	in	their	logbook.   experience.

                                                      For further information contact:
                                                      Mrs	Catherine	Wilson
                                                      Short	Course	and	Promotions	Manager
                                                      AMC	Search	Ltd
                                                                                                                                                rethink environmental print 36224

                                                      Phone: +61 3 6335 4852

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