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					                                                        Customer Interaction
                                                        Management Platform
                                                        Making it simple to manage customer

 The Genesys platform
 captures, processes,
 routes and reports
 the entire life cycle
 of any customer
 interaction or
 activity type in
 any contact center

> Provides a modular approach for evolving a             > Applies business rules to initiate automatic
   contact center so that enterprises can choose            escalation or trigger other interactions across
   any communication channel including voice, IP            communication channels (such as an
   telephony, e-mail and chat and voice self-service        e-mail triggering an outbound call) to improve
   to handle customer interactions seamlessly and           customer service processing
   effectively while controlling costs
                                                         > Integrates with the largest variety of contact
> Enables a finer level of routing by business              center infrastructure including IP telephony,
   priority via new, highly sophisticated, customiz-        leverages legacy investments and enables
   able algorithms – all customer segments, not just        migration choice
   your best customers, are serviced according to
   pre-determined business objectives                    > Centralizes configuration and administration of
                                                            interaction workflow, operational queues,
> Maximizes agent productivity by integrating real-         universal contact data, real-time routing and
   time customer interactions such as voice and             reporting across any communication channel to
   chat with e-mail and other service-related activi-       unify control of all customer contact points
   ties such as off-line work item processing,
   training, etc.

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                                                                    “The view of customer service as a separate business function
                                                                    will evolve into a view of service as an integral part of key busi-
                                                                    ness processes.”

                                                                    Gartner Predicts 2004

Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

  Real-Time Routing of Any Interaction

  Features                                                        > Benefits
  Provides basic to highly sophisticated routing functionality    > Regardless of the interaction type, provides agents with
  including Screen Pop, Data-Driven, Agent Profile/Skills-Based     customer attached data for time saving and efficient handling
  Routing, Last Agent/Relationship Based Routing, Service Level
  Routing, Workforce Routing (for one or a combination of media   > Matches customers needs with the right available, skilled
  types)                                                            resource for optimal customer service and resource utilization:
                                                                    enables the most efficient use of resources for complex skills-
                                                                    based routing with engine performance enhancements

                                                                  > Greater level of personalization by ability to route to last agent
                                                                    that assisted caller

                                                                  > Supports customer segmentation and differentiated service
                                                                    levels. Integrates with Genesys Workforce Management to incor-
                                                                    porate schedules into routing decisions and improve adherence

                                                                  > Automatically balances overall service objectives
  Business Priority Routing
                                                                  > Avoids over servicing one customer segment at risk of under
                                                                    servicing others and greatly improves the chance that all inter-
                                                                    actions are handled within their assigned service levels

                                                                  > Avoid penalizing customers who have collaboration or transfer
                                                                    needs with longer wait times

                                                                  > Helps balance overstaffed and understaffed queues that share

  Virtual Contact Center                                          > Companies can route interactions across multiple, geographi-
                                                                    cally dispersed sites

                                                                  > All agent resources considered one virtual contact center,
                                                                    ensuring customer needs are matched with the best available
                                                                    resource, reducing administrative expenses and increasing
                                                                    workforce flexibility

  Integrated Strategy Management and Monitoring                   > Facilitates management and monitoring of production strategies
                                                                  > Managers can view real-time interaction distribution along the
                                                                    branches of a strategy to verify strategy performance

Platform Overview                                                   in the contact center where customer service processing
                                                                    is aligned and integrated with overall business processes.
    The Genesys Customer Interaction Management
                                                                    This platform is the next generation of a powerful,
Platform is the core of the Genesys suite and the next
                                                                    proven, single platform for deploying and managing
evolution in managing customer interaction processes
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                                                                          “The Customer Interaction Hub will be a key driver of enhanced
                                                                          customer service through 2008.”

                                                                          Gartner Predicts 2004

Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

  E-mail, Web Chat and Open Media Interaction Management

  Features                                                              > Benefits
  Single platform of reusable services with various interaction         > Allows customers to evolve the contact center and easily add
  options                                                                 new communications channels as the center evolves

  Real-time routing combined with non-real-time interaction             > Enhances existing service processes, unifying both real-time
  management                                                              and pre- and post-processing and reporting of interaction

                                                                        > Eliminates manual processing and enhances agent productivity

  Graphical user interface for defining interaction processing stages   > Enables a graphical representation of the entire processing flow
  including real-time routing strategies and business processing
  steps                                                                 > Easy control for mapping out step-by-step path for interactions

  Process, manage, route, and report third-party media or work item     > Leverages real-time routing & reporting for non-traditional
  activity (using Genesys Open Media & Interaction SDK)                   media or activity routing related to contact center interactions

                                                                        > Gives customers choice in integrating legacy and best-of-breed
                                                                          applications into the Genesys environment

  Agent Capacity Model defining rules that determine an agent’s         > Permits supervisors to specify the maximum number of interac-
  ability to accept particular interactions at a particular time          tions of each media type an agent can handle

