Courier Mail Tuesday 12 October 1948 DISCLOSES LACK OF SWIM BATHS

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					Courier Mail Tuesday 12 October 1948

                        DISCLOSES LACK OF SWIM BATHS

   Lack of sufficient baths in Queensland for training and diving practice was
deplored by delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association last night.
“From 1942 to 1947, 96 new Queensland records were established, and in 1948 a
further 10 were added, but Queenslanders seldom won an Australian title,” said
the Chairman of the Q.A.S.A, Mr J.S.Emerson.
   A telegram from the President of the Australian Swimming Union, Mr
H.A.Bennett, congratulated the Association and Nancy Lyons on her Olympic
appointment, which was read to the meeting. ”The Association will not forget the
action of the now infamous Grading Committee who placed Nancy in thirtieth place”
said the telegram. “Only splendid efforts of Brisbane people made it possible for
Nancy to represent Australia.” (Nancy swam second in the Olympic Women’s 200
metres breaststroke.
   Mr Justice Mansfield was elected President of the Q.A.S.A, Sir John Lavavack
(Queensland Governor) Patron, and Mr J.B.Chandler (Lord Mayor of Brisbane) Vice

C.M. Friday 22 October 1948

                       MOVE TO STOP HIGH DIVE HERE
                                       Sydney, Thursday

   The N.S.W Swimming Association moved last night to prevent Queensland holding
the Australian High Board Diving Championships in a Brisbane quarry next
   Arthur O’Connor, Australian champion, challenged the ability of the Queensland
Swimming Association to provide high board diving facilities. O’Connor, speaking
to a motion, at a meeting of the Association, asking Queensland to give assurance
that regulations would comply with international regulations.
   The motion also asked that if the assurance was not given, N.S.W should apply
to conduct the championship.
   The motion was carried, and Mr Bert Dutton, a member of the State Executive
who will visit Brisbane shortly, will make inquiries about the facilities
available in Brisbane.
   “If Queensland cannot provide correct facilities, it should not get the
championships,“ said O’Connor. “If it rivalled the farce of the previous high
board championships in Queensland, it would be a retrograde step. We must not
permit makeshift apparatus.”

C.M. Wednesday 27 October 1948

                          PLANES DUMPED IN DIVE QUARRY

   The U.S dumped old war planes, machinery and other junk into the Morningside
quarry where it is planned to hold the Australian Diving Titles in February.
Alderman Holmes (Labour, Bulimba) disclosed this at the Brisbane City Council
meeting yesterday. “This junk is still in the quarry, and it will have to be
dragged before diving can be held safely,” he said. ”A safety fence around the
top of the quarry is also essential.”
   The Lord Mayor (Ald J.B.Chandler) said that the Council would do everything
possible to bring the quarry to the required standard. An inspection would be
made by Council officers and a report submitted.
   Q.A.S.A Chairman (Mr J.Emerson) said last night that the Council’s decision
would remove any doubt that the high three piece dives would be held here.
“Minimum depth required for the dives is fourteen feet six inches. There is forty
feet of water in the quarry,” he added.
                        NEW SOUTH WALES CHALLENGE?

   Queensland will now inform the Australian Swimming Union that it will have the
facilities to conduct the diving events. It is still possible, however, that this
will be challenged by New South Wales.
   The New South Wales Swimming Association last week was critical of
Queensland’s ability to hold the events in the quarry, and may still move to have
the events transferred to Sydney.
   Queensland lost the 1947 Championships because the Valley Pool is laid out in
metres, not in yards.

C.M. Thursday 28 October 1948

                            SWIMMERS WILL CLEAR QUARRY

   “A Q.A.S.A working bee would clear the Morningside quarry of underwater
obstructions,” Chairman (Joe Emerson) said last night. “The quarry pool would be
used for the Australian Diving Championships next February.”
   In the City Council meeting last Tuesday, Ald Holmes said the authorities had
dumped old war planes and other junk into the pool.
   Mr Emerson said swimmers had tested the water where it was proposed to erect
the diving tower, and found it free from obstructions. A working bee using
grappling irons would ensure no underwater snags.

C.M. Saturday 30 October 1948

                                 COUNCIL GRANT LIKELY
                                DIVING NEEDS AT QUARRY

   A proposal that the Brisbane City Council would grant the Queensland Swimming
Association £175 towards providing facilities at the former quarry at Morningside
if the Australian High Diving Championships were held there, has been made by a
   The recommendation by the Services and Committee will come before the full
Council for decision on Thursday.
   The committee reported that the total cost of providing the bare necessities
in a high diving stand, platform, springboards, access stairs, and temporary
seating for spectators, was estimated at £500.
   The Council has, however, laid down certain conditions for the use of the
quarry :- The decision on suitability and safety of the quarry rests entirely
with the Q.A.S.A: The Association accepts full responsibility and will indemnify
the Council for any injury to any competitor or any person or for any damage: The
Association to remove, on completion of the Championships, all structures erected
by it so as to minimise any risk of injury to persons who might visit the quarry
after the events had been completed.

C.M. Thursday 11 November 1948

                         NANCY LYONS NOT FOR RECORDS

   Nancy Lyons, runner-up in the Olympic Breaststroke title, will swim in the 100
metres Women’s Breaststroke Handicap in the Mercantile Relay in the Valley Pool
on November 24. This will be her first open carnival appearance since returning
from the Olympics.
   Her father, Bren Lyons who is Valley Club Treasurer, said that no special
arrangements would be made for Nancy to break a record. However, it is likely
that she will go close to her own State women’s record of 88.4 seconds. That time
was set in 1945, and Nancy has had few opportunities to swim over the distance
since the Olympic, Australian, and State titles are 200 metres.
   The Australian 100 metres record is 84.6 seconds, held by Claire Dennis. Nancy
unofficially bettered that when she swam butterfly over 110 yards to clock 83.9
earlier in the year.
   Entries for the carnival will close on Saturday, Handicaps for Nancy’s and
other events will be announced on Monday. A record entry of 95 teams in the
Mercantile Relay events is likely to be shattered.

C.M. Monday 15 November 1948

                               WILL DRAG DIVE POOL

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association has made arrangements with a
Brisbane engineering firm to drag the Morningside quarry, site for the Australian
high diving titles, to remove any hidden obstacle.
   The move has been prompted by the suggestion that during the war aeroplanes
were dumped in the quarry by Am0erican services.
   Plans had also been completed for the erection of a high diving tower,
springboard, access stairs, and seating facilities. The QASA has taken out a
comprehensive policy to indemnify the Brisbane City Council for injury to any
competitor or person or for any damage. These were the conditions laid down by
the Council before it would agree to provide £150 towards these facilities.
    Has been stated officially that the Morningside quarry contains forty feet of
clear spring water. The best feature of the site is that despite months of
drought conditions the depth of water has not varied.

C.M. Friday 19 November 1948

                           MAIL VOTE TO SHIFT DIVE POOL

   The Australian Swimming Union will be asked to take a mail vote of all State
Associations on the Queensland proposal to hold the national title high dives in
a Brisbane quarry lake next February.
   This was decided at last night’s meeting of the NSW Amateur Swimming
Association. The States will be asked to decide that if the championships are not
conducted in a recognised pool, they be transferred to another State. It was
suggested that a pool in Sydney should be secured.
   QASA Chairman, Mr J.Emerson, said last night, “Queensland will fight this
move. Queensland was fortunate to get the first Australian titles after the
Olympians came back, and we will not tamely see another State take our
   The NSW Association Executive on Wednesday night decided to back a protest by
Sydney divers, and to refuse to accept an assurance from the QASA that the Quarry
pool would conform to required standards.

                                 ASSURANCE GIVEN

   Mr Emerson said that the QASA had certified to the Australian Swimming Union
that the quarry would be suitable for the dives. “That is the whole procedure
required by the rules to ensure we keep the titles,” he said. “I do not see what
right of appeal NSW has against that.” He added that the QASA had already
received a letter from the ASU confirming the titles being held in Brisbane. “If
NSW do not send divers up, the championships will go on just the same,” Mr
Emerson said.
   Accommodation in Brisbane has already been booked by the QASA for more than 80
competitors from NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. Entrants from South Australia and
West Australia are yet to arrive.

C.M. Monday 22 November 1948

                               By Neville Davidson

   Denise Spencer, nineteen year old Olympic swimmer, plans to retire from
competitive swimming at the end of this season.
   After the Queensland and National titles next year she will go to Blackall as
receptionist and assistant to her brother who plans to set up dental practice
   As a schoolgirl, Denise stated she wanted to become a nurse. She said last
night, “I don’t think I want to be a full-time nurse. I do not know if I will be
able to do any swimming at Blackall, but it is certain I will not train for any
more championships after this year,” she added.

                                  TIRED OF SWIMMING

   Nancy Lyons who went to the London Olympics with Denise, said last night,
“Denise talked of retiring completely when we were on the way home, and I though
of it too, but we were both very tired of swimming, and we both had another think
on it,” she added.
   Denise first won a State junior title in 1944, and won Australian Open titles
in 1946. She will come to Brisbane on December 1 to swim in a carnival at the
Valley Baths on December 3. She has been training twice a day at her home in

C.M. Wednesday 24 November 1948

                               SWIM CHAMPION TO COMPETE

  Jack Bell, State swimming champion who will appear at tonight’s mercantile swim
carnival at the Valley Pool, had sixteen stiches removed from his foot at the
weekend. The stitches were inserted in Bell’s right foot following a motorcycle-
car accident last week. The injury kept him away from training for a week, but
tonight he will race in the men’s 100 metres scratch race. He was third in the
last State 100 behind men who will not be swimming tonight. Opposition will now
include Ron Miller, Leander Club champion, and Brian Christensen, improving
Sandgate swimmer.
   Feature race of the night will be the women’s 100 metres breaststroke
handicap, when Olympic girl Nancy Lyons will give away big starts to a field
which includes inter-schools champions, Lorraine McMurray, Gay Howard, Robin
Stevens, and her own sister Helen Lyons. Eighty-eight teams will compete in the
mercantile houses relays which will be run in ten heats, three semi-finals, and a

C.M. Thursday 25 November 1948

         (picture of Nancy Lyons on the block – a good photo)
                         NANCY LYONS NEAR RECORD

   Nancy Lyons, Olympic breaststroke swimmer, went close to he own State 100
metres record
In a handicap breaststroke 100 metres at the mercantile carnival at the Valley
Baths last night. Her time was given as 88.9 seconds – just 0.3 seconds outside
the record.
   It was her first State carnival appearance since returning from the London
Olympics in August, and she was nowhere near her peak form. She finished third
behind Margaret Lucas and Robin Stevens.
   Several reliable clockers who timed Nancy direct got her better than the
record in 88.3 or 88.4 secs. It was claimed that the Starter’s call of 21,
Nancy’s handicap, was a fraction slow, and official time is calculated by
extracting 21 from Nancy’s handicap time which was started from the “go” call.
                                  LOOKED WINNER

   Robin Stevens, off handicap 4, looked a winner at all stages except the last
15 metres.
She passed Margaret Lucas before the turn but Margaret finished determinedly to
win by 0.6 sec.
   Jack Boast, All Schools champion, son of Tom Boast former Olympic backstroker,
surprised by clocking 65.9 secs for 100 metres freestyle so early in the season.
He cleared out with the men’s 100 after being beaten in his heat in 69.4 secs.
   27 disqualifications were necessary in the ten heats, three semifinals and the
final of the mercantile relay event. Mactaggart P.P. Co-op Association won the
final. They broke their time by 5 seconds which is the maximum allowed, to touch
behind E.G.Eagers II team, but won on the disqualification of Eagers who broke by
5.1 secs, 0.1 sec over the maximum.

C.M. Thursday 2 December 1948

    (Picture of Denise Spencer in starting position. “DENISE BACK IN SWIM Denise
Spencer, Olympic swimmer, made her first public appearance at the Valley Baths
last night since her return from the Olympic Games. The picture shows her waiting
to take the water in the medley relay.”)

                                RECORD TRY BY NANCY

   Olympic swimmer, Nancy Lyons, is expected to set another State record when she
swims in a carnival at the Warwick Baths on Saturday. She is to swim breaststroke
over 100 yards and will have to beat 88 seconds.
   Denise Spencer, Olympic freestyle swimmer, will also appear. Her task for a
record will be harder as she will have to beat 2 min 40 secs for the 200 yards.
   Mr Bill Holland, QASA Secretary, said yesterday these times would be
acceptable as State records if three official watches timed the girls and proper
application was made to the QASA.
   Nancy already holds the Australian record for 100 yards as she swam butterfly
to clock 71.8 secs in Sydney early this year. The Queensland record is 85 secs
held by Ettie Robertson, former Australian champion.

                                  DENISE WINS

   Denise Spencer had her first competitive swim this season last night. In a
freestyle leg of a medley relay she swam 50 metres in 31.7 secs, only 0.6 secs
outside her own State record, but she may be hard pressed at this stage of the
season to better 2m 40s which was set in the Warwick pool 23 years ago by
American Olympic swimmer, Marischen Wehselau. Nancy and Denise will make their
first open carnival at the QASA meeting in the Valley Pool tomorrow night. They
will give exhibition swims in their recovery.
C.M. Saturday 4 December 1948

                            DOUBTS ON QUARRY FOR DIVE

   Doubts on the ability of the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association to
prepare the Morningside quarry in time for the Australian Diving Championships
early in February were expressed by Mt J.E.Dutton yesterday.
   Mr Dutton is a member of the NSW Swimming Association who was sent to Brisbane
to inspect the quarry. He said he was agreeably impressed with the possibilities
of the pool, in fact it was all the QASA had claimed, but he considered the
expense which would be involved in erecting spectator accommodation, dressing
facilities for competitors, and the actual diving tower, were unwarranted.
   Mr Dutton also considered that the pool was too deep, because high divers
require a solid bottom from which to push themselves to the surface
                                  FAVOURS SYDNEY

   Asked which State would be granted the diving championships if Queensland were
to lose them, Mr Dutton said it depended on the result of the postal vote at
present being taken, but he thought NSW was the most likely State, and in that
case they would be held at the Glanville pool.
   Mr Dutton also said that one of the prime movers in an attempt to prevent the
dives being held in the Morningside quarry was Arthur O’Connell, a leading
Australian diver who was seriously injured when competing in a diving contest in
a quarry at Surrey Dive in Victoria. O’Connell struck a submerged rock ledge.

C.M. Wednesday 15 December 1948

                              BREAKAWAY IN SWIM DISPUTE
                             WOMEN TO HOLD OWN CARNIVAL

   The Queensland Ladies Amateur Swimming Association has decided to break away
from the QASA and to hold its own State Championship Titles early next year.
   This was announced by the QLASA Secretary, Mrs E.Gough, yesterday. The
Association intends to hold its titles a few days before the scheduled State
Championships on February 4, 7, 9, 11.
   The decision comes at a long period of dissatisfaction felt by the Ladies
Association with the QASA. The Ladies Association has resented the QASA selecting
the women’s swimming team and chaperone for Australian titles each year, and also
the sharing of the carnival receipts.
   Queensland’s outstanding lady swimmers, Nancy Lyons and Denise Spencer, are
almost certain to compete at the QLASA carnival. Nancy, who will leave for Roma
this morning, said last night she would swim in any QLASA carnival if in
Brisbane. Both girls will swim in a carnival in Roma tomorrow night.

                                  “NO STANDING”

   QASA officials said last night that the breakaway championships would not be
sanctioned and had no standing with the Association. The QASA Chairman, Mr
J.Emerson, said his Association was the only body that could hold State Titles.
“If the swimmers do not compete in the QASA titles, they will not be eligible to
swim in the Australian titles, as we are the only body affiliated with the
Australian Swimming Union,” he said.
   QASA Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, said any championships conducted by the QLASA
would have no standing, as their Association is merely an affiliated body of the
parent QASA. The women’s state Titles will be held during the QASA State
Championships carnival on February 4,7, 9, 11.

C.M. Thursday 16 December 1948

                                   WILL TEST DIVE POOL

   A diver will inspect the underwater cliff face of the proposed diving site at
the Morningside quarry this weekend. This is a preliminary step in the
preparations for The Australian High Diving Championships there in February.
   Queensland Swimming Association Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, said that the Sate
high diving champion, George Johnston, would make the survey.
   The pool contains 35-40 feet of water at the selected spot, and a diver does
not descend normally more than 14-15 feet at the completion of his dive, said Mr
   The QASA Chairman, Mr J.Emerson, said last night that plans had been made to
have the pool dragged by a local engineering firm. As the championships would not
be held until February, there was no immediate hurry in the preparations, he

C.M. Tuesday 21 December 1948

                                  QUARRY SAFE FOR DIVING

   The cliff face of the Morningside quarry where the Australian diving titles
are to be held in February has been proved to be vertical with no projections.
   State diving champion, George Johnston, who carried out a thorough examination
under water, said yesterday the quarry was safe for the championships. The
Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, said Mr
Johnston had examined the cliff and found no outcrops in the area where the
diving will be held. Depth of the water in this area was checked and later marked
with buoys from 17 feet just off the cliff edge, increasing to 25 feet in the
actual diving spot.

C.M. Thursday 2 December 1948

                          GIRL SWIMMERS FOR TITLE BIDS

   Toowoomba and Manly girl swimmers are likely to figure prominently in the
State Championships which begin on February 4. Succeeding newcomers may be Robin
Wedgwood (Toowoomba) and Mavis Rogers (Manly). Both will challenge Olympian
Denise Spencer and State champion Judy Young in the women’s Open freestyle
   Mavis is only 17 and is undergoing her first season of scientific coaching.
Robin is training with former Australian champion, Bill Fleming, at the Valley
Pool, and Mavis is being supervised at Manly by Sydneysider George Moss, a pupil
of former Olympian Harry Hay.
   Robin swam only her second 100 metres this week and clocked 76 seconds. Her
time would have easily put her third in last year’s State title. Denise beat Judy
in 71.2 seconds. Robin is likely to improve a lot yet. She is the neatest stylist
seen among the older girl freestylers this year.
   In her pet distance of 200 metres, Mavis registered just under 3 minutes.
Allowing her also considerable improvement before February, she may get close to
2m 39.8secs which was Denise’s State wining time last season.
   Moss also claims that 15 year old Bill Heath will worry champion George Newton
in the junior freestyle titles. Heath clocked close to 60 seconds for 100 yards
by Moss. Newton has had a hard exam period and will start hard training only next

C.M. Monday 27 December 1948

                                SWIM FIND TO MEET OLYMPIAN

   Robin Wedgwood, new women’s sprint “find” has her first taste of Olympian
Denise Spencer at Roma next Monday. Robin, who began serious training only this
season, is a member of the QASA team which will compete in scratch races at Roma
on Monday.
   The team will be – Jack Bell, Peter Maxwell, Col Bannerman, George Newton, des
Mason, Ron Lehane, Don Trenerry, Robin Wedgwood, Joyce Speed, and E.Eacott.
   Bell, Maxwell, Newton, Bannerman and Mason will clash with Roma swimmer Peter
Dodson who was second in the State 100 metres freestyle last season. Bell and
Maxwell who have been placed in the State 100 title, and Bannerman
(intermediate), Newton (junior), and Mason (sub-junior) are present State sprint
   The team will leave Brisbane on Friday. QASA Chairman, Mr J.Emerson, will be
C.M. Tuesday 4 January 1949

                               SWIM FIND TESTS DENISE
                                              Roma, Monday

   Robin Wedgwood, swimming newcomer, swam blind over the last lap to be beaten
narrowly by Olympian Denise Spencer in the freestyle 100 metres event at
tonight’s carnival in the Roma Baths. Robin had to be assisted from the water.
She said afterwards that she had swallowed a mouthful of water and had been
attacked by a severe cramp almost at the same time.
   Denise clocked 71 seconds which is only0.2 seconds outside her own State
record. Robin was officially timed at 72.2 seconds. QASA Chairman, Mr Joe
Emerson, who timed the events, said he considered Robin the best prospect he had
seen for some years.
   Results –
   Men’s Events
 Freestyle 60 metres – P.Dodson (Roma) 1, C.Hoey (Bris) 2, R.Badgery (Roma) 3.
 Open Freestyle 100m – P.Maxwell (Ips) 1, P.Dodson (Roma) 2, C.Hoey (Bris) 3.
 Open Freestyle 200m – P.Maxwell (Ips) 1, C.Bannerman (Ips) 2, P.Dodson (Roma) 3.
2m 33.2s
 Open Breaststroke 66m – C.Hoey (Bris) 1, R.Haupt (Roma ) 2, R.Lehane (Bris) 3.
 Junior Freestyle 66m – D.mason (Bris) 1, K.Haupt (Roma) 2, Ben Cherry (Roma) 3.
 Sub-junior Freestyle 66m – D.Trenerry (Tmba) 1, P.Partridge (Roma) 2, N.Brandt
(Roma) 3 44.4 s.
   Women’s Events
 Open Freestyle 100m – Denise Spencer (Roma) 1, Robin Wedgwood (Tmba) 2, J.Speed
)Ips) 3. 71s
 Open Breaststroke 66m –Denise Spencer (Roma) 1, R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 2, B.McLennan
(Roma 3.
 Open Backstroke 33m – B.McLennan (Roma) 1, E.Eacott (S’gate) 2, B.Grenier (Roma)
3 38.1s

C.M. Thursday 6 January 1949

                         WOMEN TO HOLD OWN TITLE SWIMS

   The Queensland Ladies Amateur Swimming Association will hold its own
championships next month. The QASA Executive last night gave approval for the
titles to be held at the Davies Park Baths on February 2. The State men’s and
women’s championships will be held at the Valley Baths on February 4, 7, 9, 11.
   The QLASA events will be Association championships but not State women’s
titles which will be conducted by the QASA.
   Queensland Olympic breaststroke swimmer, Nancy Lyons, has already signified
her intention of competing in the Ladies Association titles, and Denise Spencer
is also a likely entrant.
   Approval has been given for the complete programme drawn up by the QLASA. This
will include country championships which are open to Clubs affiliated with the

C.M. Friday 7 January 1949
                               COUNTRY SWIM FIND HERE

   Robin Wedgwood, who ran Olympian Denise Spencer to a photo finish over 100
metres this week, is the leader of the Longreach contingent which will try to
take titles at next month’s State Championships. Robin, who swims with a
Toowoomba Club, has her home in Longreach and first learned to swim there in the
Thompson River.
   Other Longreach newcomers will be Doug Field, and Bob Hamilton from
Ilfracombee which is 18 miles from Longreach. Field is 19 and Hamilton 35. Both
will compete in the marathon 1500 metres event.
   Denise’s coach said that this year’s “Longreach invasion” is likely to be only
the forerunner to more strong bids by Central West swimmers to take titles, as
Denise Spencer who will settle in Blackall next month has stated her intention of
coaching. Blackall is about 100 miles from Longreach. Longreach, Blackall,
Barcaldine, and Ilfracombee all have proper swimming baths.
   Noel Kenny, former Nudgee College representative, will be another strong
country contender for the championships. In the Bowen Club 100 metres freestyle
title this week he was clocked at 65 seconds, and was not pushed. This time has
been equalled only once by Brisbane swimmers this year.

C.M. Tuesday 11 January 1949

                              DIVERS TO TEST POOL BOTTOM

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association asked the Harbours and Marine
Board to supply a diver with copper helmet, lead boots, and a full suit, to
inspect the pool at the Morningside Lake dive site. The lake is to be used for
the Australian Diving Championships next month.
   QASA officials and surveyors charted the depth of the water last week and
found 14 feet clearance in the shallowest part of the 60x40 feet area to be used
for diving. Officials said that construction of the diving towers had already


   The Australian swimming championships will be held in Brisbane February 19-26.
The provisional programme committee, Joe Emerson, Greg Beer, and Bill Holland,
last night evolved plans to hold the four nights of the championships on Saturday
February 19, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday following. The committee has not yet
finished its plans for the carnival schedule which will have to be approved by
the Australian Swimming Union. Dates for the two days of the diving titles are
indefinite, but likely to be Thursday and the second Saturday.
   Mr Emerson, as interstate personnel officer, announced that accommodation had
been secured for 86 competitors from NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Western
Australia, and Tasmania.
   The Commercial Club has added an Open 100 metres for men to its carnival
programme for January 24. The event will carry the B.B.Kieran Shield. The
D.S.Carter Shield will replace the De Little Trophy for the women’s 200 metres
relay at the state Championships.

C.M. Friday 14 January 1949

                              “BABY” IN SHOCK SWIM WIN

   15 year old Daphne Franzen overshadowed a few of the champions in the mixed
200 metres handicap at the Valley Baths last night.
   She beat Col Bannerman and Robin Wedgwood but shocked the crowd by the way she
finished from her older rivals in the last half lap. Her actual time of 2m 50.8s
was only 4.8 secs outside the state junior record. Robin Wedgwood, contender for
Denise Spencer’s open titles, failed over the last 50 metres. She was less than a
length behind Daphne at the last turn but was 5 yards behind her at the finish.
Her actual time of 2m 50.1s was 10.4 secs slower than Denise Spencer’s time in
the State title last year.

                                  LEFT STANDING

   On adjusted handicaps Bannerman would have been the early leader. He was the
only one of the back markers to catch the leaders. He turned with Robin Wedgwood
with 50 metres to go, and though he swam into second place, the winner left him
standing over the last 25.
   Peter Maxwell returned fastest time with 2m 34.4s. He just beat Ron Miller for
fourth. Others were George Newton, Pat Vickers, and Norm Smith.

C.M Monday 31 January 1949

                              SWIM DOUBLE TO ROBIN WEDGWOOD
                                               Tmba, Sunday

   17 year old State title contender, Robin Wedgwood, won the senior 66 yards
backstroke in 51.4 secs and the 100 yards freestyle championship in 69.5 secs on
Saturday night. Never at any time was she extended and the events proved little
more than exhibition swims.
   Men’s 100 yards Freestyle Championship – M.Trenerry 1, J.Rivett 2     61.8s
   Women’s senior 66 yards backstroke – R.Wedgwood 1, G.Grainger 2 51.4s
   Men’s junior 66 yards breaststroke – H.Colbert 1, R.Law 2 57s
   Women’s junior 66 yards freestyle – M.Mudge 1, G.Grainger 2   54.6s
   Men’s senior 100 yards backstroke – M.Trenerry 1, R.Wise 2   76.2s
   Women’s senior 100 yards freestyle – R.Wedgwood 1, M.Mudge 2    69.5s.

C.M. Friday 4 February 1949

                              ROMA SWIMMER MAKES FAST TIME
                               DODSON BEST IN FAST TIME

   Peter Dodson, University student, clocked fastest time in the two heats of the
State 100metres freestyle title at the Valley Pool last night.
   His 64.7 secs, Tom Halpin’s 65, and Rob Hamilton’s 65.2 all beat 65.4 by Dave
Ferricks, last year’s winner.
   Dodson, who comes from Roma, swam with a stiff right arm. He had an injection
in the morning and his arm was still sore. He was beaten by Ferricks in a
disputed final last year in 65.1 secs. His fast time last night was helped by
Ilfracombe speedster, Bob Hamilton, who was second to him. Hamilton burnt up the
first lap at a terrific rate, he lost two yards at the turn but was still in
front when he straightened up. Dodson’s finish, however, was too strong.

                                       GREAT FINISH

   The best finish of the night was put up by Coolangatta boy Tom Halpin in
winning the first heat. It was a Bernborough effort. He came from third at the
turn and was easing up at the end.
   Ferricks was last into the water in his heat after the start had been delayed
by a break. He was first to turn, however, and he won well.
   Peter Maxwell was unlucky in Ferricks heat. He was second to turn but got
right underneath the ropes for five strokes with about 30 metres to go. He eased
up and was a poor fourth.
   Halpin took a double when he won his heat of the intermediate freestyle 200
from Joe Webster and Brian Gehan, again with a devastating finish. Gehan led
until the last lap.
   Paul Goener, from Maryborough, completed a clean sweep of heat wins for
country swimmers when he beat Jack Boast and Ron Hagan in the other intermediate

C.M. Saturday 5 February 1949

                         FERRICKS GREAT FINISH IN 100 METRES
                              SIX SWIM RECORDS BROKEN
                                 By Neville Davidson

   Dave Ferricks retained his State 100 metres freestyle title in a titanic
struggle at the Valley Baths last night. He beat Bob Hamilton, Peter Dodson, and
Tom Halpin in 64.2 secs, nearly a second faster than his win last year.
    Hamilton again set a terrific pace, carving out the first lap in 28.4 secs.
Half way down the return lap he still held a commanding lead with Dodson closest
to him. Then all eyes turned to a desperate finish by Halpin on the far side of
Dodson, but Halpin hit the rope and cannoned off it on to the rope on the other
side of the lane. That toppled him. Meanwhile Ferricks, between Hamilton and
Dodson, had clawed his way up to the lead. He went to the front with 10 metres to
go and won by a yard.
   Olympians Nancy Lyons (breaststroke) and Denise Spencer (freestyle) both won
their respective events.

                                DENISE IMPROVES

   Denise Spencer, also improved last year’s time by winning the women’s 100
metres in 71 secs. She looked a winner all the way. Newcomer, Robin Wedgwood,
finished gamely a length behind Denise and cut Judy Young out of second place.
   Six records were broken and one equalled during the night. George Newton cut
the junior freestyle 50 metres time to28secs in his heat, and would have reduced
it further in the final but for hitting the ropes.
   Men’s Results
 Open Freestyle 100 metres – D.Ferricks (Rock) 1, R.Hamilton (Ilf) 2, P.Dodson
(Uni) 3
 Open Breaststroke 200m – C.Hoey (Uni) 1, W.Dowd (Uni) 2, P.Goener (M’boro) 3
 Open Backstroke 100m – J.Horniman (C’gatta) 1, J.Bell (Val) 2, D.Dixon (Lea) 3
 Intermediate Freestyle 200m – T.Houghton (Sppt) 1, J.Boast (Val) 2, J.Webster (W
Dist) 3
 Junior Freestyle 50m – G.Newton (Val) 1, N.Smith (Lea) 2, N.Kenny (Rock) 3
 Junior Medley 150m – D.Mason (Val) 1, P.Guildford (S’gate) 2, K.Walter (Lea) 3
 Under 14 Freestyle 50m –D.Trenerry (Tmba) 1, H.Weld (Val) 2, N.McFarlane (Dal) 3
 Sub-junior Squadron 200m – Valley (H.Weld, D.Mason, V.Ruddf, P.Dunn) 1, Leander
I 2, Leander II 3
   Women’s Results
 Open Freestyle 100m – D.Spencer (Roma) 1, R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 2, J.Young (Val) 3
 Open Breaststroke 200m – N.Lyons (Val) 1, V.Bryant (W Dist) 2, H.Lyons (Val) 3
 Junior Freestyle 100m – D.Franzen (Lea) 1, N.Liddell (Val) 2, V.Pittendreigh 3
 Under 13 Freestyle 50m – J.speed (Ips) 1, J.Yates (Val) 2, M.Andrews (Rock) 3
 Open Medley Relay – Valley (N.Lyons, J.Young, J.Holle) 1, Valley 2,
 Junior Squadron 200m – Rockhampton 1, Valley 2, Toowoomba 3.

C.M. Thursday 8 February 1949

   (Picture – Placegetters in 200m freestyle – P.Maxwell (Ips) 2, D.Ferricks
(Rock) 1, C.Bannerman (Ips) 3)

                              By Neville Davidson

   David Ferricks, Rockhampton swimmer, won the State 200 metres freestyle title
at the Valley Baths last night, thus completing the sprint double. Last Friday
Ferricks won the 100 metres title.
   In the 200 last night Ferricks was last after the field had gone half a lap,
but he was with the leaders, Peter Maxwell and Col Bannerman after two laps. He
was just n front at the last turn and finished strongly to beat Maxwell by three
   Best junior performance was by Des Ramsay’s runaway win in the junior
freestyle 400 metres. He had 20 metres to spare and cut 11.8 secs off the State

                                 JUNIOR COLLAPSES

   Junior sprinter, George Newton, collapsed at the end of the third lap and was
assisted from the water. He had stomach cramps and could hardly breathe.
   Denise Spencer came away at the end of the women’s freestyle 50 beat Judy
Young in 31.2 secs, only 0.1 secs outside her own State record. Judy easily held
her junior 200 metres freestyle title, beating Robin Wedgwood by 5 yards.
   Lesley Campbell, swimming butterfly, broke her own women’s State junior
breaststroke record twice. She clocked 41.1 secs in her heat and cut the time
to40 secs in the final.
   Surprise of the night was Ken Harper’s clear defeat of Des Mason in the Under
15 freestyle 100.
   Men’s Events
Open Freestyle 200 metres – D.Ferricks (Rock) 1, P.Maxwell (Ips) 2, .Bannerman
(Ips) 3
 Under 17 Freestyle 100m – N.Crittenden (Cairns) 1, J.Webster (W Dist) 2, N.Haupt
(Roma) 3
 Junior Freestyle 400m – D.Ramsay (M’boro) 1, N.Haupt (Roma) 2, P.McCarthy (Rock)
 Under 13 Freestyle 100m – K.Harper (M’boro) 1, D.Mason (Val) 2, M.Cherry (Roma)
 Sub-junior Freestyle 100m – H.Weld (Val) 1, D.Trenerry (Tmba) 2, D.Quinn (W
Dist) 3
 Junior Backstroke 100m – D.Mason (Val) 1, J.Bartlett (Lea) 2, J.Shwennesen
(Roma) 3
 Open Medley 300m – J.Horniman (C’gatta) 1, J.Bell (Val) 2, G.Marr (W Dist) 3
 Country Squadron 200m – Toowoomba (S.Childs, R.Rivett, M.Trenerry, D.Wise) (new
record) 1, Ipswich 2, Southport 3.
 Junior Medley Relay 150m – Leander 1, Valley 2, Rockhampton 3
   Women’s Events
 Open Freestyle 50m – D.Spencer (Roma) 1, J.Young (Val) 2, P.Coughlin (Rock) 3
 Intermediate Freestyle 200m – J.Young (Val) 1, R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 2, P.Coughlin
(Rock) 3
 Under 13 Freestyle 50m – Jen Yates (Val) 1, D.Grier (Tmba) 2, P.Paulsen (W Dist)
3          junior Backstroke 100m – E.Eacott (S’gate) 1, J.Carr (Val) 2, J.Speed
(Ips) 3
 Sub-junior Breaststroke 50m – L.Campbell (Val) 1, M.Dunn (Val) 2, M.McLeod
(Rock) 3
 Open Relay 150m – Valley (L.Campbell, M.Fruenfelder, J.Young) 1, Roma 2, Leander

C.M. Thursday 10 February 1949

 (Picture – Janette Holle and Nancy Lyons)
                              By Neville Davidson

   Again Denise Spencer showed her best Queensland form ever by cutting 2.7 secs
off her own State freestyle 200 metres record at the Valley Baths last night, but
Nancy Lyons, the other Queensland Olympian, was beaten into second place by
Jeanette Holle in the women’s 100 metres backstroke. Jeanette in her first season
as a senior clipped 0.2 secs off Nancy’s record for a Queenslander of 83.5 secs.
She beat Nancy by three yards with third place going to Pat Coughlin who finished
ahead of Nancy in the QLASA titles last week.
   Denise ran away in the third lap in her event to win in 2m 36.1s. Robin
Wedgwood was again second with Judy Young third. Robin’s 2m 42.6s beat the time
in the intermediate 200 on Monday in which Judy defeated her easily.
                               MORE RECORDS GO

   John Horniman from Coolangatta completed a medley double and 0.4 secs of the
State record time for 150 metres with 2m 2.8s.
   George Newton was too fast all the way for Des Ramsay and Ken Harper in the
junior freestyle 200 in which he swam 2m 29.9s, just half a second under the old
   Bush swimmer and surfer, Steve Wilkes, also completed a double by clearing
away with the open freestyle 800. He confidently went to the front after 200, and
streaked away to win by nearly 20 yards.
   Tom Halpin retained his intermediate freestyle 400 title, again winning with a
sprinting finish, but Brian Grehan who was second, lost about two yards at each
of the seven turns.
   Lesley Campbell (Under 14 freestyle 50) and Joyce Speed (junior freestyle 50)
added more titles to their big list.
   Men’s Events
 Open Freestyle 800 metres – S.Wilkes (Paynter’s Creek) 1, J.Bell(Val) 2,
I.Springfield (Val) 3
 Open Medley 150m – J.Horniman (C’gatta) 1, D.Dixon (Lea) 2, P.Dodson (Uni) 3
 Intermediate Freestyle 400m – T.Halpin (Spt) 1, D.Grehan (Com) 2, J.Webster (W
Dist) 3
 Intermediate Breaststroke 100m – P.Goener (M’boro) 1, M.McDonald (Lea) 2, K.Free
(Lea) 3
 Junior Freestyle 200 – G.Newton (Val) 1, D.Ramsay (M’boro) 2, K.Hansen (M’boro)
 Sub-junior Breaststroke 50m – S.Norris (S’gate) 1, A.Waller (Lea) 2, R.Colbert
(Tmba) 3
 Under 12 Freestyle 50m – D.Palm (Toow) 1, K.Gudenswager (Dalb) 2, E.Ramsay (Lea)
 Open Medley Relay 300m – University (I.Ferguson, C.Hoey, P.Dodson) 1, Leander 2,
Valley 3
 Junior Squadron 250m – Valley (G.Newton, H.Weld, D.Mason, A.Nicholson, W.Dunn)
1, Leander 2, Southport 3
 Sub-junior Medley Relay 150m – Leander 1, Valley 2, Western Districts 3
   Women’s Titles
 Open Freestyle 200m – D.Spencer (Roma) 1, R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 2, J.Young (Val) 3
 Open Backstroke 100m – J.Holle (Val) 1, N.Lyons (Val) 2, P.Coughlin (Rock) 3
 Under 17 Freestyle 100m – P.Coughlin (Rock) 1, B.Hadaven (Roma) 2, E.Muir (Ips)
 Junior Freestyle 50m – J.Speed (Ips) 1, N.Liddell (Val) 2, C.Michael (Lea) 3
 Under 14 Freestyle 50m – L.Campbell (Val) 1, M.Mudge (Tmba) 2, D.Franzen (Lea) 3
 Sub-junior Relay 200m – Valley 1, Leander 2, Toowoomba 3.

C.M. Friday 11 February 1949

                                               Ipswich, Thursday

   Ilfracombe speedster Bob Hamilton beat State champion Dave Ferricks in the
State Country freestyle 100 metres tonight.
   Hamilton swam 63.1 secs to cut 1.7 secs off the record Ferricks set in winning
the previous year. Hamilton, who was beaten by Ferricks in the last few yards in
the State title, came from behind tonight. He mowed down the champion to win by
about one and a half yards. Ipswich swimmers Peter Maxwell and Col Bannerman
finished third and fourth respectively.
   Toowoomba girl, Robin Wedgwood who is in her first year of competition, won
the country women’s 50 metres freestyle title. She beat Ipswich junior, Joyce
Speed, by a yard in 33.5 secs. Robin and Joyce touched together at the last turn
but Joyce struck the rope and Robin surged away in the dash to the finishing
board. Rockhampton girl, Pat Coughlin, was third.
   Men’s junior country freestyle placings were – N.Kenny (Rock) 1, A.Driscoll
(Rock) 2, V.Parslow (Ips) 3. Time 31.3 secs.
C.M. Monday 14 February 1949

                           STATE TEAM FOR SWIM TITLES
                               By Neville Davidson

   The State Selectors yesterday chose 39 swimmers, 25 men and 14 women, to
represent Queensland in the Australian Swimming Titles beginning next Saturday in
   Denise Spencer has been chosen for 5 events and a relay, and Nancy Lyons for 2
events and a relay. Denise will compete in the women’s freestyle 100,200, 400,
800, and medley 150, and Nancy in the breaststroke 200, backstroke 100, and
medley relay.
   The swimmers selected are: Men –D.Ferricks (Rock), R.Hamilton (Ilfracombe),
P.Dodson, C.Hoey, W.Dowd, G.Johnston (Uni), J.Bell, I.Springfield, K.Matthews
(Valley), P.Maxwell, C.Bannerman (Ips), S.Wilkes (Paynter’s Creek), J.Horniman
(C’gatta), D.Gibson (Leander), I.Mitchell (Commercial.    Junior men – G.Newton,
D.Mason, W.Dunn (Valley), D.Ramsay, K.Harper (M’boro), J.Bartlett, R.Lehane
(Leander), J.Schwennsen (Roma), F.Guildford, K.Boyd (Sandgate).
   Women – Denise Spencer (Roma), Nancy Lyons, J.Young, J.Holle (Valley),
R.Wedgwood (Toowoomba), B.Bryant (M’boro), P.Hamilton (Commercial), B.Haymer
(Leander). Junior women – J.Speed (Is), R.Framzen (Leander), N.Liddell, J.Carey
(Valley), E.Eacott (Sandgate), R.Grier (Toowoomba).

                                HAS SHIELD CHANCE

   The Queensland women must be given a great chance of regaining the Corbett
Shield for women’s events. Queensland won the Shield three years ago in
Melbourne, but Victoria now holds it. Five wins by Denise and one by Nancy with
another victory by the medley team, and a junior breaststroke win by Norma
Liddell, who has an outside chance, would give Queensland an unbeatable lead in
the fifteen women’s events.
   Denise is swimming better than ever this year and with ordinary luck should
claim the four freestyle titles. Her effortless win over Nancy in the women’s
medley last week indicates she will put up a terrific fight in the national
medley against title holder Judy Davies (Vic).
   If Queensland misses the junior breaststroke and one of Denise’s races, the
Shield could hinge on the winner of the medley relay.

                                SURPRISE OMISSIONS

   The only surprise omissions from the team were {Pat Coughlin (women’s
backstroke), and Lesley Campbell (junior women’s breaststroke). Pat was a fair
third in the State title behind Jeanette Holle and Nancy Lyons, and Lesley won
the sub-junior breaststroke in record time, swimming butterfly. Lesley did not
start in the junior 100.
   Olympic junior, Marjorie McQuade, has a good hold on the junior freestyle and
backstroke titles. Queenslander, Joyce Speed, is likely to extend her in the
   The only likely winners in the men’s team appear to be the junior freestyler
George Newton who was second to B.Walker (NSW) in the 100 last year, and has
already beaten the winner’s time this season.

                                  COACH RESIGNS

   Forbes Carlisle today tendered to the New South Wales Amateur Swimming
Association his resignation as handicapper and chief coach. Carlisle has been
handicapper for two years and chief coach of the Association for three years.
Last year he was appointed coach of the Olympic Games team.
   In a letter read at the meeting of the Executive today, Carlisle stated that
he desired to spend more time on private coaching and attending to his business

C.M. Tuesday 15 February 1949

                                 EASY WATER POLO WINS

   The Victorian water polo team maintained its unbeaten record with an easy 9-0
win over Queensland at the second night of the Australian carnival at the Valley
Baths last night.
   They had defeated Queensland and New South Wales on Saturday night.

C.M. Saturday 19 February 1949

                             STAR SWIMMER BEATEN IN HEATS
                           FERRICKS NOT IN AUSTRALIAN FINAL

   Dave Ferricks, State sprint swim champion, will not start in the final of the
Australian freestyle 200 title at the Valley Baths. He finished only fifth in the
heat last night and failed to qualify for the final. Ferricks was beaten by the
Olympian Garrick Agnew (WA), Ken Knox (Vic), Gary Taylor (NSW) and Jim beard
   Slow to get moving, Ferricks was fifth at the first turn and was almost five
yards behind Beard, the fourth man, at the finish.
   Peter Maxwell and Col Bannerman, the other Queenslanders, qualified in the
second heat won by John Marshall. Marshall only coasted for the last two laps to
win in 2m o.7s.

                                   DENISE IN EASY WIN

   Queensland girls, Denise Spencer, Judy Young, and Robin Wedgwood, all
qualified for the women’s 400 freestyle final. Denise the Australian title
holder, was not extended to win her heat from Victorian Judy Davies and Robin
Wedgwood. She led all the way to beat Judy Davies by nearly three yards in 5m
50.7s with Robin Wedgwood about two yards away third. Denise holds the Australian
record at 5m 31.5s.
   Judy Young in the easy heat was beaten by two yards by South Australian Denise
Norton after making the early pace. The winner’s time was 5m 44.8s. Tom Donnett,
who trains Denise Norton, said she would not swim in the junior women’s freestyle
200 tonight.

