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									Driving customer acquisition,
retention and growth
                         SEMA stands for the future and how,
                         together with our clients, we get there

                         We practice our                    We use the best                    We improve how
                         expertise everyday                 information on                     businesses communicate
                                                            customer behaviour                 with their customers
                         Twenty seven years ago
                         SecurityMail started business as   We create the best sources         You may already know us
                         a mail house helping clients get   of information on customer         as leaders in managing the
                         the best results possible from     behaviour in the industry and      message, but we are also
                         their marketing campaigns.         we use a wide variety of media     experts at managing the
                         Today as SEMA, we drive            channels, full colour content      process of communication.
                         more successful direct             and interactive technologies       We know how to design new
                         marketing campaigns for            to help our clients deliver        customer communications
                         leading Australasian companies     inspired, relevant and timely      approaches, create efficiencies
                         than anyone else. And we do it     communication.                     in older ones and lead
                         everyday, year in and year out.                                       businesses in the step change
                                                            To us, success is a measure
                                                                                               process between the two.
                         Of course it’s not just a case     of how many customers join
                         of bigger being better, we are     a new service, take up a new       Because of our unique data
                         better at what we do because       option, recommend a friend,        driven approach to marketing,
                         we’ve had consistently more        buy a new plan, complete           manufacturing, process
                         experience doing it.               a survey or call now. And we       improvement and problem
                                                            achieve success of this nature     solving, we help our clients
                         Our confidence is built on         consistently through developing    grow by attracting new
                         our leading edge information       data driven insights into          customers, and benefit
                         technology and fulfilment          customer behaviour.                from their continued loyalty.
                         manufacturing resources.
                         From this base of technical        We don’t just work magic with      Together with our clients,
                         expertise, our marketing team      direct mail, we know how to        we imagine what results good
                         and consulting brains-trust        design and process a broad         customer communications
                         deliver pragmatic solutions        range of external messages and     can inspire and then we help
                         to the challenges of acquiring     to capture and manage the all      to make it happen though our
                         and retaining customers            important incoming ones – in       consulting services, business
                         and growing business.              fact, we play a leading part in    process review models, change
                                                            the whole customer acquisition,    leadership and manufacturing
                                                            retention and growth life cycle.   of campaigns.
                                                            And on top of that we help
     ‘We help clients and                                   clients to generate even more
      their customers do                                    revenue through interactive
 better business together                                   media like mobile phones and
  by creating, simplifying                                  community of interest websites.
    and streamlining their
customer communication
using our unique insights,
processes and systems.’
                                              SEMA Group Pty Ltd
                                              ABN 58 002 012 320

                                              6 The Crescent
                                              Kingsgrove NSW 2208
                                              T   +61 2 9554 0000

                                              10 William Angliss Drive
                                              Laverton North VIC 3028
                                              T   +61 3 9927 5444

                                              36 Northlink Place
                                              Virginia QLD 4014
                                              T   +61 7 3866 8444

                                              I   www.semagroup.com.au

Business problems SEMA solves
 We can’t execute our strategies for
 customer acquisition, retention and growth
 We can’t integrate our inbound and
 outbound channels
 We lack single customer view and
 associated insights
 We are losing business due to wrong
 time, wrong message and wrong channel
 We have poor campaign management
 and low return on investment
 Our processes hamper our efforts
 to deliver value to our customers

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