                                                                        > Agent capacity rules optimize service levels across all media
                                                                          and can be configured at various levels (Agent, Tenant, or envi-

  Ad hoc supervisor queue management                                    > Empowers supervisors to proactively intervene in the processing
                                                                          of an interaction leading to greater control and management of

  Complete, blended customer interaction history and knowledge base     > Previous interaction history improves agent response times and
  of standard responses                                                   accuracy by providing them with the tools they need to quickly
                                                                          and consistently respond to queries

inbound and outbound multimedia interactions.                             universal view and management of each and every
    Interactions and related activities are automatically                 customer interaction. All traditional interactions such as
captured, processed, routed and reported based on a                       voice, e-mail and Web, as well as emerging channels,
company’s specific business criteria, providing a                         such as third-party media or activities such as work
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                                                                                “The investments have paid for themselves already after 18
                                                                                months - as a result of the savings in call handling times and
                                                                                the resulting personnel savings.”

                                                                                Harald Damovsky, Telecoms Systems Manager, T-Mobile, Germany

Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform


  Features                                                                     > Benefits
  Centralized management, configuration and administration                     > Simplifies management and configuration and eases administrative burden

                                                                               > Reduces deployment complexity and time to market for customer service
                                                                                 enhancing solutions

  Dynamic configuration                                                        > Enables real-time reaction to changing contact center traffic or resource

  Integration with back office applications and other processes                > Jointly developed partner certified interoperability and platform integra-
                                                                                 tion to the back office (via Gplus Adapters)

                                                                               > Easy to create customer desktops and special interaction integration (via

                                                                               > Integration of platform to agent and supervisor desktops provides
                                                                                 centralized dashboard of agent and supervisor activities

  Open, software-based                                                         > Gives customers unsurpassed choice in media and infrastructure

                                                                               > Enables infrastructure independence and legacy investment protection

  Insights (Reporting)

  Features                                                                     > Benefits
  Real-time and historical reporting on agent, business and interaction life   > Easy to use, customizable reports
  cycle statistics and predefined customizable reports
                                                                               > Gives view into effectiveness of resources in handling interactions and

  Reporting enhancements for life-cycle e-mail, chat, custom media interac-    > Enables view into both real-time and non-real-time interaction lifecycle
  tions and Business Priority Routing                                            history for all media

                                                                               > Provides business-level reporting for comparison of planned vs. actual
                                                                                 for proactive improvement on interaction handling and servicing
                                                                                 according to segmentation

items are funneled through the Genesys platform and                             reports all interactions and activities at both the
handled in a consistent manner according to company-                            network and premise levels; and integrates with the
defined interaction processes and strategies.                                   broadest range of contact center infrastructure. It routes
     This single platform centralizes the creation, admin-                      interactions across single or multiple sites to the most
istration and management of the interaction process;                            qualified resource available.                  page 4 of 9 >
                                                               “We’ve seen a 50% improvement in agent availability. A year
                                                               ago, availability was less than 60%, now it's over 95%. Not
                                                               surprisingly, this has also lead to higher customer satisfaction

                                                               Stéphane Franck, Head of IT, Swiss Life

Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

     The platform directs a universal queue of customer            • Delivers unsurpassed choice in interaction types
interactions via the industry’s most flexible and scalable             and depth and breadth of infrastructure connec-
engine for processing customer interactions - with the                 tivity
capacity to route nearly one million calls and more than
                                                               Key Capabilities - Integration and Centralized
40,000 e-mails per hour.
     Enterprises can choose either single- or multi-site
platform capabilities and can select any combination of            • Enables end-to-end management of interaction
interaction options powered by the platform such as                    lifecycle
Genesys Inbound Voice, Genesys Network Voice,                      •   Integrates process steps that happen before and
Genesys Outbound Voice, Genesys Outbound Preview,                      after live agent handling with the actual real-time
                                                                       routing of interactions
Genesys E-mail, Genesys Web and Genesys Open
Media (for any defined third-party custom media).
                                                                   •   Promotes automatic escalation, triggering other
                                                                       interaction types across media channels such as an
Key Capabilities - Interaction Management                              e-mail triggering an outbound call to improve
                                                                       customer service processing
    • Links contact center customer interaction to busi-           •   Built with usability and operational effectiveness
        ness processes                                                 for easy routing strategy creation, administration
    •   Manages interaction pre- and post-processing,                  and management
        operational queues, contact data, real-time routing
        and reporting across any media or activity             Key Capabilities - Insight (Reporting)
    •   Maximizes agent productivity with automatic
        prioritization and blending of any traditional
                                                                   • Maintains a complete blended history of the
                                                                       entire lifecycle – various different media legs of
        customer service interaction type – voice, e-mail,
                                                                       the process, customer to agent, agent to super-
        chat – with other service-related activities such as
                                                                       visor – from initial contact to service completion
        off-line work item processing
                                                                   •   Promotes business-level reporting for evaluating
    •   Provides the most efficient use of resources for
                                                                       plan vs. actual execution
        complex skills-based routing
    •   Enables a finer level of routing by business           Customer Service – An Integral Part of
        priority via new, highly sophisticated, customiz-      the Business Process
        able algorithms – all customer segments, not just
        your best customers, are serviced according to              One of the biggest challenges enterprises face today
        pre-determined business objectives                     is their customer service still operates as a separate func-
    •   Fosters consistent treatment of all interactions       tion from the overall business process, hindering the
                                                               contact center – where most customer servicing occurs
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                                                          “We needed a call routing solution that would bridge our
                                                          existing systems from Avaya and Nortel. We chose Genesys
                                                          because its open software platform can be used with our
                                                          existing infrastructure…”