C.M. Tuesday 22 February 1949

                                  DENISE BREAKS RECORD

   Queensland freestyle champion, Denise Spencer, broke her own State record for
100 metres in winning the second elimination heat in the national titles at the
Valley Baths yesterday. Her time of 1m 10.4s clipped 1.4 sec off her previous
time. Marjorie McQuade swam 1m 11s in winning the other heat.

C.M. Wednesday 23 February 1949

                                    By Neville Davidson

   Marjorie McQuade beat Denise Spencer by half a yard in the Australian women’s
freestyle 100 metres championship at the Valley Baths last night. Marjorie
clocked 69.9secs to beat the Queensland record set by Denise in the heats on
   Denise was the holder of the title having won it in Sydney last year when Judy
Davies was second and Marjorie third.
   Marjorie and Denise swam stroke for stroke over the last 30 metres, but Denise
had Marjorie on her blind side over the return lap and she failed narrowly. Judy
Young (Qld) led the field up to the turn in 30.4 secs which is a faster time than
Denise’s heat 50 of 30.7 secs. Denise, Marjorie, and Robin Wedgwood, were close
behind her, and Denise led on straightening up. The two leaders singled out and
made it a two girl race for the whole of thee last lap. Robin Wedgwood finished
strongly into third place with Judy Young fourth.
   Denise and Marjorie met again later in the teams medley relay which Queensland
won. Denise took off with a four yards lead and held it to the finish. She was
unofficially times at 70.7 secs.

                              NANCY’S GOOD MEDLEY EFFORT

   Breaststroker, Nancy Lyons, virtually won the relay for Queensland by making
up ten yards on Victorian June Cabena, after Judy Davies had set up a six yard
lead for Victoria in the backstroke. Nancy unofficially clocked 82.6 secs which
is 1.2 secs better than her own State record.
   Judy Davies earlier in the night retained her backstroke title in Queensland
record figures. Queensland challenger, Jeanette Holle, finished last in the field
of four. She and Margaret Pascal (WA) led Judy near the turn but Jeanette nearly
paralysed her right hand, hitting it on the end. She finished the last lap

                                MARSHALL WON BY HALF A LAP

   John Marshall won the men’s freestyle 400 metres by half a lap. He was 2.4
secs outside his own Australian record of 4m 50.5s, but once again could not
increase his pace over the final stage. He broke the Queensland record by 0.7
secs. Fellow Olympian, Garrick Agnew, was second but clocked 5m 14.2s following
an exhausting win in the medley 300 title. Agnew in the medley was surprisingly
only a touch behind Olympic breaststroker Kevin Hallett after the breaststroke
leg of the race. Title holder, Ron Boyd, passed both in the backstroke section
but Hallett and Agnew fought out the last freestyle stage, and Agnew won
narrowly. There was rarely more than a yard margin between Agnew and Hallett over
the whole course.
   One Australian and four Queensland records were shattered in the night.

                               40 TO SWIM AT GAMES
   Australian swim electors will choose at the end of the present swim title
carnivals a tentative team for the Empire Games in Auckland next February.
   Basis of selection will not be on performances at the championships but on
comparison with the officially recorded mean times of British Empire Games
swimmers at the last two Olympic Games. Mean time is derived by comparing the
time for the first six placegetters in Olympic Games events. For instance, mean
time in the men’s freestyle 100 metres final was 57.9 secs.
   The ASU intends to send a team of more than forty representatives, and will
need to find nearly £5,000 to cover expenses.
   Syd Grange, NSW Secretary, successfully moved that the final selection of the
team for the Empire Games be picked after the 1950 Australian titles in Sydney.
These probably will be held from January 7 to 14 if the New Zealand authorities
agree to a request by Australia to defer the closing date for entries until
January 14.

                                 SELECTORS NAMED

   The Conference also agreed to another NSW motion that the final selections for
the 1952 Olympic Games be made not later than January 1951.
   Selectors will be W Berge Phillips (NSW), W.Holland (Qld), and Horrie Bennett
   The Conference also adopted the suggestion that at least one official be
appointed for each six competitors chosen for the Olympic Games.

C.M. Friday 25 February 1949

   (Picture – Denise Spencer being congratulated by Denise Norton (SA) and Judy
Young (Qld) after her win in the Australian freestyle 800 metres at the Valley
Pool last night. She had previously won the freestyle 400 and the medley 150.)

                               MARSHALL BREAKS OWN RECORD

   John Marshall shattered the Australian freestyle 1500 metres record by 11.1
secs in winning the national title at the Valley Baths last night.
   Marshall’s effort was the second best distance swim of his career, as he was
only 4 secs outside his Olympic time. His 10m 35.8s for the 800 was 15 secs
better than Jack Medica’s Queensland record. He won by 2½ lengths of the pool
from Frank Jordan (NSW) with NSW junior Barry Kellaway third. Queenslander Irving
Springfield was last, another two laps behind Jordan. Marshall passed Springfield
for the first time at the 700 metres mark and he lapped Jordan at the 1,200 turn.
After swimming the first two 100’s in 1m 5s each, Marshall then settled down to
clock regularly within a fraction of 1m 20s for every 100 after that.
    But Denise Spencer received the greatest ovation of her career when she gave
away an almost impossible start and got up to win the women’s 800 metres by a
long touch. She beat South Australian junior, Denise Norton, in 11m 46.9s after
being 4 yards behind at the beginning of the last 50 metres.

                                 DENISE’S FINISH

   Denise’s near failure was only a lapse of judgment on the second last lap, but
the finishing burst she had to raise to make up the leeway was the most thrilling
thing seen in the Valley Pool for years. She allowed Denise Norton to slip away
to a five yard lead coming up to the last turn as the South Australian girl was
on her blind side. Once she turned and saw the leader’s margin Spencer unleashed
a terrific sprint which did not get her to the front until a yard from the line.
Denise Norton, who is only fifteen, was second to Spencer in the open freestyle
400 last Saturday. She holds seven titles in South Australia.
   The winner’s time broke the Queensland record by 40.5 secs, but was 1.3 secs
outside her own Australian record.
   Queenslander, Judy Young, again was third. She led in the first 100 before
Norton and Spencer went to the front. Robin Wedgwood, the other Queenslander, was
a moderate fifth after being in that position all the way.
Courier Mail Thursday 1 September 1949

                          SWIMMER'S JOB SWITCH

   George Newton, State junior freestyle swimming champion, has given up the idea
of joining the Police Force. Switch of plans probably will mean that Newton will
win the State Open sprint title this season.
   Towards the end of last year Newton intended to become a policeman. Broken
hours of police life probably would have jeopardised Newton's swimming career.
   The Valley Club, of which he is a member, will hold its annual meeting at the
Engineers Hall, Empire Chambers, at 8 o'clock tonight.

C.M. Tuesday 6 September 1949

                                SWIM OFFICIALS

   The following swimming officials were elected at last night's meeting of the
Q.A.S.A - Patron, The Governor (Sir John Lavarack); Vice Patron, The Lord Mayor
(Ald J.B.Chandler); President, Mr Justice Mansfield; Vice Presidents, Messrs
W.S.Johnston, H.A.Whitehouse, H.Weld, E.P.Walker, M.Barrett; Hon Handicapper, Mr
   Mr W.S.Johnston was elected a Life Member.
   The first Council meeting will be held next Monday night.

C.M. Thursday 15 September 1949

                          SWIM TESTS AS TITLE PRE-VIEW

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association will hold test races over the
Australian Championship distances at the Valley Baths on November 23 and 25.
   The test will be in preparation for the Australian Championships to be held in
Sydney from December 9 to 17 after which the Australian team to compete in the
Empire Games at Auckland in February next year will be selected.
   The Q.A.S.A officials elected for the coming year are -               Chairman,
J.S.Emerson; Hon Secretary, W.Holland; Hon Treasurer, R.Beer; Hon Registrar,
J.Montgomery; Hon Assistant Secretary, P.King; Executive, F.Connell, G.Nankavill,
W.Lister,   J.Stewart,  C.Walton;   Starter,   G.McKellar;   Timekeeper,   W.Pols;
Selectors, W.Holland, G.Nankavill, W.Lister.
   The Leander Club will hold a carnival at the Valley Baths tonight.

C.M. Friday 23 September 1949

                             WESTERN TOUR

   The Western Districts Association will take a party of swimmers on a tour of
central west Queensland between December 26 and January 6. Champion, Peter
Maxwell, Col Bannerman, Joyce Speed, and others, will be in the team which will
swim at Blackall, Longreach, Ilfracombe and other centres.
   Bookmaker, Harry Weld, who is a Q.A.S.A Vice President, is a member of the re-
formed Q.A.S.A Baths Committee.
   New Sub-committees are -
     Coaching and Education - J.Emerson, C.Walton
     Diving - G.Johnston, W.Nolan
     Baths - H.Weld, L.Wilkinson.

C.M. Friday 30 September 1949

                      NEW TIME FOR WOMEN'S SWIM
                         By Neville Davidson

   Empire Games contender, Robyn Wedgwood, unofficially broke the State women's
50 metres freestyle record at the Leander Club swim at the Valley Baths last
   Robyn had three watches on her to clock 31 seconds in the final of a mixed
handicap which she won. The time was 0.1 second better than Denise Spencer's
official State figures. Robyn had previously swum 32.6 seconds in her heat. It
was her first serious swim for the season, although she has been training hard
for more than a month.
   The Leander Club President (Joe Emerson) said the time would not be applied
for as a State record, as the three timekeepers were not appointed by the
   Robyn, who is now eighteen, broke into big swimming only last season and came
third in the Australian freestyle 100.

                                STATE TRIALS

   The programme set for the State trials or representation at the Australian
Championships is -
 First night - Men - Freestyle 400, Junior 100, Breaststroke 100, Medley 300,
Junior Breaststroke 100.
               Women - Freestyle 100, Junior 200, Breaststroke 200, Junior
Backstroke 100.
 Second night - Men - Freestyle 100, Freestyle 800, Junior 400, Breast- stroke
200, Junior Backstroke 100
                Women - Freestyle 400, Junior 100, Backstroke 100, Medley 150,
Junior Breaststroke 100
C.M. Thursday 6 October 1949

                            SWIM LOSS TO IPSWICH
                                          Ipswich, Wednesday

   The Country State Swimming Championships will not be held in Ipswich in
   This was announced tonight by the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association
Chairman (Mr J.Emerson) at the Ipswich and District Amateur Swimming Association
   The Championships have been held in Ipswich for the past three or four years.
   The Ipswich Association Secretary (Mr G.Nankavill) said that some delegates in
the State body had declared they were not prepared to hold the carnival in
Ipswich because the baths were not up to standard.
   Commenting on this, Ald G.Adam of the Ipswich Council, said his Council would
try to get an Olympic type pool for Ipswich.
   The Country Championships will be conducted this time in Brisbane at some time
during the State Titles.
C.M. Wednesday 12 October 1949

                            SWIM RULE AMENDED

   Queensland Swimming Union Secretary (Bill Holland) said yesterday that the
regulations covering breaststroke had been amended for the State Championships to
be held in February and March next year.
   Sub-junior events would be restricted to the orthodox style, he added. Junior
events would cater for the orthodox and the restricted butterfly stroke. Either
style could be used in Open events.
   At present a dispute exists between international bodies over breaststroke
   Meanwhile, test races, to be conducted by the Q.A.S.U in November, will be
open to both styles in Junior and Open events.
   Q.A.S.U has added a 50 metres freestyle event to the State Champion- ships
this season. This has always been included in other States
C.M. Tuesday 25 October 1949


   Three people, who founded the City Pastime Swimming Club (West End), some
years ago today, will receive presentations tonight.
   They are, Rev W.P.B.Miles and Mr and Mrs J.Montgomery.
   Rev Miles has been Patron, Mr Montgomery Secretary, and Mrs Montgomery
Ladies Committee President, since the Club has been founded.

C.M. Friday 28 October 1949

                        FAST TIMES BY SWIM HOPES

   Thirteen year old Daphne Franzen clipped 1.3 seconds off the Queensland 200
metres junior freestyle record at the Leander Club swim at the Valley pool last
night. She covered the distance in 2.45, comfortably beating Empire Games hope,
Robyn Wedgwood.
   Barbara Rylance knocked half a second off her own sub-junior backstroke
record, clocking 40.2 seconds.
   Both girls are members of the "Polar Bears", a squad organised by Q.A.S.A
Chairman, Joe Emerson, and were having their first Club swim of the season.
C.M. Monday 31 October 1949

                         SWIMMERS FAST TRIAL 100

   State junior backstroke champion, Des Mason, clocked the excellent times of
75.1 seconds in a trial swim over 100 metres at the Valley Baths yesterday.
Mason's time is only 1/10 second outside the Australian junior record of 75
seconds, and Tom Boast's Queensland Open record of the same time.
   Mason's trainer, Joe Emerson, said conditions could have been better, because
the water was rough from other bathers, and the filters were running. Mason was
clocked by three watches.
   Jeanette Holle swam with Mason and clocked 83.3 seconds for the same distance.
Her time is only 2.3 seconds outside Judy Joy Davies time in the last Australian
   Mason and Holle belong to the "Polar Bears" Club whose members swam right
through the winter.
   Mason and Miss Holle's training will be sharpened up in the next month and
they are expected to improve on yesterday's times.

C.M. Tuesday 8 November 1949

                            COACHING TO START
                             By Neville Davidson

   The Coaching and Education Committee will make its first moves for the season
when Bill Fleming will lecture with demonstrations on freestyle and backstroke at
the Ithaca Baths at 11 o'clock on Saturday morning.
   Daphne Franzen will demonstrate the freestyle and Des Mason the backstroke.
   Instruction will be free to members of all affiliated Clubs.

C.M. Wednesday 9 November 1949

                            By Neville Davidson

   Olympian Nancy Lyons is expected to swim breaststroke in the freestyle
handicap over 100 metres tonight at the Valley Club's swim at the Valley pool.
Nancy will swim breaststroke because she needs the training as the State's trial
races are only a fortnight off. The only women's breaststroke race tonight will
be the 50 metres handicap. That will be unsuitable as the trial distance is 200
   In the 50 metre race, only Lorraine McMurray will line up against Nancy.
Lorraine will get 5 seconds start if Lorraine also swims breaststroke in the
freestyle race, she will get 12 seconds start.
   Handicapper, Coral Springfield, said she had handicapped Jeanette Holle on the
assumption that she would swim backstroke, also in preparation for the State

C.M. Thursday 15 November 1949

                      SWIM TRY-OUT FOR STATE TESTS

   Leading distance swimmers will appear in three invitation races to be held at
the Leander Club swim at the Valley Baths tonight. Invitation races are - 100
meters backstroke, 200 metres breaststroke, and 400 metres freestyle.
   Four champions will appear in the 100 metres backstroke, Des Mason (Junior
boys), Don Gibson (Intermediate), Jeanette Holle (Open), and Eve Eacott (Junior
Girls). Mason will start at 15, Gibson at 11, Jeanette Holle at 8, Simpson Crump
at 5, and Eve Eacott at Go.
   Empire Games prospect, Robyn Wedgwood of Toowoomba, and 14 year old Daphne
Franzen will swim off the same mark in the 400 freestyle.
   Junior breaststroke champion, Ron Lehane, will start at 12 in the 200 metres
breaststroke, John Jones will start at 9, Don Gibson at 4, and Lorraine McMurray
at Go.

C.M. Wednesday 16 November 1949

                           CLOSE TO SWIM RECORD
                             By Nev Davidson

   Seventeen year old secondary schoolboy, John Cooley, clocked under 3 min 5
secs in a 200 metre trial at the Valley pool yesterday. His time was only three
seconds slower than the Queensland record set by Bill Dowd at last year's titles.
   A feature of Cooley's swim was the sudden improvement and the likelihood that
he will improve further.
   Cooley, a Brisbane Grammar school boy, was a discard at the beginning of this
season. He came second in the All Schools 100 to Ron Lehane last season, but a
coach this year told him he would never make a really fast swimmer. Cooley
decided to take a year's tuition with his old coach, Mabel Springfield. She gave
him his first swimming lesson at the Wilston State School six years ago and
trained him for a fortnight before the All Schools race.

                           CUT TIMES THIRTY SECONDS

   Cooley's instruction began early last month. Since then he has cut more than
30 seconds off his time for 200 metres. A fortnight ago at the Valley Club swim
he clocked 3 min 19 secs, and last night swam 3 min 11 secs. On yesterday's time
he should improve still further.
   Junior girl, Lesley Campbell, swimming butterfly, paced Cooley over the first
10 yesterday. He caught her at the first 50 and led her to the 100 mark by 10
yards in 1.27.
   Mabel Springfield timed him at 3.5 for the 200, and an independent watch timed
him at 3 min 4.6 secs. Miss Springfield said yesterday, "I am very thrilled about
it. John is still very raw and he does not even know how to dive in properly

C.M. Friday 18 November 1949

                         MASON LOWERS AUSTRALIAN RECORD
                                         By Neville Davidson
   Schoolboy, Des Mason, beat the Australian Junior Backstroke record by 0.4
seconds at an invitation 100 metres at the Leander Club swim at the Valley Baths
last night, but the time will not be recognised as a record as Mason had only two
watches on him, and he swam in a handicap race.
   Mason at for his Junior Examination paper all day, while Jeanette and Don
Gibson (other starters) sat for Senior Examination. The race was won by sub-
junior boy, Simpson Crump, his time of 85.1 seconds for the distance being
outstanding for his age.

                                BUTTERFLIER WON

   Ron Lehane clocked 3 min 11.1 secs in a 200 metre race, but he had a cold. He
was paced over the first 100 by Frank Guildford and junior John Jones. Guildford,
swimming butterfly, beat Jones and Lehane narrowly in 88.4 seconds. Jones clocked
89.4 seconds. His time was one of the best junior 100's ever timed in Queensland.
He looks a prospect.
   Robyn Wedgwood, last season's discovery, won a mixed handicap freestyle 100.
She clocked 73.5 seconds and was coming away at the finish.

(Note - The "butterfly" being introduced recently, after being practised in
America pre-war) was apparently an over-water arm movement similar to the present
"fly", with a breaststroke type kick. Nancy Lyons went to Sydney to have some
instruction in this type of "breaststroke" but found she set better time with her
more accustomed "orthodox" style. Ed)

C.M. Monday 21 November 1949

                           MASON IN ANOTHER RECORD
                             By Neville Davidson

   Des Mason unofficially broke another backstroke record in a trial at the
Valley Baths yesterday afternoon. Mason, who is still a junior, clocked 2 min
50.8 secs for 200 metres, which is 2.4 seconds better than Olympian Tom Boast's
State Open record. The swim makes Mason look a national title certainty, as he
also unofficially broke the Australian Junior 100 metre record last Thursday
   Mason's trial yesterday was almost a race, as he went on to beat th senior
swimmers Peter Maxwell, Jeanette Holle, and Barbara Rylance who ere given starts.
Holle registered 3 min 7 secs, which is a smart time for a girl.

C.M. Tuesday 22 November 1949

                        HOEY WILL SWIM 200 BUTTERFLY
                            By Neville Davidson

   Clarence Hoey, State breaststroke sprint champion, intends to swim butterfly
for the State's breaststroke 200 metres test tis week. If Hoey can swim the
distance properly, he will be the first Queenslander who has done it in actual
race conditions.
   He has been training solidly in a waterhole near Gatton where he is doing an
agriculture course. Hoey is confident he will make the distance now. He took the
State 100 metre breaststroke title last year in record time, but he considered
the 200 too far and did not swim it.
   Paul Goener, a Maryborough youth, swam butterfly and tried to lead all the way
in the last State 200. He will swim butterfly again. He broke down in the last
lap last season.

                             DOWD NOT AT TOP

   Ron Lehane and John Cooley, who have clocked the best orthodox breaststroke
times in training, will make it hot for the butterfliers. Bill Dowd, State 200
title and record holder, has not done a proper preparation.

                            INTEREST IN GIRLS

   Closest finish of the test series is likely to come in the girls breaststroke
trials. Valley butterflier, Lesley Campbell, featured in a series of camera
finishes last season.

C.M. Thursday 24 November 1949

                          DES MASON'S 100 METRE DASH
                          JUNIOR LOWERS SWIM RECORDS
                              By Neville Davidson

   Des Mason lowered the Australian Junior record and the Queensland Open record
in a 100 metre backstroke swim at the State tests at the Valley pool last night.
15 year old Mason won the Men's Open Backstroke trial in 74.1 seconds. It is 0.9
seconds off both records It was also a half second improvement on Mason's time
last Thursday when he unofficially clocked 74.6 in a club swim.
   The National Junior time was held by Victorian Barry Withers
   The Queensland Open time has stood since Olympian Tom Boast clocked 75 seconds
twelve years ago.

                             ANOTHER RECORD

   One other State record was broken. Miss Daphne Franzen outclassed her rivals
to win the Junior Women's 200 metres Freestyle test in 2.41.2. This was 5.1
seconds better than the record set two years ago by Joyce Speed. Joyce, who is
still a Junior, broke down with still about 60 metres to go in last night's race.
   Olympian Nancy Lyons gave a pleasing return to form by winning the Women's
Breaststroke 200 metres in 3 mins 10,5 secs. This was only 2.8 seconds outside
her best Australian time. She had been clocking poor times in recent club swims,
but she finished University examinations yesterday, and with relaxation of the
mental strain, apparently is now as good as ever. Lorraine McMurray was second to
Nancy, with younger sister, Helen Lyons, providing the surprise of the race when
she rattled home in third place. Helen is only thirteen, and her time of 3 mins
25 secs was more than 10 seconds better than her previous best.
   Judy Young cut out too strong an early pace for Robyn Wedgwood in the Women's
Freestyle 200, and staved a late challenge by Robyn. Judy won by a yard in 72.6
   State title holder, Eve Eacott, was comfortably beaten by Barbara Rylance In
the Women's Backstroke 100. Eve has been out of training until last week because
of the flu.

                                 DOWNED WELD

  Best performance in the men came from the Maryborough boy, Ken Harper, who
downed Henry Weld in a duel in the Junior Freestyle 100.
  The upcoming Lucas, competing in his first race of the season, was unlucky to
lose the Junior Breaststroke 100. He beat Frank Guildford and John Jones
narrowly, but was disqualified for dipping his shoulder.
   Guildford, who was awarded the race after the disqualification, swam
butterfly, but Lucas and Jones went orthodox.

C.M. Saturday 26 November 1949

                        DENISE BEATS AUSTRALIAN RECORD

   Olympian, Denise Spencer, went right into top gear in a private trial at Roma
yesterday. She clocked 5 min 31.2 secs for 400 metres, which is better than the
Australian record. Denise cut her own national time by 0.2 seconds, and the
Queensland record by 8 seconds. State Secretary, Bill Holland, said that it was
an official State trial and three watches had been on Denise.

                         FINE SWIM BY NEWTON IN TEST
                              By Neville Davidson

   George Newton swam the fastest 100 metres by a Queenslander since the war when
he clocked 62.3 seconds in State tests in the Valley pool last night. Newton's
swim was half a second better than his previous best and 0.9 seconds better than
the State title time last year. The time also silenced critics that Newton, who
is in his first year as a senior, had not improved since last season. He won by
two and a half yards from Des Ramsay of Maryborough. The time was 1.3 seconds
outside Bill Fleming's Queensland freestyle record.

    Backstroker, Des Mason, won the Junior Backstroke test, but he was not pushed
to clock 74.8 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds slower than the National Junior
record which he set on Wednesday.

                             COOLEY SURPRISES

   John Cooley surprised by the easy way in which he won the Open Breaststroke
200 test. Cooley, who has never swum in a Q.A.S.A event, raced home five yards
ahead of John Doran from the North Coast, with Ron Lehane only third.
   Clarence Hoey, who swam butterfly, was beaten by the distance.
   Lesley Campbell "butterflied" to win the Girls Breaststroke 100 from Helen
Lyons and Peggy Gunn. Lesley clocked 93.8 seconds, which is only 0.8 seconds
slower than the national title time last year.
   Judy Yates also showed smart time to win the Junior Freestyle 100. She took
72.4 seconds and beat Joyce Speed.
   Robyn Wedgwood and Daphne Franzen turned on the most thrilling race for many
seasons. They dead-heated in the Women's Freestyle 400.
   Robyn, Daphne, and Judy Young, swam together to the 250 metres before Judy was
lapped. Then the other two went stroke for stroke for the two last laps. Veteran
coach, Len Stanton, said it was the best race ever in his memory.

                             DIVING CANCELLED

   The dive tests carnival booked for this afternoon has been cancelled because
of lack of divers.
   The Queensland team for the National Titles will be announced tomorrow.
C.M. Monday 28 November 1949

                       SISTERS IN STATE SWIMMING TEAM
                            By Neville Davidson

   Sisters Nancy and Helen Lyons were yesterday selected in the State swimming
team which will compete in the National Titles in Sydney next month.
   Nancy who is nineteen is an Olympian, while thirteen year old Helen will be
representing the State for the first time. Helen was runner-up in the State
Junior Breaststroke test, and was third to Nancy and Lorraine McMurray in the
Open trial. She will probably swim in both races at the National Titles. Nancy is
rated No 1 in the selection of the State team and Helen No 8.
   The team will be the largest that has been sent from Queensland to National
Championships, Secretary, Bill Holland, claimed last night.
   Thirteen members will be financed by the Q.A.S.A, while the remaining five
will have to pay their own expenses to make the trip. Three of the five had
notified Holland last night that they are willing to pay their own way. The other
two will be contacted today.

                               THE SELECTION

   The members of the team and the order of selection and probable events in
which they will compete are - (1) Nancy Lyons (Valley) Women's Breaststroke and
Medley; (2) Des Mason (V) Backstroke and Junior Backstroke: (3) Denise Spencer
(Roma) Women's Freestyle and Medley; (4) Lesley Campbell (V) Women's Junior
Breaststroke; (5) Ken Harper (Mary- borough) Junior Freestyle; (6) Daphne Franzen
(Leander) Women's Free- style distance and Junior; (7) Jocelyn Yates (V) Women's
Junior Free- style Sprint; (8) Helen Lyons (V) Women's Breaststroke and Junior
Breaststroke; (9) George Newton (V) Freestyle Sprints; (10) Jeanette Holle (V)
Women's Backstroke; (11) Robyn Wedgwood (Toowoomba) Women's Freestyle; (12) Steve
Wilkes (Sandgate) Freestyle distance; (13) Barbara Rylance (Leander) Women's
Junior Backstroke. The remaining five who may go at their own expense are - (14)
Henry Weld (V) Junior Freestyle Sprint; (15) Judy Young (V) Women's Freestyle;
(16) John Cooley (V) Breaststroke; Clarence Hoey (University) Breaststroke and
leg of Relay; (18) Lorraine McMurray (V) Women's Breaststroke.

                              THREE FROM COUNTRY

    Denise Spencer, Ken Harper, and Steve Wilkes, are the only country
representatives. Wilkes had been entered from Sandgate but comes from Paynter's
Creek on the North Coast. Robyn Wedgwood, a Toowoomba entrant, is now a Brisbane
   Bill Holland is Manager/Coach, and Mrs Merle Duffy Chaperone. Joe Emerson will
go as Queensland delegate to the Australian Swimming Union.         The selection
includes starters for all national title events except the men's medley and
junior breaststroke races.
   Clarence Hoey, who will pay his own way, will start in the medley relay and a
special breaststroke 110 yards test which will be a selection guide for the
Australian relay team for the Empire Games.
   The national breaststroke title is a 220 yards race. The leg of the medley
relay is only 110 yards. The 110 yards test will probably be contested by
butterfliers only, who would not last the 220 yards distance as well as the
   The Championships in Sydney will begin with heats on the night of Friday
December 9, and will continue to December 17. The Queensland team will fly by
Convair on December 7.

C.M. Saturday 3 December 1949

                            REJECTS OFFER ON SWIMMER

   The Q.L.A.S.A eleventh hour attempt failed to have Sandgate junior, Eve
Eacott, included in the Queensland swimming squad for the Australian
Championships. The 15 year old Eve, who holds the State Junior Back-stroke title,
was beaten in the State trials by Barbara Rylance. Barbara swam 1 min 28.8 secs,
Eve, 1 min 33.5 secs.
   Eve won last year in 1 min 28.7 secs and in the Australian Titles later
clocked 1 min 28.3 secs. For nine days prior to the last week's State trials she
was kept out of the water by an attack of influenza. Because of this she was
unable to do herself justice.
   After consultations with Eve's Coach, Len Stanton, the Q.L.A.S.A decided
unanimously to meet in full the expense of her Sydney trip if the Selectors
agreed to her inclusion.
   After considering the proposal, the Selectors turned down the offer, stating
that State representation had to be decided on performances at State Trials.

C.M. Wednesday 7 December 1949

                         SWIM SQUAD ON JOB EARLY

   The Queensland swimming team for the national titles which begin in Sydney on
Saturday night will train at the North Sydney Olympic pool before lunch time
today. The squad will leave Brisbane by the earliest plane today. They are
anxious to fit in as many training swims as possible and to accustom to strange
conditions in Sydney before the Championships begin.
   The titles will be swum in salt water, and most of their training has been in
the fresh water of the Valley pool.
   Last minute inclusion in the Queensland team is Stewart Johnson, three metre
board diver. Though over forty and a family man, Johnson is one of the best
divers in Australia. He is a former National Title holder

C.M. Saturday 10 December 1949

                         DENISE'S EASY WIN IN 440 YARDS
                                           Sydney Friday

   Denise Spencer won her heat of the Women's 440 yards at the Australian
Swimming Championships with the greatest of ease at the North Sydney Olympic Pool
   Coach Bill Fleming hugged her when she climbed from the water after
“loitering’ to the finish in 5 min 42.2 secs, 0.7 seconds outside her Australian
   Another Queenslander, Robyn Wedgwood, was only half a second behind her and
also qualified for a place in tonight’s field for the final.
   The Queensland swimming squad got off to a good start by winning places in the
finals from all heats conducted.
   Young backstroker, Des Mason, was hailed as a future Australian champion, and
he set a new Australian Junior record, even though he finished only third in his
heat of the Senior 110 yards title. His time was 1 min 14.5 secs, two seconds
behind national title holder, Bruce Bourke, who won the heat.
  Other Queenslanders performances were:- Steve Wilkes, third in his heat of the
220 yards championship, and George Newton qualified for the final of the 220
yards by recording fourth fastest time in his heat.
   The only Queenslander unplaced was Judy Young who started off at a terrific
pace to lead Victorian Judy Joy Davies and South Australian champion Denise
Norton in her heat of the 440 yards. She could not maintain the effort and
finished last in a field of four.


Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 10 December 1949


   Australia’s most versatile swimmer, Victorian Judy Joy Davies, has adopted the
Hungarian style of swimming – stiff arm recovery and dipping of the left
shoulder. The result is to make her swimming spectacular, but still none the less
   Last night during the heats of the Australian Championships at the North
Sydney Pool, many people were surprise when she literally flailed the water with
her arm stiff and rolled slightly over. She easily won her heat of the 440 yards
event. The style is not so exaggerated as the Hungarians demonstrated at the
Olympic Games, but it created discussion among the leading Australian coaches who
saw Miss Davies last night. Her coach, Gus Froelich, “has always favoured the
Hungarian method, and decided to use it after seeing the Hungarians at the
Olympic Games” Miss Davies said.
   Last night Miss Davies swam her heat of the 440 yards in 5m 19.4s, one second
outside the Empire Games record and 8.3 seconds over Denise Spencer’s Australian
record. She eased a bit over the last 55 yards and thereby enhanced the effort of
the 16 year old South Australian Denise Norton who finished second.
   Miss Norton swims with perfect relaxation and finished with the same ease as
did Miss Davies.
   Janet Johnson, 15 year old Newcastle student, was third in 5m 40.9s, her
fastest swim over the distance.
   Frank O’Neill stroked his way to an easy win in the first heat of the Men’s
220 yards Championship, wining by 12 yards in 2m 18.8s. Garrick Agnew won the
second heat by a yard from Cameron Copeland in 2m 24.4s.
   O’Neill seems certain to win the final.

Sydney Sunday Herald 11 December 1949

                         RECORDS TOPPLED BY GIRL SWIMMERS
                                By Tierney

   Victorian Olympic swimmer, Judy Joy Davies, smashed the Australian 440 yards
Freestyle record by eight seconds at the North Sydney Pool last night. She won
the trace by ten yards in 5m 23.5s, a time which makes her the second fastest in
the world on Olympic Games performances.
   Marjorie McQuade began the night’s records at the opening Australian
Championship Carnival by setting a new Junior 220 yards figure.
   Bruce Bourke became the third Australian swimmer to win an Australian 110
yards Backstroke title four times. Others have been Dr Keith Kirkland (NSW) and
Percy Oliver (WA).
   Miss McQuade, still a schoolgirl, won the 20 yards Freestyle Championship in
2m 25.4s, six seconds better than her Australian record set last year. Miss
McQuade, who was the
11/12/1949 Continued
youngest member of the 1948 Olympic Team, won the race by six yards.
   Queensland Juniors, Jocelyn Yates and Daphne Franzen were placed second and
West Australian Junior, Barbara Hicks, was exhausted at the end of the race and
had to be assisted from the water.

                               LATE SPRINT

   Bourke almost lost the 110 yards Backstroke Championship. A slow starter, he
was fourth at the turn, and a s late in the race as twenty yards from the finish
he was in third position. At that stage, Frank Stevens (NSW) and Ron Boyd (Vic)
were disputing the lead, but Bourke came with the dash that characterises his
swimming. In lifting his stroke Bourke caught Boyd five yards from the end and
just touched ahead of Stevens who was being hailed as the winner.
   Bourke believes that the early speed of the young Queenslander, Des Mason, was
responsible for his own desperate position for most of the race. Mason, a junior,
turned first, but tired and finished fourth in his first senior championship, but
he had the satisfaction of creating a new junior record for the race. His time of
1m 13.8s took 1.2 seconds off the record made last year by the Victorian Barry

                              “IS A LIMIT”

   After her 440 yards record swim Judy Joy Davies said she had no idea that she
would break the 5m 30s. “There is a limit, but now it is a matter of just how
fast I can swim the distance,” she added. “My best time for the distance last
year was 5m 40s.” Three weeks ago in the Victorian trials she swam the 440 yards
in 5m 33.8s.
   Judy Joy Davies and Denise Norton singled out at the 220 yards mark swum in 2m
40.5s. At 330 yards Miss Davies led by half a head. Miss Davies actually started
to sprint at the turn for the last 55 yards. She kept going away.
   Barry Darke, who won the Junior 440 yards Championship, is generally accepted
as the most promising swimmer in Australia. His time, 5m 21.9s, broke Hart’s
unofficial record, for a thirteen year old, made in 1932. Darke is no doubt is
Australia’s best over 1650 yards. His time in recent NSW trials in the North
Sydney Pool was 21m 44s.
   One of the best races of the night was the clash between Frank O’Neill and
Garrick Agnew in the 220 yards Freestyle Championship. O’Neill won by five feet
in 2m 14.6s, less than half a second outside John Marshall’s Australian record of
2m 14.2s made last season. O’Neill led throughout, and as Agnew challenged in the
last 55 yards the crowd rose to urge O’Neill on.
   Agnew’s time was three seconds better than he has previously recorded. He
satisfied his coach, Harry Hay, who has “set” Agnew up to win the 440 yards
   Denise Spencer (Qld) and Beryl Hosking (NSW) were the only starters in the
Women’s 165 yards Medley. Australian Swimming Union Executive member, Sid Grange,
said probably this was the first time on record that only two competitors started
in a National Championship n Australia. Denise Spencer won by a touch in 2m 8.2s.
 Junior Women’s 220 yards Freestyle – M.McQuade (Vic) 2:25.4 Record (1), J.Yates
(Qld) 2: 41.1 (2), D.Fanzen (Qld) 2:42.3 (3)
 Men’s 110 yards Backstroke – B.Bourke (NSW) 1:11.9 (1), F.Stevens (NSW) 1:12.5
(2), R.Boyd (Vic) 1:13.2 (3)
 Women’s 440 yards Freestyle – J.J.Davies (Vic) 5:23.5 Record (1), D.Norton (SA)
5:31.7 (2), M.McQuade (Vic) 5:39.2 (3), D.Spencer (Qld) 5:41.4 (3)
 Junior Men’s 440 yards Freestyle – B.Darke (NSW) 5:21.9 (1), J.Proctor (NSW)
5:32.6 (2), E.Sharpe (NSW) 5:33.4 (3)
 Men’s 220 yards Freestyle – F.O’Neill (NSW) 2:14.6 (1), G.Agnew (WA) 2:16 (2),
J.Beard (Vic) 2:23.1 (3)
 110 yards Junior Women’s Breaststroke - L.Campbell (Qld) 1:34 (1), S.McKellar
(WA) 1:35.4 (2), H.Lyons (Qld) 1:36.4 (3)
 Women’s 165 yards Individual Medley – D.Spencer (Qld) 2:8.2 (1), B.Hosking (NSW)
 Men’s 330 yards Teams Medley – NSW (L.Stemstrom, B.Bourke, F.O’Neill) 3:34.4
(1), Victoria (2) Queensland (3).

Sydney Morning Herald Monday 12 December 1949

                      NO FRENCH SWIM SUITS FOR NSW MAKER
                                     Los Angeles Dec 10

   Swim suit manufacturers from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa suggest
the French swim suits would not be popular in their countries.
   The men who make American designed swim suits are Messrs John Swan (Bathurst
NSW), Bernard Leser (Auckland), and Otto Stahl (Johannesburg). They were
appraising 1950 beachwear styles on American models when a girl appeared in an
eye-opening white French swim suit.
   These were their reactions –
 Swan – “Ridiculous! A girl would be arrested if she appeared that way on one of
our beaches. Australian girls deplore the trend to flat bosoms as much as anybody
and don’t like to hide curves, but bathing suits have to be practical. A girl
couldn’t swim or romp in one like that.”
 Leser – “New Zealand girls are shy and reserved. They would consider it immodest
to be seen in such garb.”
 Stahl – “A costume that leaves nothing to the imagination is not nearly so
attractive as one that does. Our girls wouldn’t wear a swim suit like that even
in their back yards.”

C.M. Wednesday 14 December 1949

                                                   Sydney, Tuesday

   Fifteen year old Victorian champion, Marjorie McQuade, swam a record-breaking
final in the Women’s 110 yards Championship at the Sydney Olympic Pool last
night. Miss McQuade equalled her best time for the Olympic Games, and swam the
fastest Australian time of 68.5 seconds.
   Queensland’s three top women swimmers set a new Australian record. The three
girls, Jeanette Holle, Nancy Lyons, and Denise Spencer, won the 330 yards Medley
Relay in 4 mins 0.2 secs, which was three seconds faster than the record set by
the Queensland women’s team in the last titles.
   Earlier, Miss Spencer had failed by two yards to catch Marjorie McQuade in the
record-breaking final of the Women’s 110 yards Championship. Miss McQuade’s 68.5
secs was half a second faster than the fourteen year old record set by New South
Wales swimmer Miss K.Mackay, and the West Australian Evelyn de Lacey.
   Miss McQuade was so excited when the record-breaking time was announced that
she began to jump off the women’s rostrum to run to her coach, but Denise
Spencer, standing on the second place dais, restrained her.

                              YOUNGEST YET

   Miss McQuade is the youngest swimmer ever to win the women’s title. Her time
was better than the British Empire Games record.
   Another Victorian, Judy Joy Davies, had another record-breaking swim in the
Women’s 110 yards Backstroke. Miss Davies beat another Victorian swimmer, Kate
Seymour, with Jeanette Holle of Queensland in third place. Miss Davies broke the
British Empire Games record of 1 min 19.5 secs.
   Another record swim was when Frank O’Neill recorded 4 min 0.2 secs in the 330
yards Medley Championship. O’Neill easily broke the previous record of 4 min 6.4
secs set by American Ralph Wright in 1947. When it was realised that O’Neill
might break the record, the crowd stood and excitedly cheered him over the last
55 yards. O’Neill’s time was also 19 seconds better than the previous best time
by an Australian.

                                IMPROVED OVERSEAS

   Holder of this time was Victorian Ron Boyd who was second to O’Neill tonight.
O’Neill went to England and the Continent at his own expense to gain experience
when he was not selected for the Australian Olympic Games team. The strenuous
overseas competition has toughened him and made him one of the most improved
swimmers in Australia. His win tonight clinched his place in the Australian Games
   Garrick Agnew knocked 1.3 seconds off the Empire Games record when he won the
440 yards Freestyle Championship. Agnew won by seventeen yards from Barry
Kelleway and Queenslander Steve Wilkes in 4:53.3. Canadian Bob Gillies Empire
games time of 4:54.6 was the previous record.
    Results –
Men’ Events
 330 yards Medley – O’Neill (NSW) 4:00.2 (1), R.Boyd (NSW) (2), R.Harris (WA) (3)
 Junior 110 yards Breaststroke – R.Sharpe (NSW) 1:15.5 (1), D.Hawkins (NSW) (2),
E.Goodwill (NSW) (3)
 Junior 110 yards Freestyle – B.Massey (Vic) 1:03.8 (1), K.Harper (Qld) (2),
J.Proetoa (NSW) (3)
 440 yards Freestyle – G.Agnew (WA) 4:53.3 (1), B.Kelleway (NSW) (2), S.Wilkes
(Qld) (3)
 110 yards Breaststroke – K.Hallett (NSW)1:14.1 (1), L.Stemstrom (NSW) (2),
C.Hoey (Qld) (3)
Women’s Events
 Senior 110 yards Backstroke – J.J.Davies (V) 1:16.5 (1), F.Seymour (V) (2),
J.Holle (Q) (3)
 110 yards Freestyle – M.McQuade (V) 1:08.5 (1), D.Spencer (Q) (2), B.Hosking
(NSW) (3)
 330 yards Medley Teams – Qld (J.Holle, N.Lyons, D.Spencer) 4:00.2 (1), Vic
J.Uren, M.McQuade) 2, NSW (H.Pines, B.Hosking, B.Haylem) (3).

C.M. Thursday 15 December 1949

                           JAPS NOT TO SWIM HERE YET
                                              Sydney, Wednesday

   No Japanese swimmer will be invited to swim in Australia until the Australian
Government signs a Peace Treaty. This was decided at a meeting of the Australian
Swimming Union today.
   The Secretary of the New South Wales Association, Mr Sid Grange, said that the
word would be given from the Federal Government before any invitation was even
thought of. He was speaking to a motion that overseas swimmers be asked to visit
Australia this season, together with an international diver.
   The committee agreed to invite swimmers, but when the Conference had finished,
several delegates said they hoped that leading women swimmers would be included
in the team.

                                 IN WORLD CLASS

   One of the delegates said that the Australian women swimmers were at present
in world class. He said that Judy Joy Davies, on her present championship form,
was the best middle distance swimmer in the world. He added that Marjorie McQuade
was only a fraction outside being the world’s best ever over a sprint, and it was
only a matter of time before she was “Queen” of women swimmers.
   Another item discussed at the Conference was the ways and means of raising
funds to assure the future Empire Games and Olympic swimming teams were
adequately provided for. One suggestion made was that each affiliated club be
asked to contribute £4 each annually, which would mean £1,000 a year. It was also
suggested that the entire profits of the Annual Championships should go to the
A.S.U instead of the present levy of 25% only.
   The Conference decided, on a motion by Mr J.Emerson (Qld), that in all future
Australian carnivals, breaststroke titles should be divided into orthodox
breaststroke and the new butterfly method.
   This would mean the introduction of four new events, Men’s and Women’s 220
yards orthodox titles, and Men’s and Women’s Junior 110 yards titles.

                              TEAM OF TWENTYSEVEN

   It was expected that strong team of 27, at least, would probably be sent to
New Zealand.   Mr Forbes Carlsile won in the selection of Coach from two other
nominations, but before the selection took place, the New South Wales Secretary,
Mr Syd Grange, made it clear that the only paid officials of the team would be
the Manager and the Chaperone.
   Victorian Secretary, 50 year old Roy Thompson, with fourteen years behind him
as an executive officer of the A.S.A, was appointed manager of the team out of a
ballot of three. Two Assistant Managers, who will pay their own fares, Mr Emerson
(Q) and Mr J.Morrison (NSW), were also appointed.
   Mr Horrie Bennett was elected President of the Association, and Mr Bill Berge
Phillips was elected unopposed as Secretary and Treasurer.

