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									Pesticide Chemistry
Pesticide Chemistry
Editor: Hideo Ohkawa
Editor: Hisashi Miyagawa
Editor: Philip W. Lee

Resulting from the premier forum for pesticide development and use, this volume provides comprehensive
coverage and even captures emerging technologies within the industry. All facets of pesticides are
addressed here, including agriculture, agrochemicals, and environmental health aspects, as well as such
global issues as food quality and safety.
Author Bio
Hideo Ohkawa
Hideo Ohkawa is a professor and Director of the research Center for Green Science at Fukuyama
University, Hiroshima, Japan. He has made unique contributions to the field of both agrochemicals and
gene engineering of cytochrome P450, both in industry during his work for Sumitomo Chemical Co. over
19 years, as well as in his academic position at Kobe University for 13 years. Professor Ohkawa chaired
the organizing committee of the 11th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, held in Kobe,
Japan, and his research interests include the stereoselectivity of organophosphorus insecticides the
biodegradability of pyrethroid insecticides, gene engineering of cytochrome P450 monooxygenases, and
engineered antibodies specific to environmental chemicals.<br>

Hisashi Miyagawa
<br>Hisashi Miyagawa is Professor at teh Division of Applied Life Science,s Graduate School of
Agriculture, Kyoto University. He was a research scientist of Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd, Osaka,
before returing to Kyoto in 1989. His research intersts include natural product chemistry and analytical
chemistry related to secondary metabolism in plants and microbes. He has been a mbmer of the
standing coucilors' board of the Pesticide Science Society of Japan since 2003, and is the Editor-in-Chief
of the Journal of Pesticide Science. he acted as the scientific program committee chairperson of the 11th
IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry.<br>

Philip W. Lee
<br>Philip W. Lee received his BS (chemistry), MS (entomology) and PhD (pesticide toxicology) from the
University of California, and carried out his postdoctoral training in biochemical pharmacology at the
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. he is a research scientist with DuPont Crop Protection and
DuPont Central Research Development in Newark, Delaware, USA, as well as adjunct professor with
several Chinese universities, teaching dietary and environmental risk assessment subjects. He is also he
editor of several major reference works on metabolism and residue analytical chemistry. Dr. Lee's broad
interests include the discovery, development and registration of agrochemicals, and his current
assignment involves he development of in silico tools used in the risk assessment of a broad range of
agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and of a broad range of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and industrial

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