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									 Course Outline – Supervision and Leadership

 This one day training course is designed to enable Managers and Team Leaders to achieve results
 through the productive leadership of others, and to develop an efficient workplace environment.

 1 day
 9.00am – 4.00pm

 Fee: $300


                                                 Prioritising and arranging                     •     Supporting style
Effective Communication Skills                   equipment, materials and                       •     Delegating style
      Dealing with people from                   people                                         •     Delegating style
      different cultural backgrounds             Balancing the leadership versus
                                                 hands on role
      Listening skills
                                                 Monitoring resource                  Controlling a teams performance
      How to be an attentive listener            consumption
                                                                                           Setting critical control points
      Using reflective listening skills
                                                                                           Managing priorities
      Barriers within communication         Dealing with difficult situations              Managing time constraints
      Planning for better                       Wilful misconduct                          Managing finances
      communication                              Harassment or violence
      Questioning techniques                     Unfair dismissal                    Interaction Management
      Giving feedback                           Industrial unrest - WorkCover               Improving work habits
                                                violence guidelines                        Improving work performance
 Planning and prioritising goals                Guidelines for prevention                  Maintaining improved work
 and objectives                                 strategies                                 performance
      Types of planning –informal &
      formal                                Delegation Skills                         Problem Solving / Decision Making
      Setting goals and objectives          •    Why We Don’t Like to Delegate
      Charting goals for visual support     •    Clarifying the Task                  Identifying & dealing with
      Problem solving and decision                                                    unacceptable behaviours in the
      making                                •    Assessing & Selecting Staff          workplace
                                            •    Instruction & Clarifying the Task
 Organising resources for team                                                        Situation Leadership
 goals                                      Leading a team effectively
      Evaluating resources needed                Situational leadership – knowing          Coaching skills
      Communicating goals to                     when it is appropriate to use:            Counselling skills
                                                            Directing style                9 step process
      individuals effectively                         •
                                                      •     Coaching style

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