C.M. Friday 16 December 1949

                            NEW RECORD TO QUEENSLAND GIRL
                               NANCY’S DASH OVER 100
                                                   Sydney, Thursday

   Queensland Olympian, Nancy Lyons, added another record to her long list when
she created new Australian figures in Women’s 110 yards Breaststroke in a special
Empire Games test staged at the North Sydney pool today. She took the lead from
the gun and finished 8 yards ahead of Beryl Hosking (NSW) to take 2.4 seconds off
her own Australian record of 1 min 29.2 secs.
   Both Lyons and Hosking swam orthodox breaststroke, and butterfly opponents
fell back early, Betty O’Neill (NSW) the first to finish, in third place.
   Olympian, Judy Joy Davies, met her first defeat at the Australian
Championships when 18 year old Denise Norton (S.Aust) defeated her by 10 yards in
the Women’s 880 yards Championship. The race was a thriller from start to finish,
and the young South Australian girl, who has done all her training in Victoria
under coach Tom Donnett, bettered Denise Spencer’s Australian record by 15.8
seconds. It was obvious from the start that Davies and
Norton would fight out the title. At the 220 yards mark Davies had the lead by
half a yard, with the holder, Spencer, being hard pressed to retain third place.

                                SPENCER TIRES

   At the 330 yards mark Judy still had half a yard lead with Spencer trailing
badly and Joan Johnson (NSW) swimming strongly 10 yards behind the leaders.
Practically swimming stroke for stroke from then on, Judy still had a slight lead
at the half mile mark doing the distance min 45 secs.
   At 550 both turned together, with the remainder of the field “also rans”. At
660 the younger girl had the upper hand by a foot, and from then on it was
obvious the champion was beaten. However, she never gave up and clung grimly on
Norton’s heels to go down fighting.
   Norton was the class swimmer in the field and her tactics were perfect. During
the trace she changed her breathing from left to right to constantly watch Miss
Davies, and at the end of 66o yards started her sprint which continued until she
had won. This was Miss Norton’s first Australian Championship win after a
succession of seven second placings.
   Johnson (NSW) was third, with Robyn Wedgwood (Qld) fourth and Denise Spencer a
lap behind he winner, last.
   Results – Women’s
  880 yards Championship – D.Norton (SA) 11:29.8 (1), J.J.Davies (Vic) 11:34.9
(2), J.Johnson (NSW) 11:52.8 (3), R.Wedgwood (Qld) 11:54.2 (4)
  110 yards Breaststroke Scratch Race – N.Lyons (Qld) 1:26.8 (1), B.Hosking (NSW)
1:32.5 (2), B.O’Neil (NSW) 1.33 (3)
  Springboard Diving – P.Barnett (Vic) (1), M.Maclean (NSW) (2), B.McAuley (3).
  1650 yards Freestyle – P.Kelleway (NSW) 20:42.1 (1), N.Ryan (NSW) 20:53.3 (2),
J.Johnston (NSW) 21:21.9 (3), S.Wilkes (Qld) (4)
  High Board Diving – J.McCann (NSW) (1), J.Bourke (NSW) (2), F.Murphy (NSW) (3)
  Junior Men’s Springboard – W.McKenzie (Vic) (1), C.Dyson (Vic) (2), V.Blue
(NSW) (3).

Sydney Sunday Herald 18 December 1949

                           RECORD SWIM BY O’NEILL
                                          By Tierney

   Frank O’Neill last night equalled the Australian record when he won the 110
yards Freestyle Championship at the North Sydney Olympic Pool. O’Neill’s time was
59.6 seconds, equalling the record made at the British Empire Games in 1938 by
Canadian Bob Pirie.
   O’Neill won the title, his third in the championship, by almost six feet from
Bruce Bourke with Jim Beard of Victoria third. The times of Bourke and Beard were
61.5s and 61.7s respectively. His performance will probably clinch him a place in
the Empire Games team.
   After the race O’Neill said that in equalling Bob Pirie’s Empire Games record
he had achieved an ambition. “I knew that after my performances in England and
the Continent that the Empire Games record was not beyond me,” said O’Neill. “I
also knew that when I got back to Australia I was swimming better than I did
overseas.” O’Neill said he was bitterly disappointed in missing section for the
1948 Olympic Games. Since then another ambition was to show swimming officials in
Australia that he was good enough to represent Australia.
   West Australian Margaret Pascall, a protégé of Percy Oliver, took 16 seconds
off the Australian Junior Backstroke record in winning the title of the event.
The record was set by Pam Kinsella last year.
   Judy Joy Davies of Victoria finished with an amazing burst of speed to win the
Women’s 220 yards Freestyle Championship. Four yards behind the leader was Denise
Norton. After the 165 yards turn Miss Davies swam so fast for the next 30 yards
that she headed title holder Marjorie McQuade. The other competitors tiring,
Misses Davies and McQuade singled themselves out and staged a thrilling race.
With less than a foot between them they fought it out, Miss Davies touching
inches ahead of Miss McQuade with Miss Norton a touch away third.
   This was Miss Davies first 220 yards Championship. She has now won every event
in Australia except the breaststroke. These events are – 110 yards, 220 yards,
440 yards 880 yards Freestyle, and the 110 yards Backstroke Championships.
   Australian Selector, Horrie Bennett, awarded her his trophy for being “Nearest
to World Class”. The male swimmer was Frank O’Neill.
   Nancy Lyons won the Women’s 220 yards Breaststroke Championship for the fourth
time in succession. Although tired when she finished, she was ten yards ahead of
Beryl Hosking and Betty O’Neill (NSW). Miss Lyons time of 3m 8.5s was four
seconds faster than when she won a lace in Australia’s Olympic Games team. Miss
Lyons has had less than five weeks training for the national title. “I am
satisfied, but know I can improve,” she said after the race.       Kevin Hallett,
Australian Olympian, returned to winning form in the Men’s 220 yards Breaststroke
Championship. The finish was so close the Timekeepers would not separate Hallett
and Stemstrom 2m 58.1s. Hallett, leading all the way, touched ahead of Dave
Hawkins who finished very strongly. Hallett lost his title last year to a New
Zealander, John Shanahan.
   Results –
 110 yards Junior Backstroke – D.Mason (Qld) (1), Cowley (NSW (2), O’Keefe (NSW)
 Women’s 220 yards Freestyle Championship – J.J.Davies (Vic) (1), M.McQuade (Vic)
(2), D.Norton (SA) (3)
 Men’s 110 yards Freestyle Championship – F.O’Neill (NSW) rec (1), B.Bourke (Vic)
(2), J.Beard (Vic) (3)
 Women’s 220 yards Breaststroke – N.Lyons (Qld) 1, B.Hosking (NSW) (2), B.O’Neill
(NSW) (
 Women’s 110 yards Junior Backstroke – P.Mascall (WA) (1), Mitchen (NSW) (2),
Hall (NSW) (
 Men’s 220 yards Breaststroke Championship – K.Hallett (NSW) (1), D.Hawkins (NSW)
(2), L.Stemstrom (NSW) (3)
 Women’s Junior 100 yards Freestyle Championship – M.McQuade (Vic) (1), J.Yeates
(Qld) (2), B.Hicks (WA) (3)
 Men’s 880 yards Freestyle Championship – G.Agnew (WA) (1), B.Kelleway (NSW) (2),
N.Ryan (NSW) (3).

C.M. Monday 19 December 1949


   Four Queensland cyclists and three women swimmers were chosen yesterday for
the Australian team for the Empire Games in Auckland in February.
   The four cyclists selected after the Australian Championships in Bundaberg are
– W.Heseltine, K.Caves, R.Carmichael, and L.Munro. Another, I.Pye, is an
   No male swimmers from Queensland made the Australian team, the only selections
being - Nancy Lyons, Denise Spencer, and Jeanette Holle.
   Champions, Judy Joy Davies, Nancy Lyons, and Marjorie McQuade, the second
fastest women’s team in the world, will swim for Australia in the 330 yards
medley championship.     In an unofficial world’s medley teams championship
conducted by the International Federation after the Olympic Games, Misses Davies,
Lyons and McQuade, put up a great effort against a Continental team. The
Continental team won in 3:53.4 with the Australians a second away, slightly ahead
of the American team which comprised world champions Ann Curtis, Sue Zimmerman,
and Judy Fowler. The time of the Australians marginally broke the Empire Games
record of 3:57.7 made by England in 1938.
   In choosing the Australian swimming team for the Games, the Australian
selectors, Messrs H.A.Bennett, W.B.Phillips, and W.Holland, recognised that the
three should be given a chance of winning the Empire title, which further
emphasised the quality of their swimming.
   The regard in which their ability is held by the selectors is emphasised,
because the Australian Championships last week, Misses Holle, Lyons, and Spencer,
won the 3x110 yards medley championship for Queensland in Australian record time.

                                THREE SET RECORDS

   Since returning to Australia Misses Lyons, McQuade and Davies have broken
records in their respective styles. In winning the championship Miss McQuade swam
68.5 seconds for 110 yards freestyle, Miss Lyons swam 1:25 for 110 yards
breaststroke, and Miss Davies 1:16.6 for 110 yards backstroke. These times were
Australian records.
   The trio shared in the record-breaking Australian carnival in which seven
Australian and four British Empire Games records were broken, and three Empire
Games and one Australian record were equalled.

                                   BRIGHT FUTURE

   Sixteen year old Jeanette Holle, of Brisbane, gained third position in the
team as a backstroke swimmer at the expense of Miss Pascall. Miss Holle was third
in the final in the Women’s 110 yards Backstroke in 1:21.4. While Miss Pascal and
Des Mason will probably be disappointed, the selectors have issued a reassuring
note “They are both very young and look certain for Helsinki” it was stated.
   Ron Sharp, fourteen years of age, is the youngest male to represent Australia
in the international swimming sphere, while Miss Denise Norton is the first South
Australian woman to be chosen in an Australian swimming team.
   The only record breakers who failed to be selected were a Queenslander, Des
Mason, and Margaret Pascall of Western Australia. Both are junior backstroke
champions and both broke Australian junior records.
   It is understood the selectors would have chosen Mason had he broken 1:13 in
the junior 110 yards backstroke. His time of 1:13.8 was nevertheless and
Australian Junior record.

C.M. Saturday 21 January 1950


   Q.A.S.A Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, seems certain to be coach of the
Australian swimming squad at the Empire Games in New Zealand next month. Holland
was chosen as assistant coach to Forbes Carlisle, but Sydney reports that
Carlisle will resign his position on Monday.
   The change will not jeopardise Australian Empire Games prospects. Holland has
been coach of the Queensland swimming team for the past five seasons. He is one
of the keenest students of swimming in Australia.
   Holland is expected to co-opt as assistant coach, Joe Emerson, the assistant
manager of the Games swimming team. Mr Emerson, who is Q.A.S.A Chairman, has had
outstanding success as a coach with his “Polar Bears” squad.
   Hopes that Queensland junior, Des Mason, might be included in the Empire Games
squad following the withdrawal of Australian backstroke swimmer, Bruce Bourke,
were dashed yesterday. If Bourke had withdrawn last week, Mason would have been
included, but nominations for the Games have now closed.

C.M. Monday 21 January 1950

                              JEANETTE HOLLE’S FAST 220 YARDS SWIM

   Queensland Empire Games representative, Jeanette Holle, swam the excellent
time of 2:48.2 for 200 yards at Stanthorpe yesterday. The event was a backstroke
handicap in which seven other Brisbane swimmers competed. Jeanette’s time was
five seconds faster than Tom Boast’s State record for 200 metres.
   The swimming carnival was held at the Stanthorpe Garden Pool, and the Q.A.S.A
Empire Games Appeal will benefit by £50 from the proceeds.

C.M. Saturday 28 January 1950

                                 MASON’S RECORD 200 SWIM

   Australian junior backstroke champion, Des Mason, broke Olympian, Tom Boast’s,
Open 200 metres State backstroke record of 2:53.2 by 5.8 seconds last night. He
won by eight yards from former Hungarian Olympian, 19 year old Atta Csanady in
2:47.9. The race was swum without lanes in choppy water with heavy rain falling.
   Later Mason beat the State junior freestyle representative, Henry Weld, by 2
yards over 50 metres freestyle in 28.7 seconds.
   Mason now holds every State Open and Junior backstroke record as well as the
Australian junior 100 metres backstroke record of 1:13.9.
   This season Mason has broken Boast’s 110 yards, 100 metres and 200 metres
   A crowd of about 200 gave the Water Ballet a good reception for its final

C.M. Saturday 25 February 1950

                       RECORD FOR NANCY IN HER LAST SWIM

   Nancy Lyons bowed out of swimming by breaking the Australian Women’s metres
record in 3:04.8 at the Valley Baths last night. The record was the only one that
had eluded her in her twelve years swimming career. Nancy’s time was 1.5 seconds
under the previous record by the English woman, Dorothy Storey, and 2.2 seconds
better than her Australian best.
   Nancy had beaten the Australian 200 time previously at the London Olympics and
in the Auckland Empiad, but she never had anyone to extend her in Australia. She
had to make all her own pace again last night, but the record was in sight when
she covered the first hundred in 86.6 seconds. Young sister, Helen, provided a
further Lyons thrill by racing into second place in the last half lap to be timed
at 3 min 21 secs.
   Nancy now holds the National records for all distances swum regularly – 110
yards at 82.7 secs, 200 metres at 3:04.8, the Junior 110 yards at 89.2 secs, in
addition to the 100 yards at 71.8 secs. Her best 200 metres was 2:57.7 at the
1948 Olympiad.
   In addition to Nancy’s Australian records, two best times by Queenslanders
were swum in three State relay times broken at last night’s carnival.

                                  DENISE GOES DOWN

   Denise Spencer, Queensland Olympian, was beaten in the Women’s Freestyle 100
metres by Robyn Wedgwood. Denise had an uncomfortable journey down from Roma by
train, and would have had excuses for going down, but Robyn swam a time that
almost certainly would have beaten her anyway.
   Robyn clocked 70.3 seconds to Denise’ 72 seconds. Denise’ Queensland best is
70.8 seconds. Eighteen year old Robyn has been swimming competitively for only
sixteen months.     Robyn took Denise on for pace in the first lap and touched
just ahead of her, and gained a little break when Denise appeared to sag
momentarily just after the turn. The margin was nearly two yards.

                                 THRILLING FINISH

   The other women’s freestyle race was a thriller, Daphne Franzen beating
Jocelyn Yates in the last ten yards for the Junior 200 Title. Jocelyn lost the
race in the two “up” laps where she looked away from Daphne and lost about two
yards each time.
   Peter Dobson won the men’s Blue Ribbon 100 metres title in his third try. He
downed champion Dave Herricks (from Rockhampton) who had won for the past two
   Dobson, who had a week’s break in his training recently, looked more solid in
the last 20metres than Herricks who had been out of training with a broken toe
until six weeks ago.
   National backstroke champion, Des Mason, made a one man race of the Junior
Medley and broke his own State time with 2 mins 0.4 secs, but failed to reach the
pen time of 1 min 57.8 secs set by the Hungarian, Atta Csanady.
   Men’s Titles
 Freestyle 100 metres – P.Dobson (Uni) 65.21 (1), D.Herricks (Rock) 67.2 (2),
D.Johns (Com) 70.4
 Breaststroke 100 metres – C.Harry (Uni) 80.8 (1), J.Key (Val) 83.2 (2), P.Dobson
(Uni) 84.2 (3)
 Intermediate 200 metres – D.Ramsay (M’boro) 2:30.6 (1), J.Webster (West Distr)
2:26.4 (2), N.Smith (Leand) 2:26.6 (3)
 Junior Freestyle 50 metres – K.Harper (M’boro) 28.9 (1), H.Weld (Val) 29.3 (2),
K.Haupt (Roma) 30.7 (3)
 Junior Medley _ D.Mason (Val) 2:00.4 (State Record) (1), W.Murray (Val) 2:13
(2), F.Guildford (S’gate) 2:15 (3)
 Under 14 Freestyle 50 metres – C.Weld (Val) 31.4 (1), D.Chalk (Leand) 31.5 (2),
R.Cooke (Val) 32.5 (3)
 Sub-junior Squadron 200 metres – Valley (C.Weld, J.Barrett, C.Finglass, R.Cooke)
2:14 (State Record) (1), Leander (2), Nudgee College (3)
 Country Squadron 200 metres – Toowoomba (D.Rivett, R.Wise, M.Trenerry,
D.Trenerry) 1:57.47 (State Record) (1), Maryborough (2), Southport (3).
   Women’s Titles
 Freestyle 100 metres - R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 70.3 (Best by Q’lander) (1), D.Spencer
(Roma) 72 (2), A.Young Val) 72.3 (3)
 Breaststroke 200 metres – N.Lyons (Val) 3:04.8 (Aust Record) (1), H.Lyons (Val)
3:21 (2), L.McMurray (Val) 3:23.4 (3)
 Junior Freestyle 200 metres – D.Franzen (Leand) 2:32.3 (Best by Q’lander) (1),
J.Yates (Val) 2:43.7 (2), R.Allen (Val) 2:50.8 (3)
 Junior Breaststroke 100 metres – L.Campbell (Val) 93.1 (1), J.Fehr (Ips) 95.7
(2), H.Lyons (Val) 98.3 (3)
 Under 15 Freestyle – G.Grainger (Tmba) 34.8 (1), A.Robb (M’boro) 35.4 (2),
M.Mudge (Tmba) 36 (3)
 Junior Squadrons 200 metres – Valley (J.Yates, Jen yates, L.Campbell,
M.Campbell) 2:18.8 (State Record) (1), Rockhampton 2:20.2 (2), Toowoomba 2:25.4

C.M. Tuesday 28 February 1950

                        MASON BREAKS OWN NATIONAL RECORD
                         SWIM DOUBLE TO ROBYN WEDGWOOD
                                 By Neville Davidson

   Champion, Des Mason, lowered his own Junior National Backstroke record in a
practically unpaced swim at the State titles in the Valley Pool last night. Mason
cut the time to 73.8 seconds, which was 0.1 second better than the Australian
time, and 0.4 seconds faster than his previous Queensland best. Mason took 35
seconds to cover the first lap and finished like a train to clock this time.
Later he unofficially covered his leg of the Junior Medley Relay for Valleys in
32.8 seconds.
   Toowoomba girl, Robyn Wedgwood, Newmarket boy, John Cooley, won their races
undr difficulties.

                                GOT CRAMP   -   WON

   Robyn won the Open 200 Freestyle early in the night by a comfortable margin,
but got a cramp in her heat of the State Country 50 metres. She gamely stuck out
the distance to win the heat and officials rushed across in dismay to try to stop
her slithering out of the water before the referee gave the signal for
competitors to leave.
   Robyn quickly showed why she had climbed out, as she lay on the cement
massaging her foot. A quarter of an hour later she lined up for the final and
swam a very subdued race to win narrowly in 32.4 seconds from M.Coughlin of
   Robyn had the rest of the field covered all the way in the 200 metres title.
She touched six yards ahead of Judy Young and swam her best race for a long time,
with juniors Jocelyn Yates and Daphne Franzen staging their Junior Title duel all
over again further back. Jocelyn got the call.

                              STOPPED   -   RECOVERED

   Hoey pulled up dead in the Men’s 100 metres Breaststroke title and lost about
three yards, losing his balance. He recovered to lead the field again and held
off a strong challenge from John Doran. He said later he thought he heard the
crowd shouting “Stop’ and he pulled up for a false start. He had been the last to
enter the water at the beginning.
   Peter Maxwell (Ipswich) won both the Open 200 Freestyle and the Open Medley,
and Ken Harper, the Maryborough champion, won the third double, the Junior 400
metres and the Country Junior 50 metres. Harper beat Toowoomba flash, Don
Trenerry, in the Country 50, equalling George Newton’s State junior record of 28
   Fourteen year old Trenerry tired after winning the heat and then the final in
the Under 15 Freestyle in which he held off the Valley crack, Henry Weld.
   Jennifer Yates also swam a record time in the Junior Women’s Backstroke 100 in
which she took 1.8 seconds off Jeanette Holle’s state record, clocking 85.6
                                   IPSWICH “FIND”
   Joan Fehr, Ipswich breaststroke “find” was too fast for Helen Lyons in the
sub-junior 50 metres course and won narrowly in 43.6 seconds.
   Besides Mason’s Australian time, four State records were broken and one
   The crack Valley Junior Medley Relay team of Mason, Graham Lucas, and Henry
Weld, took 4.6 seconds off the division time.
Results –
 Freestyle 200 metres – P.Maxwell (Ips) 2:31.2 (1), S.Jacobs (V) 2:32.6 (2),
P.Dodson (Uni) 2:33.3 (3)
 Medley 300 metres – P.Maxwell (Ips) 4:34.3 (1), G.Marr (West Dist) 4:53.5 (2),
F.Goener (M’boro) 5:20.3 (3)
 Restricted Breaststroke 100 metres – J.Cooley (V) (1), J.Doran (Lea) (2),
R.Lehane (Lea) (3)
 Junior Freestyle 400 metres – K.Harper (M’boro) 5:34 (1), C.Fullwood (Roma)
5:44.4 (2), K.Bray (M’boro) 5:55.2 (3)
 Under 15 Freestyle 100 metres – D.Trenerry (Tmba) 65.6 (1), H.Weld (V) 66.1 (2),
T.Quinn (WD) 68.9 (3)
Under 17 Freestyle 100 metres – G.Newton (V) 64.9 rec (1), D.Ramsay (M’boro) 65.4
(2), N.Smith (Lea) 69.1 (3)
 Junior Backstroke 100 metres – D.Mason (V) 73.8 Aust & Qld rec (1), B.Witt
(M’boro) 83 .4 (2), V.Parslow (Ips) 85.2 (3)
 Subjunior Freestyle 100 metres – C.Weld (V) 69.5 (1), C.Morrish (M’boro) 74.5
(2), R.Chalk (Lea) 74.7 (3)
 Country Junior 50 metres – K.Harper (M’boro) 26 rec (1), D.Trenerry (Tmba) 29.5
V.Parslow (Ips) 30 (3)
 Junior Medley Relay - Valley (D.Mason, G.Luke, H.Weld) (1), Leander (2), Nudgee
College (3)
 Subjunior Medley Relay – (Valley (C.Weld, W.Arnold, J.Barrett) (1), Leander (2),
Sandgate (3)
Women’s Titles –
 Freestyle 200 metres – R.Weedgwood (Tmba) 2:38.2 (1), J.Young (V) 2:43.6 (2),
Joc Yeates (V) 2:44.9 (3)
 Junior backstroke 100 metres – Jen Yeates (V) 85.6 rec (1), B.Rylance (Lea) 86.9
(2), J.Malouf (Lea) 90.9 (3)
 Subjunior Breaststroke 50 metres – J.Fehr (Ips) 43.6 (1), H.Lyons (V) 44.3 (2),
K.Stewart (Lea) 48.2 (3)
 Under 13 Freestyle 50 metres – R.Allen (V) 35 (1), M.Campbell (V) 36.4 (2),
V.Jones (Rockh) 36.8 (3)
 Country Freestyle 50 metres – R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 32.4 (1), P.Coughlin (Rockh)
33.2 (2), J.Speed (Ips) 33.4 (3)
C.M. Thursday 2 March 1950

                            FOURTH STATE TITLE WIN
                              By Neville Davidson

   Robyn Wedgwood recorded her fourth State Title win when she finished ahead of
Jocelyn Yates, Denise Spencer and Judy Young in the Women’s 50 metres State
Freestyle title at the Valley Baths last night. It was the closest finish for
many years. Robyn won by a touch, and then there wasn’t a touch among the other
three. The Judges called Robyn 1, Yates 2, and Spencer 3, in 31.7 seconds. The
win enhances Robyn’s chances for a future Olympic status, as it was a second
victory over Denise in the carnival.
   The time was, however, a second outside Denise’ best, and the junior girl,
Jocelyn Yates, fought out as good a race as the winner, in some respects. Jocelyn
had already swum two 50’s to win a heat and final of the State Junior 50 metres
Freestyle in 32.1 seconds. Nevertheless,
   Robyn was in front all the way. Judy Young paced her for the first 20 metres,
but then gradually lagged after that. Denise and Judy in the centre inched their
way closer to the leaders in the second part of the lap but Robyn kept just
enough in front. Judges say she stayed there by about nine inches at the board.

                                  HOLLE IMPROVED

   Jeanette Holle also put herself forward in the picture by swimming 80.4
seconds in the Women’s Backstroke 100 metres. It was Jeanette’s best time ever –
four seconds better than her Empire Games swim – and only 2.2 seconds outside
Judy Joy Davies Queensland record.
   Des Mason again lowered the National Junior Backstroke record in winning the
Open 100.
   An “unknown” Western Districts swimmer, Jack Purtell, nearly caused an upset,
sticking to Mason until the last ten metres, which is better than his Australian
Junior record of 73.8 seconds, and Purtell was only 3.4 seconds away. Purtell
could have been much closer but for a poor turn and for swivelling his neck to
look at Mason in the last 30 metres.
   Jen Yates, who beat Jeanette Holle’s Junior Backstroke record on Monday,
turned freestyler to break the Women’s Under 14 record for 50 metres by winning
in 32.4 seconds. Helen Lyons was second.
   Men’s 50 metres Freestyle, like the Women’s, was a thriller – George Newton
just stuck it out ahead of Peter Dobson who put in an amazing finish for a 50
metre dash. Clarence Hoey, third, and Geoff Goodall and Peter Lambert were only
inches behind Dobson.

                                 JACOBS FIRST TITLE

   The most popular winner of the night was 21 year old Stan Jacobs with a last
lap victory over Ray Wilkes in the Freestyle 800. The contestants swam stroke for
stroke for practically all the sixteen laps before Jacobs pulled away with a two
foot win. Probably no top line Queensland swimmer has swum so far without a win.
It was Jacobs first State Title in six years.
   Ten year old Peter Anderson also boosted his Olympic hopes by a determined
second place behind record breaker, Ken Gudenswager, in the Under 12 50 metres.
   Nine State records were broken on the night.
PICTURE – Start of Women’s 50 Freestyle State Championship      (Jen Yates, Judy
Young, Denise Spencer, Jocelyn Yates, Robyn Wedgwood)
   Results –
 Men’s Events –
 Freestyle 50 metres – G.Newton (V) 26.3 (1), P.Dodson (Uni) 28.3 (2), C.Hoey (V)
28.5 (3)
 Freestyle 800 metres – S.Jacobs (V) 11:25.8 (1), R.Wilkes (S’gate) 11:29.1 (2),
I.Springfield (V) 11:58.3 (3)
 Backstroke 100 metres – D.Mason (V) 73.6 rec (1), J.Purtell (WD) 74.9 (2),
P.Maxwell (Ips) 77.3 (3)
 Intermediate Freestyle 400 metres – D.Ramsay (M’boro) 5:32.3 (1), N.Smith (Lea)
5:47.2 (2), M.Johnson (Twng) 5.54.5 (3)
 Junior Breaststroke 100 metres – G.Lucas (V) 85.5 (1), Guildford (S’gate) 88.5
(2), J.Jones (Lea) 91.4 (3)
 Intermediate Breaststroke 100 metres – J.Cooley (V) 83.2 (1), R.Lehane (Lea)
83.3 (2), J.Webster (WD) 87.2 (3)
 Junior Freestyle 200 metres – K.Harper (m’boro) 2:29.2 rec (1), K.Haupt (Roma)
2:32.1 (2), H.Weld (V) 2>36.7 (3)
 Subjunior Breaststroke 50 metres – E.Whitehouse (V) 42.6 (1), L.Bryant (M’boro)
42.9 (2), B.Norris (S’gate) (3)
 Under 17 Freestyle 50 metres – K.Gudenswager (Dalby) 25 (1), F.Andersen (Lea)
26.6, J.Laverack (NC) 27.1 (3)
 Country Freestyle 100 metres – P.Maxwell (Ips) 65.8 (1), D.Ferricks (Rockh) 67
(2), P.Goener (M’boro) 67.2 (3)
 Medley Relay – University (P.Dodson, W.Gillies C.Hoey) (1), Western Districts
(2), Leander (3)
 Junior Squadron 250 metres – Valley (D.Mason, H.Weld, L.Murray, P.Mason,
J.Simpson) (1), Nudgee College (2), Ipswich (3)
   Women’s Titles –
 Freestyle 50 metres – R.Wedgwood (Tmba) 31.7 (1), Joc Yeates (V) 31.8 (2),
D.Spencer (Roma) 31.9 (3)
 Backstroke 100 metres – J.Holle (V) 81 rec (1), P.Coughlin (Rockh) (2), J.Carey
(V) (3)
 Jnior Freestyle 50 metres – Joc Yeates (V) 32.1 (1), J.Speed (Ips) 33.2 (2),
D.Franzen (Lea) 33.6 (3)
 Under 16 Freestyle 50 metres – Jen Yeates (V) 32.2 (1), H.Lyons (V) 34.1 (2),
D.Grier (Tmba) 34.8 (3)
 Subjunior Squadron – Valley (Jen Yeates, N.Campbell, H.Lyons, R.Allen) rec (1),
Western Districts (2), Toowoomba (3)

C.M. Saturday 4 March 1950

                             DENISE STAGES LAST RACE WIN
                                By Neville Davidson

   Denise Spencer beat Nancy Lyons when the two Olympians raced for the last time
in the State Medley 150 metres Title in the Valley Baths last night. Denise
withdrew from her 400 metres freestyle earlier in the night so that she and Nancy
would race together in the medley as a joint farewell.
   Nancy led for the breast and back stroke sections, but Denise pulled right
away in the freestyle to win by eight yards. Her time of 2 mins 5 secs took two
seconds off her own State record and was only a second outside Judy Davies
Australian record.
   The crowd of 1500 clapped for five minutes as Denise stepped on to the victory
block. The clapping started again when Denise’ time was announced and they went
at it again for Nancy when she stepped up on to the runner-up stand. Nancy was
second in 2:12.5, and Lesley Campbell, National Junior Breaststroke Champion, was
   Robyn Wedgwood went on to her fifth title win in five starts at the carnival,
when Denise pulled out of the 400. She led all the way to come home 20 yards
ahead of Judy Young and Daphne Franzen. Her time, 5:43.1 was eleven seconds
outside Denise’s Queensland record.
   Ken Harper, Maryborough champion, also rang up his fifth win from five starts
when he outpaced the Junior Freestyle 100 metres field. His time of 64 seconds
was the fastest swim at the carnival – 1.2 seconds faster than the Open time.
This was also faster than the intermediate 100 time by Des Ramsay who beat George
Newton in a touch finish.
   The Squadron Championship of 500 metres was won by University (P.Lambert,
C.Hoey, T.Craig, R.Rogers, P.Dodson), with Valley second and Maryborough third.
   In the Women’s Squadron Title of 200 metres, Valley (Jen Yates, Jocelyn Yates,
L.Campbell, J.Young) were first, and Leander second. (Full results given).
C.M. Thursday 22 September 1950

                                OLYMPIC AMBITION

   Coaching will start on Saturday morning at the Manly Baths for six swimmers
who will be specially set for the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. George
Lemass, former pupil of Sydney coach Harry Hay and an intense student of the
Japanese style of swimming will take the class.
   Lemass will institute a Wynnum and Manly “Learn to Swim” campaign, and from
his pupils he will select half a dozen aged ten or eleven. The chosen half
dozen will be set for the 1956 Games when they will be about seventeen, and
will swim the Japanese style for the next six years.

C.M. Thursday 6 October 1950

                           ALEX JANY TO SWIM HERE?

   “European and French swimming champion Alex Jany may swim in Brisbane in a
special carnival next January,” the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association’s
Chairman (Mr J.Emerson) said last night. “The Australian Association was trying
to arrange a visit during this season,” he said.
   Jany, the swimming sensation of 1946-47, broke several world records in
sprint distances. He flopped badly in the Olympic Games. His young sister had
hysterics when he was beaten out of a place in the Olympic 100 metres final.
   Lately Jany has made a come-back at the age of twenty.
   “The A.S.A had already unsuccessfully tried to bring out Ford Komo the
recent conqueror of John Marshal in Japan and Bill Smith (Hawaii),” Emerson

C.M. Tuesday 10 October 1950

                            MASON’S SWIM RECORD

    Des Mason broke Tom Boast’s former State backstroke 200 metres record in an
unpaced training swim yesterday. Mason did the distance in 2 mins 50 secs. He
holds the present State record of 2 mins 40.8 secs which was set at Ipswich
last season.
   Mason, Henry and Cyrus Weld, Jeanette Holle, Lyn and Jen Yates, Laura
Farlow, and Jill Malouf, are at the Valley Baths each morning doing the best
part of a mile in training.
   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association’s Chairman (Mr J.Emerson) said
that Mason and Jeanette Holle may be set flat out against the clock next week.

                               EXAMS STRAIN

   Emerson kept Mason and Holle away from speed swims because he is not
satisfied with their styles. He also thinks the strain of exams is too great
for the pair at present.
   Emerson said the Weld brothers, Cyrus and Henry, would probably dominate the
Australian junior freestyle this season. Henry, who is fifteen, recently raced
home in 29 seconds for the 50 metres. Bill Fleming has been concentrating on
developing his brother Cyrus into a 400 metres swimmer.

C.M. Thursday 24 October 1950


   Swimming tests will soon be held throughout Australia to choose competitors
for the Canterbury Games in New Zealand in January. The Australian Swimming
Union has decided to send five swimmers, three women and two men.
   “Speed tests of Queensland swimming stars will soon be held at the Valley
Baths,” the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association’s Secretary, Mr Bill
Holland, said yesterday. “The A.S.U is sending a male sprinter, a male long
distance swimmer, two women backstrokers, and a woman freestyler.
   Queensland’s Jeanette Holle will probably go as one of the backstroke
representatives. The other places may be filled by Judy Joy Davies and Marjorie
McQuade (Vic), Harry Kelloway (NSW), and Jim Beard (Vic).

C.M . Friday 17 November 1950

                          TEST SWIMS FOR DECEMBER 11
                                        By Nancy Lyons
                       (Olympic and Empire Games swimmer)

   Test swims for the Canterbury Games from December 26 to 29 will probably be
held at the Valley Baths in Brisbane on December 11.
   A water ballet of the New South Wales Women’s Swimming Association, the
“Water Nymphs”, including eight women and two men will appear in Brisbane on
that date.
   It is pleasing to note that the experience gained at the Empire Games has
been heeded, and the earlier arrival of the team in New Zealand allows time to
recover from the long trip and adjustment to the conditions. The team will
leave Sydney by air on December 21.

                                FASTER TIMES
   Jeanette Holle, Queensland’s hope, has relaxed training for two weeks
because of exams, but she hopes to be back in the pool in time for the tests.
Jeanette recently swam 1min 23 .5 secs for 100 backstroke and 36.8 seconds (her
best ever) for 50 metres backstroke.
   Judy Young, State representative, is in training and will swim for
University in a carnival against Ipswich next Wednesday night, and Judy is as
yet undecided whether she will try for State honours this season.
   Amongst the promising juniors is Marshall Cook who recently swam 334 seconds
for 50 metres freestyle.
   Cyrus Weld won the junior 200 metres freestyle championship at the Valley
Club swim this week in the excellent time of 2 min 34.8 secs. Cyrus is a strong
swimmer and will improve.
   Jocelyn Yates has been concentrating on the medley since the retirement of
Denise Spencer has left an open field with little competition.
   George Newton, although he has not done a lot of training yet this season,
won the open 200 metres freestyle at the Valley swim in 2 min 35.2 secs.

                                 JUNIOR BAN

   It is hoped the move by the N.S.W.A.S.A to ban Australian Junior
Championships is not carried out. This would cut the present enthusiasm of
juniors who would not have serious raining before senior ranks. If it is a
matter of finance, selectors should restrict their team to champions for each
event, providing their times were up to a certain standard.
  In the past all States have taken swimmers for experience, also a large
number of officials. Experience gained at national titles is little different
from that gained at State titles and does not justify the extra expense.
   Mediocre swimmers and superfluous officials should be dropped before good
   Neville Brough, ex-State sprint champion and State representative in surf
and still water, is coaching the Southport Club and should produce some
promising swimmers this season.
   Entries for the Valley Club mercantile carnival will close at the weekend.
This carnival, one of the most exciting of the year, creates very great
interest for over 600 competitors and their fellow workers. The majority only
participate in one swimming carnival each season.

C.M. Friday 24 November 1950

                          MAXWELL’S BID IN BACKSTROKE
                                       By Nancy Lyons

   Peter Maxwell, State swimming representative in 1947 in freestyle, is now
concentrating on backstroke and may prove an even more dangerous rival for Des
Mason than he was last year. Peter is a fine swimmer and his keenness is a fine
example for oncoming contestants. Peter trains twice a day in Ipswich and once
a week in Brisbane. He is not yet in form but swam well against University
representatives in the interclub competition to win the Open backstroke 66
yards, 400 yards freestyle, 100 yards freestyle.
   Two other men who were close contestants in the 66 yards and the 33 yards
sprints were McNamara and Parslow, both swimming close to Ipswich record times.
   Competition sport is what is needed to produce good swimmers. Ipswich Club
is doing a good job in promoting interclub competitions.
   Among women is Judy Speed who represented Queensland in 1948 and is still a
strong freestyler. Though not in senior ranks, she still has a great chance of
representing Queensland again.
   Joan Fehr, last year’s breaststroke “find”, has recently been laid up with
mumps, but is now training seriously to make up for lost time. Joan is thirteen
and sits for her Scholarship Exam in three weeks and this season will prove a
formidable rival for Helen Lyons and other swimmers in the 100 metres junior
breaststroke title. Joan is being coached by Bill Fleming, and having been
coached by Fleming throughout the winter, has a good lead on other swimmers. In
spite of this Joan is not satisfied with her form and hopes to produce her
excellent time of 1:31.4 for the 100 metres breaststroke which she swam last
week So far Joan has not been concentrating on the 200 metres but hopes to
enter for this also. Also a good freestyler, she swam the 50 metres in
33.3seconds and swam exceedingly well to come second to Judy Young in the 66
yards freestyle.
   The result of the competition was Ipswich 7 points, University 7 points.

                            HOEY IMPRESSIVE

  Most of the Varsity swimmers have done little training owing to exam
pressure. Clarence Hoey, a State representative, swam an excellent 100 yards
freestyle in coming second to Maxwell, and won the 66 yards breaststroke
easily, swimming butterfly. Hoey is a powerful swimmer, and with training could
reach Australian times in butterfly and freestyle.
  Entries for the Valley mercantile carnival next Wednesday night show 70 teams
competing for the Elphingstone Shield. Pike Brothers, holders of the Shield,
will defend their title, and hope to establish a record by taking the Shield
twice in succession.
   At the Valley Club 000m on Wednesday night Helen Lyons won the open 200
metres breaststroke comfortably from Margaret Lucas and Lesley Campbell, the
latter swimming butterfly.
   Graham Lucas swam well in the 200 metres breaststroke in 3:18.2.
   Rona Allen, a promising junior, swam 50 metres freestyle in 33 seconds. This
girl has very real prospects.

C.M. Thursday 30 November 1950

                       MERCANTILE RELAY SWIM TO A.M.P.

   The A.M.P team took out the Elphingstone Shield in the mercantile relay at
the Valley Club’s carnival at the Valley Baths last night. Holders of the
Shield, Pike Brothers, were disqualified for breaking their time by nine
seconds in a heat. The Courier Mail team won the final but were disqualified
for breaking their time by 8 seconds.
   Any team breaking its time by more than 5 1/2 seconds was disqualified.
   Henry Berry No 1 team finished second to A.M.P, with Buckhurst No 1 team
   In the men’s junior freestyle championship over 100 metres, Henry and Cyrus
Weld staged a keen battle. Cyrus, only 14 years old, won in the excellent time
of 1:9.00, 1/10 second ahead of his older brother Henry.
   Lesley Campbell, Australian junior breaststroke champion, won the 50 metres
ladies open championship from Helen Lyons in 40.4 seconds. Helen Lyons, 5
seconds behind Lesley, swam orthodox, and with more practice should improve.

                              BALLET’S DISPLAY

   Sandgate junior water ballet showed marked improvement on last year’s
performance. It provided a very spectacular display, and with a little more
training will prove a formidable rival to the NSW ballet which appears next
month in Brisbane.
C.M. Saturday 2 December 1950

                        GIRL SWIMMERS FOR LIMELIGHT
                                          By Nancy Lyons

   Clash of the juniors, Munro, Jill Boast, Lomah Allen, in the 50 metres sub-
junior championship should be one of the highlights of the Queensland ladies
carnival at the Valley Baths tonight.
  Another promising junior from Sandgate is A.Stanton, daughter of Les Stanton,
Sandgate’s coach.
   Prominent Sandgate swimmer in the junior ranks and one who shows promise is
A.Clausen who comes up against Jennifer Yates and S.Early in the junior
freestyle championships.
   Lesley Campbell (butterfly) and Helen Lyons (orthodox) are the only two
entrants for the 50 metres breaststroke.
   Most swimmers are from the Valley Club. It is a pity the other Clubs do not
foster breaststrokers and so make the race more exciting from a spectator’s
point of view.

                               GAMES TEST RACE

   The 100 metres test race for the Canterbury Games will be held. Robyn
Wedgwood is favourite and should have no trouble in winning from Daphne Franzen
who is still a junior and swimming remarkably well, and Judy Young. The time
will, however, be an important factor, as it is this, in comparison with
southern times, which will influence the selectors.

C.M. Saturday 2 December 1950

                        ROBYN HAS SECOND SWIM SIDE CHANCE
                                            By Ruby Robinson

   Robyn Wedgwood will tonight fire the second barrel in an attempt to force a
lace in the Australian swim team for the Canterbury Centenary Games next week.
   She is expected to lead home a strong field in the freestyle 100 metres
selection test which is part of the Burleigh Surf Club’s carnival at the Valley
baths. Robyn will be opposed by Joc Yates and Daphne Franzen (both Leander),
Jen Yates (Valley), Joy Speed (Ipswich), and Judy Young (University).
   Robyn on Saturday night won the Queensland section of the 400 metres test,
but her time probably was not good enough for the team. She holds the
Queensland resident record of 70.2 seconds for tonight’s 100 metres distance.
That time was swum last year when she beat Denise Spencer for the State title.
Robyn has improved since.
   The race will not, however, be a walk-over. Jocelyn Yates is a speedster who
will not give in. Like Robyn, Jocelyn has trained throughout the winter with
the “Polar Bears”. Daphne Franzen and Jennifer Yates are capable but still only
juniors. Joyce Speed and Judy Young have swum very fast 100 times in their
careers, but Judy has not trained too solidly recently.
C.M. Monday 4 December 1950

                         ROBYN WINS SWIM TEST
                                    By Nancy Lyons

   Robyn Wedgwood easily won the women’s test race over 100 metres at the
Valley baths last night, clocking 1:12.9. The time, however, is not likely to
gain her selection for the Canterbury Games. It was 2.5 seconds slower that
registered by West Australian Barbara Hicks in Sydney.
   Daphne Franzen, still a junior, with 1:15.3 was second to Robyn, while
Jennifer Yates swimming 1:16.00 was third. Jennifer Yates surprised by beating
her sister, Jocelyn, last year’s State representative. Recent Junior
Examination caused Jocelyn to relax her training.
   George Newton won his heat of the Junior Surf Championship in 65.6 seconds,
the fastest in the junior and senior divisions for the night. He took the final
in 68.7 seconds. Jack Boast won the senior 100 metres in 1:7.3, but he cut his
time down to 1:6.8 in the heat. Webber was second in the final and
I.Springfield third. The McLean Memorial Shield 500 metres inter-surf club
relay was won by Burleigh Heads.

                        A.S.U.AGREES TO STATE PROPOSAL

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association’s request that orthodox
breaststroke events be included in the national titles has been granted by the
Australian Swimming Union.
   QASA Secretary, Bill Holland, said the events requested were senior 220
yards, junior 110 yards orthodox breaststroke for men and women.
   The Australian titles will be contested in Melbourne next February.

C.M. Wednesday 6 December 1950

                         QUEENSLANDERS MISS SWIM TRIP
                                           By Nancy Lyons
   No Queenslanders have been selected in the Australian swim team for the
Canterbury (NZ) Games in January. This is the first time since the war that
Queensland has not been represented in an Australian swim team.
   The team chosen yesterday – Women: Judy Joy Davies, backstroke (Vic), Denise
Norton, freestyle (SA), Margaret Pascall, backstroke (WA). Men: Barry Kelloway,
freestyle (NSW), David Hawkins, breaststroke (NSW), Barry Duke, freestyle

C.M. Thursday 7 December 1950

                       SWIM STARS IN BORDER SHIELD
                                       By Nancy Lyons

   Australian junior breaststroke champion Lesley Campbell, and Far North Coast
and New South Wales Sate and Country champion June Legge, will clash in the
Border Shield in Murwillumbah on Saturday night. Six Cubs will take part, three
from Queensland – Valley, Leander, Sandgate – and three from New South Wales –
Ballina, Kyogle, Murwillumbah. Lesley and June are fine swimmers and should
provide a very keen race.
   June is now a senior and is a very strong all-round swimmer and could
possibly go a long way.
   Another promising Murwillumbah swimmers is Anne Kendall, also new South
Wales State and Country freestyle champion who did remarkably well as a junior.
     The Border Shield is at present held by the Valley Club.
   Barbara Hicks (WA) is the third girl swimmer selected for the Canterbury
Games. Denise Norton (SA) was previously announced as the freestyle swimmer.

