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					Guidance from SGI President Ikeda on the Gosho “The Drum at the Gate of
Thunder” (MW-5, pp. 287-289, Gosho Zenshu pp. 1316-1317; Nov., 1991, Seikyo Times)

(Lectures on Buddhism, vol. V, pages 133-134)
On the paragraph, “A woman who embraces the lion king of the Lotus Sutra
...changing poison into amrita means.”, President Ikeda writes,

“... the Lotus Sutra” means the Dai-Gohonzon. ... The king lion is compared to
Nichiren Daishonin, whose life is embodied in the form of the Dai-Gohonzon.
[Therefore,] you „need not fear‟ any kind of unhappiness, be it Hell, Hunger, or
Animality. You can change our destiny for the better. This requires, however, your
firm and pure faith.
“The Myoho-renge-kyo is the original energy of the universe, but here the Daishonin
likened the word Myo to a small fire. By this he refers to the fact that chanting only
one Daimoku yields great energy.”
„When a small spark is set to a large expanse of grass, not only the grass but also big
trees and large stones will be consumed.‟ By the striking of a single match, one can
burn out a prairie. This signifies the tremendous power of chanting Daimoku only
once. If your profess True Buddhism, you can achieve the complete change of your
destiny, eradicating whatever sin [bad karma] you may have committed or whatever
unhappiness you are undergoing as the result.”

Other guidances by SGI President Ikeda about the power of Daimoku:

Lectures on Buddhism, vol. V, pages 186-187
“As the Daishonin‟s Buddhism is already established so that it will be continually
propagated into the future and for eternity, let us achieve world-wide propagation in a
slow-but-steady pace. Let us advance with the determination that no strategy is
superior to the prayer to the Gohonzon, no weapons mightier than Daimoku and no
army greater than our unity.”

Lectures on Buddhism, vol. IV, pages 114-117:
       “First of all, what is most important in faith is to chant the Daimoku, Nam-
myoho-renge-kyo. . . .
       But what is the source that had enabled me to continue in my faith. It is, in
brief, chanting the Daimoku. ...
       All members are equal human beings having various worries. The perfect
solution for troubles it only found in chanting the Daimoku to the Gohonzon.
       When I was in Mr. Toda‟s company, he was once in financial difficulty. I was
then seriously ill and worried about what would become of us in the future. I
sometimes endures the agonies of hell. I was around the age of twenty-two.

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       At that time, the golden sayings of Nichiren Daishonin and the instruction of
Mr. Toda appealed strongly me to me. -- „No prayer will be unanswered insofar as we
chant the Daimoku in earnest.‟ „Now is the time I must chant the Daimoku,‟ thus I
made up my mind. „I will try until the solution will be given.‟ I prayed to the
Gohonzon, heartily chanting Daimoku until I had chanted 500,000 Daimoku.
       Finally the power of the Gohonzon turned out to be obvious in any condition of
life. The Gohonzon is truly great!
       [When I became Soka Gakkai President at 32], I was in poor health. To act as
the President is, so to speak, carrying hundreds of pounds of responsibilities. I grew
thinner and thinner. Then I determined: all right, I will chant more Daimoku!
       A certain director was concerned about my health, saying that the President
would not be able to live long nor to gain weight as he was burdened with heavy work.
       I prayed, chanting Daimoku to the Gohonzon, that I might regain my health and
take the leadership in exaltation, and not to make the directors and general members
anxious about me.
       After one year of [this Daimoku campaign], I completely recovered from my
disease. This is only one example and I have had many other experiences. What is a
perfect solution for all problems? You may think it much too repetitious but it is
       Neglecting Daimoku, how can you follow the Soka Gakkai, which is
progressing so rapidly? . . .
       I hope you will chant Daimoku not for the sake of formality so as to say, „I
chanted so many hours of Daimoku,‟ but rather chant Daimoku until you feel satisfied
with devotion.”

Page 232:
      “We are the children and disciples of the Daishonin. The Daishonin will never
leave us, his children, to suffer. He possesses the three virtues of parent, teacher, and
sovereign. Just as your children look to you for everything, calling, „Mother!‟,
„Father!‟, you should rely on the Gohonzon with heartfelt prayer.”

