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The Customer Satisfaction Survey
As part of the University's ongoing commitment to quality, Facilities and Services
undertook a Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2005. Since that time the Division has
been working to improve its level of customer service. To help assess whether we
have made any improvements in our operation and to assess the current level of
satisfaction of out customers, the Division repeated the survey in 2008 with some
additional service areas included.
The survey chosen to gain customer feedback was similar to that employed in other
Australian universities to rate their Facilities and Services operations, in order to
allow benchmarking of the Monash results against those of other universities.
The survey was conducted via a web page and a request for participation was sent
out to all Victorian staff in the University as a global email, with those employed by
Facilities and Services Division asked not to respond. Of the 6,600 staff of the
University only 310 responded to the survey – (11 from Berwick Campus, 65 from
Caulfield, 186 from Clayton, 15 from Gippsland, 5 from Parkville, 12 from Peninsula
and 16 from other locations).

It is recognised that the low response rate to the survey means that the results
cannot be regarded as being statistically significant. However, the Division does
believe that the information contained in the responses is valuable and does consider
the issues raised are indicative of general levels of customer satisfaction. As a result
the Division has decided to work to implement improvements based on the
information provided by customers in this survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
The following were the mean scores by question for each of the services surveyed
(ratings were on a scale of 1 = poor, 2 = below average, 3 = average, 4 = good, 5 =
                                   2005 Mean   2008 Mean    2005 Level of   2008 Level of
                                     Scores      Scores      Satisfaction    Satisfaction
Capital works and major
                                     3.00        2.98           3.21            2.81
Minor works                          3.28        3.01           3.20            3.04
Maintenance services                 3.20        3.11           3.17            3.11
Cleaning services                    3.10        3.25           3.12            3.33
Grounds maintenance                  3.80        3.69           3.85            3.78
Roads and car park
                                     3.32        3.39           3.56            3.40
Parking administration               3.48        3.24           3.55            3.22
Security services                    3.86        3.69           3.83            3.70
Mail services                        3.80        3.74           3.78            3.77
University Vehicle Hire services     3.74        3.78           3.90            3.56
Inter-campus shuttle bus             3.90        3.67           3.95            3.62
Monash Print Services                  -         3.60             -             3.54
                                        2005 Mean           2008 Mean         2005 Level of      2008 Level of
                                          Scores              Scores           Satisfaction       Satisfaction
Space Management Unit                         -                 2.61                 -                 2.69
Monash University Venues                      -                 3.47                 -                 3.48
Campus Centre management                      -                 3.22                 -                 3.22
Property & Leasing
                                              -                 3.17                 -                 3.23
Environmental Sustainability                  -                 3.35                 -                 3.37
Facilities management as a
                                            3.34                3.15               3.43                3.16

As can be seen, most of the services provided by Facilities and Services Division
were, on average, rated between “average” and “good” by respondents. Areas of
highest satisfaction were inter-campus shuttle buses, University vehicle hire service,
security, grounds, mail and Monash Print Services. Areas of lower satisfaction were
capital works and major refurbishments, Space Management Unit, Property &
Leasing Management, maintenance services and minor works.

Benchmarking of Monash results against customer satisfaction survey results for
Facilities and Services divisions at other Australian and New Zealand universities
(through the Tertiary Education Facilities Managers Association) is shown in the
following table. This benchmarking indicates that Monash results are above those of
other universities in parking and below average in major works and refurbishments,
minor works, maintenance, grounds, security and cleaning.

                       Service                             Monash Mean Score              TEFMA members*
                                                               2008 data                 mean score 2007 data

Capital Works and Major Refurbishments                              2.98
Minor Works                                                         3.01
Grounds                                                             3.69                         3.98
Maintenance                                                         3.11                         3.59
Cleaning                                                            3.25                         3.43
Roads and Carpark Maintenance                                       3.39
Parking Administration                                              3.24
Security                                                            3.69                         3.86
* Please note: Only 14 of the Tertiary Education Facilities Managers Association (TEFMA) member universities
currently conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Key Issues Identified and Action to Address Issues
Further analysis of the data and free form comments, both by campus and by
aspect of service has identified the key issues raised by customers in the
survey for each Branch and for the division as a whole.
For the division as a whole the following have been identified as the key
initiatives to be implemented during the second half of 2008 to help to improve
communication with our key clients and their levels of customer satisfaction:
1. Develop and run Facilities and Services Briefing Sessions for
   clients and divisional staff – to be run at least twice a year and to
   include information on key divisional activities and initiatives. The first
   is scheduled to be held in early September 2008.
2. Divisional Director Meetings with key stakeholders – to be held at
   least twice a year and involve one-on-one meetings between the
   Divisional Director with each Dean, Divisional Director and Academic
   Director to discuss divisional/faculty/campus initiatives and any
   customer service issues
3. Trialling of Campus Reference Groups at Caulfield, Clayton and
   Peninsula Campuses – a Campus Reference Group already runs
   successfully at the Gippsland campus (the campus recording highest
   levels of customer satisfaction in the survey) and groups will be
   established at the Caulfield, Clayton and Peninsula Campuses (the
   campuses recording lowest levels of customer satisfaction in the
   survey) on a trial basis to test whether they contribute to better
   divisional/client communication and improved levels of customer
4. Targets set for Customer Satisfaction as part of the performance
   metrics plan - we have set ambitious targets for the improvement of
   our Customer Satisfaction results. Currently our Level of Service rating
   is 3.15 with an agreed target of 3.70, and the current Level of
   Satisfaction rating is 3.16 again with an agreed target of 3.70. The
   actions and timelines identified for implementation of these
   improvements will be monitored and will be measured via survey in
   twelve months.