C.M. Tuesday 12 December 1950

                           MASON’S STATE RECORD
                                      By Nancy Lyons

   Des Mason, Queensland’s open 100 metres backstroke champion, set a new
record at the Valley Baths last night. He covered 100 metres in 1:12.00, the
best time by a Queenslander. It is 0.7 seconds better than the time established
by Mason as a junior in the championships last year. Mason’s time, though in
Australian class, was five seconds outside Percy Oliver’s open Australian
   Jack Purtell of Western Districts finished two yards behind Mason in last
night’s race.

C.M. Tuesday 19 December, 1950

                          APPOINTMENT TO SWIM BODY

   The   Chairman  of  the   Queernsland Amateur   Swimming   Association,  Mr
J.S.Emerson, has been appointed to the Commonwealth Celebrations Sporting Sub-

C.M. Thursday 21 December 1950

                             BIGGER PLAN NEEDED
                                      By Nancy Lyons

   Queensland has plenty of swim talent, but a more solid training plan must be
undertaken if it is to be developed to a proper level.
  State and Australian Championships are just over a month away, and a trip to
new Zealand is not beyond Queenslanders in March.
   An innovation which would assist materially in training would be a “seconds”
clock at the Valley Baths. This clock, a large edition of a stop-watch, would
enable swimmers to clock themselves over every distance they swim, without
being dependant on someone else. They could watch their own progress throughout
a distance swim and judge their pace accordingly. They would see themselves
improve, which would be a great morale builder.
   His clock was used in Sydney and Melbourne by the Olympic team in 1948, when
it proved very helpful.

                                STANDARD HIGHER

   To reach national championship class, and even State championship class, it
needs to train at least two hours a day. Few, if any, of our swimmers do this.
Standards are higher than ever, and this means more work is required to reach
the top.
   A suggestion to those who are keen but regard training as a bore, is that
they should try to gather together a group of swimmers and all train together.
This creates a friendly rivalry, and competition of this nature improves
swimming. Clubs that arrange interclub competition are progressing in the right
direction. Inter-school carnivals also provide some of the best and most
enthusiastic swimming of the year. School swimmers, however, should also join
the local Club which go to a great deal of trouble arranging programmes.
   City Pastime and Toowong Clubs have many promising and keen juniors, but
cold do with more senior members.

C.M. Wednesday 3 January 1951

                        SWIMMERS IN SALT WATER TRAINING
                                              By Nancy Lyons

    Brisbane swimmers who are specially training at the coast should not
deceive themselves, with the State and Australian Championships just over a
month away, serious training in a 50 metre pool is essential if swimmers are to
produce their best.
   Salt water upsets the balance of fresh water swimmers and valuable time has
to be spent in re-adjusting flotation, after which comes the polishing up and
then tapering off – keeping in top form for the big event.
   Work in the surf can be successfully used for conditioning and part time
training, but formal stages of training must be done in a correct length pool
over the correct distance and the right turning boards.

                             “WORTHWHILE BOOST”

    Southport swimming received a worthwhile boost over the Christmas carnival
when backstroke State champion, Des Mason, Jack Boast, and other Valley Club
members gave exhibitions and competed in invitation races. Southport also has
an experienced coach – former swimmer Nev Brough – and should produce some good
   One of the main drawbacks Southport has, is the lack of good pools, those in
operation being too crowded for good training. River and surf swimming are not
recommended in great quantities.

C.M. Wednesday 10 January 1951

                                            By Nancy Lyons

   Brisbane will see the best two freestyle swimmers in the world next week –
French champion Alex Jany who will swim at the Valley baths on Monday night,
and Dutch “flyer” Miss Irma Schumacher is expected to swim the following Friday
night. Alex Jany and Miss Schumacher are rated No 1 in the world for 100 metres
freestyle. Miss Schumacher’s best time for the 100 metres is 65.4 seconds in a
50 metres pool, and Jany is credited with 57.5 seconds.
   Dutch backstroke champion, Geertje Galliard will come with Schumacher. Both
girls won their events in brilliant style at the recent Canterbury Centenary
games in Christchurch, New Zealand.
   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary, Bill Holland, said last
night that a carnival would be arranged to feature the Dutch pair.
  Jany will make an attempt on the Queensland 100 metres record of 60.2 seconds
on Monday night, the record being held by Japanese swimmer K.Takaishi, and has
stood since 1926. On his past performances Jany should set new figures for the
distance. Jany will swim against leading Queensland freestyle exponents in the
100 and also the 400. . His wife, Jeanette, will swim against Robyn Wedgwood ,
Daphne Franzen, and Jennifer Yates over 100 metres.

C.M. Tuesday 16 January 1951

                      JANY WINS 100 METRES IN 59 SECONDS

   French freestyle champion, Alex Jany, broke the Australian record for 100
metres at the Valley Baths last night, recording 59 seconds in an open
invitation race. Jany was surprised by his excellent time as he said before the
event he thought he was not really in top gear. The Australian record for 100
metres is held by Frank O’Neill (NSW) and Bob Pirie (Canada) in 59.6 seconds.
   The twenty three year old French star led all the way to win easily by
twelve yards from Jack Boast and Peter Dobson. His powerful arm action which
literally lifts his body out of the water at every stroke, carried him further
from his rivals the longer the race went. Jany slowed his pace slightly before
touching, but still recorded his record time. His time bettered the Queensland
record held since 1925 by the Japanese swimmer K.Takaishi at 60.2 seconds by
1.2 seconds.
   Jany had only one race but later gave a demonstration over 200 metres partly
using a kicking board. He then darted over 50 metres in 26.2 seconds, 0.6
seconds better than the Queensland record of 28.8 seconds held by Alex Suosaari
since 1925.
   Madam Jany could not compete in the 100 metres women’s freestyle as she was
feeling the effects of the injections she had received in Sydney for an ear
   Australian surf champion, Steve Wilkes, who won two North Coast surf races
on Sunday, gave an excellent display over 400 metres. Racing his brother, Ray,
he recorded 5:15, the best ever by a Queenslander and 6.2seconds better than
his previous best time.

                              MT   ISA “FIND”

   Eleven year old Tommy Brandon of Mt Isa was the “find” of the night,
swimming 50 metres in 34 seconds, one second better than the State record.

Results –
 Men’s events:
 50 metres Freestyle Under 12 – T.Brandon (Mt Isa) 1, E.Anderson (S’gate) 2,
C.Clark (Lea) 3
 50 metres Freestyle Under 14 – A.Jones (Tmba) 1, A.Grundswager (Lea) 2,
B.Hawkins (Lea) 3
 100 metres Freestyle Open – A.Jany (Fr) 1, J.Boast (Val) 2, P.Dodson (Uni) 3
 200 metres Junior Freestyle – C.Weld (Val) 1, M.Stolznow (Lea) 2, D.Quinn
 100 metres Backstroke Handicap – D.Trenerry (Tmba) 1, D.Mason (Val) 2, R.Burns
(Lea) 3
 200 metres Breaststroke – J.Doran (Maroochy) 1, W.Lintveld (Val) 2, J.Cooley
 400 metres Freestyle – S.Wilkes (Maroochy) 1, R.Wilkes (Maroochy) 2.
Women’s events:
 50 metres Freestyle Under 12 – J.Marshall (Lea) 1, T.Smith (WD) 2, A.Stanton
(S’gate) 3
 50 metres Freestyle Under 14 – R.Allen (Val) 1, J.Boast (Val) 2, J.Munro (Val)
 50 metres Junior Freestyle – Jennifer Yates (Val) 1, G.Grainger (Tmba) 2,
J.Whybird (Ips) 3
 100 metres Breaststroke – J.Fehr (Ips) 1, R.Grier (Tmba) 2, L.Anderson (Val) 3
 100 metres Freestyle – R.Wedgwood (Lea) 1, D.Franzen (Lea) 2, G.Grainger

C.M. Friday 19 January 1951

                                           Ipswich, Thursday

   Dutch girl champions Irma Schumacher and Geertje Galliard were not extended
to win their respective events at a carnival at the City Baths tonight in
record time. Miss Schumacher won the 100 yards Invitation Freestyle in 63
seconds, breaking the previous record of 67.4 held by Joyce Speed.
   Miss Galliard won the 66 yards Backstroke easing up in the fast time of 46.3
seconds. This will be recognised as a record for the distance.

C.M. Tuesday 23 January 1951

                           CUTS AUSTRALIAN TIME

   Dutch freestyle champion Irma Schumacher gave a superb display of swimming
at the Valley Baths last night to cut 2.2 seconds off the Australian record for
100 metres.   Skimming through the water like the champion she is, the Dutch
girls recorded 66.3 seconds to break McQuade’s time of 68.5seconds. This time
also broke the Queensland girls 100 metres record of 1 min 9.9 secs by 3.6
   Miss Schumacher revealed the magnificent swimming style that has made her No
1 ranked swimmer in the world over short courses. From the gun she was away
like a flash and led clearly before 25 metres had been covered. The Dutch
girl’s lightening tumble turn after the first 50 metres made her further away
from her rivals and she cleared out to win easily from Daphne Franzen and
Jocelyn Yates. Queensland champion, Robyn Wedgwood, who was expected to give
the Dutch champion a good race, did not compete.

                               JUDY’S TIME GOES

   Dutch backstroke champion Geertje Galliard gave a fine display to win the
100 metres event in 1 min 17.4 secs. Her time took 2.8 seconds off the
Queensland record held by Australian champion Judy Joy Davies. The Dutch girl
won comfortably from Queensland champion Jeanette Holle, and Jennifer Yates.
Both Dutch girls gave a demonstration of swimming and turning. Dutchman Walter
Lintveldt, who has only been in Australia eight months, won another race for
Holland when he won the 100 metres Breaststroke in the good time of 81.2
   Twelve year old Toowong swimmer, Lyn Chamberlain, proved herself one of the
State’s outstanding prospects by dashing over 50metres in 33 seconds, the best
time recorded in a race for her age. Lyn later won the Junior 50 metres in
33.3 seconds.
   Results – Men’s events –
 50 metres Freestyle Under 13 – A.Gudenswager (Dalby) 1, N.Cooke (Val) 2,
I.Carlton-Smith (Val) 3
 100 metres Junior Freestyle - G.Quinn (WD) 1, C.Weld (Val) 2, A.James (Tng) 3
 100 metres Open Breaststroke – W.Lintveldt (Val) 1, J.Doran (Maroochy) 2,
J.Cooley (Val) 3
 100 metres Backstroke Handicap – J.Purtell (WD) 1, M.Mason (Val) 2, D.Mason V
 200 metres Open Freestyle – P.Maxwell (Ips) 1, G.Newton (Val) 2, J.Boast (Val)
 100 metres Junior Breaststroke – W.Arnold (Val) 1, J.Ridgway (Lea) 2, S.Norris
(S’gate) 3
 50 metres Junior Freestyle – D.Mason (Val) 1, G.Newton (Val) 2, J.Boast (Val)
 150 metres Medley Relay – Valley (D.Mason, R.Treffene, H.Weld) 1, Western
Districts (D.Daly, D.Quinn, G.Marr) 2, Sandgate (E.Anderson, D.Michael,
S.Norris) 3
   Women’s events –
 50 metres Freestyle Under 13 – L.Chamberlain (Tng) 1, J.Boast (Val) 2, J.Munro
 50 metres Junior Freestyle – L.Chamberlain (Tng) 1, R.Allen (Val) 2, D.Paulsen
(WD) 3
 100 metres Open Freestyle – I.Schumacher (Hol) 1, D.Franzen (Lea) 2, Joc Yates
(Val) 3
 100 metres Open Backstroke – G.Galliard (Hol) 1, J.Holle (Lea) 2, Jan Yates
(Val) 3
 150 metres Medley Relay – Leander 9J.Holle, D.Franzen, K.Stewart) 1, Valley
(R/Allen, Jen Yates, J.Springfield) 2, Western Districts (L.Campbell,
K.Gilligan, G.Pratt) 3

C.M.   Wednesday 24 January 1951

                         SWIM HOPE FROM THE NORTH
                         BOWEN GIRL A ERAL “FIND”
                                            By Keith Brown

   The fifteen year old Bowen girl who has equalled the record for 50 metres
junior freestyle arrived by air in Brisbane last night to compete in the State
Titles starting on Friday night. She is a good looking well-built youngster,
Merle McCane. Merle won the 50 metres Open event at the Bowen carnival recently
in 32 seconds which equals Diana Stanfield’s junior record.
   The time has been submitted to the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association
Secretary (Mr Bill Holland) as a record.
   Merle also won the 50 metres junior at the same carnival in 32.4 seconds.
Merle’s time was made in salt water in a 50 metre pool in Bowen. She is not
worried by the change to fresh water at the Valley pool and expects to at least
equal her times.

C.M. Friday 2 February 1951

                         RAMSAY’S FAST 100 METRES TIME
                                           By Nancy Lyons

   Freestyle swimmer, Des Ramsay, recorded the fastest time of 64.2 seconds in
winning the second heat of the 100 metres title at the Valley Pool last night.
Finishing strongly with a little in hand, Ramsay won by a good yard from P.Eady
of Murwillumbah with Henry Weld of Valley three yards behind.
   The three heat winners, Ramsay, George Newton, and Ken Harper (Maryborough),
were all within 3/5 second of each other. They all recorded 30 seconds for the
first lap.
    Newton won only on the last 25 yards followed by Peter Maxwell by a yard,
with Dave Ferricks of Rockhampton a yard behind.
    Harper won his heat by a yard in 64.3 seconds with jack Boast (Valley)
second and G.Ross (Murwillumbah) only a touch away third.

C.M. Saturday 3 February 1951

                                                      By Nancy Lyons

   Four State records and one Australian record were broken in the first stage
of the Queensland Swimming Championships held last night.
   Irma Schumacher (Holland) led all the way in the women’s 100 metres
freestyle and won by five yards from Robyn Wedgwood (Leander) and F.Mounteney.
As Schumacher is not eligible for the title, it goes to Robyn Wedgwood. Miss
Schumacher clocked 67.3 seconds, breaking Marjorie McQuade’s Australian record
by 1.2 seconds.
    The main record breakers were – T.Brandon (Mt Isa) 50 metres Under 12
freestyle championship, J.Doran (Maroochy) 200 metres men’s breaststroke
championship, Valley men’s 30 metres medley relay championship.
   George Newton swam two seconds faster than in his heat to win the final of
the men’s 100 metres freestyle championship last night. Jack Boast (Valley) was
second and Ken Harper (Maryborough) third.
   Joan Fehr (Ipswich) won the 200 metres open breaststroke championship in te
excellent time of 3 min 14.1 secs, a very good time for a fourteen year old
   Results – Men’s events –
 100 metres Freestyle Championship – G.Newton    (V) 1,J.Boast (V) 2, K.Harper
(M’boro) 3    Time 64.6 secs
 100 metres Breaststroke Championship – J.Doran (Maroochy) 1, W.Lintveldt (V)
2, J.Cooley (V) 3   Time 2 min 58 secs – Queensland record
 100 metres Intermediate Backstroke Championship – D.Mason (V) 1, D.Win
(M’boro) 2,      Time 1 min 13.4 secs
 150 metres Junior Medley Championship – W.Arnold (V) 1, H.Wilson (Kyogle) 2,
R.Cooke (V) 3       Time 2 mins 8.5 secs
 50 metres Under 12 Freestyle Championship – T.Brandon (Mt Isa) 1, A.McKenzie
(Cairns) 2, P.Anderson(Lea) 3   Time 33.9 secs
 100 metres 13 & Under 14 Freestyle Championship – J.Barrett (V) 1, C.Weld (V)
2, S.Norris (S’gate) 3 Time 1 min 5.9 secs.
50 metres Sub-junior Breaststroke Championship – W.Beck (M’boro) 1, T.Barrett
(Cairns) 2, B./Daley (WD) 3     Time 41.8 secs
 50 metres Country Junior Championship – D.Trenerry (Tmba) 1, N.McFarlane
(Rockh) 2, B.Wilson (Kyogle) 3 Time 28.9 secs
 150 metres medley Relay Championship – Valley 1, Western Districts 2, Time 1
min 47.2 secs – Qld record
 50 metres Sub-junior Backstroke – R.Burns (Lea) 1, W.Beck (M’boro) 2, M.Mason
(V) 3   Time 39.1 secs
 200 metres Intermediate Freestyle Championship – D.Ramsay (M’boro) 1,
C.Fullwood (Roma) 2, G.Perry (Cairns) 3    Time 2 min 45.2 secs
   Women’s events –
 50 metres Junior Freestyle Championship – Jen Yeates (V) 1, D.Grier (Tmba) 2,
A.McCane (Bowen) 3    Time33 secs
 100 metres Freestyle Championship – R.Wedgwood (Lea) 1, F.Mounteney (B’berg)
2, Joc Yeates (Lea) 3   Time 1min 13.2 secs. Irma Schumacher also swam her time
67.3 secs.
 200 metres Breaststroke Championship – J.Fehr (Ips) 1, H.Lyons (V) 2,
K.stewart (Lea) 3   Time 3mins 14.1 secs
 50metres Under 12 Freestyle Championship – A.Constable (Ayr) 1, P.G.Marshall
(Lea) 2, D.Pratt (WD) 3    Time 36 secs – equals record
 200 metres Sub-junior Squadron Championship – Valley (R.Allen, J.Munro,
J.BoastC.Walmsley) 1, Western Districts 2, Leander 3
 150 metres Medley Relay Championship – Valley (Jen Yeates, H.Lyons, Lampbell)
1, Leander (B.Rylance, A.McMurray, G.Freman) 2, Western Districts (P.Paulsen,
K.Gilligan, D.Watson ) 3 Time 1 min 53.1 secs.

C.M. Tuesday 6 February 1951

                          SWIM RECORDS SET BY JUNIOR
                                            By Nancy Lyons

   Fourteen year old Ipswich girl Joan Fehr stole the show when she broke both
the Queensland and Australia records at the State Swimming Championships at the
Valley Baths last night in the Women’s Junior 100 metres Breaststroke.
   I held both previous records in 1 min 29.2 secs Australian and 1 min 22.4
Queensland. The Queensland record was not recognised as an Australian record as
the record was not applied for in the prescribed time.
   Joan swam 1 min 28.2 secs. About half a yard behind Joan was Australian
junior champion freestyle swimmer, Lesley Campbell, who also broke the
Australian record, and Helen Lyons was two yards away third. These three girls
are definitely in Australian class, and it looks as if Joan Fehr will gain some
Australian titles in Melbourne.
   W.Lintveldt (Valley) narrowly won the orthodox breaststroke from Tuesday
night’s winner J.Doran (Maroochy) in the brilliant time of 2 min 57.5 secs.
This time is the best ever swum by a Queenslander, and places both boys in
Australian championship class. Doran was 1.5 seconds behind Lintveldt with
Cooley (Valley) a yard behind third.
   Peter Maxwell (Ipswich) won two titles, the 300 metres medley setting a new
record, and the 200 metres freestyle only 1 second off the best time by a
  Des Ramsay (Maryborough) set a new race record in winning the 100 metres
inter- mediate freestyle by a touch from George Newton (Valley) and Ken Harper
(M’boro).            .
Both girls broke the record in the 50 metres match race between the visiting
Dutch backstroker Geertje Galliard and Jeanette Holle. Geertje’s time was 35.1
seconds and Jeanette’s 36.5 seconds.
   The 100 metres junior men’s freestyle was won by D.Quinn (WD) from J.Barrett
(Leander) in 1 min 14.6 secs. C.Weld (Valley) and D.Byrne (Lismore) tied for
second place..
   Another record went to Lyn Chamberlain (Toowong) in 50 metres 12 & Under 13
freestyle. She swam 34.4 to win from Toowong swimmer J.McGaskill and J.Masters
(Bundaberg). This is a remarkable time for a 12 year old girl.
   Des Mason broke his own race record in the 100 metres backstroke by 0.6
seconds. Des swam 1 min 13 secs, a time good enough for a third in the
Australian championships. Second to Mason, and only a yard behind,     was Jack
Purtell (WD).
    Results – Women’s events –
 100 metres Junior Breaststroke (unrestricted) Championship – J.Fehr (Ips) 1,
L.Campbell (V) 2, H.Lyons (V) 3 Time 1:28.3 Australian and Queensland record
 400 metres Freestyle Championship – I.Schumacher (Hol) 1, R.Wedgwood (Lea) 2,
A.McCane (Bowen) 3    Time 5:35.6    Race record
 50 metres Country Freestyle Championship – A.McCane (Bowen) 1, L.P.Coughlin
(Rock) 2, F.Mounteney (B’berg) 3   Time32.2
 50 metres 12 & Under 13 Freestyle Championship – L.Chamberlain (Tng) 1,
J.McGaskill (Tng) 2, J.Masers (B’erg) 3     Time 34.4
 50 metres 13 & Under 14 Freestyle Championship – J.Grier (Tmba) 1, J.Yeates
(V) 2, F.Paulsen (WD) 3 Time 32.6
 150 metres Sub-junior Medley Relay Championship - Valley (J.Yeates, J.Munro,
R.Allen ) 1, Leander A (A.Addison, K.Stewart, J.Wilson) 2, Ipswich (M.Benson,
J.Fehr, D.Linde) 3    Time 2:03.1
 150 metres Medley relay Championship – Valley (L.Campbell, R.Allen, H.Lyons)
1, Leander (J.Holle, Joc Yeates, R.Wedgwood) 2,     Time 1:05.2
                      Men’s events –
 200 metres Freestyle Championship – P.Maxwell (Ips) 1, S.Wilkes (Maroochy) 2,
T.Eady (Murwillumbah) 3    Time 2:22.3
 100 metres Backstroke Championship – D.Mason (V) 1, J.Purtell (WD) 2, P.Mason
(V) 3    Time 1:13 race record
 200 metres Breaststroke (orthodox) Championship _ W.Lintveldt (Val) J.Doran
(Maroochy) 2, J.Cooley (V) 3      Time 2:57.6
 100 metres Intermediate Freestyle Championship – D.Ramsay (M’boro) 1, G.Newton
(V) 2, K.Harper (M’boro) 3   Time1:03.6    race record
 100 metres Junior Freestyle Championship – D.Quinn (WD) 1, J.Barrett (Lea) 2,
C.Weld (V) & D.Byrne (Lismore) 2     Time 1:04.6
 300 meres Medley Championship – P.Maxwell (Ips) 1, N.James (Cairns) 2, G.Marr
(WD) 3    Time 4:24.5   Race record
 100 metres Intermediate breaststroke (unrestricted) Championship – R.Lehane
(Lea) 1,   Time 1: 25.6
 100 metres Junior breaststroke (unrestricted) Championship – W.Arnold (V) 1,
R.Cooke (V) 2, B.Chancellor (Lea) 3    Time !:28.4
 50 metres 12 & Under 13 Freestyle Championship – K.Gudenswager (Dalby) 1,
L.Cooke (V) 2, N.Hawkins (Lea) 3 Time33
 150 metres Sub-junior Medley Relay Championship – Toowong (A.Jones,
B.Kirkdale, D.Palm) 1, Leander (R.Burn, D.Stephens, B.Knowles) 2, Valley 3.
 200 metres Junior Squadron Championship - Valley 1, Leander 2, Toowong 3

C.M. Thursday 8 February 1951

                      SIX NEW RECORDS AT SWIM TITLES
                             IRMA’s NEW TIME
                                          By Nancy Lyons

   Five race records and one Australian record were broken, and one race record
equalled at the Queensland Swimming Championships at the Valley Baths last
night Irma Schumacher (Holland) broke Denise Spencer’s State 100 metres
freestyle record, and also bettered the time of Green’s Australian record by
1.4 seconds. Robyn Wedgwood, running second, was 12 yards behind Miss
Schumacher, and six seconds slower than last year. Her times to date are not
likely to assure her State selection.
   Surprise of the night was the brilliant swim by junior John Barrett in the
100 metres junior backstroke. With a slight lead all the way, Barrett (Valley)
won comfortably from the favourite, Peter Mason. Barrett’s time was four
seconds slower than the record, but a second faster than the NSW winning time,
and assures him State representation.
   Steve Wilkes again put up an amazing swim in the men’s 800 metres freestyle,
winning by 30 yards from his brother, Ray. Steve broke the race record and swam
the fastest time ever by a Queenslander with 10:52.1
  Jeanette swam very strongly to be narrowly defeated by Dutch girl Geertje
Galliard. Galliard’s time of 1:19.3 for 100 metres backstroke broke the
Queensland record by one second. Jeanette clocked 1:21, a slower time than was
expected from her.
   Joan Fehr won her third breaststroke title in the 100 metres junior orthodox
championship in 1:30.3
   The result of the men’s 50 metres freestyle was doubtful. Up to five yards
from the finish the field was level. The title was given to George Newton
(Valley) with a time of 28.3, equaling the original race record.
   Dorothy Grier (Toowoomba) smashed Denise Spencer’s race record by one second
in the junior 100 metres freestyle, winning in 1:12.7.
   Results – Women’s events -
 200res Freestyle Championship – I.Schumacher (Holland) 1, R.Wedgwod (Lea) 2,
F.Mounteney (B’berg) 3    Time 2:30.8 Australian record
 100 metres Breaststroke Championship – J.Fehr (Ips) 1, H.Lyons (V) 2,
K.Stewart (Lea) 3   Time 1:30.3
 100 metres Backstroke Championship –    G.Galliard (Hol) 1, J.Holle (Lea) 2,
J.Malouf (Lea) 3     Time 1:19.3    Queensland record
 100 metres Junior Freestyle Championship – D.Grier (Tmba) 1, D.Franzen (Lea)
A.McCane (Bowen) 3 Time 1:12.7
 50 metres Sub-junior (unrestricted) Breaststroke Championship – J.Fehr (Ips)
1, K.Stewart (Lea) 2, S.Brown (Kyogle) 3   Time 41.9
 50 metres 13 & Under 14 Freestyle Championship – R.Allen (V) 1, D.Ashford
(Rock) 2, F.Watson (Kyogle) 3    Time 34.5
 200 metres Junior Squadron Championship – Valley (L.Campbell, R.Allen, Jen
Yeates, H.Lyons) 1, Rockhampton (J.McLeod, P.Jahnke, S.Barnes, M.McLeod) 2,
Leander (D.Franzen, J.Malouf, J.Farlow, L.McMurray) 3   Time2:17.1 Race record

        Men’s events

 800 metres Freestyle Championship – S.Wilkes (Maroochy) 1, R.Wilkes (Maroochy)
2, A.Webster (WD) 3   Time10:52.1   RACERECORD
 50 Metres Freestyle Championship – G.Newton (V) 1, J.Boast (V) 2,D.mason (V) 3
Time 28.3 Race record
 100 metres (unrestricted) Breaststroke Championship – W.Lintveldt (V) 1,
J.Cooley (V) 2, J.Doran (Maroochy) 3   Time 1:20.4
 100 jmetres Junior Backstroke Championship – J.Barrett (V) 1, P.Mason (V)
2,D.Trenerry (Tmba) 3 Time1:17.6
 200 metres Junior Freestyle Championship – C.Weld (V) 1, M.Stalznow (Lea) 2,
D.Quinn (WD) 3   Time 2.21
 100 metres 16 & Under 17 Freestyle Championship – K.Harper (M’boro) 1,
V.Parslow (Ips) 2, C.Fullwood (Roma) 3   Time1:5.2
 50 metres 13 & Under 14 Freestyle Championship – A.Jones (Tng) 1, J.Cherry
(Roma) 2, T.Barrett (Cairns) 3   Time 31.3
 100 metres Junior Breaststroke Championship – W.Arnold (V) 1, C.Whitehouse
(Lea) 2, K.Waller (Lea) 3   Time 1:28.8
 200 metres Country Squadron Championship – cairns (A.Weatherburn, M.james,
N.Crittenden, A.Boundy) 1, Ipswich (P.Maxwell, C.bannerman, J.McNamara,
V.Parslow) 2, Toowoomba (J.Rivett, D.Trenerry, R.Wise, K.Childs) 3 Time1:57.2
 200 metres Sub-junior Squadron Championship – Leander 1, Toowong 2, Dalby 3
Time 2:20.2.

C.M. Saturday 10 February 1951

                                 By Nancy Lyons (former Olympic swimmer)

   Dutch swimmer Irma Schumacher swam the fastest 50 metres of her career in
the Queensland Women’s Freestyle Championship at the Valley Baths last night.
She covered the distance in 29.2 seconds, breaking Denise Spencer’s State
record by 1.5 seconds, Irma’s time being equal to that registered by our best
men swimmers.
   F.Mounteney (Bundaberg) finished four yards behind Schumacher, defeating the
title holder Robyn Wedgwood by two seconds. As the Dutch swimmer is not
eligible to hold the title, it will go to the Bundaberg girl.
    Ken Harper (Maryborough) scored a double when he took the 200 metres
intermediate freestyle in two seconds outside the record, and the 100 metres
Country freestyle in 63.2 seconds, also just outside N.Wedlock’s record of 62.8
   The 50 metres junior freestyle went to Henry Weld (Valley) after a close
tussle all the way. Second was Don Trenerry (Toowoomba) 0.8 seconds behind, and
Des Quinn (Western Districts) a close third.
   Walter Lintveldt (Valley) again defeated John Doran (Maroochy) and John
Cooley in the men’s 100 metres orthodox breaststroke in 1:24.2. This time
created a race record.
   Steve Wilkes won the men’s 400 metres easily from his brother, Ray. Steve
swam 5:08.1 , the fastest time ever swum by a Queenslander for the event.. He
took the lead after the first 100 metres.
   Daphne Franzen won the 200 metres junior women’s freestyle by ten yards in
2:43.6 without being pushed right out.
   Jennifer Yeates won a magnificent race to take the 100 metres junior
backstroke in the record time of 1:25.5. Joan Maloney and Gwen Grainger filled
the places.
   Another record went in the junior 400 metres title which went to Cyrus Weld
in 5:31.8. It was a fight all the way with Max Stallznow who finished a yard
behind swimming strongly.
   The women’s 150 metres medley was won by Joc Yeates from Helen Lyons. The
time was slow.
   A.Addison (Leander), L.Chamberlain (Toowong), and R.Allen (Valley), staged a
fight in the 50 metres sub-junior backstroke championship, all finishing within
one second of each other. Addison won in 40.6 seconds.
   Alan Jones (Toowong) created another record in the sub-junior 100 metres
freestyle. His time of 1:07.8 was remarkable for so young a lad, and is beyond
the scope of many seniors.
   Results -   Women’s events
 50 metres Freestyle Championship – I.Schumacher (Hol) 1, F.Mounteney (B’berg)
2, R.Wedgwood (Lea) 3    Time 31.2   Queensland record
 150m Medley Championship – Joc Yeates (Lea) 1, H.Lyons (V) 2    Time 2:31
 200m Junior Freestyle – D.Franzen (Lea) 1, A.McCane (Bowen) 2, G.Grainger
(Tmba) 3      Time 2:43.6
 100m Junior Backstroke Championship – Jen Yeates (V) 1, M.Malouf (Lea) 2,
G.Grainger (Tmba) 3    Time 1:25.5     Race record
 50m Sub-junior Breaststroke Championship – J.Fehr (Ips) 1, K.Stewart (Lea) 2,
L.Chisholm (Spt) 3
 50m Sub-junior Backstroke Championship – A.Addison (Lea) 1, L.Chamberlain
(Tng) 2, R.Allen (V) 3   Time 40.6
 200m Squadron Championship – Valley (Jen Yeates, R.Allen, H.Lyons, L.Campbell)
1, Leander (R.Wedgwod, Joc Yeates, D.Franzen, J.Malouf) 2,    Time 2:17.2
   Men’s events
 400m Freestyle Championship – S.Wilkes (Maroochy) 1, R.Wilkes (Maroochy) 2,
K.Bray (M’boro) 3   Time 5:08.4    Queensland and Race record.
 100m Breaststroke Championship – W.Lintveldt (V) 1, J.Doran (Maroochy) 2,
J.Cooley (V) 3     Time1:27.4   race record
 400m Junior Freestyle Championship – C.Weld (V) 1, M.Stallznow (Lea) 2,
R.Wilson (Kyogle) 3   Time 5:31.8    Race record
 50m Sub-junior Breaststroke Championship – W.Beck (M’boro) 1, K.Walters (Lea)
2, T.Barrett (Cairns) 3   Time 42.0   Race record
 50m Junior Freestyle Championship – H.Weld (V) 1, D.Trenerry (Tmba) 2, D.Quinn
(WD) 3 Time 28.2
 200m Intermediate Freestyle Championship – K.Harper (M’boro) 1, D.Ramsay
(M’boro) 2, J.Perry (Cairns) 3    Time 2:29.2
 100m Country Freestyle Championship – K.Harper (M’boro) 1,D.Ramsay (M’boro) 2,
M.Crittenden (Cairns) 3   Time 1:03.2
 200m Sub-junior Freestyle Championship – A.Jones (Tng) 1, T.Barrett (Cairns)
2, J.Cherry (Roma) 3    Time 1:07.8
 500m Squadron Championship – Valley 1, Cairns 2, Western Districts 3
 150m Junior Medley Relay Championship – Valley 1, Leander 2, Western Districts
3    Time 1:46.
C.M. Saturday 17 February 1951

                         TRIALS OFF TO A GOOD START
                                           Melbourne, Saturday

   Queensland girls made a good start at the Australian Swimming Championships
tonight. D.Franzen had a good win in the first heat of the junior women’s
freestyle 220 yards, clocking 2:25.1. This was 13 seconds less than the
Victorian Pam Fairbairn in the second heat.
   Joan Fehr was fastest in the 100 yards junior breaststroke event and was
closely followed by Helen Lyons. North Queensland girl L.Campbell, made the
next best time.

                               O’NEILL BEATEN

   Scottish migrant, Bob Miller, who is the top-ranking Victorian freestyle
exponent, scored a narrow win over the New South Wales star, Frank O’Neill, in
the second heat of the national 220 yards test. O’Neill had the advantage over
Miller throughout, but20 yards from the finish he glanced sideways at Miller
and gave Miller a chance to reach the board first. O’Neill was not flat out. He
qualified for the final against French star Jany tomorrow night. His time was
   John Gibson (Vic) won his heat of the Open 110 yards breaststroke in 1:15.
   Barry Dark streaked away from the fielding the junior 440 yards trial, and
finished 40 yards ahead of D.Stableford (SA).

                             ALL SCHOOLS SWIM OFF

   The GPS all schools annual swimming carnival set down for March 10 has been
cancelled because of the polio epidemic.

C.M. Monday 19 February 1951

       (Picture – “All had a hand in the title” – Three Queenslanders who came
first, second, and third in the Junior Breaststroke of Australia in Melbourne
on Saturday night are Helen Lyons (3rd), Joan Fehr (1st), and Lesley Campbell


    Breaststroke swimmers appear to be Queensland’s best hope in the National
Swimming Titles to be continued in Melbourne o Tuesday night.
   Young Wilfred Arnold will contest the junior 110 yards breaststroke, and we
are hopeful he will win Queensland’s third title of the series. Joan Fehr won
the Women’s 110 yards Breaststroke Championship and Daphne Franzen won the 220
yards Junior Freestyle on Saturday night.
   Joan Fehr and Helen Lyons will contest the 220 yards orthodox breaststroke
championship.   Chief opposition will come from Beryl Hosking (NSW), but I do
not think the girls will be troubled.
   Alter Lintveldt seems a certainty for the men’s 220 yards orthodox
breaststroke, his Queensland times being much better than the southern orthodox
    Queensland may gain third placing in the 440 yards freestyle in which the
State representative, Steve Wilkes, will meet Barry Darke, Alex Jany, and Barry

                            DOT GRIER’S DEBUT

   Judy Davies looks like taking the 110 yards Women’s backstroke title with
Margaret Pascal (WA) the runner-up. Queensland’s Jeanette Holle will have to
improve on her Brisbane times to hope for a placing.
   Dorothy Grier will be making her debut in the Women’s 110 yards freestyle,
and although she is unlikely to gain a place against Marjorie McQuade, Denise
Norton, Judy Davies and Kay Hayman, it will be good preparation for her junior
event on Saturday night.
   Perusing the result of the 110 yards backstroke race on Saturday night, it
is regrett- able that Queensland’s Des Mason was not a competitor. The winning
time of L.O’Keffe was 1m 14.3s which is 1.3 seconds slower than Mason’s State
time. However, it must be noted that all winning times were slower compared
with those recorded by swimmers earlier in the season.

C.M. Tuesday 20 February 1951


   The main event at the Commrcial Swimming Club’s carnival at the Valley Pool
tonight will be the Men’s 100 metres Barry Kieran Memorial Handicap.
   Also on the programme will be the Interclub Handicap Relay for the
J.C.Carroll Shield, Interclub scratch races, handicap races, two men’s medley
races, and a 50 metres open scratch race for Life Savers.
   An attraction will be the March Past by Life Saving Clubs in full costume.

C.M.   Wednesday 21 February 1951
                           TACTICS UPSET “BOY WONDER”
                       DARKE BEATEN BY KELLAWAY IN 440 SWIM
                                                 Melbourne, Tuesday

   Barry Kellaway, 16 year old Sydney bank clerk, caused the swimming upset of
the season by beating “Wonder Boy” Barry Darke and French star Alex Jany in the
440 yards freestyle tonight. Kellaway finished two yards ahead of Darke who
finished one yard ahead of Jany. Kellaway was not included in the original New
South Wales team for the Championship and had to pay his own way to Melbourne.
Kellaway’s time was 4m 54.3s. The Australian record held by D.G.Agnew is 4m
45.5s, and the world record held by the Australian John Marshall is 4m 31.2s.
   Jany won the race for Kellaway. As soon as the swimmers left the boards he
sped away and Darke followed, and Darke foolishly tried to stay with him. These
two covered the first 110 yards in the remarkable time of 68.4 secs. Jany was
then a foot ahead of Darke and Kellaway five yards behind. As Jany and Darke
fought for the lead, Kellaway was plugging along at an even pace behind them.
He caught them at 330 yards when they were burnt out and finished strongly.

                             JOAN FEHR BEST

   The most outstanding Queensland performer was Ipswich girl Joan Fehr who
gained ten yards for her team when swimming breaststroke in the 330 yards
medley in which Queensland finished second. Joan also finished second in the
220 yards breaststroke.
   Judy Davies took her second title when she won the 110 yards backstroke,
beating Margaret Pascall (WA) and the Dutch champion Geertje Galliard.
   A faulty turn spoilt the chance of Dutch freestyle champion Irma Schumacher
beating Marjorie McQuade’s 110 yards record of 1m 0.5s. She turned badly and
just beat McQuade in the race tonight.
   Results –
 Men’s 100 yards Freestyle – R.Aubrey (NSW) 60s 1, B.Small (Vic) 65s 2,
J.Hendricks (NSW) 66.9s 3
 Women’s 330 yards Medley Teams – Victoria (J.J.Davies, J.Uren, M.McQuade) 1,
Quensland 2, Western Australia 3   Time 4m 26s
 Men’s 110 yards Junior Breaststroke – R.Sharpe (NSW) 1, B.Seymour (Vic) 2,
W.Arnold (Qld) 3 Time 1m 14.4s Victorian record
 Women’s 110 yards Backstroke – J.J.Davies (Vic) 1, M.Pascall (WA) 2,
G.Galliard (Hol) 3, J.Holle (Qld) 4   Time 1m 17.9   Victorian record
  Women’s 220 yards Orthodox Breaststroke – J.Wren (Vic) 1, J.Fehr (Qld) 2,
B.Hosking (NSW) 3   Time 3m 10.7s   Victorian record
 Men’s 330 yards Medley – F.O’Neill (NSW) 1, R.Bray (NSW) 2, D.Openshaw (SA) 3,
Time 4m 1.4s   Victorian record
 Men’s 220 yards Orthodox Breaststroke – D.Hawkins (NSW) 1, J.Doran (Qld) 2,
J.Cooley (Qld) 3, Time 2m 58.8s
 Women’s 110 yards Freestyle – I.Schumacher (Hol) 1, M.McQuade (Vic) 2, B.Hicks
(WA) 3, K.Hayman (NSW) 4      Time 1m8.9s   Victorian record
 Men’s 440 yards Freestyle – B.Kellaway (NSW) 1, B.Darke (NSW) 2, A.Jany
(France) 3     Time 4m 5

                            COMMERCIAL CARNIVAL

   The Life Savers March Past was won by the Burleigh Club at the Valley Pool
last night. George Newton won the 50 metres Freestyle from Jack Boast and
T.Lambert in 28.6 seconds. The race for the Police Boys’ Club was won by
R.Singleton in 40.2 seconds. State diving champion, Ivan Mitchell, and June
Springfield gave exhibitions.
   The 100 metres B.B.Kieran Memorial Men’s Interclub Freestyle Handicap went
to R.Johns of Commercial with K.Crompton (Commercial) second, and K.Patemore
(Commercial) third.

C.M. Friday 23 February 1951

                       DARKE WINS, BUT FORM HIS WORST
                                          Melbourne, Thursday

   The Australian Junior 440 yards champion, Barry Darke, swam his worst race
in Victoria in winning the National 1650 yards Freestyle Title in 21m 5.7s, 1m
40.6s outside his own Australian record. His time was 48.3 secs outside John
Marshall’s 1949 State record. Darke won by seven yards from Queenslander Steve
Wilkes who put in a great finish. After the race Darke said that the water was
slow and thick with chlorine. Darke looked tired and his stroking was more
clipped than usual. He averaged 47 strokes to the lap. At 220 yards Drake led
by2.1 secs from Victorian Jim Beard and Wilkes, but Beard and Wilkes paced him
to 440 yards.

                            NORTON HOLDS TITLE

   South Australian Denise Norton, who has been training under Olympic coach
Forbes Carlisle (Sydney) for the past ix weeks, retained the half mile
freestyle title by a lap from Jeanette Johnson (NSW) and two and a half laps
from the third placegetter, Merle Jones (SA).
   She smashed the 1934 Australian 550 yards record of 7m 31.4s held by Joan
Davies (NSW) by 21.4 secs during her swim, and her time of 11m 31.5s for the
880 yards bettered Judy Joy Davies ten year old State record by 21.7 secs, but
she was 6.7 seconds outside the national 880 yards record made in 1949.
   She said after the race that the difference was probably due to her
concentrating on 440 yards for Olympic selection.
        Results -
 Springboard Diving - J.McKenna (NSW) 1, R.Faulds (Vic) 2, C.Murton (Vic) 3
 1650 yards Championship – B.Darke (NSW) 1, S.Wilkes (Qld) 2, J.Beard (Vic) 3
Time 21m 5.3s
 Women’s Junior Springboard Diving – P.Hopkins (NSW) 1, A.Price (Vic) 2,
W.Byrne (Vic) 3
 High Board Diving – G.Fawcett (Vic) 1, N.MacLean (NSW) 2, P.Treby (WA) 3
 880 yards Women’s Freestyle Championship – D.Norton (SA) 1, J.Johnson (NSW) 2,
J.Jones (SA) 3   Time 11m 36.5s   State record.
   (No further reports of swimming seen in the C.M. in March and April
Courier Mail Tuesday 5 October 1951

                         NO RUSH FOR SWIM POST

The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association is still without a prospective
Secretary. Assistant Secretary, Fred King announced at the Annual Meeting last
night that no nominations had been received for the post.
   The Secretaryship of the QASA became vacant when Bill Holland announced last
night that he would be unable to continue this year because of health reasons.
   G.Stedman of Bundaberg was last night elected a Life Member of the

C.M. Tuesday 19 October 1951


   Shock entry nomination and election at meeting of the Queensland Amateur
Swimming Association last night was that of Bill Holland as Secretary. He had
resigned as Secretary because of ill health, and had now informed officials
that he had improved and would stand.
   Acting Secretary, Fred King, then withdrew his nomination in favour of
   The retiring Selection Committee, W.Holland, G.Nankaville, and R.Henderson,
survived a ballot to be re-elected.