                                                          Steve Perkins, Call Center Solutions Architect, U.S. Xpress

Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

– from truly becoming a strategic asset to the enter-     defines to get and keep customers. Nor is this valuable
prise. How customers are treated; what information        customer interaction information fed back into the
they’re given and what information they provide the       enterprise for redefining goals.
company at this critical touch point is at worst              Despite the goal of one single platform for
unknown and at best under-utilized, and not at all        managing all interactions within the contact center,
aligned with business process – the steps a company       many centers today still operate with multiple silos of

Genesys Interaction Routing Designer

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Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

systems channels and applications.The result is inconsis-   High Availability
tent and non-standardized interaction handling,
                                                                 The Genesys Customer Interaction Management
processing and reporting, resulting in costly, unpre-
                                                            Platform meets the up-time requirements of today’s
dictable manual processing and hand-offs and
                                                            critical business applications with flexible, high avail-
incomplete interaction history. Centers are unable to
                                                            ability configurations for a multi-switch environment.
optimize agent activities; customers experience long
                                                            The software components can be configured with
response times, inaccurate information and inconsistent
                                                            multiple instances to run as primary and backup
treatment across channels; operational costs are high and
                                                            processes. Genesys software components leverage
reporting is incomplete or inaccurate.
                                                            industry-standard simple network management protocol
                                                            (SNMP) and hardware redundancy capabilities to meet
Platform Options                                            the availability needs of the enterprise.
                                                                 For more details on High Availability options for
Configuration Import Wizard                                 the Genesys suite, please reference the Genesys High
                                                            Availability brochure.
    The Configuration Import Wizard makes it easier
to integrate data from external data sources into the
Genesys Configuration Database.The wizard provides a
user-friendly interface to automatically import agent
data from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
(LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory databases and
switch configuration data from various switches.The
Wizard capabilities also include import and export of
configuration data to and from Extensible Markup
Language (XML) files, generation of custom reports
from the Configuration Database, and comparison of
two configuration sets (including import of configura-
tion differences).

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Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

Systems Supported              Server OS Support                   Phillips                             IVRs
                               Microsoft Windows NT/2000           Rockwell FirstPoint                  Aspect
                               UNIX                                Fujitsu                              Avaya
                               Sun Solaris                         Harris                               Edify
                               Compaq Tru64                        Huawei                               Genesys Voice Platform
                               HP-UX                               Matra                                IBM
                               IBM AIX                             Mitel                                InterVoice
                                                                   NEC Siemens                          Nortel
                               Switches                            Tadiran
                               Alcatel                             Teltronics                           Database
                               Aspect                              Tenovis                              DB2
                               Avaya                                                                    Informix
                               EADS Telecom                        IP Switches                          MS SQL
                               Ericsson                            Cisco CallManager                    Oracle
                               Necsy                               Genesys IPMX                         Sybase

Systems Supported              Server OS Support                   Web Browsers                         Database
(Specific to e-mail, Web, or   AIX                                 MS Explorer                          DB2
custom media interactions)     Windows                             Netscape                             MS SQL
                               Solaris                                                                  Oracle
                                                                   Servlet Engines
                               Web Servers                         TomCat
                               WebSphere 5.1                       JRun
                               Apache                              WebShere 5.1

                               > Please check with your local sales representative for the latest system and version support.

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Contact Center Software > Genesys Customer Interaction Management Platform

Genesys Real-Time
Interaction Suite
The broadest suite of products-with
powerful voice self-service, assisted-
service for every communication
channel, flexible integration options
and management insight systems-all
linked on the most open platform to
deliver exceptional contact center and
customer service capabilities.

Options                                  Configuration Import Wizard
                                         High Availability

Genesys                                  Tel:      +1 415 437 1100       EMEA Headquarters        APAC Headquarters
Corporate Headquarters                   Fax:      +1 415 437 1260       Mulberry Business Park   6 Battery Road #12-06/07
2001 Junipero Serra Blvd.                E-mail:   Fishponds Road           Singapore 049909
Daly City, CA 94014                      Web:    Wokingham, Berkshire     Tel: +65 6723 9886
                                                                         RG21 4GY
                                                                         Tel: +44 118 974 7000                        page 9 of 9

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