Each Branch in Facilities and Services Division was also asked to identify
the key issues raised by its customers in the survey and to develop
initiatives to address these issues. These are detailed on the following
    BRANCH             KEY ISSUES IDENTIFIED                               ACTIONS TO ADDRESS                               TIMEFRAME
Campus Services   1.   Security and Parking         1. Ensure all staff having direct dealings with clients undertake      1. Jul 2009
Branch            2.   Cleaning Services            “Customer Service” training                                            2. Aug 2008
                  3.   Mail Services                2. Conduct cleaning inspections with the presence of both the          3. Dec 2008
                  4.   Shuttle Bus Services         customers and providers.
                                                    3. Improve turn around times for mail deliveries internally and
                                                    externally, as well as educating our customers on real expectations.
Capital Works     1. Communication requires         1. Produce a document on project communication standards and           1. Dec 2008
Branch               improvement                    expectations.                                                          2. Dec 2008
                  2. Project costs – belief that    2. Set up data base of Monash project costs with external              3. Dec 2008
                     works are too expensive        benchmarking references
                  3. Project program – works not    3. Develop standard Gantt Chart presentation for discussion at
                     being completed on time.       stakeholder meetings and develop ways of communicating program
Corporate         1. BEIMS                          1. Implement measures in the BEIMS system to provide better            1. Dec 2008
Services Branch   2. Not understanding or being        feedback to customers on the status of their work orders            2. Dec 2008
(Communication)      responsive to customer needs   2. Implement system to provide feedback to customers on status of      3. Dec 2008
                  3. Staff attitudes                   any job not completed within agreed timeframe
                                                    3. Ensure all staff having direct dealings with clients undertake
                                                       “Customer Service” training
Gippsland         1. Cleaning                       1. Reintroduce regular cleaning inspections of all areas with the      1. Complete
                                                    cleaning manager, contract cleaning supervisor and a                   2. Complete
                                                    representative of the area being inspected                             3. Sept 2008
                                                    2. Develop an improved Cleaning Inspection report that is used in
                                                    conjunction with a cleaning inspection
                                                    3. Develop a communication strategy that informs staff what
                                                    cleaning activities are contained in the cleaning contract and which
                                                    activities are excluded
Maintenance and   1. BEIMS                            1. Develop a better training program and user manual. Introduce           1. Jul 2009
Minor Works       2. Response and completion          more mandatory fields on work orders and ensure admin staff are           2. Jul 2009
Branch               times                            aware of the need for details.                                            3. Jan 2009
                  3. Competence, staff knowledge,     2. Liaise with client user groups, educate customers on real time
                     staff skills                     and cost expectations, adopt a ‘Calling Card’ system for clients.
                                                      3. Standardise procedures and the level of documentation, appoint
                                                      a “Go To” person for local knowledge
Office of         1. Lack of knowledge of access to   1. Promote and publicise the Office of Environmental Sustainability       1. Aug 2008
Environmental        TOES                             and its contacts                                                          2. Complete
Sustainability    2. Lack of responsiveness to        2. Identify community environmental expectations and develop              3. Aug 2008
                     environment expectations         marketing and communications strategies to address expectations.
                  3. Poor visualisation of            3. Develop visual tools for promotion of environmental initiatives
                     environmental initiatives
Property and      1. Accessibility                    1. Provide customers with an up-to-date list of contact names and         1. Oct 2008
Leasing           2. Responsiveness                   numbers along with a brief description of individual’s functions          2. Oct 2008
Management        3. Competence                       (Accessibility).                                                          3. Oct 2008
Branch            4. Identification of customer       2. Devise methods of measuring the turn-around-time for key
                     needs                            functions (Responsive)
                                                      3. All staff will achieve a Certificate of Completion in a area related
                                                      to their work (Competence)
                                                      4. Conduct tenants meeting/forums for all major retail areas and
                                                      customers of MUV (Understanding of Customer Needs)
Strategic         1. Responsiveness                   1. Relocation feedback forms sent out at the conclusion of all            1. Complete
Planning and      2. Transparency                     relocations to harvest prompt and accurate feedback on services.          2. Aug 2008
Development       3. Communication                    2. Conduct a SMU Client Feedback Forum with all Faculty                   3. Dec 2008
Branch                                                Managers to canvas expectations and frustrations.
                                                      3. Review, revise and market University Space Management Policy

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