C.M. Thursday 8 November 1951

                           NEW SWIMMING PROSPECT

   Edith Watts will this week ring up 50 miles of training for the season.
Edith, 18 years old former nurse, has been training seriously for only the past
five weeks.
   Edith gave up her nursing career because it did not allow her regular time
for training. Edith has always been keen on swimming, but she did not get
seriously into the sport until she won a Commercial Club event early this
                               BETTERS TIME
   She won that race in 39 seconds, and after 4 ½ miles training before the end
of the week reduced her time for 50 metres to 36 seconds. She clocked 33
seconds in a trial not flat out at the weekend. Fay Mountenay swam 32.4 behind
the Dutch girl, Irma Schumacher to take the State Title last season.
   Edith has been trained by Wynnum coach George Moss who developed John
McNamara to State surf belt champion in one season a couple of years ago. Moss
is also chief of the Commercial Club teaching session which handles 140
swimmers each Tuesday night at the Valley Pool.
                         (By Neville Davidson)

C.M. Thursday 15 November 1951

                           OLYMPIC BID BY NANCY

   Queensland Olympic swimmer, Nancy Lyons, will leave for Sydney today to
start a “come back” under the guidance of Coach Forbes Carlisle.
   She will be prepared for the National Titles which will be held in Melbourne
next February. Nancy has not competed in carnival races for more than twelve
months, but in the last few weeks has been doing pool work at the Valley Baths.
   Coach Carlisle hopes to get Nancy at her top for the Queensland Titles early
in February. Good performances in the State and National Titles should force
Nancy into the Australian team for the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki.
   Nancy was beaten by inches by Dutch girl Nel Van Vliet in the 200 metres
breaststroke final at the 1948 London Olympic Games. Her time of 2m 57.5s was
2.5 secs better than the Olympic record.
   During the training in Sydney with other ranking Australian swimmers, Nancy
will write for the “Courier Mail” giving the latest news and views from the
centre of the swimming world

C.M. Thursday 22 November 1951

                             BIG PLANS FOR NANCY

   Queenslander, Nancy Lyons, is facing a tremendous task in her come-back for
the 1952 Olympic Games, but the experts think she will make the grade.
   Nancy is being coached by Professor Cotton, Head of the Sydney University
Physiology Bureau, and his assistant Forbes Carlisle. Although he is cautious
about Nancy’s prospects, Cotton thinks she can do it. “Even though she will
have only three months preparation, I am confident she will be selected and
improve in Helsinki,” he said.
   (Then considerable review of Nancy’s earlier training and successes.)

   C.M. editions 16 November and 23 November describe Des Mason achieving State
record times (unofficially) in backstroke at Club swims.

C.M. Thursday 6 December 1951

                       DAPHNE FOR NEW ZEALAND SWIM

   Swimmer, Daphne Franzen, has been included in the Australian team to tour
New Zealand from December 12 to 23. She is the only Queenslander selected in
the team.
   Daphne held the Australian 220 junior freestyle title, but was beaten by the
Bundaberg girl, Dorothy Grier, in the last National Championship in Melbourne.
   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Mr Bill Holland)
received official advice of her selection yesterday. The 17 year old should
improve her times in New Zealand and press her claims to Olympic selection.

C.M. Thursday 13 December 1951


   Junior swimmer, Cyrus Weld, last night shattered three records in the one
race at the Valley Baths – the 400 metres Open freestyle in 5m 11.6s, or 56.
secs faster than the State Open record held by Rex Blow. His time was also 17.8
secs better than Ken Harper’s State junior record of 5m 29.4s, and 11.5 secs
faster than Barry Kellaway who won the Australian Junior Championship in 5m
   Weld’s slashing trial last night gave him an outstanding chance of getting
into the next junior freestyle final in Melbourne next February.
   Allan Jones who finished second claimed two records by finishing in 5m 15s.
Junior surf champion, Jack Chapman, filled third place.
   Queensland champion backstroker, John Barrett, swam the 400 metres in 6m 20s
which was also a first class effort.
   Weld, Barrett, and Wilf Arnold, in the 150 metres junior medley relay swam
1m 41.5s to clip 3/10 second off the State record of 1m 41.8s.
C.M. Thursday 20 December 1951
                            JUNIOR’S WIN
                                    Roma Wednesday

   Mervyn Partridge, 13 years, clocked 5m 41 4/5s in the Open 400 metres free-
style handicap at the Roma Baths. This time would have gained third place in
the Open 400 at the last State Titles, and first in the Intermediate 400, and
third in the Junior.
   Club officials claim that with training guidance Partridge should be a
danger to the metropolitan swimmers at next year’s Titles.

                               MASON’S RECORD

   State junior backstroke champion, Des Mason, last night clipped 2.6 secs off
the Sandgate Baths 100 yards record. He covered the distance in 1m 5.4s.

C.M. Thursday 3 January 1952

                           SWIM STAR TO MISS TITLES

   State backstroke champion, Des Mason, will not take part in any of the NSW
State Championships. The suggestion that Mason be allowed to start in the
finals on January 12 without competing in the heats was vetoed by the NSW
officials as it would be against the policy of the Association.
   Mason has become articled to a firm of public accountants, and started in
the position yesterday. He was not prepared to request time off for the three
days necessary to swim in heats and finals.

                         FAST SWIMMING BY WELD

   Cyrus Weld last night shattered a State record and equalled another in Club
competition at the Valley Pool. Weld clocked 5m 5.5s in the 400 metres
freestyle event to take 17.7 secs off Ken Harper’s State record. He later
showed brilliant form to equal George Newton’s 100 metres record of 63.8secs.
   The Australian junior backstroke champion, Jennifer Yates, cut 1.6 secs off
the 100 metres State record of 1m 24s. The time set a new national record of 1m

C.M. Tuesday 15 January 1952

                      NANCY WILL SWIM IN TITLES HERE

   Australian record breaker, Nancy Lyons, will be back in Brisbane to swim at
the Queensland Championships at the Valley Baths on February 1, 4, 6, and 8.
   This is the first time in two years the Queensland 21 year old breaststroke
champion has swum in open competition in her home State.
   Recently in a dramatic return to big swimming in the NSW Titles in Sydney on
January 5, Nancy set new Australian records with 2m 59.4 for 220 yards
breaststroke. This was 6.9 secs better than the previous record.
   Nancy has been training in Sydney for the past four months, and trained
under coach Forbes Carlisle. She will compete in the Australian Titles in
Melbourne in February, and is certain of selection in the Australian team for
the Helsinki Olympic Games this year.
   Until she gave up swimming after the Empire Games in New Zealand in 1950,
Nancy had set many records in her nine year career.

C.M. Friday 18 January 1952

                         RECORDS GO AT CLUB SWIM

   Records toppled at this week’s Leander Club swim.
   Cyrus Weld clipped a second off the State 400 metres record, swimming 5m 7s
   Daphne Franzen was only 4 seconds outside Irma Schumacher’s 400 metres time
in the state Title last year, swimming 5m 36s. This was 6.4secons better than
Denise Spencer’s best time in the Valley Pool.
   Des Mason, on three weeks preparation, clipped 0.6 secs off his own 100
metres backstroke record at 1m 11.9s.
   Chris Whitehouse (15) beat the 100 metres junior backstroke record by 0.1
sec, swimming 1m 25.5s, and Glennis Marshall (110 took the Under 12 50 metres
   All are members of the Polar bears Club.


C.M. Friday 1 February 1952


(Picture of Dorothy swimming)
   Dorothy Grier broke Denise Spencer’s 100 metres State record at the
Queensland swim title heats at the Valley Pool last night.
   Grier, from Bundaberg, beat the first heat field in the Women’s Open 100 m
race in 70.7 secs. This time cut half a second off Spencer’s record which has
stood for six years. Daphne Franzen, Brisbane, who toured New Zealand last
year, was second in 73 seconds, but was never close to the Bundaberg girl.
   Swimming should be in the blood, as father Reg Grier was a national
champion, and her Mother, formerly Dorothy Thompson, was an Olympic
breaststroker. (? Ed).

                              FOUR NEW TIMES

   Four State records were broken. The others fell to Wilf Arnold (junior boys
medley), Merv Partridge (junior boys 400 metres, and Glennis Marshall (Under 12
girls 100 metres).
   Arnold beat Des Mason’s 150 metres medley time by half a second in 1m 59.9s.
He became the first swimmer in Queensland to compete after taking a warm bath.
Coach Mabel Springfield installed a bath in a heated storage tank at her own
expense to prepare her pupils for competition throughout the carnival.
   Partridge, 13 year old from Roma, sprang the surprise of the night by
clocking 5m 15.7s in his heat. He made all his own pace and came right away at
the end. The time was a new record by 7.5 secs, beating the figures set by
Barry Kellaway three years ago.
   Cyrus Weld won the other heat. He was not pushed and coasted home in 5m 19s.

C.M. Saturday 2 February 1952

                        NANCY BREAKS OWN RECORD
                     EQUALS BEST TIME OF HER CAREER

   Olympic swimmer, Nancy Lyons, broke the Australian record for 200 metres
breaststroke with a runaway win at the State Swimming Titles at the Valley
Baths last night.
   Her time of 2m 57.7s cut 2.7 secs off her own record set in Sydney last
month. It equalled the best time of her career when she achieved second place
in the 1948 Olympics. This was in London where she was beaten by the Dutch girl
Nel Van Vliet. Last night she was never pushed and won by twenty yards. This is
the first time in Queensland that Nancy competed after a hot bath which she
helped pioneer in Sydney.
   Promising junior, Joan Fehr, was second in 3m 12.2s, and Lesley Campbell who
used the butterfly stroke took third in 3m 17.2s.

                           FIVE RECORDS

   Walter Lintvelt broke his own resident record in the men’s 200 metres
breaststroke by 0.9 secs by swimming 2m 56.7s. Former title holder, John Doran,
was second and turned in the best junior time ever clocked in the State of 2mm
   Five records were broken. They went to – Des Mason in the intermediate
backstroke, Cyrus Weld in the junior 400 metres freestyle, and Max Stollznow in
the intermediate 400 metres freestyle. Mason and Weld broke State Open times
when they won when swimming in the restricted age events.
   Mason’s time of 71.1 secs took i.8 secs off his Open State resident record
time. He shattered the intermediate record by 2.3 secs.
   Weld, who is still a junior who is the best middle distance swimmer produced
in Queensland, swam 5m 7.3s for 400 metres. This beat the prior time by 8.1
secs set last year by Steve Wilkes. Cyrus beat Cliff Thurwood (Roma) in a
fighting finish in the intermediate quarter mile. His time 5m 22.5s took 21.1
secs off the State intermediate record.
   Dorothy Grier took the Open women’s 100 metres freestyle as well as the
junior 50.Her 100 time was 70.7secs and equalled her heat time, but she missed
the turn and lost about a second.
   John Di Betta finished first in the boys sub-junior breaststroke 50 metres,
but was disqualified for touching with only one hand, and the title went to
Currer (Maryborough)
   Ken Harper (Maryborough) sprinted in the second lap to take the men’s 100
freestyle in the smart time of 62.4 secs from team mate Des Ramsay. Harper ran
out of condition, however, in the men’s intermediate 400 and finished third.

C.M. Tuesday 5 February 1952

                         WILKES BEATS FLEMING’S TIME

   Steve Wilkes, bush swimmer from Maroochydore, broke Bill Fleming’s State
resident record for 200 metres freestyle at the State Swimming Titles in the
Valley Pool last night.
  In a tearing finish, Wilkes swam 2m 22.4s to cut 1.4 secs off the fifteen
year old record. It was his second record in two swims at the carnival, as he
broke his own 1500 metre time on Saturday.
   With the 200 record now in his keeping, Wilkes has proved himself the best
all-round swimmer ever produced in Queensland. He has had practically no
coaching, and has had only brother Ray Wilkes to pace him in training in
Paynter’s Creek on the North Coast. He has risen above difficulties which are
not faced by the ordinary city swimmer.
   Ray Wilkes and Peter Maxwell kept with him to the 50 last night, and Wilkes
carved out the first 100 in 65.7 secs. They dropped astern, however, going up
on the third lap.
   Four individual records, and three team records were also broken last night.

                               MASON AGAIN

   Des Mason broke his own 100 metres backstroke time set on Friday night by
0.8 sec, dashing over the course in 70.3 seconds.
   Cyrus Weld broke George Newton’s junior freestyle 100 metres time of 65.4
secs by one second, clocking 63.4 secs.
   Ken Harper (Maryborough) got closer to Fleming’s 100 metres record of 62
secs in the intermediate event with 62.5 secs to break his own division record
by 4 secs.
   Chris Whitehouse beat Wilf Arnold by a touch after a great battle in the
junior breaststroke 100. He came from behind Arnold at the turn to clock 81.6
secs which beat the record of 81.9 secs.
   Daphne Franzen swam a good time to win the women’s freestyle 400 easily in
5m42.6s, and 13 year old Janice Munro put up a great performance to beat Gwen
Grainger’s record. Janice’s time was 6m 2.2s.
   Gwen Grainger (Toowoomba) nearly caused an upset five minutes earlier by
running champion Dorothy Grier to a thick margin in the Country women’s 50.

                              SHOCK WIN

   “Unknown” John Brown of Kyogle provided the upset of the night by winning
the intermediate breaststroke 100. He went out to being an early leader, and
just held out to beat orthodox swimmers Graham Lucas and Ken Walter.

C.M. Wednesday 6 February 1952

    (Picture of “Brilliant junior backstroke swimmer Jennifer Yates at the
start of 100 metres at the Valley Baths last night.)

                            AUSTRALIAN RECORD

   Jennifer Yates failed by 1/10 second to equal the Australian 100 metres
junior backstroke record at the Valley Pool last night. Jennifer swam at a
sizzling pace to clock 1m21.9s, but just failed to break Margaret Pascoe’s
national record of 1m 21.8s.
   Bundaberg sensational junior, Dorothy Grier, swam the fastest junior 100
metres clocked in Australia this season. She flashed over the 100 metres in 1m
10.3s, clipping 1.4 secs off her Friday night record time.
   Two other records were broken during the State heats, 100 metres junior
men’s breaststroke and 200 metres junior men’s freestyle.

                             ARNOLD’S DASH

   Orthodox breaststroker, Wilf Arnold, swam 100 metres in 1m 21.2s to cut 3.5
secs off the best Queenslander’s time, and 4.2 secs off the race record. Chris
Whitehouse who finished second to Arnold was timed at 1m 24.4s which is a
record time.
   Cyrus Weld’s 2m 28.5s for 200 metres junior men’s freestyle win just clipped
0.7 secs off the race record held by Ken Harper of Maryborough.
   The crack breaststroke swimmer, Nancy Lyons, will attempt to break the
Queensland 100 metres record of 1m 24.6s at the State finals tonight. Nancy
recorded 1m 24.7s in the first 100 metres of her 200 metres swim last week.

C.M. Thursday 7 February 1952

                          NANCY DOES IT AGAIN
                      THIRD RECORD SINCE “COME-BACK”

   Queensland Olympic swimmer, Nancy Lyons, broke her third national record in
succession with a 1m 23.7s dash over 100 metres breaststroke at the Valley
Baths last night. In two swims since her “come-back” this summer she hs set new
figures for 220 yards, 200 metres and 100 metres. She recorded 2m 59.4s over
220 yards in Sydney, and 2m 57.7s over 200 metres in Brisbane last Saturday,
and set new 10 metres figures last night.
   Nancy swam alone last night in an exhibition swim at the State Championships
to lower Clare Dennis Australian time of 1m 24.6s by 0.9 sec.

                             JUNIOR’S FEAT

   Brilliant junior freestyler, Cyrus Weld, broke his own Queensland record in
the intermediate 200, recording 2m 22.4s, which was 2.6 secs better than his
record, and equalled Steve Wilkes time in the Open 200. Weld dashed to the lad
from the start and won by over 7 seconds from A.Jones (Toowong).
  University butterfly exponent, Clarence Hoey, secured a good win in the 100
metres unrestricted breaststroke, beating the title holder, Dutchman Walter
Lintvelt. Hoey led all the way to set a new race record of 1m 19.1s.

  (Results given in the Annual Report)

C.M. Saturday 9 February 1952

                             WILKES STILL UNBEATEN
                         SETS THREE NEW RECORDS IN SWIMS

   Woombye swimmer, Steve Wilkes, beat Cyrus Weld by three yards in the State
quarter mile title at the Valley Baths last night.
   This was Wilkes fourth straight win in the series, and his fourth State
resident record. He won every event in which he competed. His other successes
were in the 200, 800 and 1500 metres freestyle titles. Wilkes winning time last
night was 5m 3.4s, which was 3.9 secs inside the old record.
   Wilkes was moving away at the finish, but the youngster appeared to have him
in a ton of trouble up to 375 metres of the race. Weld gained about two feet at
each of the seven turns, and both turned for the last lap almost level, but
Wilkes never allowed Weld to draw level, and in the last 25 metres he raced
away. Wilkes and Weld were clear of the field after the first 100. The first 50
was put away in 32 secs and each turned at the end of the first 100 in 67.5
secs. The half way was passed in 2m 25.5s and 300 in 3m 46s.

                               WON DOUBLE
   Bundaberg girl, Dorothy Grier, again won two titles but broke no records.
She was just outside Daphne Franzen’s 2m 41.2s in the junior freestyle 200 with
2m 44.6s. She tired badly in the last lap. !3 year old Janice Munro battled
home in a Bernborough finish for second in 2m 47.6s.
   Maryborough sprinter, Ken Harper, also won another double, the Country 100
and the intermediate 200. He broke the race record in the Country title in
62.1secs and cut a record of Ron Lamberton’s 14 year old intermediate record of
2m 26.6s.


Background news at this time was the death of King George VI

C.M. 14 February 1952

                        QUEENSLAND BID FOR SWIM HONOURS
                                By Nancy Lyons
                                       Melb Wednesday

   Queensland seems to have a stronger representative side than ever, and hopes
are high for more places in the national titles which open here on Saturday.
   Joan Fehr is expected to regain her junior 110 yards breaststroke title and
Helen Theile has a chance of second or third in the same event. The girls will
compete in heats tomorrow night and will get an idea of the strength of the
opposition. New South Wales girls will be their chief rivals.
   Joan will also swim in the 220 open breaststroke and she should gain second
place though with top opposition from Joan Uren (Vic).
   Lesley Campbell, butterfly, may even press Joan, an Lesley’s time compares
favourably with overseas butterfly times for women, and she is capable of
better than her Queensland performances.
                               DOROTHY’S TASK

   Jennifer Yates is favourite for the junior 110 yards backstroke and may get
third in the open event.
   Dorothy Grier will probably have a harder race than anyone, and harder than
she has had before. There is no doubt, however, with her skill and fighting
spirit she will do well, but she will find Marjorie McQuade a tough nut to
   Daphne Franzen and Janice Munro are both strong and accomplished free-
stylers and should do well in their fields.
   Amongst the men we have out best prospects.
   Des Mason should win the open backstroke, but it will be a gruelling race
with Victorians John Gibson and New South Wales champion Bob Barry around the
same time. Frank O’Neill will also be a serious danger.
   Our orthodox breaststrokers are strong in both senior and junior fields with
Lintvelt and Arnold swimming excellent times. Queensland should win the open
220 with two such solid swimmers. In the junior field Arnold and Whitehouse
will fight out another exciting butterfly race. Either could win without
serious opposition.

                               TOUGH OPPOSITION

   Our freestylers are faced by such swimmers as Darke, Aubrey, and O’Neill,
but places should fall to Queenslanders. Cyrus Weld swims remarkably for a boy
of his age and will be hot on Darke’s tail. Wilkes should gain places in the
distance events as he has improved out of sight.
   June Springfield, Ivan Mitchell, and George Johnston, are diving better than
ever and some success here is also expected.

C.M. Friday 15 February 1952

                               DARKE BREAKS RECORD
                                          Melb Thursday

   Barry Darke, 16 year old NSW swimming star, set a new Australian junior 440
yards freestyle record at the Australian Swimming Championship heats at the
Olympic pool last night. He smashed his own record of 4m 51.8s by 2.8 secs.
Cyrus Weld of Queensland came third.
   Des Mason, Queensland backstroke champion was not disgraced by clocking 1m
12.6s in the 110 yards open backstroke.
   Dorothy Grier, the young Queensland girl, who clocked 2m 46s in the 220
yards junior women’s freestyle event swam comfortably and was content to come
second to Lorraine Crapp who recorded 2m 41.4s.

C.M. Wednesday 20 February 1952

                        NANCY SETS VICTORIAN RECORD
                                          Melb, Tuesday

   Queenslander Nancy Lyons had a runaway win to set a new Victorian record in
the Australian women’s 220 yards breaststroke title at the Olympic Pool
   She led all the way and slashed 9.3 secs off the previous Victorian record
held by Joan Uren. Nancy’s time, 3m 1.4s, was only two seconds slower than her
Australian record of 2m 59.4s which she made in Sydney. In second place, 14
seconds away was Joan Uren (Vic), with Queenslander Joan Fehr third. Nancy swam
a perfectly timed race. She went to the front early and increased her lead
every leg.
   Queensland won a second title when Walter Lintvelt won the 220 yards men’s
breaststroke. He led all the way to win from D.Hawkins (NSW) and J.Doran (Qld),
but Hawkins was gaining on him in the last lap. Doran finished a yard behind
Hawkins. Lintvelt’s time of 2m58.2s was slower than his effort in the
Queensland Championships. He covered the 110 yards in 1m 25.4s.

                             JUDY’S SEVENTH

   Judy Joy Davies again put herself in the running for Olympic selection when
she won the women’s 110 yards backstroke title in 1m 18s. This is the second
time in succession that Judy has held this title. Her time was faster than when
she gained Olympic selection in 1948.
   Jennifer Yates (Qld) was unplaced but swam a solid race. She easily won the
junior event.
   Marjorie McQuade (Vic) won the 110 yards freestyle championship by two yards
from J.Johnson (NSW) and Dorothy Grier (Qld) in 1m 9.5s. Dorothy swam a well-
judged race and finished a close third to Marjorie. Dorothy was fast gaining in
last lap, but will have another chance to make her Olympic bid in the 110 yards
junior freestyle on Saturday.
   Frank O’Neill (NSW) enhanced his probability of Olympic selection by winning
the 110 yards backstroke trial in 1m 10.4s. He defeated the Australian title
holder, Bob Barry, by one yard. Des Mason (Qld) finished third.

                             WELD GETS THIRD

   Cyrus Weld (Qld) swam a mighty race to be placed third to John Devitt (NSW)
and Barry Darke (NSW) in the junior 110 yards freestyle. Devitt and Darke were
both given the same time of 63 secs and Cyrus was only two yards behind.
   Junior men’s 110 yards breaststroke went to B.Seymour (Vic) with
C.Whitehouse (Qld) second, and K.Fitzpatrick (NSW) third. Wilf Arnold, swimming
butterfly was unplaced.

                              TEAM MANAGER

   Mr Syd Grange (NSW) has been elected Manager of the Olympic Games team.
Selectors of the team are W Berge Phillips (NSW), H.R.Bennett (Vic), and
D.Granville (WA). The Olympic team will be announced on Sunday.

C.M. Friday 22 February 1952

                         NORTON’S 880 NEW RECORD
                              By Nancy Lyons

   Denise Norton (SA) broke Judy Joy Davies Victorian record by 7.2 secs to win
the 880 yards freestyle title in 11m 40.9s at Brunswick Pool this afternoon.
L.Crapp (NSW) was second, and Daphne Franzen swam well to run third in the
first competitive 880 yards she has contested. She clocked 12m 9.5s.
   Brisbane water is too hot for long distance training, but it is obvious
Daphne would do well if conditions were better. Miss Norton’s time was 11.1
secs slower than her own Australian record.
   S.Wilkes (Qld) gave his State another placing by gaining third place in the
men’s 1650 yards freestyle. Wilkes time was 21m 7.4s. The winner, J.McCormack
(Vic) got cramps 200 yards from home but struggled on the clock the slow time
of 20m 41.4s. McCormack had to be pulled out of the pool.
   George Johnston (Qld) and Ivan Mitchell (Qld) finished last and second last
in the men’s springboard diving title.
     (results given)

C.M. Saturday 22 February 1952

                           DAPHNE DOWN BY A TOUCH
                          CLOSE SWIM IN 220 FINISH
                                         Melb Friday

   Daphne Franzen was beaten by a touch in her heat of the open women’s 220
yards freestyle at the Australian Swimming Championships today. Only 1/10 sec
separated her from the winner, Marjorie McQuade (Vic), McQuade’s time of
2m37.9s was 7 secs slower than the Australian record of 2m 30s.
   (heat results given)

C.M. Tuesday 26 February 1952

                           NANCY IN GAMES TEAM
                      RANKED THIRD IN SWIMMERS LIST
                                        Melb Monday

   Queensland’s Nancy Lyons was ranked third in the Australian Olympic Swimming
Team over all other women swimmers. Actually, Nancy is rated No 1 swimmer in
   The two ranked above her, John Marshall and John Davies, are now completing
studies at American Universities.
   Nancy is a likely winner in the 200 metres breaststroke. She has clocked 2m
57.7s for the distance this season. This equals her time when she was beaten by
a touch by the Dutch girl Nel Van Vliet in the 1948 Olympics in London.
   The team in rankings is –
 (1) John Marshall (Vic), 400 and 1500 metres freestyle, 4x200 relay.
 (2) John Davies (NSW) 200 metres breaststroke
 (3) Nancy Lyons (Qld) Women’s 200 metres breaststroke
 (4) Judy Joy Davies (Vic) Women’s 100 metres freestyle, 4x200 relay
 (5) Rex Aubrey (NSW) 100 metres freestyle, 4x200 relay
 (6) Marjorie McQuade (Vic) Women’s 100 metres freestyle
 (7) David Hawkins (NSW) 200 metres breaststroke
 (8) Garrick Agnew (WA) 400 and 1500 metres freestyle, 4x200 relay
 (9) Frank O’Neill (NSW) 100 metres freestyle, 100 backstroke, 4x200 relay
 (10) Denise Norton (SA) Women’s 400 metres freestyle
 (11) Ron Faulds (Vic) Men’s springboard diving
 (12) Frank0 Murphy (NSW) Men’s tower diving.

                             SHOCK OMISSIONS

   The biggest surprise to Victorian diving officials was the omission of
Victorian diver Barbara McAulay. She gained the highest number of points ever
by an Australian woman diver at the last Australian Championships. Olympic
selectors discussed her case for possible selection for the Olympic team for
three of the four hours they were meeting.
   The other surprise was the omission of Helen Sharpe (NSW), breaststroke
swimmer, who was regarded as third string.

                             TRAIN IN NORTH

   Swimmers will assemble in Townsville on May 1, and will train under Dutch
coach Anne Timmermans. They will return by June 7, and will leave for overseas
on June 15.
  (Photo “ Nancy Lyons – the girl who made a “come-back”.)

C.M. Friday 29 February 1952

                         NANCY TO SWIM BUTTERFLY
                         STATE TITLES FOR WOMEN

   Olympic swimmer, Nancy Lyons, will swim butterfly in the women’s carnival at
the Valley Baths tonight.
   She will compete in the open breaststroke 50 metres handicap, but is no
certainty to win. This is likely to be her last competition swim in Brisbane
leaving for Helsinki. Lesley Campbell will also swim butterfly. She will be off
11 secs and Nancy off 12. Lesley holds the State women’s record for 50 metres
at 38 secs established early this season. Nancy never broke 39 secs when she
swam at school titles. She has not used butterfly in competition since before
the London Olympics in 1948.

                           SISTER WAS ADVOCATE

   Young sister, Helen Lyons, will be one of the orthodox breaststrokers in the
   Metropolitan senior and junior sprint titles, handicaps in all strokes,
metropolitan mercantile relays, and relays for jockeys and trainers, will
complete the programme which starts at 8pm.
   Swimmers from Toowoomba, Ipswich, and Dalby, will compete in the carnival at
Warwick on Saturday night. The carnival has been arranged to raise funds for
the Olympic Appeal. Australian champions Dorothy Grier, Tony Shaw, and Nancy
Lyons, will compete in handicaps and scratch races. A strong representation of
State champions, Jennifer Yates, Roma Allen, Janice Munro, Daphne Franzen,
Barry Wilkins, Glennis Marshall, and Lesley Campbell, will comprise the
strongest group ever at a country carnival for a long time.
   State diving champions, June Springfield and Lesley Anderson, will give
diving displays.

C.M. Saturday 1 March 1952

                        NANCY AND LESLEY BEAT RECORD
                              GOOD RACE BY BOTH

   Lesley Campbell and Nancy Lyons were both timed inside Lesley Campbell’s
State 50 metres breaststroke record at the Valley Pool last night.
   They were both timed at 37.2 secs in a handicap in which Lesley finished
second and Nancy fourth. Lesley’s official time stands at 38 secs. Last night’s
time cannot be claimed as a record because it was swum under handicap
   The race was won by front marker, Joanne Heath, by a yard from Lesley with
Shirley Chalmers another yard back, third, and Nancy missing a place by half a
yard. Nancy and Lesley were the back markers and the only competitors in the
field to swim butterfly.

                                 WON DOUBLE

   Shirley Chalmers took advantage of hr handicap to win both the freestyle and
breaststroke clashes.
   National junior champion, Dorothy Grier, swam a 50 and 100 metres, but hr
times were outside her recent State title efforts. – 50 in 32 secs, and 100 in
71.9 secs.
   Margaret Lucas nearly made a clean sweep in the three junior handicaps,
taking the freestyle and backstroke and finishing second to local Roma Allen in
the breaststroke.
C.M. Saturday 22 March 1952

                              STARS TO SWIM IN BRISBANE

   The Australian Olympic swimmers will compete in a special carnival at the
Valley Pool on April 28. The swimmers wee originally expected to race in a
carnival in Townsville on May 11 and Bowen on May 25. These dates have been
sent by Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Mr W.J.Holland) to
ASU Secretary (Mr W.Berge Phillips) for approval.
   Mr Holland is a member of the ASU Sub-committee formed to arrange Queensland
training for the national team. He will be in Townsville at Easter for the
North Queensland Titles, and will then make arrangements for carnivals and
training. He will fly north.
   The Olympic team is due in Brisbane on April 27 and will fly north after the
carnival here on April 28. The team is due back in Brisbane after training in
the north on June 7.
C.M. Tuesday 7 October 1952

                          SWIM TITLES DATES FIXED

   Queensland Swimming Championships will be held in the Valley Pool on January
31 to February 6. State Title dates were released by Secretary Bill Holland at
the QASA Annual Meeting last night.
   The Australian Championships will be held in Sydney from February 21 to 28
in the North Sydney and Enfield Pools. The Queensland squad to compete in the
Nationals will be selected after the State carnival.

                               WIDE MARGIN

   Mr Joe Emerson, stormy petrel of Queensland Swimming, was easily beaten in
his bid to take the QASA Presidency. Mr Dave Carter was again elected by 72 to
16. He was first the President in 1913-14 and has only been out of the
position, since, for one season.
   Three delegates, Norm Burn, Jim Montgomery ,and Jim Mason, attacked the QASA
for failing to encourage country talent. Burn, a Life Member, said the majority
of Queensland affiliations came from the country, but almost nothing was done
to assist the Clubs.

                               “DRIVING OUT”

   During a heated discussion, delegate Joe Emerson claimed that the QASA was
“going the right way to drive youngsters out of the game. QASA could not
provide enough money to send Daphne Franzen to the Australian Titles in
Melbourne, but she was sent to New Zealand to represent Australia later in the
season,” he said.

C.M. Wednesday 8 October 1952

                       WORLD’S TOP SWIMMER COMING HERE
                                By Tom Linneth

   World’s champion swimmer Gene Boiteaux of France will compete in a special
carnival in Brisbane next February. Boiteaux is to tour Australia with diver
Joaquim Capilla. Expected cost of the tour is more than  2000.
   QASA Secretary, Bill Holland, said last night that both would compete in a
carnival to be staged just before or after the Australian Titles which will be
held from February 21 to 28. Boiteaux and Capella plan to compete in national
events but they will not appear in the Queensland titles from January 31 to
February 6.

                                BEATEN RECORD

   At the Helsinki Games Boiteaux swam 400 metres in 4m 30.7s and took 10.3
secs off the record set in 1948 by Bill Smith. Boiteaux is only 19. He is one
of the most powerful freestyle swimmers in the world.
   Capilla finished fourth in the Olympic springboard diving event.

C.M. Tuesday 14 October 1952

                     SWIMMING DELEGATES WALK OUT

   Delegates From two swimming clubs last night walked out of the QASA Council
meeting when the Polar Bears Club was refused affiliation. They were
H.Wakefield (Secretary) and Joe Emerson (President) of Leander Club, and
R.Franzen and H.Bere of the Polar Bears Club.
   Mr Emerson said last night that QASA claimed that the Leander and the Polar
Bears Clubs were identical, but Polar Bears comprised swimmers from several
Clubs, including Valley, Maroochy and Dalby.
   Delegates from the Maryborough, Dalby, Bundaberg, and Toowoomba Clubs, and
the President (Mr Carter), voted in favour of the Polar Bears.
    They will carry on just the same. Polar bears had engaged the Davies Park
Baths and coach Bill Fleming for two hours every Sunday morning this season.

                               AGAINST RULES

   QASA Secretary (Mr Holland) said last night said it was against Association
rules for members of two Clubs to be on the Committee of both. This was the
case with Leander and Polar Bears.
   It was announced at the meeting that French swimmer Boiteaux would not visit
Australia this season. The French Association insisted that a Manager accompany
Boiteaux and that all travel be by air. The cost would be prohibitive.
   Mexican diver, Joaquim Capilla, will visit Australia.
   The people elected last night were – Chairman, S.A.Connell; Secretary,
W.J.Holland;   Treasurer,   R.B.Lyons;   Registrar,  J.Montgomery;   Selectors,
W.Holland, G.Nankaville, N.Burn.

C.M. Saturday 18 October 1952

                        BOAST TO GIVE UP SURFING
                             By Tom Linneth

   Jack Boast, the crack Australian surf swimmer, will not be available for the
Australian surf carnival this season. Boast has joined the Air Force and he has
given up surf swimming because of irregular leave and the possibility of
transfer. In 1950, Boast and Steve Wilkes were the only Queenslanders in the
Australian squad which toured New Zealand. Boast was regarded as one of the
outstanding belt men on the South Coast.
   Queensland champion, Steve Wilkes, will again make a bid for representation
in the surf and the still water championships. He was expected to retire this
season, but is now in serious training and swims three miles a day at Woombye.
   George Newton, holder of seven State championships will make a “come-back”
to still water this season. He did not compete last year because of National
Service call-up.

C.M. Tuesday 25 October 1952

                        TWO TOP JUNIORS TO SWIM HERE

   Champion Australian Junior swimmers, Barry Darke and John Devitt will
compete at a special QASA carnival at the Valley Baths on December 12, QASA
Secretary, Bill Holland, announced yesterday. This will be the first time these
two brilliant young swimmers have been seen in action in Brisbane. Their coach,
“Tom” Penny will make the trip with them.
   Penny has stopped Darke making a trip overseas, keeping him for the
Melbourne Olympics in 1956.
   All leading Queensland swimmers, including freestyle campion, Steve Wilkes,
will take part in the carnival.

C.M. Monday 10 November 1952

                          SWIM CLUBS MERGER
                            By Tom Linneth

   Polar Bears yesterday merged with the Leander Amateur Swimming Club. Their
amalgamation followed QASA Council refusal to re-affiliate Polar Bears this
season. The Council claimed Leander and Polar Bears were identical. The Polar
Bears Club members who are members of two Clubs could not be on the committee
of both. The Council queried Mr J.Mason, Leander Treasurer and Polar Bears
   The Polar bears was founded three years ago by Mr J.Emerson who was their
President and also Leander President. Mr Emerson is still Leander President.
   Lesley Campbell, and Chaperone Miss Ruby Robinson, left last night on a tour
of three country towns. Lesley, former national swim champion, will demonstrate
the butterfly stroke at Rockhampton, Bundaberg, and Maryborough. The tour is
being sponsored by the Queensland Ladies Amateur Swimming Association.

C.M. Thursday 12 November 1952

                         SWIM RECORD TO CYRUS WELD

   Cyrus Weld set a new unofficial Queensland record of 2m 21s for 200 metres
freestyle in winning the swim title at the Valley Club swim in the Valley Pool
last night. This was 1.4 secs better than the previous best time by a
Queenslander held by Weld and Steve Wilkes.
   Swimming in dashing style, 16 year old Weld went right away from Cliff
Arnold to win by 12 seconds.

C.M. Tuesday 18 November 1952

                           CYRUS WELD WINS DOUBLE

   Cyrus Weld won a double at the combined cub swimming carnival at the Valley
Pool last night. Weld had no trouble in taking the men’s freestyle 100 metres
in 63.7 secs and backstroke 100 in 1m 23.4s.
   Burleigh surfer, Ray Taylor, won the B Grade men’s freestyle 100 in 1m
   Jan Munro was impressive in wining the women’s freestyle 100 in 1m 18.2s.
   Doreen Pratt, State under 12 champion, was second to Roma Allen in the
women’s freestyle event. Roma’s time for the 100 was 1m 20.6s.
C.M. Tuesday 25 November 1952

                         EIGHT SWIMMERS RULED OUT
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Referee Joe Emerson last night disqualified eight swimmers in the Commercial
Open Carnival at the Valley Pool. He ruled out Nancy Perry and John O’Brien
because he claimed they were not trying. He later disqualified Barnacle, Carby,
Thompson, Donges, Muirwood, and O’Brien in breaststroke events for faulty
   Most impressive swim of the night was by sub-junior John Di Betta. From a
handicap of 11 seconds Di Betta caught the leader over 50 metres without any
trouble, but his time was faster than his limit and he missed out on the
C.M. Wednesday 26 November 1952

                             By Tom Linneth

   Queensland swimmer, Nancy Lyons, lost all form before she reached Helsinki
for the Olympic Games. This was stated last night by her trainer, Miss Mabel
Springfield, who returned from Helsinki.
   “I completely broke down and wept when I saw the way she was swimming,” said
Miss Springfield. “Nancy had lost all her style. She seemed to be upset.”
   Miss Springfield claimed that all Nancy’s trouble started at training in
Townsville. By taking over her coaching in Helsinki, her time for 200 metres
breaststroke came down from 3m 30s to 3m 5s in five days. “I did not have a
chance to discuss her form overseas. I am waiting for her return to probe into
the trouble.”
   Miss Springfield, a prominent State swum coach, went to Helsinki at her own
C.M. Thursday 27 November 1952

                            SWIM HOPE DEFEATED
                               By Tom Linneth

   Virtually unknown Dawn Pegg last night beat State prospect Roma Allan in the
mercantile swimming contest at the Valley Pool. Pegg beat Allan by a touch in
the women’s open 50 metres freestyle in 33.8 secs. Allan was favoured to take
out the State 50 metres title. She was last season’s under 15 champion.
   John Barrett swam his fastest time for the season when he clocked 1m 15.8s
for the 100 metres backstroke. Barrett, never extended, never appeared to be at
top pace.
   Cyrus Weld beat his State junior time by 0.4 secs in the 100 meters o
pen freestyle when he clocked 62 secs.

C.M. Friday 12 December 1952

                               By Tom Linneth

   State distance prospect, Max Stollznow, will swim against Barry Darke in the
Valley Pool tonight. Stollznow will have his first serious test of the season
when he meets Darke in the 400 metres invitation race.
   On his early form, Stollznow is tipped by Leander Club to take the State
title from Steve Wilkes in January. Wilkes will also enter for the 400 metres
tonight, and his clash with Stollznow will be watched closely.
   Other prominent swimmers in the 400 are Marshall Kropp, Alan Jones, and Pat

                              MASON’S TASK

   State backstroke champion, Des Mason, will make his first appearance of the
season in the 50m invitation event. He will swim freestyle in the 50m dash
against Barry Darke. Last week he returned from National Service training in
the north.

C.M. Saturday 13 December 1952

                          DARKE BEATEN BY SCHOOLBOY
                                     By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane schoolboy, Wilf Arnold, beat world ranking swimmer, Barry Darke, at
the Valley Pool.
   The shock win came in the 50 metres invitation race in which he was never
headed. Arnold is a State breaststroke champion and only entered against Darke
for experience. He finished at a terrific pace in 27.9 secs. Darke was time at
28.1 secs in second place. But Darke was not extended in his other event, the
400 metres scratch race. He clocked 5m 9s, beating Max Stollznow (5m 10s) and
State champion Steve Wilkes (5m 14s) was third.
   Australian junior champion John Devitt smashed two state freestyle records,
50 metres junior and 100 metres junior. He recorded 26.9secs for the 50 to beat
Cyrus Weld’s time of 27.6 secs. His 100 metres time of 61.7 secs also broke
Weld’s record of 63.4 secs.
     Ladies Results
 Open Backstroke 100 metres – Jen yates 1, G.Grainger 2, J.Boast 3   1m 24s
 Junior Freestyle 100m – J.Munro 1, L.Chamberlain 2, R.Allen 3   1m 15.4s
 Open Freestyle 100m – D.Frnzen 1, G..Grainger 2, A.MacArthur 3 1m 15s
 Junior Backstroke 100m – L.Chamberlain 1, S.Gordon 2, J.Boast 3   1m 27.9s

C.M. Thursday 18 December 1952

                               NANCY IS UNDECIDED
                                     By Tom Linneth

   Nancy Lyons, Queensland Olympic Games representative has yet to make a
decision on swimming in the State titles.
   “At present I am rather nervous about getting into the water again,” she
said last night. “I don’t want my form to slip back to its weakness in
Helsinki. I only hope when I start training again that Mabel Springfield can
bring me back to top form,” she said.

                              NOT AT TRAINING

   Nancy has    not been training since the Helsinki Olympic Games in August. She
will have a    private trial at the Valley Pool before making a decision about
entering for   the State titles in January. Nancy will not start serious training
until after    Christmas. Most local swimmers have been working into form since

                         ARNOLD FAST OVER 100 METRES

   Wilf Arnold last night swam 1.3 secs outside the State junior 100 metres
record of 63.4 secs at the Valley Pool.
   Arnold, a recognised breaststroker, has flashed into prominence as a likely
State freestyle prospect this season. His title chances zoomed last week when
he beat world ranking swimmer Barry Darke over 50 metres.
   Janice Munro, 14 year old junior freestyler who has big distance prospects
this season, worked well over 400 metres.

C.M. Tuesday 23 December 1952

                         DOT GRIER MEETS EYES HANDICAP

   Dorothy Grier, Queensland’s fastest woman swimmer, is receiving medical
treatment so that she can keep in training for the State junior titles in
January. This season she has been unable to check an outbreak of styes on both
eyelids. Now she is receiving special treatment.
   Her father coach, Reg Grier, said last night, “Dorothy is moving along
splendidly. She will be in top form for the titles. I have not set her against
the clock for a fast time, but she is consistently swimming 65’s.
   Dorothy’s best time for 100 metres is 64 secs.
   Her younger sister, Jan, will enter for the junior 100 metres breaststroke
and sub-junior events this year.

                               MEXICAN COMING

   Mexican diver, John Capilla, is expected to appear in Brisbane next March.
He will also give exhibitions in Townsville, Bowen and Dalby. Capilla as fourth
in the Olympic springboard event and was second in the big dive.
   The cost of Capilla’s Australian tour is fifteen hundred pounds.

C.M. Saturday 3 January 1953

                          NANCY AGAIN IN TITLE SWIM
                                By Tom Linneth

   Nancy Lyons will swim for Queensland in the Australian Universities titles
at the Valley Pool on Monday night. It will be her first competition swim since
the Helsinki Olympic Games in July. Nancy’s first event will be the 50 metres
backstroke, and on Tuesday she will start in the 50 metres breaststroke.
   The Queensland team in the Australian titles will be one of the weakest for
many years. Clarence Hoey, butterfly breaststroke, appears to be the only
member likely to be selected in the Test team.
   University officials will decide tomorrow night if butterfly stroke will be
held as a separate event in the titles.

                         AUSTRALIA v NEW ZEALAND TEST

   Australia will meet a crack New Zealand team in the first Test at the Valley
Pool on Wednesday night. The New Zealand squad includes four champions, Andy
Peters, Trevor Eagle, Peter Helm, and Jed Gardner. Peter is New Zealand
breaststroke holder, Eagle is an Empire Games representative and senior
breaststroke champion, helm holds the New Zealand record for 110 yards
backstroke, Gardner is national medley champion.

