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									 Form 538                                                                       Department for Child
  05/07        Summary Sheet for Corporate Executive Items

CORPORATE EXECUTIVE MEETING DATE                                5 March 2009
Item title
                         Child Protection Reform Project 22: CREATE Reference Group

Document submitted       Fiona Lander, Executive Director Policy and Learning
Type of Document            Information                     Decision

Summary of proposal      The Project Completion Report for the above child protection reform project is
                         attached for Executive to note.

                         The project has seen the implementation of Ford Recommendation 57, which
                         called for the Department to support the CREATE Foundation in establishing a
                         reference group comprising children and young people in care (or who have
                         recently left care).

                         The CREATE Advisory Group provides an avenue for those who have had recent
                         care experiences to express their views on the Department’s out of home care
                         policies and services.

Budget implications      Service Agreement with the CREATE Foundation to support the Advisory Group’s
                         activities and events - $104 984 (2007-08).

                         Future funding to be determined.

Consultation             Not applicable.
Substantive equality     Not applicable.
Communication            The establishment of the Advisory Group has been communicated through the
strategy                 LookingForward newsletter and CREATE Foundation representatives gave a
                         presentation to the District Directors State-wide meeting on 19 November 2008.

Impact on services to    It is anticipated that Indigenous children and young people in care will be
Aboriginal and Torres    encouraged to attend Advisory Group events and meetings by both CREATE and
Strait Islander people   district office staff.

Recommendation           It is recommended that the Executive note the completion of the Child Protection
                         Reform Project 22: CREATE Reference Group.


Project Completion Report

Child Protection Reform Project 22: CREATE Reference Group

1.0   Project Scope

1.1   Was the final scope statement of the project realised?

           Yes                               No

1.2   Is the final scope statement an accurate description/summary of the project
      including the project deliverables?

           Yes                               No

1.3   If the answer is ‘No’ to 1.1 or 1.2 please provide a project update:

      Not applicable.

1.4   What were the two most significant outcomes in relation to the Department’s
      ‘Child Protection Reform’ agenda:

      1.     Provides the Department with a formal mechanism to seek the views
             of children and young in care.
      2.     Demonstrates the Department’s commitment to supporting the
             CREATE Foundation in its work with children and young people in
             care by providing financial support for the Group’s events and

1.5   In 25 words or less describe what the project achieved:

      The Advisory Group provides an avenue for children and young people in
      care, or who have recently left care, to express their views about the
      Department’s out-of-home care policies and services.
2.0    Finalising the Project

2.1    Does the project require on-going monitoring (eg auditing, evaluation)?

               Yes (go to 2.2)                          No (go to 2.3)

2.2    If ‘Yes’, please provide a rationale and make a recommendation as to the
       type of monitoring required for this project (then go to 2.4) :

       The Department funds the CREATE Foundation to operate the Advisory
       Group in accordance with a service agreement. The service agreement will
       be monitored as part of the Department’s contract management processes.
       This will ensure the funds are being appropriately spent and the Group is
       being conducted within its approved terms of reference.

       As the Group was established for a period of twelve months with a possible
       one year extension, an evaluation of its future continuation will be conducted
       in June 2009.

2.3    If ‘No’, please provide a rationale as to why this project does not need on-
       going monitoring:

       Not applicable.

2.4    To whom has the project been handed over to (including the name of the
       person, their role and the name of the Directorate)?

       Tina Pritchard, Executive Officer - Committee Secretariat (Policy and
       Learning Directorate) will retain responsibility for managing the service
       agreement and other administrative tasks associated with the Advisory

2.5    Please tick any of the following documents that have been developed as a
       result of this project and ensure they are included with this report.

           Project Plan

           Policy document/s

           Background paper

           Other (please specify)

www.childprotection.wa.gov.au                                                      2
2.6    Is all the information and documentation for this project on SharePoint

             Yes                             No

       If ‘No’ please comment:

3.0    Communicating and Celebrating

3.1    To whom does the completion of this project need to be communicated to (eg
       Steering Committee/Working Group/Reference Group, other internal or
       external stakeholders, NGO’s etc)?

       The establishment of the Advisory Group has been communicated in the
       DCP’s internal newsletter, LookingForward, and events are regularly
       publicised on the Department’s intranet.

       The establishment of the CREATE Advisory Group has also been formally
       communicated to the Department’s District Directors at their State-wide
       meeting on 19 November 2008.

       District Directors are also advised of each Advisory Group meeting and other
       activities via email to promote the Group’s activities throughout the State and
       maximise participation by children and young people in care.

       There were no steering committees or working groups established for this
       reform project.

3.2    Please outline a plan of how the completion of this project will be
       communicated to the people identified in 3.1:

       Refer details in 3.1.

3.3    How will or has the completion of this project be formally acknowledged
       through a celebration (eg ‘News of the Day’, formal launch etc)

       Not applicable.

3.4    Are there any other comments that need to be made about this project?


www.childprotection.wa.gov.au                                                       3

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