Pages 255-256:
       “Even if you do gongyo [and chant Daimoku] for one or two hours, you will
have only small blessings if you chant Daimoku without prayer. If you pray to the
Gohonzon, „Please help me achieve this (or that),‟ and chant gongyo and Daimoku,
you are putting into practice the quotation from the Gosho, „I am praying that, no
matter how troubled the times may become, the Lotus Sutra and ten demon daughters
will protect all of you, praying as earnestly as though to produce fire from damp wood
or to obtain water from parched ground.‟ (MW-6, page 74)
       We must offer fervent prayers for the change of our destiny.
       „(As though) to obtain water from parched ground‟ -- You cannot dig a well in
the desert but you resolve to do it [anyway] by all means. This is also indicative of

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„earnest‟ faith. You must pray „earnestly‟. How can you hold such a strong faith?
You can if only you devote yourself to [Gakkai] activities.”

Pages 291-294:
        “You have the long-range duty of promoting Kosen-rufu. I hope you will, first
of all, pray earnestly to the Gohonzon, chanting many Daimoku. Sometimes you may
chant Daimoku only for formality‟s sake. If you chant Daimoku merely so you can
boast,‟I have chanted so many millions of Daimoku‟, your Daimoku will not reach the
Gohonzon perfectly. There is a fear that your Daimoku will become merely idealistic
        The power of Daimoku is really tremendous. . . .
        The source or essence of life resolves into Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. . . . Nam-
myoho-renge-kyo is the great truth that provides all humankind with happiness and
power within the dimensions of the universe and in the eternity of time. It is an
absolute law beyond the control of man. We believe in this Nam-myoho-renge-kyo
and chant the invocation of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Therefore, it is impossible that
we will not obtain the power.
        It is solely through the Daimoku that we are enabled to put our energy into full
play in building our own happiness, changing our destinies, realizing Kosen-rufu, and
in making others happy. With this power, we must do our best.
        Yesterday, I dropped in at a fellow member‟s house on my way home from a
meeting, as this idea suddenly occurred in my mind. He seemed to have been chanting
many Daimoku in hopes of seeing me. That being the case, I will be exhausted if you
chant many Daimoku with such intentions. Because I embrace the faith, your wishes
based on the faith reach me. I feel your Daimoku. Indeed, I had not been scheduled to
visit him, but I dropped in. The power of Daimoku is indeed tremendous.
        Therefore, if you deepen your faith, you are sure to have your immediate wishes
come true. Will you chant Daimoku over and over with the resolution that you will
chant hundreds of thousands or even millions of Daimoku to realize the immense
blessings of the Gohonzon and the wonderful power of True Buddhism?
        Those who chant Daimoku appear fine. Their actions are light and profound. In
giving exactly the same guidance, that of those who have chanted many Daimoku will
remain in the hearts of the members and be put into practice. On the contrary, even the
best guidance which is truly best suited for the occasion will not be effective from a
long-range viewpoint if the leader who gives the guidance has not chanted many
Daimoku. In such a case, members will not be able to follow such instruction with
assurance and with conviction. We are not leading the members with our own
capability. It is the power of the Gohonzon which impels all the members. The
medium between the Gohonzon and the general members is the Daimoku we chant.
        There are not a few cases where we can make others develop more remarkably
through the practice of chanting Daimoku together to draw Buddhahood from within
ourselves: this may be better than the excellent guidance of one million words.
Guidance is intended to make others chant Daimoku. For this purpose, we leaders
who give guidance should chant Daimoku ourselves, first of all.

Page 3
       I think you all are chanting many Daimoku. A strong believer is one who chants
a huge number of Daimoku. He is the entity of Ichinen Sanzen.. Then he can carry
out all the activities he should as a Bodhisattva of the Earth. His activity is never
fruitless in any sense and is changed into the magnet that draws Kosen-rufu nearer. In
a word, everything depends on the Daimoku.”

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