C.M. Tuesday 6 January 1953

                                By Tom Linneth

   Queenslanders Clarence Hoey and Jeanette Holle last night won Australian
University swim titles at the Valley Pool. Hoey took the 200 metres
breaststroke and Holle won the 50 metres backstroke.
   Queensland also won the women’s 150 metres medley with Jeanette Holle,
Heather McBride, and Nancy Lyons.

C.M. Thursday 8 January 1953

                      BID BY AUSTRALIA TO TAKE SWIM TEST

   Australian Universities led New Zealand by 20 to 16 after the first night of
the swimming Test at the Valley Pool last night.

   On Friday night Australia won the second Test 20 to 18.

C.M. Wednesday 14 January 1953

                           DARKE, DEVITT COMING
                              By Tom Linneth

   Crack Australian junior swimmers, Barry Darke and John Devitt, will swim at
country towns at Easter. They will appear in exhibition swims in Bundaberg,
Rockhampton and Gladstone in April.
   The tour is part of a plan by the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association to
improve country standards.

   Darke and Devitt will be managed           by   their   coach,   Tom   Penny.   Two
Queenslanders may also make the tour.

                               WILL LECTURE

   Their tour will include coaching and educational lectures as well as
competitive swims.
   A tour of Brisbane, Ipswich, and Maryborough, recently, by Darke and Devitt
has helped to improve local standard. Queensland swimming officials were
influenced by the improvement, to ask for further country appearances.
   QASA Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, said last night that arrangements are also
being made for a tour of the north in May. The squad of swimmers will visit
Cairns, Townsville, Bowen, and Ayr, for two weeks.
C.M. Tuesday 20 January 1953

                          NANCY GIVES UP SWIMMING

   Nancy Lyons, Queensland’s greatest woman swimmer has announced her
retirement. Nancy said yesterday that she would not even swim in the State
titles on January 30. She has decided to retire, she said, because her swimming
had slipped badly.
   In the 1948 London Olympic Games Nancy was beaten by half a second by Dutch
girl, Nel Van Vliet in the final of the women’s 200 metres breaststroke.
Reports said that in another ten yards Nancy would have won. Her time of 2m
27.7s was 2.5 secs better than the old Olympic record.
   Nancy switched to butterfly shortly before the London Games. It probably
cost her the world title.

                               LOST ALL FORM

   Last August she again represented Australia at the Helsinki Games, but she
lost all form and was completely outclassed.
   When Nancy was 17 she clipped nearly 7 seconds off the national breaststroke
220 yards time in 1948. Her time 3m 11.8s was only 2.6 secs slower than the
then world record.

                               TEAM MANAGER

   Valley Club official, Gordon McKellar, will manage the Queensland team to
compete in Sydney at the national titles, February 21-28. Chaperone of the
women’s team is Miss L.Montgomery.

C.M. Wednesday 21 January 1953


   Tuning practice against an anchored board in Woombye Creek may held Steve
Wilkes crack his own 400 metres freestyle record in the State swim titles early
next month. Wilkes time for the distance is 5m 2s, and on the advice of leading
Brisbane coach, Bill Fleming, Wilkes has been improving his turns.
   His training in Woombye Creek has been stepped up to nine miles a day.
   Wilkes will drive 70 miles to Brisbane tomorrow for coaching from Fleming.
With Fleming he will correct any faults that still appear in his turning.
   His clash with Cyrus Weld and Max Stollznow will be the greatest battle in
the State finals for many years. Wilkes will enter for the 200, 400, 800, and
1500 metres.
   Ken Harper, Maryborough, favoured for the 100 metres, is in a National
Service training camp. He is not expected to be available for the titles.

C.M. Thursday 29 January 1953

                        DOROTHY IN FAST 100 METRES

   Dorothy Grier last night swam the fastest 100 metres freestyle by a
Queensland swimmer. Swimming at the Valley Club at the Valley Pool, she clocked
69.6 secs. The previous best time and standing record was 70.1 secs. Last year
Dorothy won the national 110 yards junior title in 72.7 secs. Her swim last
night was an outstanding “pipe opener” for a State 100 metres title next week.
                            WELD PRESSED
   Freestyler Cyrus Weld was hard pressed to beat breaststroker Wilf Arnold
over 100 metres. Weld won by a touch in 63 secs. Arnold’s time was 63.2 secs.
   Weld, who is expected to take the State 100 metres title appeared to fade in
the final sprint.

C.M. Friday 30 January 1953

                         WELD’S WIN IN 100 METRES
                        FASTEST BY A QUEENSLANDER
                              By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane schoolboy, Cyrus Weld, swam the fastest 100 meters ever by a
Queenslander at the State Titles at the Valley Pool last night.
   He clocked 60.4 secs to beat the previous best freestyle time of 62 secs
held by his coach, Bill Fleming. Weld won the title beating Des Ramsay (M’boro)
by 2.8 secs, and Dave Ferricks (R’hampton) was 4.5 secs away third.
   Surprise of the night was Dorothy Grier’s time of 70.3 secs in the women’s
100 metres. She was expected to be the first Queensland woman to beat 70 secs
in the State title. On Wednesday night Dorothy swam 69.6 secs in a “pipe
opener” for last night’s championship. Dorothy claimed the title winin from
Toowoomba girl Gwen Grainger (72.2s), and Brisbane’s Joc Yates (72.4s).
                            THREE RECORDS GO
   Two race and one resident records were broken in the first night of the
   Distance swimmer, Max Stollznow, clipped 10.8 secs off his own 400 metres
intermediate record. He won by 75 yards in 5m 12.7s.
   John Di Betta’s sub-junior butterfly time of 35.6 secs the previous record
by 1.8 secs.
   Judith Brazier clocked 34.7 secs in the under 12 women’s freestyle 50
metres. The time beat the race record of 35.3 secs, but she swam 34.2 secs in
the heats on Thursday.
   Fifteen year old Eric Franzen produced magnificent stamina to win the men’s
junior freestyle 400 metres. He hit the front in the last 50 metres and went on
to win in 5m 21.7s. Merv Partridge (5m 24.4s) was second, and Alan Jones (5m
28.8s) was third.
   Ipswich breaststroke swimmer, Joan Fehr’s, women’s 200 metres in 3m 14s, and
Wilf Arnold’s 200 metres in 2m 58.8s also were impressive.
   Members of the Leander Club won ten of the sixteen events in which they

C.M. Tuesday 3 February 1953

     (Picture – “Swimmers got away together”   Cyrus Weld, Steve Wilkes, and Max
Stollznow, at the start of the 400 metres)

                               WELD’S RECORD
                              TWO NEW TITLES
                              By Tom Linneth

   Sixteen year old Brisbane freestyle swimmer, Cyrus Weld, last night clocked
the fastest time for a Queenslander for 800 metres, and then took the men’s
backstroke title at the Valley Pool.
   Weld, in magnificent form, cut 6.3 secs off the best 200 freestyle time by a
Queenslander, previously held by Steve Wilkes of Woombye. He beat Wilkes (2m
26.5s) by 6.5 secs with Max Stollznow (2m 26.6) third.
   His friend John Barrett gave Weld the opportunity to win the backstroke 100
metres title. Barrett, who was regarded as a likely backstroke winner, is in
hospital with polio. Cyrus told him on Sunday he would try to win the title in
his place.

                               BEAT MASON

   Weld beat former Australian champion, Des Mason, by a touch to win in 1m
11.6s. Mason was in front with 25 metres to go but he did not finish as well as
Weld. He clocked 1m 11.8s. Jack Purtell was third in 1m 14.3s.
                                NEAR RECORD

   Australian 100 metres freestyle champion, Dorothy Grier, went within 0.5
secs of the country 50 metres freestyle record of 30.7secs. She beat Gwen
Grainger (Toowoomba) and Jill Dunstan (Roma).
   Hot baths helped Wilf Arnold, freestyle intermediate 100 metres winner, and
Jan Munro, 400 metres freestyle champion, take their titles. Under instruction
from their coach, Mabel Springfield, each had a hot bath a few seconds before
the event.
   Jan Munro trailed Daphne Franzen until the last 50 metres in the 400 metres
race and finished as if it were only a sprint. Later she finished second to
Lynne Chamberlain in the 14 & under 15 freestyle 50 metres championship.

C.M. Wednesday 4 February 1953

                      TWO RECORDS IN STATE SWIM HEATS

   D.Ramsay and N.Tubman set new race records in the State title heats at the
Valley Baths last night. Both are Maryborough swimmers.
   Ramsay won the first heat of the men’s 50 metres freestyle in 27.6secs,
cutting 0.2 secs off his own race time. The Queensland record is held by
A.Soussari in 26.8 secs. Ramsay thrashed the water in fine style to beat
D.Ferricks (R’hamton) who swam 28 secs, and D,Mason (Leander) in 28.2 secs.
   Other heats went to W.Arnold (Valley) 28.5 secs, and C.Fulwood (Roma) 28.6.

                             DOWN BY A TOUCH

   Thirteen year old Tubman also dashed over 50 metres freestyle in 29.8 secs
to cut 0.1 sec off the 14 years record held by B.Hawkins and D.Trenerry.
   Tubman and J Di Betta (Leander) fought out the breaststroke race stroke for
stroke, Di Betta just being beaten by a touch. His time 29.9 secs equalled the
old record.
   Surprise of the night was Valley freestyle swimmer A.James’s junior
backstroke 100metres in 1m 16.4s. He won easily and recorded the best time in
the two heats.
   Jan Munro gave another glimpse of her future promise in 100 metres junior
freestyle heats. She finished strongly to record 1m 14s and was not challenged
during the race.
   R.Allen (Valley) swam well to win the other heat in 1m 13.4s , but she found
more opposition from L.Chamberlain (Toowong) who kept her at top speed.

C.M. Thursday 5 February 1953

                        WELD SETS THIRD FRESTYLE RECORD
                                  By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane schoolboy Cyrus Weld last night broke his third resident State
record at the Valley Pool. He won the 800 metres title in 10m 25.6s, the best
time by a Queenslander. It cut 17.9 secs off Steve Wilkes standing resident
record of 10m 43.5s. It was 6.8 secs outside the Queensland State record of 10m
18.8s held by Olympian John Marshall.
   Max Stollznow beat Steve Wilkes by a touch for second place. Stollznow and
Wilkes finished about 35 metres behind Weld.
   Weld has started in three freestyle events in the championship and has set a
resident record in each. In earlier carnivals he beat the resident records for
100 metres and 200 metres.

                             CUZZU GETS THIRD
   Australian junior champion, Dorothy Cuzzu, also won her third freestyle
title last night. She missed by 3 secs Denise Spencer’s best time by a
Queenslander of 2m 34.2s in the freestyle 200 metres. Dorothy’s earlier wins
were in the women’s country 50 metres and the open 100 metres.
C.M. Saturday 7 February 1953


   Freckle-faced Cyrus Weld last night became the first Queensland swimmer to
break5 minutes for 400 metres freestyle. Weld clocked 4m 59.3s and cut the
previous best time by 1.4 secs at the State title swims at the Valley Pool. It
is Weld’s fourth resident record five championship swims. Weld beat previous
record holder Steve Wilkes by 9 secs with Max Stollznow third. He only has to
win the 1500 metres championship this afternoon to become the first
Queenslander to take every major title. Last night he took control from 150
metres and went on to win by 40 metres.

                               TWO BEAT RECORD

   Backstroke swimmer Lesley Campbell broke the State 100 metres backstroke
record by 1.4 secs. She finished well to clock 1m 31.7s against the record time
of 1m 33.1s. Kay Stewart who finished second with a dynamic burst also beat the
standing record. Her time was 1m 32s.
   Jan Munro claimed the fourth State championship with the junior freestyle
200 metres. She recorded 2m 41.2s which equalled the best time by a
Queenslander held by Daphne Franzen. Jan has been one of the “finds” of the

                               STILL UNBEATEN

   Crack freestyle swimmer, Dorothy Grier, maintained her unbeaten form by
taking the 50 metres title in 31.6 secs. She defeated sisters Joc Yates (32.2)
and Jen Yates (32.4) after hitting the front 25 metres from the finish.
   Her younger sister, June, won the sub-junior breaststroke 50 metres in 44.1
secs. Wilf Arnold beat John Doran in a tight finish in the junior 100 metres
breaststroke. Arnold’s time was 1m 22.2s was 1.5 secs outside the State best
held by Walter Lintveldt.

C.M. Monday 9 February 1953

                          SHOCK SWIM SELECTION

   Fifteen year old John Hyyppa of the Valley Club was the surprise selection
in the Queensland swimming team announced last night. He will swim in the
Australian Championships in the North Sydney pool on February 20-28.He won the
State junior breaststroke title last week.
   There were 23 swimmers in the team released by the Secretary of the
Queensland Amateur Swimming Association, Mr Bill Holland.
   The QASA will pay expenses for the first eleven and ten pounds each towards
expenses for a further three.
   The team is – W.Arnold, J.Hyyppa, C.Weld, D.Mason, L.Campbell, K.Stewart,
J.Fehr, A.Jones, Jennifer Yates, R.Allan, W.Beck, J.Doran, C.Hoey, D.Theile,
G.Johnston,   M.Lucas,  H.Ryan,   E.Courtney,   J.Purtell,  D.Grier,   M.Lucas,
L.Chamberlain, H.Lyons, R.Dennison.
   The QASA will spend 480 pounds to send the team south. Last year it cost 650
pounds to send the side to Melbourne. The Queensland team will leave by train
on February 18.

(Late February had some comments about the Australian Championships but nothing
really relating to Queensland)

C.M. Tuesday 3 March 1953


   “Queensland will see record-breaking NSW swimmers Barry Chapman, Ron
McKinnon, Lorraine Crapp, and Astrid Ainsworth, this month in Brisbane.” The
Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Bill Holland) said this
yesterday on his return from Sydney where he watched the national
   Holland said the swimmers and coach Frank Guthrie were available to appear
in Brisbane. “All that was necessary was to find a vacant night at the Valley
Pool,” he said.
   Negotiations were also under way for a visit by American Olympic champion,
Clarke Scholes, and Japanese swimmer Hironoshon Furuhashi. “Difficulties were
that Furuhashi was only available on the Saturday night, and Scholes visit
would cost the QASA about 190 pounds,” said Holland.
   Dalby Swimming Association would be approached to arrange a visit by the NSW
   “The Coast saw Darke and Devitt this season, and it was now the Downs turn
to see some champions,” he added.

                                  WORK HANDICAP

   Holland attributed the fine performances by the very young NSW swimmers in
the national titles to the fact they were school children. “As school
children,” he said,” they had plenty of time to train. Some swam eight miles a
day. They also had the Christmas holidays in which to train. Someone who had to
work could not afford five or six hours a day to complete the training schedule
set down for the youngsters.” He said, “Barry Darke, who was a sensation last
season was now working.”
   Asked to comment on the Queenslanders performances, Holland said that they
had done very well. Joan Fehr, Alan Jones, Lynn Chamberlain, John Lyons, Janice
Munro, Wilf Arnold, and Kay Stewart, all figured prominently in the placings,
but, he added, the warmth of Brisbane water would prevent our swimmers
fulfilling the training programmes of Sydney swimmers in their cooler water.

C.M. Wednesday 11 March 1953

                            DAVIES WILL SWIM HERE IN APRIL

   Australian champion breaststroke swimmer, John Davies, last night accepted a
tentative booking to swim in Brisbane on April 7. Davies and his pretty
American wife Marnie, a grand-daughter of the late Florenz Siegfeld, arrived
here from the United States on the “Coonawarra”.
   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Bill Holland) said last
night that Davies would be asked to swim at Dalby and Toowoomba. “I am now
awaiting a reply from the country on a tour by the NSW champions. They are
available on April 3, 4, and 5, for the country and April 7 for Brisbane with
Devitt and Darke.”
Courier Mail Thursday 17 September 1953

                        PLANS FOR THREE SWIM POOLS HERE
                              TO COST £100,000
                                        By Tom Linneth

   Plans for the erection of three swimming pools in Brisbane at a cost of
£100,000 are expected to be finished this month. They include the latest design
Olympic swimming pool and an Olympic standard diving pool.
   Construction organiser, Mr W.J.Newton, said last night that the pools would
be built on his land opposite Mt Gravatt Show Ground. He said the third one
would be a shallow one for children. “I expect the plans to be finished before
the end of the month and will start work immediately they are approved.
Brisbane at present badly needs more swimming pools, and I am certain the
scheme will b welcomed by the public,” Mr Newton added.

                                 GLASS SIDES

   The main Olympic pool will have glass sides so that coaches may watch the
movements of swimmers in the water. It will be 50 metres long and at least
seven lanes each eight feet wide. The separate diving pool will be 16½ feet
deep and will have a ten metre tower. The Brisbane Valley pool is not suitable
for Australian championships because the diving facilities are not up to
   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Acting Secretary, George Johnstone,
said last night,” An Olympic swimming and diving pool is urgently needed. Our
present pools are overcrowded and most Brisbane top swimmers have difficulty in

                              FORM A COMPANY

   Mr Newton said he intended to form a company to help finance the project. He
said four tennis courts, a mini golf course, and an ice skating rink would be
built near the pools. “I have four acres of land at Mt Gravatt which will
eventually be a big sporting area,” he added.
   Several years ago a city business man planned to build an Olympic pool in
Brisbane but could not get a permit. Mr Newton said he was assured of a permit
for construction.

C.M. Tuesday 22 September 1953

                          WELD’S DOUBLE BID FOR GAMES
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Top Queensland swimmer, Cyrus Weld, will make a double-barrelled bid for
Empire Games representation this season. The Australian team for the Empire
Games in Canada
Next year is expected to be announced soon after the National Titles.
   Weld has asked for special permission to compete in the New South Wales
titles before the Nationals. He believes a good performance in Sydney before
the Australian Championships could decide his selection. The New South Wales
Championships start on January 16. The Australian Championships are in
Melbourne from February 20.

                                 BEST FREESTYLE

   Weld last season established himself as Queensland’s best ever freestyle
swimmer. He won every major title. However, he has decided to switch to
backstroke this year in an effort to clinch Empire Games selection. If Weld
wins the national backstroke and his freestyle times are also good, his
selection would be automatic.
   Top girl swimmer, Jan Munro, is also expected to enter for the new South
Wales Titles. Jan will be in Sydney in January and wants to compete in the
southern events for experience. Jan, who is 15, last year won the national 220
yards freestyle title in 2m 39.8s. She was also second in the 100 yards to the
brilliant Lorraine Crapp and recorded 1m 11s.

C.M. Wednesday 23 September 1953

                        QUEENSLAND MAY MISS ON SWIM TITLES

   Queensland is in danger of missing the 1954 Australian Swimming
Championships unless Brisbane facilities are improved. This is stated by the
State Swimming Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, in the Annual report to be presented
at the Annual Meeting of The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association on October
   Holland said Queensland needed a new diving pool before they could clinch
the Nationals. “An international diver had refused to dive at the Valley Pool
because the depth is three feet six inches less than the required minimum,”
Holland said. The 1949 Australian Titles were held at the Valley Pool, and the
diving section in the Morningside quarry, but the Amateur Swimming Union of
Australia and the Brisbane City Council had now banned the quarry for swimming.
   The last pool opened in Brisbane was the Valley Baths 30 years ago. Holland
said the valley Baths seating accommodation of 1500 was insufficient for full
support of the annual school carnivals. “Many parents and school boys and girls
could not gain admission because only a limited quota from each school was
admitted,” he said.

C.M. Wednesday 30 September 1953

                           INJURY MAY PUT SWIMMING STAR “OUT”
                                   By Tom Linneth

   State champion, Peter Maxwell, may be forced out of swimming this season by
a football injury. Maxwell represented Ipswich Bulimba Cup side as a second row

This season, but was forced out of the game with bad knees. He injured both
legs early in the season and was again hurt when he made a re-appearance in
club matches. Maxwell won the 300 metres medley championship in 6m 21.6s to
establish a new Queensland record. Ipswich officials said Maxwell would not
start training until he got a medical clearance for his injured knees.

                                NEWTON BACK

   George Newton, one of Queensland’s best young surf swimmers, will make a
come-back this season. Newton, 20, finished second in the 100 yards Australian
Championship in Sydney in 1948, but later broke a wrist during the
championships and pulled out of pool swimming.

                                 COULD BE TOP

   He started training at the Valley Pool yesterday with Brisbane coach, Miss
Mabel Springfield. Newton is a powerful man and could again reach the top of
Queensland’s sprint list.
   Joan Fehr, Queensland’s successor to Nancy Lyons, also started training at
the Valley Baths yesterday. Fehr won the 100 yards junior and the 220 yards
open breaststroke titles in Sydney last season. Joan, who lives in Ipswich gets
up at five o’clock each morning to train under Miss Springfield in Brisbane.

C.M. Tuesday 6 October 1953

                              MASON TO TURN SURFER
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Des Mason, one of Queensland’s best swimmers, will concentrate on surfing
this season.
   Queensland breaststroke champion, Wilf Arnold, will not start training until
late November. Arnold is studying for school examinations and cannot spare time
off at night to compete in carnivals. He is keeping fit with athletic training
at school during the day, and it should not be hard for him to work up form
when he enters the water.
Mr Dave Carter was re-elected President of the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association at the Annual Meeting last night. Mr Carter is a foundation member
of the QASA. He has been connected with it for fifty four years.

C.M. Wednesday 7 October 1953

                                    By Tom Linneth

   The Brisbane City Council is investigating the construction of an Olympic
diving pool n Brisbane. The new pool is expected to be built on vacant land at
the back of the Valley Baths.
   The cost of building an Olympic pool in Brisbane is estimated at £12,000. It
is understood in swimming circles that the City Council hopes to start work on
the diving pool at the end of this season. The pool is expected to be 25 metres
by 56 feet with a maximum depth of 16½ feet.
   Because Brisbane lacked a regulation diving pool, the National diving titles
were held at the Morningside quarry, but the Australian Swimming Union has now
banned the use of the quarry and the City Council has condemned it for

                              NEW SOUTH WALES STARS COMING

   Top New South Wales swimmers, Gary Chapman, Astrid Ainsworth, Lorraine
Crapp, an Ron McKeon, will arrive in Brisbane on November 27. Chapman is the
Australian record holder for 440 yards in 4m 42.6s, Ainsworth is National Open
and Junior butterfly champion, Lorraine Crapp holds every Australian freestyle
record, and McKeon is a leading junior freestyle swimmer.
   The proposed itinerary for the southerners is – Nov 27, Ipswich; Nov 28,
Toowoomba afternoon, Dalby night; Nov 29, exhibition at Warwick; Nov 30, Monday
night carnival in Brisbane.

C.M. Saturday 17 October 1953

                              SWIM CLUB’S NEW PLANS
                                  By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane swimming club will operate the biggest organised swimming programme
in the Metropolitan area. They will start on Monday night a special fixture
based on rugby league competition methods.
   Clubs will meet in competition clashes, and points will be awarded for the
number of places secured. Points will be totalled at the end of the season, and
the club with the most will take the Nissen Shield.
   First draw in the competition on Monday night is Toowong v Commercial at the
Valley Pool.
                               TIME LIMITS “OUT”

   The fixtures will be held with no time limits and all events are in age
groups. Dismissal of time handicaps means that top swimmers can do their best.
Last season for combined meetings standard times were made and breaking of the
time meant disqualification.
   The programme scheme was designed by Queensland Amateur Swimming members Nev
ball and Jack Purtell.

C.M. Wednesday 28 October 1953

                        WELD NOT TO MEET CHAMPION SWIMMER
                                By Tom Linneth

   Cyrus Weld, Queensland’s best swimmer, will not clash with Australian
freestyle champion Garry Chapman in Brisbane.
   Chapman will appear in a special carnival at Valley Pool on November 30.
   Other top-line New South Wales swimmers to appear with Chapman are Astrid
Ainsworth, Lorraine Crapp, and Ron McKinnon.
   Weld, who is a pupil of Christian Brothers, Gregory Terrace, said yesterday
he will leave for Sydney immediately he finishes his school exams which are
before the carnival date.

                                IN NSW TITLES

   Weld will be coached in Sydney by Professor Cotton and Harry Gallagher for
backstroke. He will stay in Sydney for the New South Wales titles On January
   Weld is not due back in Brisbane until a few days before the Queensland
Champion- ships which start on January 20.
   His mission this season is to win the National backstroke. If he does well
in the sprints he is an Empire Games selection chance.
   Chapman holds the Australian 440 yards record at 4m 42.6s. He is one of the
best four in Australia. His main opponents in the Brisbane carnival will be Max
Stollznow, Steve Wilkes, and Alan Jones.
   The Axel Suosaari Memorial Handicap, over 50 metres, will be revived at the
   A surf team relay of six a side will be another feature of the carnival,
QASA Secretary (Bill Holland) said yesterday.
   Queensland’s water polo season will open at the Valley pool on Thursday
night for the first time in three years. Seven teams will compete in the
opening fixtures. City Pastime Club will enter a team for the second round.
   The City Pastime team will be formed around four unknown new Australians who
played in Continental fixtures. Swim coach Bill Fleming said yesterday that one
of the migrants, a six foot Dutchman called “Lofty”, is one of the best players
he has seen. The new Australians have been training at Davies Park pool and
will join the City Pastime team this week.
   City Pastime official, George Morris, said yesterday his Cub wants more
senior swimmers. They swim at Davies Park on Thursday nights.

C.M. Friday 30 October 1953

                         STOLLZNOW TURNS TO SWIM SPRINTS
                              By Tom Linneth

   Max Stollznow, promising State distance swimmer last season, will switch to
sprinting this year. His programme will now be the 100 and 200 metre dashes,
coach Joe Emerson said yesterday.
   Stollznow’s change of plans means that Queensland’s competition against
Garry Chapman next month will be weak. Chapman, national champion for 440
yards, will appear in a special carnival at Valley pool on November 30.
   Queensland’s best swimmer, Cyrus Weld, said this week he would be
unavailable for the carnival.
                                “HOT” TRIAL

   With Stollznow now out, Chapman will have little opposition from the local
   Coach Emerson decided to switch Stollznow to sprinting after he did a “hot”
50 metres freestyle in 26.7s recently.
   Stollznow last night scored a goal for Leander in the opening of the water
polo season at Valley Pool. Public reaction to the first polo fixture in
Brisbane for three years was outstanding. Cheer squads were formed in the big
crowd, which seemed to appreciate the game.

                                GRAND FINISH

   In the main match of the night, Leander drew with University four-all.
Leander led three one at half time and had a hard battle to hold the University
attack in the last few minutes.
   Unknown Dutch migrant, (“Lofty”) used his height to throw the ball at
dazzling speed for goal in the supporting game. His team, City Pastime, lost to
Western Districts 5-4. Marr scored three goals for the winners.


C.M. Tuesday 3 November 1953

                               SWIM TREBLE BY TWO GIRLS
                                    By Tom Linneth

   Promising junior, Wendy Smith, last night won three events in the
metropolitan swimming fixtures at Davies Park. She won the Under 14 butterfly,
freestyle, and breaststroke races. Her freestyle time was 32sec.
   Western Districts scored 438 points to outclass City Pastime Club, who had a
total of 160 1/2.
   Western Districts, Deidre Maxwell, 11, also won a treble the freestyle,
breast stroke, and backstroke events.
   Leander will meet Toowong at Toowong in the third metropolitan fixture
   The Mercantile carnival for the Elphinstone Shield will be held at the
Valley pool on November 25. It is the only swimming carnival in Australia for
business houses. More than 100 teams competed last season. Teams comprise four
swimmers. Each entrant must swim 50 metres in the relays.


C.M. Tuesday 10 November 1953

                               WATER POLO TITLE BID
                                   By Tom Linneth

   An application has been made to have water polo introduced as part of the
Queensland swimming championships. Queensland Amateur Swimming Association
Secretary (Bill Holland) said he received the request yesterday.
   It is believed the only drawback against water polo being admitted to the
titles is the tight programme of events. However, last season’s improved
syllabus enabled a much easier Saturday afternoon programme.
                               POOL SHORTAGE
   Water Polo Secretary (Peter Mason) said yesterday his Association hoped to
be included in the title events on the two Saturdays.
   The Polo Association re-formed this year after a break of three years will
be forced to refuse more Club affiliations. Mason said almost every surf club
wants to be a member, but they cannot be accepted because of pool shortage.
Eight Clubs now form the Association.
   At present polo is played only at Valley pool on Thursday nights. Bill
Fleming has offered Davies Park for one match, also on Thursdays.
                                  AFTER RECORD

   Australian 440 yards champion, Garry Chapman, will attempt the State 440 and
880 record times this month. Chapman will appear at a special carnival on
November 27 at Valley pool. The QASA has granted permission for the attempt.

C.M. Tuesday 24 November 1953

                           HENRICKS, KOH MAY SWIM HERE

   Top world swimmers Jon Henricks and Chinese Neo Chwee Koh, will be invited
to Brisbane next March. This was stated by the Queensland Swimming Association
Secretary (Bill Holland).
   It was announced yesterday that Neo Chwee Koh will swim in the national, New
South Wales, and Victorian titles.
   Sydney boy Henricks is regarded as the most sensational freestyle sprinter
in the world at present. Henricks clocked an amazing 56.9secs over 100 metres
to beat Neo Chwee Koh by only a touch.

                               JUNIORS COMING

   Holland said last night, “I will ask permission to get Henricks and the
Chinese immediately after the national titles. Henricks is keen to visit
Brisbane. Together they would be a terrific drawcard,” he added.
   The Australian youngsters Garry Chapman, Astrid Ainsworth, Pam Coghlan, and
Ross McKinnon, will arrive in Brisbane on Friday. They will swim in Ipswich on
Friday night, Toowoomba and Dalby on Saturday, and Warwick on Sunday. On Monday
night Chapman will attempt the State 400 and 800 metres records in a special
carnival at the Valley pool.

                                HOLDS RECORDS

   Chapman already holds the Australian 440 yards record of 4min 42.6secs. His
400 metres time of 4min 40secs is better than the Japanese record of 4min
41.8sces set by K.Yamashita. Japanese ‘flying fish” Hirohoshin Furuhashi will
arrive in Brisbane on Sunday. He will also appear in the Chapman carnival.

C.M. Tuesday 1 December 1953

                            CHAPMAN CUT SWIM RECORD

   Gary Chapman, Sydney’s world-ranking freestyler, last night broke the State
400 metres record by 2.4secs at three-quarter pace. He clocked 4m 48.1s to
lower John Marshall’s 1949 time of 4m 50.5s. His new record also beat the
Queensland resident record of 4m 59.3s held by Cyrus Weld. Chapman was affected
by the heat and did not extend himself. McKinnon was second and Steve Wilkes
                                  FEHR WINS

   Australian butterfly stroke champion, Astrid Ainsworth, gave a magnificent
performance to beat Queenslander Kay Stewart over 100 metres. Stewart, who is a
senior, led the junior Sydney girl right until the last few inches. Ainsworth
literally lifted herself out of the water over the last few yards for a great
victory. Ainsworth clocked 1m 33.7s. Stewart was timed at 1m 34s. Ainsworth’s
time was good for so early in the season. Her national record is 1m 30s.
   Australian   breaststroke  champion Joan    Fehr,   of  Ipswich,   took the
breaststroke race easily. She had a comfortable win over Kay Stewart and
Margaret Lucas. Fehr’s time was 1m 31.5s.
                               BRAZIER IMPRESSES
   Lynn Chamberlain took the junior backstroke 50 metres from Shirley Gordon
and Dawn Pegg.
   Judith Brazier was another impressive winner. She won the sub-junior
freestyle 50 metres from J.Evers, and W.Smith.
   Bundaberg lass Dorothy Grier defeated long-distance girl Jan Coghlan over a
sprint 100 metres course. Grier moved along well for a 1m 12s victory. Young
Coghlan sprinted nicely to register 1m 14.4s.
   The Axel Suosaari memorial Handicap of 50 metres was won by Earl Smith from
Ann Blain and J.Knox.

C.M. Tuesday 8 December 1953

                        SHOCK SWIM WIN BY CHAMBERLAIN
                             By Tom Linneth

   Lynne Chamberlain, Queensland’s crack junior backstroke swimmer, last night
surprised in taking 31.7sec over 50 metres freestyle event at the annual
women’s swim carnival at the Valley pool.
   The winning time at the last State Championships was 31.9secs by brilliant
junior Jan Munro. Chamberlain is an outstanding backstroker, but is only
regarded as a good-class freestyler. The Toowong girl completely outclassed top
Maroochydore freestyler Dawn Pegg to take the junior championship. In third
place was Jill Boast.

                           MUNRO’S “CRUISE”

   Australian junior champion Jan Munro cruised along well below her top pace
to win the Open freestyle 100 metres. Munro has just recovered from an appendix
operation, and did not try to extend herself. Munro’s time was 1m 18.2s. Dawn
Pegg was second. She clocked 1m 19.6s.
   Butterfly-stroker Lesley Campbell won the Open 50 metre event in 39s from
Margaret Lucas and Lesley Anderson.
   Bundaberg girl Daphne McIntyre took out the backstroke U/12 50 metres
champion ship. In a close finish she defeated A.Arnold of Brisbane and J.Knight
of Bundaberg.
   Johannes Van Diest, former Indonesian diving champion, badly bruised his
ribs and left arm. Van Diest slipped on the high board, crashed on to the edge
of the board, and fell into the water. However he was able to continue with his
special display.


C.M. Wednesday 9 December 1953

                               EXPECTED TO ACCEPT
                                By Tom Linneth

   Chinese Neo Chwee Koh was asked yesterday to swim in Brisbane on March 3.
   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association cabled to Malaya to ask him to
alter his plans and include Brisbane in his Australian tour.
   Neo Chwee Koh will swim in Australian, New South Wales and Victorian
championships. He intended to return to Malaya to continue his university
studies after the national titles on February 28.

                                   AMONG THREE BEST

   QASA Secretary (Bill Holland) said yesterday, “We can’t miss this golden
opportunity of getting Neo Chwee Koh here.” Advice from Sydney late yesterday
indicated that Neo Chwee Koh will be available for Brisbane. He is one of the
world’s best sprint freestylers. He was beaten by a touch in Singapore recently
by Australian Jon Henricks who is rated world No 1 sprinter. Henricks has
already been invited by the QASA to appear in Brisbane on March 3 with Neo
Chwee Koh. Henricks has not replied but has made it known he wants to swim in
   If Henricks and Neo Chwee Kh meet in Brisbane in a match race, it will be
the greatest sprint draw-card Queensland has ever clinched.

                                   NEW EVENTS

   Four new events have been included in the State Championships for country
On January 29. The only races for country swimmers during the titles at present
are freestyle 100 metres Open, and 50 metres junior for men, and 50 metres for
   The four new events are backstroke 100 metres for men and women, and 100
metres breaststroke for men and women.
   Ipswich freestyler Kingsley Vance will train under Harry Gallagher in Sydney
this season.

C.M. Saturday 2 January 1954

                               Q’LD RISK TITLES
                                NO DIVING POOL
                                By Tom Linneth

   Unless a new diving pool is built in Brisbane within the next 12 months,
Queensland will miss the next national swim titles.
   Brisbane City Council has been asked to build a diving pool, but has not yet
made any move. The Council has not yet budgeted for a new pool. The next Budget
is expected about May. Council financial assistance for this new pool is
expected to be at least £5000 pounds. A swim official said last night that at
least £15,000 pounds was needed to construct a diving pool. If money can be
found, the pool will be built on vacant land at the back of the Valley Baths.

                                QUARRY BARRED

   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association officials have asked the Council to
make the new pool 25 metres by 56 feet, with a maximum depth of 16ft 6 ins.
   Because Brisbane lacked a regulation diving pool, the 1949 Australian diving
titles were held a Morningside quarry. Brisbane City Council has also condemned
it for swimming.
   QASA Secretary (Bill Holland) said last night, ”If we don’t a new diving
pool we can say goodbye to the championships. Southern States are just waiting
to pounce on the opportunity to get the 1955 titles. They know we have no
diving facilities, and will quickly move to have the championships taken away
from Queensland,” he said.
   Holland said Queensland would also miss out on a big financial gain if the
pool was not constructed.
   “If things come to the worst, I will ask for the swimming championships
only, and let the diving be held in a southern State,” he added.
   Town Clerk (Mr J.C.Slaughter) said last night, “We will build a new diving
pool if finance is available. At present we have nothing set aside for such a
construction. I can’t say yet what the prospects will be until the new Budget
is released.”

C.M. Tuesday 5 January 1954

                       DALBY BOY COULD BE STAR SWIMMER
                             By Tom Linneth

   A Dalby boy, who gave up diving because of an injured nose, could become a
State freestyle star this month. He is Ken Gudenswager, 15, who is now training
at Davies Park under top coach, Bill Fleming. Fleming said yesterday
Gudenswager should easily take out the junior freestyle 400 metres title.
   At a carnival at Roma last weekend, Gudenswager clocked 5m 16.5s for
freestyle 400 metres. This is one of the most impressive distance swims
recorded by a Queensland boy. Leander President (Joe Emerson) watched
Gudenswager swim in Roma and arranged for him to train in Brisbane.
   The Queensland swim championships will be held from January 29 to February 6
at the Valley pool.

                                  NORTHERN HOPES

   Fleming will this month train one of the biggest country teams to arrive in
Brisbane before the titles. In special morning training he already has four top
Gladstone youngsters in work. They are Freddy Dicker, Bob Burgess, Michael
Thompson, and Johnny Doherty.
   Dicker won the State schoolboy Under 14 championship last seasonand 11 North
and Central Queensland titles.
   Cairns freestyler, Alan McKenzie, with three Bundaberg swimmers, will also
train under Fleming this week.
   Former distance freestyler, Daphne Franzen, will switch to sprints this
season, she said yesterday. Franzen finished second to Jan Munro in the last
Queensland 400 metres event. Her training programme this season has been
interrupted by pneumonia and a leg injury.

C.M. Wednesday 6 January 1954

                              FEHR, MUNRO, IN NSW TITLES

   Joan Fehr and Jan Munro will compete in the New South Wales women’s swimming
championships his week. They are now being trained in Sydney by top coaches for
the Australian championships next month.
   Fehr (breaststroke) and Munro (freestyle) are Queensland’s best women
   The NSW women’s titles start tonight and continue on Friday and Monday
   Fehr’s mission will be the open breaststroke 220 yards event. Munro will
start in the junior freestyle 110, 220, and 440 yards races.

C.M. Thursday 7 January 1954

                         TOP BOY SWIMMER NOT FOR TITLES
                               By Tom Linneth

   Tommy Barrett, State junior sprint champion, is “not interested” in the
Queensland swim titles this month.
   Barrett, of Cairns, narrowly missed selection in the Queensland team for the
nationals last season. He is regarded as one of the most promising young
freestylers in Queensland. He holds the junior 100 and 200 metres
championships. Barrett said there is no special reason for not entering.
                                 ENTER NEXT WEEK

   Nominations for the championships close with the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association on January 15.
   Norm Burn of Brisbane and Arthur Cusack of Maryborough have been nominated
as Manager of the State team at the nationals. The Australian Championships
will be held this season in Melbourne from February 21 to 28.

                                 OPEN SEA SWIM

   George Marshall, who will attempt to swim from the mainland to Magnetic
Island during the Royal Tour, will coach the Townsville team with J.Harvey at
the State swims. Three swimmers have already entered from Townsville – B.Green
(men’s freestyle intermediate), P.Payne (women’s junior breaststroke), and
K.Tait (men’s freestyle Under 14).

C.M. Thursday 14 January 195
                          JANICE MUNRO WINS NSW JUNIOR TITLE

   Sydney (by teleprinter) – Australian champion Janice Munro won the NSW
junior 220 yards freestyle championship at the North Sydney pool last night.
Her time of 2m 36.6s was four seconds slower than Dawn Fraser’s time in the
senior event last Saturday night. Miss Munro is a Queenslander, so the State
title goes to Pam Lucas, the runner-up. Miss Munro will now return to
Queensland for the State titles there before travelling to Melbourne for the
national championships.

                             JAN GRIER’S FAST SWIM
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Bundaberg youngster, Jan Grier, last night clocked 3m 15s for the 200 metres
breaststroke at the Valley pool. This is only four seconds outside the winning
time of national champion Joan Fehr in the NSW titles.
   Jan is only 14. She is in Brisbane training for the State titles which start
on January 19. Last season Jan was regarded as a real prospect when she won the
breaststroke sub-junior championship.    She is younger sister to State open
freestyle sprint champion, Dorothy Grier. Jan will enter for the open
breaststroke and junior championships at the State titles.
   Roma Allen, swimming unpaced, cut her own Queensland medley record by 1.6s
last night. She clocked 3m 8.8s over 200 metres to take the Valley Women’s Club
medley championship.

C.M. Wednesday 27 January 1954

                              By Tom Linneth

   Cyrus Weld, Queensland’s greatest swimmer, will try to beat five records at
the State titles which start tomorrow night. Last season Weld became the first
Queenslander to win every major freestyle title. He set records over 100, 200,
400, and 800 metres, and narrowly missed record time over 1500 metres.
   This time Weld will try to beat his own freestyle records for these events.
He hopes to cut Des Mason’s 70.3sec – the best time by a Queenslander – for the
100 metres backstroke.
   Weld has just returned to Brisbane after competing in the New South Wales
titles. In Sydney he clocked 60secs for freestyle, which is his best time ever
over the sprint distance.    Tomorrow he will compete in an easy 100 metres
freestyle heat, but on Friday night he will strike a hot field in the final.
                                HARPER AT TOP

   His main final opposition will come from Maryborough sprinter, Ken Harper,
who was the State’s best two seasons ago. Harper was unavailable because of
army call-up last year, but is now at the top of his form. Harper said last
night he expects to swim 60 secs in the freestyle 100 metres championship.
   As both lads expect to clock 60secs, they could set such a good pace that
this 100 metre dash could be the first time under the minute.

                               MUNRO’S ATTEMPT

   Both will be pushed in the early stage by Dave Ferricks, Paul Duggan, Wilf
Arnold, George Newton, and Ken Wiles, and our first 59sec time is not
   Jan Munro, Queensland’s best woman freestyler, will attempt to break the
State 400 metre time of 5m 1.2s at Valley Club swim tonight. Jan will use this
as a warm-up for the women’s 50 metres championship heat tomorrow night.

C.M. Saturday 30 January 1954

                                by Tom Linneth

   Pocket-sized 14-year-old Jan Grier, of Bundaberg, clocked one of the best
times in the world for a junior breaststroke swimmer at the Valley pool last
night. She recorded 3m 7.9s to beat Australian open champion Joan Fehr in the
State breaststroke 200 metres final. Inge Sorensen, of Denmark, at the Berlin
Olympic Games in 1936 is believed to be the only other girl to better Jan’s
   Grier defeated Fehr by 0.5sec to register the fastest time over 200 metres
in Australia this year.
   Until last night, Fehr was tipped by swim experts to win an Empire Games
title for Australia in Canada next July.
   Cyrus Weld became the first Queenslander to break the minute for freestyle
100 metres. Moving like a machine he clocked 58.8secs the best ever in this
State. He cut former world record-holder Alex Jany’s Queensland record by
0.2sec. This time also beat his own best by a Queenslander of 60.4sec.
   Ken Harper, of Maryborough, who finished second to Weld, also broke the
minute, his time being 59.8sec.
   Dorothy Grier, a sister of Jan, with 69.8sec beat her own best by a
Queenslander record of 70.1sec to win the women’s freestyle 100 metres. Jan
Munro, who finished second ahead of Gwen Grainger, recorded 70sec to establish
a new State junior record.
   Earlier in the carnival Munro clocked 31.2sec to beat the 50 metre freestyle
record of 31.4 she set on Thursday night.
(Full results given)

C.M. Tuesday 2 February 1954

                      WELD SETS 2 MORE SWIMMING RECORDS
                              By Tom Linneth

   Freckled-faced Cyrus Weld last night shattered two records within 45 minutes
at the State swim titles in the Valley pool. It gave him three record swims
from as many final events at the championships.
   Last night Weld bet the best by a Queenslander record he set last year to
take the freestyle 200 metres. He easily defeated Bobby Burns to clock 2m
14.6s, which bettered the record by 1.7sec.
   Five events later Weld won the backstroke 100 metres in a record 69.3sec.
This was one second faster than Des Mason’s backstroke best by a Queenslander
established two years ago. David Theile of Maryborough set a new State and
Australian junior record when he finished second to Weld in 70sec.
   Bundaberg sprinter Dorothy Grier caused the upset of the championships when
she beat Jan Munro in the freestyle 400 metres. Grier went over the 400 metres
for the first time, but still fought gamely to beat Munro in 5m 32.6s.
Dorothy’s time was three seconds faster than the race time established by Dutch
Olympian, Irma Schumacher.
   Barry Tudman recorded his sixth record in six starts to take the junior
freestyle 100 metres in 62.2sec.
   Jill Dunstan (Roma), Kingsley Vance (Toowoomba), Judy Brazier (Brisbane),
and Ken Wiles were other impressive winners last night.
(Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 2 February 1954

                      WELD SLASHES 50 METRE TIME IN FINE SWIM
                               By Tom Linneth

   Record-breaking Cyrus Weld last night clocked one of Australia’s 50 metre
times at the Valley pool. Weld showed sensational dash to clock 26.1sec in a
championship heat. He led all the way. He easily beat the Queensland record of
26.8sec which Weld held with Axel Suosaari. His performance is also up to the
standard of world-ranking
Australian Jon Henricks of Sydney for 50 metres.
   A Queensland swimming authority said last night the best time in Australia
over 5 metres is 26sec by Japanese Sakagami.
(Further heat results also given)


C.M. Thursday 4 February 1954

                              By Tom Linneth

   Untrained Lynne Chamberlain last night shattered the Australian junior
backstroke record in the State swim titles in the Valley pool. Chamberlain was
forced out of the water a month ago with ear trouble, but still timed 69.6sec
last night.
   Her performance is 0.9sec better than Diane Knight’s Australian junior
record. T also cut the best by a Queenslander record of 80.4sec held by
Jeanette Holle by 10.8sec. Chamberlain recorded this time to win the State Open
women’s backstroke 100 metres championship. She competed at the titles last
night with her ears plugged.

