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					DINGLEY VILLAGE CRAFT & PRODUCE MARKET-Rules & Regulations for Stallholders –May 2010
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1.     DATE: The Dingley Village Craft & Produce Market is held on the first Sunday of each month
       (excluding January) & the 3rd Friday in December 5pm-9pm
       Our market year consists of 12 markets per year (Feb- Dec)

       SITE FEES - Permanent site fees:- Outdoor $42          Indoor $46              Hot food $50
       Power +$4.
       Permanent stallholders must be paid one month in advance, if not paid in advance a casual rate

       Stallholders must notify the organisers of non attendance at least 48 hours prior to market day.
       An $11 holding fee applies. Notification of non-attendance is required on market days on 9558
       1866 to allow neighboring stallholders to spread out and fill the gaps. No refunds/credits will be
       given or considered on market days.

        CASUAL SITE FEES-          Outdoor        $50            Indoor $55            Power +$4
        We will offer you a permanent site as soon as possible, but you can choose to stay as a casual
stallholder if you so wish.

2.     Stallholders loose their permanent status if they cancel attendance at more than two markets
       per year. Failure to notify the organisers (9558 1866) of the inability to attend any given market,
       even if paid in advance, may result in loss of site. No refunds will be given.

3.     SET UP TIME: All stalls must be set up prior to 8.30am Sunday & 4.30pm Twilight.

4.      TIMES OF OPERATION: 9am-2pm Sunday & 5pm to 9pm Friday -Twilight.- Portable lighting
is required for inside your canopy area at the Twilight Market.

5.     PACK UP TIME: Stallholders are required to remain for the advertised operating time as a
       courtesy to both patrons and fellow stallholders. If an early departure is necessary please notify
       market staff.
        No site is to be packed up prior to 2pm Sundays & 9pm Twilight

6.     The main driveway that leads to rear oval must be left clear to allow access to residents wishing to
       enter this area. Pack up your stock before moving your car near your site.
       There is no vehicle access to the market area after 8.30 am or prior to 2pm. Driveways
       within the market area should be cleared as soon as possible. Do not block access to other
       stallholders. Stallholders are responsible for the area being left clean & tidy with all rubbish
       removed. Boxes & cartons must be removed from the market area.

7.     SITE SIZE: The majority of sites are approx. 3 metres x 3 metres. Depth of sites varies. Some
       car sites are available. Stallholders are asked to use only the area allocated to them.

8.     SITE SET UP: Stallholders are to provide all their own equipment. Outside stalls should provide
       shelter, which must be pegged or weighed down adequately at all times. Stalls should be presented
       in a neat and attractive way with evenly draped floor length table covering with additional stock
       neatly stacked out of sight where possible. Remember customer access must be a priority and your
       cooperation is required at all times

9.     The Committee of Management has the right to withdraw the right of trade of any stallholder if
       they are in dispute with any persons. Right of trade will only be reinstated if the dispute is
       resolved to the Committees satisfaction.

10.    PRODUCT: All products must be sold by the person making them. Only items made by the
       stallholder and listed with the organizers may be sold. Designing & or packaging product is not
       sufficient involvement. Stallholders who value-add to a product must provide significant input
       to the product and not just apply token additions. Craft items and produce with faults must be
       clearly labeled as seconds.

11.    Alteration to stated craft is not acceptable. Permission to alter craft must be sought in writing and
       presented to the Market Manager.

12.    INSURANCE: $10,000,000 Public/Products Liability Scheme is in force at this market, This
       policy has an excess of $1000 payable by the stallholder on each and every claim.
       Pty Ltd Companies are not covered under this policy the logic here is that they should have their
       own cover. There are no discounts for stallholders who have their own insurance

13.    The registered stallholder must be responsible for the overall management of the stall. Stalls
       cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised, sold to any other person nor can they be shared without
       approval. Stallholders on the current application must be in attendance between the advertised
       times unless permission is granted by the organizers.

14     Demonstration of craft is most welcome and enhances the atmosphere of the market.

15.    No commercially manufactured products, or second hand items are acceptable. Plants &
       flowers must be grown by the stallholder and not purchased from a commercial grower. No
       live stock of any kind is to be sold

16     Copying of other people’s products may be a breach of creative copyright and is not in the spirit
       of our market and will not be condoned. Grievances must be in writing addressed to the Market

17     All stallholders are asked to drop off their goods and remove their car to the rear of the market
       prior to setting up their stall.

18     The Management accepts no responsibility for adverse weather conditions and no refunds will be
       given for this reason.

19     The Committee of Management of the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre accepts no
       responsibility loss or damaged goods, nor injury to any person during the market

20     All food stalls operate under the guidelines of the City of Kingston, Health Department. A
       registration fee is payable to the City of Kingston- contact 9581 4573. A copy of receipt for
       payment of annual food registration with the City of Kingston must be supplied to the market
       organisers. Food stallholders are deemed to be permanent stallholders.

21     Loud promotion of by stallholders is not permitted. No music is allowed on any stall. Music is
       provided by buskers roaming around the market. Permission from market organizers is required.

22      Raffle tickets may not be sold. Only Handbills approved by the organizers may only be displayed
on stalls.

23    Smoking is not permitted in either hall and must be at least 5 metres away from any entry or exit

24      Stallholders have a responsibility to trade in accordance with Market, State and Local Council

25     It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that they conform to any Australian Standards
       pertaining to their product.
26    Complaints must be made in writing and addressed to the Manager, Dingley Village Craft &
Produce Market.

27     Please remember that your participation in the Dingley Village Craft & Produce Market is valued
       and any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

28     Market organisers will give out contact phone numbers to prospective customers (First name and
       phone number only) upon request, unless notified in writing by the stallholder

29.    Stallholders using gas or electrical equipment must have a suitable fire extinguisher or fire blanket
       on site.
       Electrical leads must be tagged by a qualified tester at least once per year.

Site and parking fees are used by the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre to help offset the costs
required to administer and provide facilities and equipment for a broad range of activities.

Further Information- Contact: - The Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre – 31B Marcus Rd Dingley
Village 3172 - (03) 9558 1866 during office hours (ansaphone after hours.)
Fax (03) 9558 3866 - email – Web page:

Disclaimer: Please note that Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre Inc.("under the registered
business name of the Dingley Village Craft Market")- (herein called the organizers) is not bound to
accept any Application. The trader acknowledges and accepts that by submitting their Application,
it does not constitute any agreement between the organizers and the trader and any acceptance of
this Application will be at the absolute discretion of the organisers. The trader also acknowledges
and accepts that by submitting this Application, no reasons will be provided by the organiser to the
trader to explain the grounds on which this Application may be unsuccessful. The trader
acknowledges and accepts in submitting this Application, that the organiser may alter any rule or
regulation of the Craft Market Rules & Regulations, or make additional rules and regulations,
from time to time, by posting a notice that there is a change to the Craft Markets Rules &
Regulations on their website. Any further use of their website, or correspondence sent from the
organiser to the trader with respect to the amended rules and regulations, after the date of such
notice is deemed acceptance of the new Craft Market Rules & Regulations.

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