                                 WELD UNBEATEN

   Cyrus Weld remained unbeaten by taking the freestyle 800 metres and 50 metre
championships. Weld cruised along as if it was a pleasure swim to take the 800
metres in 10m 42.8s. Exactly 20 minutes he took the 50 metres event in 26.4sec
– 0.3sec outside the Queensland record he made on Tuesday night.
   Shock of the race was breaststroke swimmer Wilf Arnold who eat promising
Maryborough boy, Ken Harper, for second place. Arnold did well to record
26.8sec ahead of Harper’s 27.1sec, which was actually below his best.
  Ken Gudenswager, of Dalby, cut Cyrus Weld’s Queensland record by 1.4sec with
a 2m 21s junior freestyle 200 metres success. He comfortably defeated
Maryborough sprinter Barry Tudman, who finished in 2m 24.6s.
   Jan Munro won the junior freestyle 100 metres from Roma’s Jill Dunstan in
 (Full results given)

C.M. Friday 5 February 1954

                   TUDMAN TIMED AT 27.6 FOR 7TH STATE RECORD
                              By Tom Linneth

   Maryborough youth Barry Tudman last night broke his seventh race record in
the State swim titles at the Valley pool. Tudman, at 14, ranks as one of
Queensland’s best freestyle prospects for many years.
   Last night he took his heat of the junior freestyle 50 metres in 27.6secs.
Previous best race time of 28secs was held by the brilliant junior, George
Newton. It is only just short of Cyrus Weld’s best by a Queenslander record of
27secs. Tudman was still a little green last night. He clipped the ropes twice
which automatically slowed him down.

                                  BIG PROSPECTS

   Brisbane swimming authority, Les Stanton, said after the carnival that
Tudman has “terrific prospects” in the next few years.
   His close sprint rival, Ken Gudenswager of Dalby, recorded 28.2secs to win
his heat.
(Full heat results given)

C.M. Saturday 6 February 1954

                                 By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane girl, Lesley Campbell, talked out of retirement, set an Australian
swim record at the State titles at the Valley pool last night. Campbell clocked
1m 29.6s to win the Queensland butterfly-stroke 100 metres championship.
   Her time was better than the Australian record of 1m 30s held by Astrid
Ainsworth of Sydney. It also cut the Queensland record of 1m 31.4s established
by Kay Stewart who finished second last night. Campbell, 18, said earlier in
the season she intended to give up swimming. Friends influenced her to change
the decision and prepare for her title race.

                               HOLDS FIVE TITLES

   Freestyler Cyrus Weld last night broke his Queensland record to win the 400
metres title. Last season Weld timed 4m 59.3s. Last night he recorded 4m
757.6s. Weld has now set records over freestyle 50, 100, 200, and 400 metres,
and also the backstroke 100 metres. He now only needs to win the freestyle 1500
metres this afternoon to again take every major title at the State
   Weld was unofficially clocked at 58secs over 100 metres by three watches in
a flying squadron final. Earlier in the week he created a record with a 58.8s
                              FIVE SECONDS FASTER

   Junior freestyler, Jan Munro, recorded 2m 36s in the 200 metres event to
break a Queensland record. With Daphne Franzen she previously held this record
at 2m 41.2s.
   Ken Harper again registered 60secs to take the country freestyle 100 metres
   Peter Andersen equalled his race record of 67.2secs for his sub-junior
freestyle 100 metres success.
   Barry Tudman also equalled his race record of 27.6sec to take the junior
freestyle 50 metres event.
   Maryborough established an Australian flying squadron 400 metres record with
4m 11.6s. Previous time was 4m 12.3s.
  (Full results given)

C.M. Monday 8 February 1954

                          By Tom Linneth

   Two 14-year-old country swimmers with Olympic prospects have been selected
in the Queensland swim team for the Australian titles. They are, backstroke
swimmer Jan Grier of Bundaberg, and freestyler Barry Tudman of Maryborough.
   The Australian championships will be held in Melbourne from February 20 to
   The team of 17 was announced by Queensland Swimming Association Secretary
(Bill Holland) yesterday.
   The team is – Men; Wilf Arnold, Cyrus Weld (Brisbane), David Theile, Barry
Tudman (Maryborough). Women: Lesley Campbell, Jan Munro, Lynne Chamberlain
(Brisbane), Joan Fehr (Ipswich), Dorothy Grier, Jan Grier (Bundaberg).
   Those picked to go at their own expense are: Ted Courtney (Brisbane), David
Bilingham (Ipswich), Ken Gudenswager (Dalby) Fred Dicker (Gladstone), Ken
Harper (Maryborough), Roma Allan and Kay Stewart (Brisbane).

                                 STRONG SQUAD

   This is the strongest team to represent Queensland at the national titles.
It will cost the QASA about 500 pounds to send the team south.

                                 GOOD PROSPECTS

   Barry Tudman is an outstanding prospect, and although he is young, the
experience of the trip will be invaluable. The Maryborough lad is tipped to be
an Australian representative at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.
   Cyrus Weld is sprinting well enough to get second place over the dash to
world ranking Jon Henricks of Sydney.
   Breaststroker, Wilf Arnold, and backstroker David Theile, are possible
   Among the women, Jan Munro (freestyle), and Lynne Chamberlain (backstroke),
also look winners on present form. Lesley Campbell (butterfly), and Dorothy
Grier (freestyle), on their State titles form, should be prominent with any
luck. Jan Grier and Joan Fehr are certain to fight out the breaststroke title.
   Manager of the team is Norm Burn, and Chaperone is Mrs C.Arnold.

C.M. Saturday 20 February 1954


   Melbourne (by teleprinter) – Two Queenslanders set new Victorian record
times in their national qualifying swim heats at Olympic pool last night.
   Jan Grier won her heat of the 110 yards junior breaststroke in 1m30.5s, and
J.Munro established a new record of 2m37.6s in the women’s 220 yards freestyle.

C.M. Tuesday 23 February 1954
     (Picture of Jan Munro)

                       QUEENSLAND’S EIGHT IN SWIM FINALS

   Melbourne (by teleprinter) – Eight Queenslanders won their qualifying heats
for the Australian Swimming Championships at Olympic pool last night.
   The qualifiers are – F.Dicker, D.Theile (men’s 110 junior backstroke),
B.Tudman, K.Gudenswager (men’s 110 junior freestyle), L.Campbell, K.Stewart
(women’s 110 butterfly), L.Chamberlain (women’s 110 backstroke), D.Grier (110
   Queensland will have at least one competitor in each of the national events.

C.M. Wednesday 24 February 1954


   Two new Australian records were set by Queenslanders at the Australian
Swimming Championships last night.
   Lesley Campbell of Brisbane set a new record to win the 110 yards butterfly
title. She covered the 110 yards at the Melbourne Olympic Pool in 1m 20s. This
lowered Astrid Ainsworth’s Australian record by one second. Miss Ainsworth was
third last night. Kay Stewart of Brisbane, who had paid her own fare to
Melbourne for the Championships, was second.
   The Queensland team won the 440 yards medley title in record time. The four
Brisbane girls comprising the team were Lynne Chamberlain (backstroke), Jan
Grier   (breaststroke),  Lesley   Campbell   (butterfly),  and   Dorothy  Grier
(freestyle). Their time was 5m 20s, 2/10 better than the previous record.
   Wilf Arnold of Brisbane was second in the 440 yards individual medley.
   Fred Dicker of Gladstone was third in the men’s 110 yards junior backstroke
to D.Johnson of NSW and M.Murphy of Victoria.

C.M. Monday 7 February 1954

                             GRIER CAN BE FINANCED

   Cyrus Weld, of Brisbane, was chosen yesterday for the Australian Empire
Games swimming team in Vancouver, and Jan Grier, of Bundaberg, may go also if
money can be raised.
   The official team, announced yesterday by the Australian Swimming Union
selectors (Messrs W.Holland, Queensland, W.B.Phillips, NSW, and H.A.Bennett,
Victoria, is:-
   J.Henricks (18, NSW), G.Chapman (15, NSW), Miss L.Crapp (15, NSW), D.Hawkins
(19, NSW), C.Weld (17, Qld). These five were selected on a basis of two
thousand pounds assured finance, and are almost certain to make the journey.
   Miss J.Grier (14, Bundaberg), D.Knight (16, Vic), R.McAulay (19, Vic), and
Kevin Newell (23, NSW), will go if finance can be raised by their State
Associations or by individual efforts.

C.M. 2 March 1954

                             GAMES SWIMMER DOWN
                              By Tom Linneth

   Jan Grier, Australia’s breaststroke representative for the British Empire
Games, was sensationally beaten by Joan Fehr at the Valley pool last night.
Grier defeated Fehr in the Australian Championships to gain selection in the
national team.
   Last night Fehr touched at the 50 metre mark with Grier, but went away from
the Bundaberg girl at the finish. Fehr’s 100 metre time of 1m 28.6s was only
0.3sec slower than her Australian junior record. Grier was clocked at 1m 28.8s.
   Before Grier, a 14-year-old Bundaberg schoolgirl, came to he top this
season, Fehr was recognised as the natural Games section.

                                  TWO RECORDS

   Queensland women’s relay teams broke two Australian records last night.
   Jan Munro, Roma Allan, Gwen Grainger, and Dorothy Grier, set a new
Australian 400 metres teams relay record 0f 4m 44.6s. This beat the previous
best time established in 1938 by a Canadian team of 4m 48.3s.
   Later in the night Lynne Chamberlain, Jan Grier, Lesley Campbell, and
Dorothy Grier, beat the 400 metres medley teams relay record. The girls clocked
5m 28.6s. Previous record of 5m 33.4s was held by New South Wales.
                                HENRICKS FAILS

   Jon Henricks failed in his bid to beat the world freestyle 100 metres record
of 55.7sec held by American Alan Ford. Henricks clocked 56.7sec which was
0.5sec outside his own Australian record. Later he was timed at 56.4sec in a
100metre dash in a teams relay event.

                                 SET HOT PACE

   Queenslander, Cyrus Weld, burnt himself out in an attempt to give Henricks a
world record. Weld led the field for the first 50 metres and was in front until
he faltered with 20 metres to go. Singapore swimmer, Neo Chwee Koh then
finished over Weld to beat him for second place. Weld planned to set a hot pace
for the first lap hoping that Henricks would then have enough in reserve for
the final burst.
   Henricks it the front with 25 metres to go but was unable to come home with
his usual burst.

                                BEAT OWN BEST

   Maryborough junior, Barry Tudman, broke his own Queensland junior freestyle
100 metres record last night. Tudman clocked 61.1sec. His previous time was
   Jon Henricks, Neo Chwee Koh, Ken Wiles, and Steve Wilkes, clocked 4m 5.4s in
a 400 metres relay race. The Australian record is 4m 11s.

C.M. 10 April 1954

                           W.HOLLAND HEAD OF GAMES TEAM
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Queenslander Bill Holland will be Manager-Coach of the Australian swimming
team for the Empire Games in Vancouver. His selection was confirmed by mail
vote conducted by the Australian Swimming Union. He will fly to Vancouver
(Canada) with the Australian squad about July 12, and will return late August.
   Holland is an Australian selector, and has been Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association Secretary-coach since 1946.
   Holland coached the Australian team at the British Empire Games at Auckland
in 1950, and also organised training for the Australian Olympic Games team in
   He is one of the best authorities on swimming in Australia. His appointment
will be well received.
   Holland defeated three opponents in a ballot for the overseas position. The
other nominations were – T.Goudie (WA), Jim Beard (NSW), and Billy Williams
Courier Mail Friday 24 September 1954

                         ASK TOP SWIMMERS TO AUSTRALIA

   An unofficial World Sprint Championship has been planned for Sydney in
January. Australia’s fastest swimmer, Jon Hendricks, American sprint champion,
Dick Cleveland, and European champion, Hungarian I Nyeki, may meet over 110
   New South Wales Amateur Swimming Association at its Council meeting last
night recommended to the Australian Swimming Union that Cleveland and Nyeki be
invited to tour Australia in January and February.

(No further reports on swimming were seen in the C.M. in September and October

C.M. Thursday 4 November 1954

                          SET DATE OF SWIM TITLES
                             By Tom Linneth

   Queensland swim titles will be held from January 28 to February 5. This was
announced last night by the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary
(Bill Holland).
   North Queensland titles will now be switched to next Easter, country
official, Jack Todd, said last night. North Queensland had planed their titles
for early February, but changed them last night when the State title dates were
announced. The country titles will go to Townsville. It is four years since
they last held them.
   Queensland has been offered a tour by Olympic Games diver Joaquin Capilla
(Mexico) but is certain to refuse.        This is because Queensland has no
facilities for top class diving. Queensland lost the 1955 Australian swim
titles because we have no Olympic diving pool.

                                COST £65 EACH

   A tour from American synchronised swimmer Mrs Beulah Gundling is also
certain to be refused. Her appearances would coincide with the State title
dates, and would be of no use to Queensland.
   State Secretary, Bill Holland, said last night that Queensland was unlikely
to send a big squad to the national championships. If Adelaide accepts the
titles, cost of sending each swimmer will be about sixty five pounds.

C.M. Tuesday 9 November 1954

                               MUNRO’S TREBLE IN SWIMS
                                   By Tom Linneth

   National freestyle champion, Jan Munro, won three main events at a combined
clubs swim carnival at the Valley pool. She took the Open freestyle (100 metres
in 1m 12.8s), backstroke (100 metres 1m 28.5s), and butterfly (50 metres in
39.9s).. She also finished third in the breaststroke 100 metres event which was
won by the State representative Kay Stewart.
   Munro will leave Brisbane tomorrow for Sydney for coaching under Harry
Gallagher for 10-11 weeks.
   Empire Games representative, Cyrus Weld, won a double, the backstroke 100
metres and the freestyle 100 metres.
   Peter Andersen, 14, provided great effort to take the Under 16 butterfly
50metres in 36.4secs.    This time was equal to Des Mason’s win in the Open
butterfly 50 metres.
C.M. Thursday 11 November 1954

                                    By Tom Linneth

   Cyrus Weld, Queensland’s best swimmer, will miss the Australian swim
championships. The titles have been switched from Brisbane to Adelaide 0n
February 19-24.
   Queensland lost the championships because we have no suitable diving
facilities in Brisbane. Weld will sit for University examinations the month the
nationals are held.
He is also expecting a National Service call-up after the University exams.
   Jan Munro, Queensland’s top girl freestyler, will return from Sydney
coaching for the State Women’s Championships carnival at the Valley pool on
December 6.
   The mercantile annual swim has been fixed for November 24 at the Valley
   Two are flying to Sydney today for coaching from top Sydney coach, Harry
Gallagher – John Mcleod a GPS sub-junior champion, and Eileen Munro a promising

C.M. Wednesday 17 November 1954


   Jon Henricks, the world’s fastest freestyle sprint swimmer, is expected to
compete in the Queensland titles. Henricks told Brisbane friends he is keen to
make the appearance next year. The Queensland championships will be held at the
Valley pool from January 28 to February 5.
   Usually top swimmers from the south do not bother about the Queensland
   If Henricks decides to enter, he will give the championships a late boost.
   Beulah Gundling, the world’s top synchronised swimmer, has been booked to
appear a a special carnival on February 14. Earlier the Queensland Amateur
Swimming Association declined her trip until a February date was available.
   QASA has refused affiliation to the North Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association as that body could not be formed to control swimming exclusively in
North Queensland.

C.M. Monday 22 November 1954

                                  PENNANT TO TOOWOOMBA

   Toowoomba swimmers had little difficulty in regaining the Warren Pennant
from Ipswich, holders for the past four years. The local team was always in the
lead and clinched the competition by 7 points – 87 to 80.
   Outstanding swim of the night was that of J.Purtell of Toowoomba who clipped
2.4secs off the previous time for the men’s 100 yards backstroke.
   Two other records were broken. Gwen Grainger took a second off her own
record of 77 secs for the women’s 100 yards freestyle, and A.Sharpe of Ipswich
set a new record of 60.8 secs for the junior men’s 100 yards freestyle.
  (Full results given)

C.M. Tuesday 23 November 1954

                                     SWIM ENTRIES

   Record entry of 100 teams has been received for the Mercantile swim carnival
at the Valley pool tomorrow night.
   Cyrus Weld, Empire Games swim star, and other national contenders will
appear at the carnival.
   400 swimmers – male and female – comprising 100 teams from Brisbane’s
commercial houses and government departments will take part

C.M. Monday 29 November 1954

                                NEW RECORD BY TUDMAN

   Speedster, Barry Tudman, bettered the national 100 yards freestyle record at
Mary-borough at the weekend. In a solo dash he clocked 54.44 which is 1.1 secs
faster than John Devitt’s record. Devitt’s record was set in a 25 yard pool,
Tudman went over a 33 1/3 yards course. Tudman missed his second turn which
slowed up his time.
   Now 14, Tudman is one of Queensland’s greatest freestyle swimming prospects.

                                   LYN’S RECORD

   Brisbane girl, Lyn Chamberlain, cut four seconds off the Queensland   resident
record for backstroke. Lyn moved freely to clock 75.6 secs. She          was not
   Chamberlain beat State freestyle sprint champion, Dorothy Grier,      over 100
yards and won by a yard. Chamberlain’s time of 674.7 secs was just       short of
Grier’s State record of 64.4 secs.

C.M. Tuesday 30 November 1954

                          NEW SWIM HOPE WILL LIVE HERE
                               By Tom Linneth

   Ken Gudenswager, one of Queensland’s most promising young freestyle
swimmers, will move to Brisbane. Gudenswager, of Dalby, was a member of last
year’s State swim team at the Melbourne championships. He was fourth in the
junior freestyle 110 yards title, just behind Barry Tudman of Maryborough. He
was also fourth in the 440 yards freestyle title, after a second to Garretty in
a heat.

                                    TOP PROSPECT

   Gudenswager is one of the State’s up and coming freestylers. He should do
well in Brisbane. In previous years Gudenswager has come to Brisbane for
training under Bill Fleming during the vacation period. With better preparation
he should develop into one of our top prospects for the Australian titles.

                                    SHOCK SWITCH

   Ramsay of Bundaberg has made a shock switch to surfing this season. Ramsay
has not trained for still water and is most unlikely to enter in the state
   Fred Dicker, of Gladstone, is expected to arrive in Brisbane early this
month for coaching. Dicker took a heat of the breaststroke 110 yards at the
nationals, but was beaten by a touch in the final.
   Valley, Leander, and Western Suburbs Clubs, will compete in the metropolitan
carnival at the Ithaca pool tonight.

C.M. Tuesday 7 December 1954

                        JAN MUNRO SWIMS FAST TIMES IN TITLES
                                  By Tom Linneth

   Freestyler Jan Munro last night swam her fastest 100 metres of the season at
the Valley pool. She slipped over the distance in 70.2secs to take the senior
championship. Jan’s previous best for this season was 72.2secs in October. Last
night’s 70.2secs was only 0.2sec outside her best time ever for 100 metres.
   Munro had no trouble in winning her event. She could have clocked better
time if forced along. Second placegetter, Roma Allan, was 10.5sec behind Munro.
Doreen Pegg was third.
   During the carnival Munro competed in ten races, which was too much for one
   Munro was surprisingly forced along in a later relay event by Rosemary
Lassig of Bundaberg. Lassig, 13, was one of the most promising youngsters in
the championships.


   Lassig was heavily penalised in the freestyle handicap races, and did not
get much of a chance to win. In the 50 metres freestyle sub-junior title, she
won well when not competing with a handicap. She also showed up in the sub-
junior breaststroke 50 metres to win from E.Jay.
   Lyn Chamberlain, who was kept out of the competitive events against Munro,
did well in a relay leg. Chamberlain was not individually clocked by the
timekeepers, but her relay leg was similar to Munro’s time.
   British Empire Games breaststroke representative, Jann Grier, showed plenty
of dash at breaststroke. Young Jann worked hard to win the Under 1,650 metres
title in 40.6sec.
   Helen Lecky fought on to win the Under 14 freestyle handicap from Rosemary
Lassig and E.Southwick.
 (Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 8 December 1954

  Picture of divers taking off from the side of the “New Gatton College
Swimming Pool, officially opened by the Governor, Sir John Laverack, yesterday.
The pool was excavated by volunteer school labour, and completed a cost of
forty thousand pounds and gives the college an Olympic standard pool for
swimming sports.”

C.M. Friday 10 December 1954

                            JOAN FEHR MAY MISS QLD TITLES
                                  By Tom Linneth

   Ipswich breaststroke swimmer, Joan Fehr, is not a definite starter in the
Queens- land titles next February. Fehr, who was coached by Harry Gallagher
last season, is out of training. She said last night her plans were
   Fehr’s decision to stay out of serious training is one of the year’s swim
surprises. She holds the Australian junior 100 metres record at 1m 28.3s setr
at the Valley pool in 1951.

                                 DOWN TO GRIER

   Fehr is only 17, and still has tremendous possibilities in Australian
swimming as a breaststroker. Last season she was beaten narrowly in the State
championships by Bundaberg youngster Jann Grier.     Grier went on the win the
Australian title and won a trip to the British Empire Games in Vancouver. But
only a touch separated both swimmers in almost all of their meetings.
   Fehr will probably make a decision on a State title swim after Christmas.

                                COUNTRY DATES

   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Bill Holland) last night
announced country championships allocations
   The Central Queensland titles will go to Rockhampton on March 11 and 12.
   Dates have yet to be fixed for the Central-Western Queensland (at Aramac),
and South-Western (at Goondiwindi) championships.
C.M. Saturday 11 December 1954

                        SWIM CARNIVAL BOYCOTT ON POOL PLAN
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Top men swimmers at City Pastime Club have boycotted carnivals because a
Club member has been suspended from Davies Park pool. The suspended swimmer is
Bill Kitchener, also a member of the Surfers Paradise Surf Club. He will not be
allowed in the Davies Park pool area for two weeks. Kitchener’s suspension was
imposed by Bill Fleming, controller of Davies Park pool.
   Fleming said last night Kitchener will be allowed to swim there again when
the ban expires. Fleming would not comment on the reason for the suspension,
but said it was not serious. He added that he had told Kitchener it was
disciplinary action.
   The entire A Grade section of City Pastime Club missed one carnival when
told of Kitchener’s suspension.

                                  ONLY THREE SWAM

   About 12 swimmers normally compete in their main events. On Thursday night
three swam, but they were not financial members. A City Pastime Club official
said the unfinancial members had been allowed to swim “to keep the competition
   The Club was behind Fleming’s decision to suspend Kitchener for the two
weeks, he said.

C.M. Tuesday 28 December 1954
                            THIELE WILL MISS SWIM TITLES
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Maryborough backstroker David Theile will tour New Zealand from January 25
to February 11. Theile was named by the Australian selectors to make the New
Zealand tour with Murray Rose. Rose, of New South Wales, is one of the top
Australian junior freestyle sprinters.
   Theile recently set a new Australian backstroke record time of 60.7sec for
100 yards at Maryborough. He is regarded as one of the most promising junior
swimmers in Queensland at present.
   New Zealand authorities sent their invitation for two of Australia’s leading
   Theile’s selection is a feather in his cap, as Australia has many brilliant
swimmers at present. His absence from the Queensland championships should not
effect his selection in the State side. Theile is expected to be one of our
leading entrants at the nationals in Adelaide starting on February 18.

C.M. Monday 3 January 1955

                                 WELD TO GIVE UP BIG SWIMS
                                     By Tom Linneth
(Picture of Weld)
   Cyrus Weld, one of the world’s leading freestyle swimmers, has announced his
temporary retirement. Weld, 18, is at present studying his first year of
medicine at Queensland University. He said last night he will swim only for
relaxation in the next two years.
   “If I can successfully pass my examinations in the next two years I will try
to make the Olympic Games team,” he said. “But my main concern for 1955 will be
studying Medicine.”

                                  WON’T DEFEND
   Weld said he would not defend his Queensland titles at the championships
starting on January 28. If the Valley Club is short of relay swimmers he is
prepared to help them out.
   Weld has not trained since his return to Brisbane from the British Empire
Games in Vancouver. But his natural brilliance would be sufficient for him to
greatly assist Valley in relay competition.
   Lanky, freckled-faced, Weld gained world recognition at the British Empire
Games last August. He went to the Games as a backstroker and finished third in
the final. But his greatest effort was second to team-mate Jon Henricks in the
final of the freestyle 110 yards. Weld pushed Henricks to a Games record of
56.6sec. His own time was 58.5sec.
   Cyrus is the greatest freestyler produced in Queensland. In 1953 he cleaned
up all opposition to take every major freestyle State title and set new
records. At the last State titles Cyrus broke five of the records he
established a year before over 100 yards, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres
and 800 metres freestyle. Weld also holds the 1500 metres Queensland
championship. He has backstroke records for 100 metres and 110 yards.
   Queensland will badly miss Weld. During the last two years he has been a
tremendous asset to the State. Weld’s performances helped to encourage
youngsters to the sport, as well as being a big turnstyle drawcard.

C.M. Thursday 6 January 1955

                       QUEENSLAND GIRLS SECOND, THIRD
                       RECORD FOR SWIM CUT BY JANICE

   Sydney – Queensland swimmer, Janice Munro, last night broke the women’s
Australian 110 yards record of 1m 7.9s by eight-tenths of a second. She
finished second to Empire Games champion Lorraine Crapp (NSW) in the 110 yard
sprint at the New South Wales women’s championships at the North Sydney Olympic
   Another Queenslander, Dorothy Grier, daughter of a former Australian sprint
champion, Reg Grier, came third. (It is recalled that Reg Grier married Dorothy
Thompson Australian breaststroke representative at the 1928 Olympic Games – Ed)
   However, the two Queensland girls cannot be officially placed in the State

C.M. Saturday 9 January 1955

                              DOROTHY NEAR HER TOP
                        BEST SWIM EVER BY A QUEENSLAND GIRL

   Sydney – Seventeen-year-old Dorothy Grier, of Bundaberg, last night swam the
women’s 440 yards in the fastest time ever by a Queenslander. In the heats of
the New South Wales swimming championships at the North Sydney Olympic pool she
cocked 5m 26.8s in the Open 440 yards freestyle.
   Dorothy, who is daughter of the former Australian sprint champion, Reg
Grier, swam smoothly and was not extended to win her heat easily. She is
expected to extend Empire Games champion, Lorraine Crapp, in the final tonight.
   Queenslander, F.McKillop, was among the seven swimmers who qualified for the
110 yards junior freestyle final.
C.M. Wednesday 12 January 1955

                            COULD BE 1956 OLYMPIC HOPE

   Sydney – Thirteen-year-old Townsville girl, Fay McKillop, last night set the
best Australian time ever for her age in the junior 220 yards freestyle swim.
Her time of 2m 36.8s in the heats of the NSW women’s amateur swimming titles
was also the third best ever set by a junior. Previous best junior times were
those of Marjory McQuade (2m 35.5s) and Lorraine Crapp (2m 29.6s).
  Coach Frank Guthrie found Fay McKillop when he was in Townsville supervising
the training of Empire Games champion, Lorraine Crapp for the 1954 Empire
   Fay used to go to the baths to swim in between Miss Crapp’s training and was
sighted by Guthrie who advised her parents to send her to Sydney.
   Queensland girl, Dorothy Grier, 17, last night set the best qualifying time
of 2m 32.2s in the heats of the 220 yards women’s championship. Miss Grier last
Saturday won the 440 yards State championship after Lorraine Crapp was unable
to compete.

C.M. Friday 14 January 1955

                         JANN GRIER TO REST FOR A YEAR

   Empire Games swimmer, Jann Grier, has a cracked left kneecap, and will be
out for the rest of the year. This means she will miss the Queensland and
Australian championships.
   Jann will receive treatment for several weeks, but if it is not successful
she will have to undergo and operation. Her father, Reg Grier, said last night
that she complained frequently last year about knee trouble. It was not until
the injury became worse this week in Brisbane that she was taken to a
Specialist yesterday. Mr Grier said that now her future is in doubt until the
treatment is finished.
   Jann will fly back to Bundaberg today. Grier, 14, represented Australia at
the British Empire Games in Vancouver last August. She won her breaststroke
title heat, but failed to get a place in the final. Jann best other performance
was a third in the three x 110 yards medley relay. Her form all round was not
up to her previous Australian standard and it is possible the knee injury could
have affected Jann and helped to cause loss of form.
   Grier was expected to take out her breaststroke title at the Queensland
championships at the end of the month. She was also regarded as a certain
member of the Queensland team for the nationals in Adelaide starting on
February 18.

C.M. Tuesday 18 January 1955

                            NEW STAR WOULD REPLACE WELD

   Murray Rose, Australia’s new amazing freestyle discovery, will be invited to
compete in the Queensland Championships next month. Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association executive last night decide to telegraph Rose an invitation. It was
decided to ask Rose because Queensland now lacks a “star” with Weld out.
   Rose was to have toured New Zealand with backstroker David Theile from
January 25 to February 12, but the New Zealand Association yesterday cancelled
the tour because of lack of funds.
   Rose, who holds the national freestyle 440 yards record at 4m 37.5s, will
automatically contest the event if he accepts. He will also be requested to
enter te freestyle 100 metres and 200 metres.
   The executive decision to invite Rose to the titles is sound, although
opposition is likely from some quarters. Without a big name, the men’s events
on this year’s championships would be only average. Rose will get plenty of
opposition in the 100 metres sprint from Maryborough youngsters Barry Tudman
and Ken Harper. In the 200 metres field he should find Bobby Burns and Steve
Wilkes strong contenders. Burns and Wilkes do not have much chance of beating
Rose in the 400 metres, but could push him to a fast time.

                               THEILE A LATE ENTRY

   The executive also decided last night to accept the late entry for the State
titles from David Theile. From Maryborough Theile telegraphed nomination for
nine events. They include freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly events, as well
as medley.
   The executive also decided to again nominate secretary, Bill Holland, for
Australian selector. Holland has only missed once since being first elected a
selector in 1946.
   Jan Munro was given permission to fly to Adelaide on February 15 to prepare
for the national titles on February 18. Munro suffers from air sickness, and
wants time to recover. The State squad leaves on February 16.
   The National Water Polo Championships will be held in Perth from February 6
to 13. South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria have entered.
   QASA wants billets for three Mt Isa girl swimmers (12 to 13 years) from
January 20 to February 6.

C.M. Saturday 22 January 1955

                         DONOHUE TO SWIM IN Q’LD TITLES

   Australian 1650 yards swim champion, John Donohue, will compete at the
Queensland titles to be held at the Valley pool from January 28 to February 5.
   Donohue is the third Sydney swim champion to be booked for the titles. The
others are Murray Rose and David Johnson. All three are juniors, but will
contest open events here. Donohue will start in the 400, 800 and 1500 metres
freestyle, Johnson in the junior and open breaststroke events, and Rose in the
100, 200 and 400 metres freestyle.
   Queensland should have one of the best swim meetings on record with these
three southern stars in action. A big team of country swimmers is in Brisbane
training for the titles with leading metropolitan competitors.

C.M. Tuesday 25 January 1955

                         ROSE AFTER SWIM RECORD AT TITLES
                                By Tom Linneth

   Sydney freestyler, Murray Rose, will attempt to break the Australian 800
metres swim record in Brisbane. Rose will make his bid during the Queensland
swim champion- ships on February 2. His other Queensland title event will be in
the freestyle 400 metres on February 3.
  The record is now held by Empire Games representative Gary Chapman who
clocked 9m 52.4s for the distance. Coach Sam Herford is confident Rose will
lower that mark.
   Barry Tudman, of Maryborough, has been out of training since last Friday
with a ruptured right shoulder muscle.
   Last night Jan Munro clocked two impressive times in the metropolitan clubs
carnival at the Valley pool. She covered 100metres freestyle in 70.4sec, and 50
metres butterfly in 40sec.

                                    WELD’S THREE

   Her freestyle time was only 0.4sec outside her best effort in Queensland.
Her butterfly time was 2sec short of her best performance.
   Empire Games representative, Cyrus Weld, although out of training, won three
major events. Weld had no trouble in taking the open freestyle, backstroke, and
    Young John Fingleton clipped 1.1sec off the State Under 12 freestyle time
for 50 metres. Fingleton easily recorded 32.2sec. He also comfortably won the
backstroke event.
(Photos of Munro and Weld swimming)


C.M. Friday 28 January 1955

                                 By Tom Linneth

   Fifteen-year-old Sydney freestyler, Jon Donohue, shattered Cyrus Weld’s
junior 400 metres swim record at the Valley pool last night. Donohue cruised
over the distance in 4m 53.1s. He could have made much better time. His win
also beat Weld’s resident record by 4.5sec.
   Early yesterday morning Donohue trained over four miles in Sydney before
flying to Brisbane for the titles. Last night Donohue was told to take the race
easily, and he did. At every turn the Sydney boy stopped to look back at the
rest of the field.
   Donohue holds the Australian open 1650 yards freestyle title, and New South
Wales junior 440 yards championship. His lap times last night were – 100 metres
1m 7.2s, 200 metres 2m 22.2s, 300 metres 3m 38.4s.
   Jan Munro last night clocked her fastest time for freestyle 100 metres. She
registered 67.9sec which would have enabled her to compete in the final of the
Helsinki Olympic Games swim. This is the best time recorded by a Queenslander.
Best time recorded previously was Dorothy Grier’s 69.8sec.
   In a heat just before Munro swam, Grier again equalled this time.
   Munro said she hopes to cut her time down to 67sec tonight.
   Grier was pushed out in her heat last night by Toowoomba girl Gwen Grainger
who led for the first 50 metres. Munro, on the other hand, had no opposition at
   The final line-up tonight of Munro, Grier, and Grainger, should be one of
the carnival’s most exciting events.

                              DICKER’S SURPRISE DEFEAT

   Kyogle farmer, John Brown, caused one of the night’s shocks by defeating
Queensland’s top breaststroke swimmer, Fred Dicker, of Gladstone. Brown
comfortably took the first heat of the breaststroke open 200 metres in 3m 2.8s.
He led Dickey all the way and won by 0.7sec. Last season Dickey represented
Queensland at the national titles and gained a third placing.
   Estelle Jay was most impressive in defeating seasoned breaststroke swimmer
Kay Stewart in the open breaststroke 200 metres heat. Former English girl,
Phoebe Payne of Townsville, won the other heat.

                                   RACE RECORDS

   Three race records were broken during last night’s heats.
   In the freestyle Under 12 50 metres dash, Graham Tait of Maryborough,
clocked 33s to cut Tommy Brandon’s race time of 33.1s. Two heats later, Valley
boy John Fingleton reduced the time to 32.6sec.
   Tommy Brandon, of Mt Isa, took his country junior freestyle 50 metres heat
in 29.1s.
   Brilliant youngster, Barry Tudman of Maryborough, registered 27.7sec in his
heat. Tudman withdrew from the open freestyle 100 metres. He is still having
trouble with his shoulder.
   Ken Harper who recovered from polio to compete in the titles, recorded the
fastest heat time for the open freestyle 100 metres. He clocked 61.4s. Ken
Wiles won his heat in 63.3sec.
  (Complete results given)

C.M. Saturday 29 January 1955

                             THEILE SETS SWIM RECORD
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Maryborough backstroke swimmer, David Theile, last night clocked the world’s
fourth fastest time to smash the national 100 metres record in the State titles
at the Valley pool. Theile, 16, clocked 66.2sec to beat Percy Oliver’s 18 year
old Australian record by 1.7sec. He was competing in the final of the
intermediate division. His time also cut Oliver’s Queensland record by2.4sec
and Cyrus Weld’s intermediate time by 3.1sec.
   Theile, who is trained in Maryborough by Arthur Cusack, is an Olympic Games
prospect. Last night he flashed away from the blocks in a perfect start and
swam in easy style. Theile’s 66.2sec is only 1.1sec slower than Frenchman
Bozon’s top time which made him the world’s fastest.
   Brilliant Sydney freestyler Jon Donohoe bettered the junior freestyle 400
metres record he set on Thursday night in a heat. Last night Donohue recorded
4m 49.4s to improve on his previous performance of 4m 53.1s. His new time was
17.9sec faster than Cyrus Weld’s junior record, and 6.2 sec faster than Weld’s
resident record.
   Australian junior breaststroke champion David Johnston, also from Sydney,
won the open 200 metres championship. Johnston finished brilliantly to defeat
John Brown of Kyogle in 3m 1.8s. Fred Dicker of Gladstone was third.

                                JAN DOES IT AGAIN

   Jan Munro on Thursday night recorded her fastest freestyle 100 metres time
with 67.9sec in a heat. Last night she bettered it with 67.6sec in the open 100
metres sprint. Munro pulled away from Dorothy Grier, of Bundaberg, with Lyn
Chamberlain, of Brisbane, finishing well for third place. Munro’s time makes
her the tenth fastest woman in the world.
   Other records at last night’s finals were:-
   Barry Tudman (Maryborough) swam 27.1sec for the country freestyle junior 50
metres to cut his race record by 0.4sec.
   John Fingleton (Brisbane) recorded 32.2sec in the freestyle Under 12 50
metres – 0.4sec faster than his race record.
   Bobby Burns (Brisbane) with 5m 3.5s improved on his freestyle intermediate
400 metres race record by 1sec.
   Brian Brymer (Rockhampton), with 36.9sec in the backstroke sub-junior 50
metres, beat the race record by 0.4sec.
 (Full details given)

C.M. Tuesday 1 February 1955
                               THEILE EQUALS GAMES TIME
                                   By Tom Linneth

   Maryborough backstroker David Theile last night equalled the Olympic Games
100 metres record with a 65.4se swim in the State titles in the Valley pool. It
also clipped his Australian record of 66.2sec set on Friday night by 0.8sec.
   The performance places Theile No 3 in the world times of last year. It ws
only 0.3sec outside the fastest last year held by the Frenchman Bozon at
   Theile, just turned 17, could develop into one of the most amazing
backstrokers in the world. Last night he won by 8.6sec. He was not on top pace,
and with pressure his time would have been improved. Theile went down the first
lap in 31.1sec, against his 35sec lap last Friday.
   Freestyler, Jan Munro, last night clearly established herself as our best
woman freestyler in taking the open 400 metres. Munro went away from the
brilliant Dorothy Grier, of Bundaberg, to win in 5m 23s. This time was 8.2sec
better than Olympian Denise Spencer’s resident Queensland record.

                                TUDMAN’S FINE SWIM

   Maryborough freestyler, Barry Tudman, equalled his 100 metres junior record
with a 61.1sec swim. Tudman has thrown off his shoulder trouble and should
further reduce his sprint time during the titles.
   Peter Andersen, 14, showed remarkable courage to cut 24sec off the open
butterfly stroke race record. He clocked 2m 58.3s. Earlier in the evening
Andersen won the junior championship to also beat the race record.
   So far in the four title meetings two Australian, seven Queensland, eight
resident, and 28 race records have been toppled.
  Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 2 February 1955

                                By Tom Linneth

   Top Australian freestylers Murray Rose and Jon Donohoe will attempt to crack
the Australian freestyle 800 metres record at Valley pool tonight. State record
time is held by Empire Games representative Gary Chapman. Steve Wilkes,
Queensland’s outstanding surfer, is also in the final.

                                 SWAM UNDER WATER

   Breaststroker, Peter Andersen, caused a stir by swimming 50 metres of his
100 metres heat under water. Andersen dived off the blocks and did not come up
until he reached the other end. Normally, most breaststrokers in Brisbane only
do up to 15 yards under water. He led under water for the first 50 metres but
fell back to finish third to national contender, Fred Dicker of Gladstone.
  (Full results given)

C.M. Thursday 3 February 1955

                                By Tom Linneth

   Sydney schoolboy, Murray Rose, last night shattered the Australian freestyle
800 metres record in his State title swim at the Valley pool. He swam
effortlessly o’clock 9m 47.8s and better Gary Chapman’s record of 9m 54.5s.
Rose, 16, moved through the water with machine-like action to beat Sydney rival
Jon Donohoe for his record.
Rose beat Donohoe, a recognised miler, by 6 sec. Queenslander Bobby Burns was
   David Johnson, another Sydney schoolboy, later in the night broke the
Australian junior breaststroke 100 metres record. Johnson registered 1m 24.3s
to beat his own time by 0.1sec.
   Johnson was pushed right out by Maryborough lad, John O’Donaghue, to set his
junior record. The Sydney lad touched the “50” with Fred Dickey of Gladstone,
who finished third. O’Donaghue was only 1sec behind Johnson, which was first
class, as Johnson is a brilliant performer.
   Queensland freestyle sprinter, Barry Tudman, of Maryborough, also figured in
the record breaking list. He knocked 0.2sec off the State junior 200 metres
time with a 2m 20.8s swim. Barry Tudman was pushed out by Ross Murray of
Brisbane for his record. Murray came home with an amazing finish and just
failed to catch Tudman.
   Jan Munro clearly established herself as our best woman freestyler by taking
the open 200 metres. Her time of2m 31.7s beat Olympian Denise Spencer’s State
resident record of 2m 34.2s. But Munro only just won. Dorothy Grier of
Bundaberg finished strongly and just failed to peg Munro back. Had Grier gone a
little faster in the first lap she would have won.

                                 HAS FOUR RECORDS

   Munro has now set records to take every open freestyle title. They were over
100, 200 400, and 800 metres.
   Rosemary Lassig (Bundaberg) st a new race record in winning the junior
freestyle 100 metres championship.
   Peter Andersen (open butterfly stroke open 100 metres) and Cyrus Weld (open
freestyle 50 metres) were the other impressive winners
   Toowoomba girl, Gwen Grainger, beat Australian record holder Lyn Chamberlain
to win the open backstroke 100 metres.

C.M. Friday 4 February 1955

  Good picture of Jan Munro.
  Results of heats.

C.M. Saturday 5 February 1955

                                ROSE’S EFFORT FAILS
                                   By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane schoolgirl, Jan Munro, 16, last night broke the Australian
butterfly stoke record in the State titles at the Valley pool. But Sydney
freestyle wonder, Murray Rose, missed in his record attempt by only 0.2sec.
   Munro lowered the national 100 metres time with a sensational 1m 26.3s swim.
It was 2.7sec faster than Lesley Campbell’s standing time of 1m 29s. Campbell,
a Brisbane girl, decided to retire from competitive swimming this season. When
Munro heard that Campbell was retiring she decided to enter for the Queensland
champion- ship.

                                    USED NEW KICK

   Last night was the first time Munro had contested a big butterfly stroke
event. Her performance was really ”something out of the box”. She used the
dolphin kick which has recently been introduced into Australia.
   Munro led all the way to defeat Kay Stewart and Lyn Potter. She looks
certain to win the Australian title at Adelaide this month. She now looms as a
big prospect for the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne.
   Earlier in the night, Munro won the freestyle open 50 metres in 30.3sec.
This establishes a new Queensland resident record. It was 0.1sec faster than
her previous best time.
   Munro has now won every major women’s freestyle event. She has set new
Queensland resident records in each race. Her freestyle victories have been
over 800, 400, 200, 100, and 50 metres.

                                     GRIER SHOCK
   Shock of last night’s 50 metres was Dorothy Grier of Bundaberg. She failed
to gain a place. Lyn Chamberlain of Brisbane came in second, and third was Gwen
Grainger of Toowoomba.
   Murray Rose missed his Australian record because he went too fast in the
first of his eight laps, and could not maintain the pace. Rose recorded 4m
39.5s which was 0.2 sec outside Gary Chapman’s top performance. However, it was
a new Queensland record, bettering Chapman’s best swim here of 4m 44s by

                                    IN TOP CLASS

   Cyrus Weld showed last night he is really in world class. Weld swam 60sec in
a heat of a relay. As he has not been training, this is a performance of great
merit. Weld was the first Queenslander to record 60sec for a freestyle 100
   Rosemary Lassig, 13, of Bundaberg, registered 40.7sec to equal the
breaststroke sub-junior 50 metre raced record.
   Dave Billingham, 34, caused a big upset by winning the men’s open
breaststroke 100 metres. He defeated juniors John O’Donaghue (Maryborough) and
Fred Dicker (Gladstone). Australian record holder, David Johnson of Sydney, did
not look well, and missed a place.
   Ann Stewart won the sub-junior 50 metres title and the junior backstroke
championships within ten minutes.
  (Full results given)

C.M. Monday 7 February 1955
                                  7 COUNTRY GIRLS CHOSEN
                               YOUNGEST SWIM TITLE SIDE YET
                                      By Tom Linneth

   Two 13-year-old country girls, Rosemary Lassig and Fay McKillop, have been
selected in the youngest Queensland team for the national titles. Seven of the
nine fully-paid team are country swimmers. Four of the eight to go at their
expense are also from the country.
   The Australian championships will start in Adelaide on February 19.
   The paid team is:-
Men – P.Andersen (14, Brisbane), J.O’Donaghue (16, Maryborough), D.Theile (17,
Maryborough), B.Tudman (15, Maryborough).
Women – G.Grainger (18, Toowoomba), D.Grier (18, Maryborough), R.Lassig (13,
Bundaberg), F.McKillop (13, Townsville), J.Munro (16, Brisbane).
   Team to go at own expense:-
Men – R.Burns (17, Brisbane), F.Dicker (16, Gladstone), I.Mitchell (23,
Brisbane diver), R.Murray (14, Brisbane).
Women – L.Kingston (13, Brisbane), P.Payne (14, Townsville), L.Potter (14,
Gladstone), A.Stewart (12, Bundaberg).

                                     EYE TO FUTURE

   This is a good team. It has been selected with an eye to the future. We can
get at least eight victories. On Australian championship performances all of
our 17 are capable of places.
   Wins should come from Andersen (junior butterfly), Theile (backstroke),
Munro (medley and butterfly), Tudman (junior freestyle), McKillop (junior
freestyle), O’Donaghue (junior breaststroke), women’s medley relay team.
   Gwen Grainger’s inclusion was the only surprise, but she is needed for
backstroke to clinch the medley relay.
   Queensland is Australia’s top State in women’s swimming. All-round we are
second to New South Wales.
   The clash between Crapp and Munro will be one of the championship
   Dorothy Grier could win the freestyle 440 yards with any luck.
   The team will leave Brisbane by air on February 16. Team Manager is Sid
Connell and Chaperone Mrs A.Andersen. Bren Lyons is delegate to the Conference.

C.M. Tuesday 8 February 1955

                                 By Tom Linneth

   Queensland swimmers David Theile (Maryborough) and Jan Munro (Brisbane)
appear to be certain to be sent to the Hawaiian championships in June.
Australia has been asked to send a team of four men and one woman to the
Honolulu carnivals.
   Theile, 17, is the fastest backstroke 100metres long course swimmer in the
world at present. He is rated by Australian swim officials as our top performer
with brilliant freestyler Jon Henricks.
   Sydney coach, Frank Guthrie, said in a telephone talk last night that
Lorraine Crapp, Australia’s No 1 woman, was not available for Hawaii. Jan
Munro, 16, is the second woman to Crapp, and is the automatic choice to take
her place.

C.M. Wednesday 16 February 1955

                                   LANGLANDS PARK SCHEME
                                 DISAGREEMENT ON SWIM POOL

   Aldermen disagreed at yesterday’s City Council meeting on the stage reached
in planning the Langlands Park (Stone’s Corner) swimming pool. The
Establishment and Co-ordination Committee had reported that the pool design was
at a stage where consulting architects should be engaged.
   The Council approved the committee’s recommendation to engage Conrad and
Garget to complete the design on a fee of a percent of the cost of the work
they designed.
   However, the Lord Mayor (Ald Roberts) told the meeting that the architects
were being engaged on the relatively minor job of laying out the pool

                                   “LAYOUT FIXED”

   The pool layout has been decided, and Council design engineers would
complete working plans within a fortnight. It would then be possible to start
building the pool. Meanwhile a discussion would be made on whether the pool
would be built by day-labour or by contract.
   The Citizens Municipal Organisation Leader (Ald Groom) said that Ald Roberts
statement was untrue, because if working drawings were nearly ready, it would
not be necessary to engage architects to prepare the pool design as was
proposed by the Establishment and Co-ordination Committee.
   The C.M.O. Acting Deputy Leader (Ald Rudd) said the pool project was
election propaganda. The Council had allocated twenty five thousand pounds for
the pool, but a pool of its type could not be built under one hundred and fifty
thousand pounds to two hundred thousand pounds.

                                     “INDICATE PRICE”

   The decision was giving the architects a free hand and the Council should
indicate what it was prepared to spend. Water was likely to be struck 2½ feet
below ground level, Ald Rudd added.
   The Vice Mayor (Ald Bennett) said the twenty five thousand quoted by Ald
Rudd was only the budget allocation for this financial year.
   Outside the Chamber yesterday, the Works Committee Chairman (Ald Glover)
said excavation working plans would be ready about March 15, and a start would
be made on excavating before the end of March.

C.M. Saturday 19 February 1955

                            Q’LD SWIMMERS START WELL

   Adelaide – Queensland schoolgirl Jan Munro registered the fastest heat time
in the women’s medley at the national swimming championships last night. Jan,
winner of the second heat, clocked 3m 7.5s against Pattie Moran (NSW), who swam
3m 8.4s in the first heat.
   Munro was lucky to win her heat in the open freestyle 440 yards. She
defeated Pam Barton of New South Wales by a touch. Munro’s time was 5m 40s.
Barton clocked 0.2sec slower.
   In the junior freestyle 220 yards, Faith Leech (Vic) won the heat in which
the Queenslander Lynette Kingston finished third.
   Maryborough youngster Rosemary Lassig was fourth in the other heat, and just
managed to qualify.
   In the junior breaststroke, two Queenslanders, Rosemary Lassig and Phoebe
Payne, qualified after gaining placings in the heats. Lassig was drawn in the
same heat as the NSW champion, Betty Sykes, who clocked 1m 20.5s against
Rosemary’s 1m 33.3s.
    In the junior men’s freestyle 440 yards Peter Andersen of Queensland was
third in his heat. Queensland’s Ross Murray won the second heat in the slow
time of 5m 18.8s. Both Andersen and Murray qualified for the final.
   Only Queenslander to qualify in the freestyle 220 yards was Bobbie Burns who
clocked 2m 25.8s against the fastest of the night by Murray Rose of 2m 14.5s.
   (Full results given)

C.M. Monday 28 February 1955

                               GAMES SWIM TRIALS DELAY TEAMS
                                    By Tom Linneth

   Australia’s 1956 Olympic Games swim team will not be announced until a month
before the Games. It will be named after a week of special trials, most likely
held in Melbourne.
   Squads will be selected after the Australian championships in Sydney next
season, and will undergo intensive training during the winter months. Because
of the southern winter, the squads are expected to train in Queensland, most
likely in Townsville or Bundaberg.
  Almost every member of the State team will compete in heats tonight.
Most important events are the junior men’s freestyle 110 yards and the women’s
open freestyle 110 yards. Barry Tudman (Maryborough) and Ross Murray (Brisbane)
are in the men’s event. Jan Munro (Brisbane) and Rosemary Lassig (Maryborough)
will contest the women’s event. Finals will be held tomorrow night.
 (Picture – Jan Munro after she had won the Australian women’s 220 yards medley
swim titles at Adelaide on Saturday night. B.Bainbridge and D.Fraser, both of
New South Wales, filled the placings.)

C.M. Tuesday 22 February 1955

                               QUEENSLAND SWIMMERS IN FINAL
                         TUDMAN CLOCKS FASTER 110 TIME THAN ROSE

Adelaide – Barry Tudman of Maryborough swam the fastest time in the heats of
the Australian 110 yards junior freestyle here last night. He recorded 1m 1.2s.
Murray Rose of NSW recorded 1m 1.8s in his heat in which Queenslander Ross
Murray swam third.
   Another Queenslander, Bobby Burns, swimming in the same heat as Murray Rose
finished third in a time of 5m 5.3s to qualify for the men’s freestyle 440
   In the second heat of the junior men’s breaststroke 110 yards, John
O’Donaghue swimming 1m 27.2s narrowly defeated J.Ford of NSW and Victorian
F.Maloney. O’Donaghue’s time was well behind the first heat winners.

                                    JAN’S DOUBLE

   The young Queensland star Jan Munro won the heats of both her events last
night. In the women’s 110 yards butterfly stroke she registered 1m 31.4s, and
in the women’s 110 yards freestyle she swam 1m 13.2s. Another Queenslander,
Lynette Potter, also qualified for the final.
   (Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 23 February 1955

                     RECORD BY JAN IN BUTTERFLY 110 TITLE

   Adelaide – Brisbane schoolgirl Jan Munro last night broke an Australian
record to win the national women’s open butterfly stroke 110 yards title. Munro
used a double dolphin kick in setting her time of 1m 25.3s, which is 2.1sec
faster than the standing record. She later finished second to Victorian Faith
Leech in the open freestyle 110 yards event.
   Munro convincingly defeated New South Wales youngster Dawn Fraser and Patty
Moran in the butterfly stroke. It gives Jan her second Australian title.
Earlier she won the open medley.
   Munro said she felt very tired in the freestyle sprint, which was four
events after the butterfly. “I put everything I had into the butterfly race and
my arms felt like lead in the next event,” she said. Munro now intends to
concentrate on butterfly stroke. She looks a certain Olympic Games
representative in this stroke.

                                  ROSE BEATS TUDMAN

   Maryborough sprinter, Barry Tudman, finished second to Murray Rose (NSW) in
the junior freestyle 110 yards. Rose led all the way but only defeated the
Queenslander by little more than a touch. Rose’s time was 59.9 sec, Tudnman
60.6sec, which is one of his best efforts.
   David Johnson defeated John O’Donaghue to win his third Australian open
breast- stroke 110 yards title. Johnson’s time was 1m 23.5s and O’Donaghue 1m
25.1s. It was the Queenslander’s first national championship meeting.
   Queensland’s women’s medley team (Grainger, Lassig, Munro and Dorothy Grier)
finished third to New South Wales.

C.M. Friday 25 February 1955

                        JAN’S 880 MAKES IT THREE AUST TITLES

   Adelaide – Queensland’s Jan Munro won her third Australian title yesterday
when she beat teammate Dorothy Grier in the women’s national 880 yards
freestyle championship at Olympic Pool. With the absence of world record
holder, Lorraine Crapp, the race lost a lot of interest. Jan’s time of 11.28.8
was 2secs inside Denise Norton’s 1949 record.
   (Full results given)
    (Good picture of Jan Munro and Dorothy Grier)

C.M. Monday 28 February 1955

                             By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane schoolgirl Jan Munro was unexpectedly defeated on Saturday in the
Australian women’s freestyle 220 yards title by Dawn Fraser of New South Wales.
But despite Munro’s freestyle failures – she won only the 880 yards – she
emerged as Australia’s top all-round woman.
   Munro went away with big prospects of becoming Australia’s top freestyler.
She is now a definite Olympic Games butterfly stroke possibility. Jan took out
the medley, butterfly stroke, and 880 yards championships. It was a
particularly good effort, as she is now only 16. If Munro concentrates on
Butterfly stroke her potential is practically unlimited, whereas her freestyle
seems futile.


    Queensland’s women’s team all round showed good promise for the future. It
was a young squad sent away with the idea of developing talent.
    Bundaberg youngster, Ann Stewart, finished third in the backstroke 110
yards event on Saturday.

C.M. Tuesday 1 March 1955

                            JAN TO PUT BUTTERFLY SWIM FIRST
                                   By Tom Linneth

   Queenslander Jan Munro will attempt the world’s hardest swim style in
preparation for the Olympics. Munro will now make butterfly stroke her main
event under Sydney coach, Harry Gallagher.
   Jan won the Australian 110 yards title in record time at Adelaide with only
three weeks preparation. She used the double dolphin kick with this stroke and
is the only Australian to master it.

                                   NEW KICK

   She will attempt the triple kick which overseas stars are finding difficult
to master. Munro should be in world standard when she starts training again
after the winter break.
   Her Australian 110 yards time was 1m 25.3s. The world’s best 100 metres time
in a 25 metre pool is 1m 16.9s. Munro’s time, converted to metres brings her
down to 1m 1.7s. This is only 2.8sec outside the world’s leading butterfly
stroker, which is outstanding considering Munro was not ready for that race.
   David Theile, who is now competing at Alice Springs, was Queensland’s only
other title winner. He won the backstroke 110 yards.
C.M. Tuesday 27 September 1955

                               PREPARING FOR OLYMPIC GAMES
                             PLAN TO TRAIN JAP. SWIMMERS HERE
                                     By Tom Linneth

   The Japanese Olympic Games swimming team is likely to do its pre-games
training in Brisbane, following negotiations with Casino to train there falling
through. Japanese officials had hoped to have their swim camp at Casino for
some time before moving south.

                                  AUSTRALIA’S PLANS

   The Australian team will most likely be training at the Valley pool in July
and August, and miss Townsville. As Australia has first choice of training
camps, it will mean that Townsville will also get the Japanese for a period.
   The Japanese would be able to train in the north until Australia finishes in
Brisbane in August. The provisional estimated cost to train the Australian
squad was £4000, but the latest estimate is £6000. The New South Wales Swimming
Association Secretary, Syd Grange, said this in Sydney yesterday.

                                  FAVOUR BRISBANE

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association was in favour of Brisbane being
Australia’s headquarters. Ipswich and Toowoomba should also see carnivals in
which the Australian swimmers compete.
   South Australia wants Melbourne to be the Olympic training camp, but is
almost certain to be outvoted. Victoria has only a few Games swimmers and is
prepared to let Queensland look after the squad.

C.M. Tuesday 4 October 1955

                                 SWIM OFFICERS

   Five Vice Presidents were nominated for the Annual Meeting of the Queensland
Amateur Swimming Association. They are – Dr Thiele, Messrs W.Johnston,
M.Brosnan MLA, W.McLeod, and H.Weld.

C.M. Wednesday 5 October 1955

                                 By Tom Linneth

   Brisbane has two of the youngest and keenest swim coaches in Australia. They
are Brisbane Grammar boys Trevor Cichero and Mossy Dowling. Cichero and Dowling
are now the trainers of the Brisbane Grammar swim squad of 40 students.
   On Friday afternoons they hold races for age groups over GPS championship
distances. Times of every swimmer are logged each week.
   Cichero is the son of Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Executive
member, Eric Cichero, and Dowling is the son of Dr Dowling who will be elected
unopposed as President of the QASA next Monday night.

C.M. Friday 7 October 1955

                                     By Tom Linneth

   Jon Hendricks, world’s fastest freestyle sprinter, will compete in the
Queensland Champion- ships this season.
   In Sydney last night, Hendricks said he would use he State titles as a warm-
up for the Nationals in February. Hendricks said he wanted to make this his
“best season ever”. “My object is to win a gold medal for Australia at the
Melbourne Olympic Games. I hope to get an invitation from the Queensland
Amateur Swimming Association son to go to Brisbane,” he said.
   Hendricks has just been refused permission by the New South Wales
Association to tour South Africa.
   The Queensland championships will most likely start at the end of January.
They are followed by the Australian Championships which have been allocated to
Sydney some time in February.
   Hendricks said he wanted to swim mainly in the Queensland freestyle 100
metres and 200 metres events. He was also prepared to appear in the butterfly
stroke and some other events which would suit Queensland officials.

                               ROSE WOULD COME AGAIN

   Owing to New South Wales cancelling his South African tour, Hendricks would
now be available for Queensland. Queensland officials now have a big chance of
making the Queensland titles the biggest ever. If it includes Hendricks and
other top performers, it could start another boom in State swimming.
   Murray Rose is prepared to come to Queensland again and, with John Devitt,
Gary Chapman and Lorraine Crapp, Rose could form a sensational team round
   It was proved last season to southerners that the State championships could
be used as a good preparation for the Australian titles.

                                THE STANDARD HIGH

   Sydney boys, David Johnson, (breaststroke) and John Donohoe, (freestyle),
went on to take national events after the Queensland titles. Queensland’s
swimming standard is at present high. We were second State in men’s and women’s
events at the last Nationals.
   Hendricks will have a busy season starting with a tour of Western Australia
and South Australia in November. He will have his training schedules checked by
coach Harry Gallagher when in Adelaide. Hendricks was to have been trained by
Professor Frank Cotton when Gallagher switched from Sydney to Adelaide, but
Professor Cotton’s death left him without a coach in Sydney.

C.M Thursday 13 October 1955

                                          By Tom Linneth

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association officials are investigating the
allegation that a Gladstone Club is linked with professionals. The claim has
been made against the Western Suburbs Club, Gladstone. If it is proved the Club
has members who are professionals, it could mean life suspension for the Club.
The Western Suburbs area breakaway formed from the Gladstone Club members. The
QASA investigations have been handed over to State Secretary, Bill Holland.
  The Queensland Championships have been allocated to the Valley Pool from
January 27 to February 4 next year. A move to have the titles brought forward a
week was ruled out because they would have clashed with the New South Wales
titles and prevented Jon Hendricks and other southern stars from coming to
   Joe Emerson has been defeated in his nomination as a Queensland selector.
Last season’s selectors, Bill Holland, Norm Burn, and Garney Nankaville were
   Three new men have been elected to the QASA Executive, Norm Burn, George
Morris and George Marr. They will go into office with Nankaville and Eric
   Queensland officials have been notified that Mexican diver, John Capilla,
will not tour Australia this season.

C.M. Wednesday 19 October 1955

                             DIVERS FOR BUNDABERG
                                     By Tom Linneth

   Negotiations are under way for the Australian Olympic Diving Team to train
at Bundaberg. This was announced last night by the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association Secretary (Bill Holland). He said a new 55 yards pool with diving
depth of seven feet six inches deep was being constructed at Bundaberg. This
would be sufficiently deep for Australia’s three metre competitors to train in
safety. If Bundaberg install up-to-date diving facilities, they would have a
good chance of getting the Olympic divers. Brisbane does not have a diving pool
up to Olympic standard, but Olympic swimmers will train in Brisbane before
going south to complete their preparations.

C.M. Friday 4 November 1955
                       RECORD TIME FOR 100 YDS BACKSTROKE

   Maryborough – Seventeen-year-old Maryborough schoolboy, David Theile, in a
solo swim last night, clipped three-fifths of a second off his Australian
backstroke record for 100 yards. Theile covered the distance in 58.6secs, which
is 2.9secs slower than the world record time of 55.7secs by Yoshi Ovakawa
(United States) in 1954. He holds the Australian records for 100 yards, 100
metres, and 110 yards.
   Theile, who is one of Australia’s best Olympic swimming prospects, glided
over the first lap of the course in 18.1secs. At the end of the second lap he
covered the distance in 37.2secs. He finished with a great burst to break his
own record.
   The swim puts Theile among the first three fastest backstrokers in the
world. Last year he was rated fourth.
   Ken Harper, at last night’s carnival, broke the Queensland 220 yards record
of2m 24.8s established in 1928 by Reg Grier. Harper’s time was 2m 22.9s. He
also lowered his own record of 2m 25.5s for the baths.

C.M. Thursday 24 November 1955

                           TWO MORE STARS IN QLD. SWIMS
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Two more Australian champions plan to compete in the Queensland Swimming
Championships to be held at the Valley pool from January 27 to February 4. They
are John Donohoe (freestyle) and David Johnson (breaststroke) from Sydney.
   National champions Jon Henricks and Murray Rose have already agreed to
   Donohoe won the Australian junior men’s freestyle 440 yards at Adelaide and
Johnson the junior men’s breaststroke 110 yards. They used the last State
championships as a warm-up for the nationals and did exceptionally well here.

                             FINGLETON’S FAST SWIM

   Promising youngster, John Fingleton, last night unofficially broke his State
Under 12 freestyle record at the Valley pool. Fingleton clocked 30.8secs over
50 metres in the mercantile carnival swim.
   Ross Muray impressively took the junior freestyle 100 metres, and Wilf
Arnold won the open breaststroke 100 metres.
   The Elphinstone Shield was won by Thomas Playfair No 1 team from Exton’s and
Olympic Rubber No 2.

C.M. Thursday 8 December 1955

                        GIRLS COME BY AIR FOR SWIM TITLES

   Three Bundaberg girls will fly to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon for the
Queensland women’s swim championships at Valley pool tomorrow night. The
country girls are Rosemary Lassig, Ann Stewart, and Sandra Holmes.
   They will finish scholarship examination papers today, and could not leave
by train with the rest of the team yesterday.
   Queensland representatives Lassig and Stewart will be having their first
serious tryouts for the season.
   Lassig will most likely compete against Brisbane girl, Lyn Kingston, who
also made the State team last season.

                                    VARSITY TESTS

   Cyrus Weld (Q) and John Hayres (NSW) will have their first clash for Olympic
games selection in Brisbane. They to oppose each other at the Australian
Universities championships starting December 19.
  (Photo of Toowoong Manager-coach, Ronnie Hancock, timing his daughter junior
free-styler Sue.)

C.M. Saturday 10 December 1955

                                  By Tom Linneth

   Gregory Terrace schoolboy, Peter Andersen, last night broke the Australian
junior men’s butterfly stroke 100 metres record at the Valley pool. Anderson
recorded 1m 13.5s to better the existing time by 0.4secs. His performance puts
him inline for Olympic Games selection next year.
   Anderson swam on his own for the record attempt, at the women’s championship
meeting. The Australian record of 1m 13.9s was held by Ron Sharpe of New South
   Anderson’s 1m 13.5s also broke the Queensland open, junior and best by a
Queenslander records.

                                  “NOT AT TOP”

   Coach Bill Fleming said after the record, “Peter is not yet at his top. He
will get down to 1m 10s later.”
   Ipswich youngster, Judy Whybird, caused a major upset in the women’s open
breaststroke 50 metres. She beat Bundaberg girl Rosemary Lassig who finished
third in the last Australian championships. Whybird had a comfortable win. Her
time was 40.3sec which was 1.3sec faster than Lassig. Lassig later won the
junior freestyle 50 metres title from Patty Gail of Brisbane.
   Lyn Kingston, of Brisbane, again showed she is one of the State’s best
swimmers by taking the sub-junior freestyle 50 metres. She pressed State
representative Ann Stewart (Bundaberg) in the backstroke events, and was only
0.5sec away in the final.
   Empire Games breaststroker, Jann Grier, of Bundaberg, won the open
breaststroke 50 metres. Grier had been forced to give up breaststroke because
of a knee injury, and is now concentrating on backstroke. She was beaten by Ann
Stewart in a heat, but went on to beat Lassig and Pegg (Maroochy) in the final.
   (Full results given)

C.M. Monday 12 December 1955

                          FOR UNIVERSITY NATIONAL TITLES
                               ARNOLD, WELD IN TEAM
                                 By Tom Linneth

   Australian champions Cyrus Weld and Wilf Arnold were named in the State
University swim team. Weld and Arnold won their University championships at the
last Melbourne titles.
   The squad is – C.Weld, W.Arnold, M.Trenerry, R.Treffene, R.Rogers,
J.Kingston, and R.Wiles.
   Bob Treffene, who has shown promise in recent seasons will be anothergod
stringer for Queensland after Weld and Arnold.
   Nartin Trenerry (from Toowoomba) and Rodney Rogers will help to form a good
relay team with freestyle sprinters Weld and Arnold.

C.M. Tuesday 10 January 1956

                                MUNRO NOT TO DEFEND TITLE
                                    By Tom Linneth

   Jan Munro, Australian butterfly stroke record holder, will not defend her
title at the national championships in Sydney in February. Jan’s decision is
one of the biggest swim shocks of the season.
   Arrangement of the Australian championship programme has forced Munro to
withdraw. The butterfly stroke will be held about 40 minutes before the
freestyle 110 yards final. As many top freestylers are also good butterflyers,
the programme was poorly planned. Munro cannot afford to knock herself up in
the butterfly with such hot competition in the freestyle sprint. She looks
certain to be our No 2 sprinter to Lorraine Crapp and she wants to hold this
   Even if Munro misses the national butterfly stroke title, she is certain to
be No 1 butterfly swimmer for the Games.
   At Adelaide on Sunday she broke her Australian 220 yards medley record of 3m
0.2s with a 2m 57s swim.

                                   IN STATE TITLES

   Munro will contest the seven events for which she holds records at the State
championships. They are freestyle 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800 metres, the
butterfly stroke 100 metres, and medley.
   The Queensland titles will start on January 30, and will be our biggest yet.
They will be followed by the Australian titles at Sydney on February 17.
   The Australian Olympic Games squad for winter training in Brisbane will be
announced after the nationals.

                                    MANAGER CHOSEN

   Country Vice-president, Dr Theile, of Maryborough, has been appointed
manager of the State team for the national titles. Dr Theile who is also a
State timekeeper is father of Australian backstroke champion, David.
   Mrs J.Ross, State women’s President, was appointed chaperone.
   The Central Queensland championships have been allocated to Rockhampton.
Tentative dates are March 9 and 10.

C.M. Wednesday 11 January 1956

                      THEILE IN ALL OUT BID FOR OLYMPICS
                              By Tom Linneth

   David Theile, Australia’s crack backstroke swimmer, will miss the University
this year to prepare for the Olympic Games. He plans to follow his father’s
footsteps and study to become a doctor after the Games.
   Theile, 17, can be ranked as one of Australia’s greatest swimmers. His
Australian record for 100 metres, 65.4sec equals the Olympic Games record held
by Japanese-American Yoshio Oyakawa.
   Theile has improved out of sight this season under Maryborough coach, Arthur
Cusack, and looks certain to better his time.
   Theile, Cyrus Weld, and Jan Munro, are expected to go to Sydney immediately
after the State titles. They are our top representatives and want to get early
training for the nationals which start on February 17.

                                   AFTER RECORD

   Nominations for the Queensland championships close on Friday. The titles
start on January 30.
   Bruce Mocatta has been given permission to attempt the Australian junior
breast- stroke 100 metres at Dalby on Saturday. The record stands at 1m 22.8s.
It is held by David Johnson of Sydney. Mocatta, 14, clocked 1m 21.8s in a Dalby
Club swim last week.

                          FLEMING SEEKS COACHING POST

   Bill Fleming, Queensland’s best known swim trainer, has nominated for an
Olympic Games coaching post. Several professional coaches are expected to be
selected to handle Australia’s big squad. Fleming at present trains
Queensland’s biggest team at Davies Park pool.
   Now 42, Fleming was a crack freestyler. He represented Australia at the
British Empire Games in 1938. He was the first Australian to break 2m 20s (he
did 2m 19s) for the freestyle 220 yards, which was really something in his day.
   Fleming won the Australian 100 and 220 yards besides a number of Queensland
titles. He has produced several national champions in the past few years, and
is now Leander Club coach.
   Fleming’s swimming ability made him something of a hero with A.I.F diggers
at the last war. Bill went overseas with the army in the Queen Mary with the
first Australian group. A mile off Scotland he dived overboard and swam to land
– to become the first Australian into Scotland.

C.M. Friday 13 January 1956

                              NEW BREATHING HELPED RECORD
                                     By Tom Linneth

   Olympic hope Peter Andersen last night smashed 10.5sec off the best
Queensland time for butterfly stroke 200 metres. Andersen clocked 2m 47.8s to
better the open record of 2m 58.3s at the Valley pool.
   Twenty minutes earlier he had swum his fastest ever freestyle 100 metres at
He was competing in the Leander Club competition.
   Andersen used the latest Japanese style of breathing from the side in the
butterfly stroke swim. He had been coached this way only for three days, but it
made an amazing difference to his performance. This was the first time this new
style has been tried in Australia. Normally butterfly stroke swimmers breathe
from the front similar to breaststroke. Last night Andersen took air on each
side (as if he were in a freestyle swim).
   Bobby Burns clocked 5m1s for the freestyle 400 metres last night. This is
his best to date. He looks like cracking the 5 minutes at the State titles.
                           THEILE’S FAST BUTTERFLY SWIM

   MARYBOROUGH – David Theile, Australia’s 100 metres backstroke champion, last
night covered 100 yards butterfly in 68.8sec.
   Another fine swim was that recorded by Ken Harper who clocked 55sec for the
100 yards freestyle.

C.M. Friday 27 January 1956

                      WELD BEATS HIS OWN BEST TIME FOR 100m
                               By Tom Linneth

   Freestyler, Cyrus Weld, last night cracked his best 100 metres time by
0.7sec in the State title heats at the Valley pool. Weld clocked an amazing
58.1sec under shocking conditions in which he could hardly see for 50 metres of
the race because of the poor auxiliary lighting. He also swam with an injured
   It was Weld’s first race swim since the British Empire Games in Vancouver in
1954. But he proved last night that he had not slipped and looks certain to
make the Olympic Games team.

                               BOY’S FAST DASH

   Youngster John Fingleton beat his own race record of 32.2sec in the Under 12
50 metres heat. Fingleton recorded 31.5sec.
   Jan Munro won her heat of the women’s freestyle 100 metres in 69.4sec from
Fay McKillop (69.8sec).
   Dorothy Grier was not pleased with her time of 72.8sec in winning the other
   Pat Stanton was only 0.1sec outside Jann Grier’s State junior breaststroke
200 metres time of 3m 8.1s in a heat.
   Finals will be held tonight.

C.M. Saturday 28 January 1956

                        THEILE CLIPS .4s OFF WORLD RECORD
                              By Tom Linneth

   Maryborough meteor David Theile last night smashed the world long course
backstroke 100 metres record in the State swim titles at the Valley pool.
Theile put up a magnificent performance to clock 64.7sec – 0.4sec faster than
the world record.
   It also beat the Olympic Games record of 65.4sec. Both the Olympic and world
long course records were held by Japanese-American Yoshio Oykawa.
   Theile is the first Australian to crack a world backstroke record. He will
attempt to better this time again in the State titles at Valley pool on Monday


   Schoolboy Theile, 18, last week swam with the movement of a machine to clock
29.7sec for his first lap. Theile said after the race he thought he had missed
the world time because he stroked too fast for the lap.
   After Theile’s time was announced a near capacity crowd stood and cheered
   Coach Arthur Cusack, who drove from Maryborough yesterday to give Theile
last minute instruction, said, “David will be swimming below 64sec by the
Australian championships next month.”
                                   JAN IMPROVES

   Freestyler Jan Munro last night beat her best 100 metres Queensland resident
record. She flashed through the water to clock 66.9sec which bettered the
record by 0.9sec. It was also 0.1sec better than the time registered by
Lorraine Crapp in winning the New South Wales dash.
   Munro finished with plenty of power to beat promising Townsville girl Fay
McKillop. McKillop swam a well-judged race to beat Dorothy Grier of Bundaberg.
   Cyrus Weld was unofficially clocked at 57.9sec for a freestyle leg of a
relay. It was 0.2sec faster than his State resident record which he failed to
better in the final of the open event. Weld’s final time was 58.6sec which was
still a great performance.

                                    STATE BEST

   Ipswich lass Jill Ruhle cut the State junior breaststroke 200 metre time by
2sec with a 3m 6.1s performance.
   Ken Gudenswager set a race record of 5m 0.9s for the intermediate freestyle
400 metres.
   Ross Murray also did well to set a Queensland resident record of 5m 1.7s for
the junior freestyle 400 metres.
   (Results given – Photo of Theile)

C.M. Tuesday 31 January 1956

                               By Tom Linneth

   Butterfly stroke swimmers Peter Andersen and Lyn Kingston last night set
Australian records in the State titles at Valley pool.
   Andersen beat his own junior 100 metres record by 0.7sec with a 1m 12.3s
swim. Lyn Kingston recorded 1m 23.7s to better her national junior 100 metres
record by 2.4sec.
   Andersen later in the night equalled his best for a Queensland time for 200
metres. He recorded 2m 50.8s which was 7.5sec inside his previous best.
   Freestyler Cyrus Weld was again in top form and equalled his 200 metres
Queensland record.

                                  NOT EXTENDED

   Weld was not extended to win from Ken Gudenswager in 2m 11.9s – 2.7sec
faster than his record.
   Freestyler Jan Munro also clocked her best 400 metes to clip her State
resident record by 6.6sec. Munro was stopped at 5m 18.4s which was better than
her southern rival Dawn Fraser recorded in winning the South Australian title.
   David Theile again proved his brilliance at backstroke 100 metres with a
65sec swim.

                                  “FELT TIRED”

   In four successive performances Theile has clocked 64.7sec, 64sec, 65sec,
and 65sec – all of which cut the previous world long course time.
   Theile said he felt tired in last night’s race although his time was still
   Young Ross Murray fought on gamely to take the junior freestyle 100 metres
from Peter Eriksen and John Tomlins.
     (Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 1 February 1956

                            RECORD SWIM BY MOCATTA

   Dalby boy Bruce Mocatta last night cracked an Australian breaststroke record
at Valley pool. Mocatta clocked 1m 22.2s in his heat of the junior breaststroke
100 metres. His time was 0.6sec inside the time recorded by David Johnson of
NSW who won the State title last year.
   Mocatta, who has been doing phenomenal times in the country this season,
looks like developing into one of Queensland’s best prospects in many years.
Last niht in the State titles Mocatta was not pushed to win from K.Sainclair
(Maryborough) and J.Priebe (Toowoomba). He is expected to lower his time in the
final tonight.
   Mocatta’s time last night was 7.5sec faster than the first heat winner,
G.Fitz-simmons of Brisbane and 14.8sec faster than M.Benjamin of Maroochydore,
winner of the second heat.

                                 FAY IN PICTURE

   Townsville girl, Fay McKillop, flashed back into the Olympic Games picture
wwith 69.8sec in a heat of the junior freestyle 100 metres.
   (Results given)

C.M. Thur 2 February 1956

                       11 RECORDS CRASH IN 17 TITLE SWIMS
                               By Tom Linneth

   Swimmers in the Queensland championships finals at the Valley pool last
night set 11 new records in 17 events. Two new Australian times were set, four
new Queensland times, and one resident and four race records were established.
   Jan Munro overcame food poisoning to smash Lorraine Crapp’s Australian
freestyle 200 metres record by 1.4sec. College girl Munro, 16, has been under
medical treatment, but she clocked 2m 28s in a brilliant performance. She did
not have any trouble in taking the event from Dorothy Grier and Fay McKillop.
Munro’s 2m 28s was 3.7sec better than her previous Queensland record. Lorraine
Crapp has recorded 2m 25.8sbut this has not yet been officially recognised.
   Butterfly stroker Peter Andersen again lowered his Australian junior 100
metres record by 2.1sec. He hit the front with 5 yards to go to win in a
dazzling 1m 11.4s.
   Crack freestyler, Cyrus Weld, who does not compete at butterfly stroke, led
Andersen and almost pulled off the event.

                                  THREE TITLES

   Lyn Kingston, who won three titles, set a new State time for the junior
freestyle 100 metres. She recorded 68.8sec which was 1.2sec faster than Munro
and Fay McKillop’s time. Kingston also took the 13 and under 14 50 metres dash
and the sub-junior butterfly stroke 50 metres.

                                   SHOWS CLASS

   Brilliant Ross Murray again showed his class by clipping 2.6sec off the
junior freestyle 200 metres with a 2m 18.2s performance.
   Distance man, Bobby Burns, set the other Queensland record in the freestyle
800 metres final. Burns came in at 10m 12.9s - a dazzling 12.7sec better than
Cyrus Weld’s standing record.
   Perhaps the most outstanding swim of the night, despite the records, was
Dorothy Grier’s win in the backstroke 100 metres. Dorothy, who has failed this
season as a freestyler entered the backstroke “for the heck of it”. She was
second last in the turn but came home with an electrifying finish to beat Lyn
Chamberlain and Gwen Grainger by inches. Her time of 1m 23.2s was slow, but a
good pointer to her future which now seems to be in backstroke.
   Ric Huxley (freestyler), Tony Fingleton (backstroke), and Barry Tudman
(freestyle) were other good performers.
   Cyrus Weld swam a hot 26sec for freestyle 50 metres.

C.M. Friday 3 February 1956


   Queensland swimmers smashed another 5 records during heats of the State swim
titles at the Valley pool last night.     They broke three Queensland resident
records and set two new race records.
   Valley Club swimmer, Wilf Arnold, set new race time for the 100 metres men’s
breaststroke championship with a fine 1m 18.8s swim. This was also best time by
a Queenslander over the distance.
   Fourteen-year-old Rick Huxley clipped four seconds off the men’s 100 metres
sub-junior freestyle time with 63.2sec resident and State record. Huxley won by
a touch from Bundaberg entrant Denis Mahoney whose time of 63.4sec also broke
the record.

                                  JAN’S DASH

   Valley teenage swimmer, Jan Munro, swam 30,1sec for a new resident record in
the women’s 50 metres freestyle.
   In the men’s 400 metres freestyle, long distance swimmer Bob Burns clocked
4m 54.7s for a new resident figure.
   Titleholder Ken Gudenswager swam 2m 21s in a heat of the men’s intermediate
200 metres freestyle. His time was 2sec better than his old record.
    (Full results given)

C.M. Saturday 4 February 1956

                              WELD BREAKS BEST 100 m
                                  By Tom Linneth

   Cyrus Weld last night swam his fastest freestyle 100 metres with a sizzling
57.3sec in the State titles in the Valley pool. It smashed his previous best of
57.9sec set at Los Angeles in 1954. Three watches clocked Weld during a
brilliant flying squadron win by the Valley Club. Weld overhauled Maryborough
lad Ken Harper for his team to record a 4m 15s. This was 0.5sec faster than the
Australian record held by the Drummoyne (Sydney) Club.
    The Valley team was Weld, Graham Byrnes, Ross Murray, and Wilf Arnold.

                                 11 MORE RECORDS

   Eleven records were broken last night in a programme of 16 events.
   Breaststroker Wilf Arnold returned to form to cut his Queensland
breaststroke 100 metres record by 0.3sec. Arnold registered 1m 18s to beat
oromising country lads Bruce Mocatta and Kent Sinclair.
   Jan Munro last night became the first Queensland woman to cut 30sec for the
freestyle 50 metres dash. Munro clocked 29.9sec to establish a new Queensland
resident record.
   Freestyler, Bobby Burns, set another State resident record. He timed 4m
53.4s for the 400 metres. This was a 1 second improvement on the previous best.

                                  LYN IS “FIND”

   Lyn Kingston clearly established herself as a “find” with a State resident
record for junior freestyle 200 metres. Kingston’s 2m 32.4s was 3.6sec inside
Jan Munro’s record.
   Race records went to Barry Tudman (59.1 sec for freestyle 100 metres), Pat
Stanton (breaststroke 50 metres in 40.5sec), and Rick Huxley (freestyle 100
metres in 63.1sec). Jan Munro (butterfly stroke 100 metres in 1m 23.9s), and
Ken Gudenswager (freestyle 200 metres in 2m 18.4s) were other race record
   (Full results given)

C.M. Monday 6 February 1956

                               By Tom Linneth

   Olympic Games hopes Dorothy Grier (Bundaberg) and Fay McKillop (Townsville)
were last night left out of the paid section of the Queensland swim team. Both
freestylers surprised with poor displays in the recent State championships. But
they have plenty of ability to improve before the Australian titles open at
Sydney on February 17.
   Queensland’s strongest swim team of 11 fully paid and 14 to go at their own
expense was announced last night.

                                  THE TEAMS

The paid 11 are –
 Men: P.Andersen (Brisbane), A.Fingleton (Brisbane), B.Mocatta (Dalby),
K.Sinclair (Maryborough), D.Theile (Maryborough), C.Weld (Brisbane).
 Women: J.Ruhle (Ipswich), L.Kingston (Brisbane), R.Lassig (Bundaberg), J.Munro
(Brisbane), P.Stanton (Brisbane).

The 14 selected to go at their own expense are -
 Men:   W.Arnold   (Brisbane),   R.Burns   (Brisbane), P.Eriksen  (Brisbane),
K.Gudenswager (Brisbane), K.Harper (Maryborough), H.Kenny (Maryborough),
V.Huxley (Brisbane), R.Murray (Brisbane), L.Rayner (Townsville), B.Tudman
 Women: D.Grier (Bundaberg), B.Kernke (Brisbane), F.McKillop (Townsville),
L.Potter (Gladstone).
   The team will leave Brisbane on February 15 by air. Manager is Dr E.Theile
(Maryborough) and chaperone Mrs J.Ross (Brisbane).


   Queensland could completely dominate the backstroke events for men and
breaststroke races for women. On present national times, David Theile (open)
and Tony Fingleton (junior) look certain winners. At women’s breaststroke 14-
year-olds Jill Ruhle, Rosemary Lassig, and Pat Stanton are on Australia’s top
   Queensland will also have Australia’s best junior men breaststroke swimmers.
Kent Sinclair last Saturday set a new Australian junior 100 metres time of 1m
21.8s to beat Bruce Mocatta by only 0.1sec. Mocatta, until Saturday, held the
record, and both lads are well ahead of southern opposition.

                                  A RECORD?

   Queensland’s medley team of Theile, Arnold, Andersen, and Weld, is capable
of a new Australian record time.
   In the unpaid team section youngsters who should do well with the experience
are peter Eriksen, Rick Huxley, Ross Murray, and Ken Gudenswager.
   This is a well-composed team which will certainly establish Queensland as
Australia’s No 2 State.

C.M. Friday 10 February 1956

                                GRIER FOR BACKSTROKE

   Bundaberg girl, Dorothy Grier, will be set for the national backstroke
championships. Her coach, Frank Guthrie, said in Sydney last night he would
prepare her next week for the new stroke.
   Grier surprised by winning the Queensland backstroke title at her first
attempt after failing in the freestyle events.

                                   ONE WITHDRAWAL

   Distance freestyler, Bobby Burns, will be the only member of the Queensland
selected team not to go to Sydney next week.
   Maryborough representative, Ken Harper, was last night named as captain of
the State squad, which is the biggest and strongest to compete in an Australian

C.M. Tuesday 14 February 1956

                            By Tom Linneth

   Queensland should win at least nine titles and become No 2 State at the
Australian swim championships which start in Sydney on Friday night. Our team
of 23, which leaves tomorrow morning, is the youngest and best yet sent to the
   Queensland should dominate the championships in three divisions – men’s
backstroke and breaststroke, and women’s breaststroke.
   Backstrokers David Theile (open) and Tony Fingleton (junior) on times are
well ahead of their southern rivals. Theile set the world long course record of
64sec for the 100 metres at the recent State championships. With strong
competition from John Hayres of Sydney he has the ability to cut the time even
   Our junior breaststrokers Jill Ruhle and Pat Stanton are also ahead of their
southern opponents over 110 yards. With Rosemary Lassig they measure up to top
standard for the open 220 yards which will be one of the most open events of
the meet.
   Junior breaststrokers Kent Sinclair, and Bruce Mocatta head our third strong
division. Sinclair and Mocatta are so even that either of them is certain to
take the Australian title.

                               WELD’S MAIN MISSION

   Medley team, Cyrus Weld (freestyle), David Theile (backstroke), Wilf Arnold
(breaststroke), and Peter Andersen (butterfly) could set a new Australian
record. It is the fastest four yet selected for an State medley squad, and only
bad luck could rob them of success.
   Although Cyrus Weld’s mission is to gain a place in the Olympic Games relay
squad, he could take the men’s individual medley. He won the Queensland title
at his first attempt in the record time of 5m 46.5s. With champion Jon Henricks
certain to miss this event, Weld should be able to clinch his only medal.
   Queensland has outstanding material in butterfly stroker Peter Andersen who
holds the Australian junior record for 100 metres at 1m 12.8s. Andersen shows
so much promise that it would not be surprising if he also pulled off the open

C.M. Friday 17 February 1956

                                 By Tom Linneth

   Sydney – Nomination for Queensland professional Bill Fleming as coach of the
Olympic Games squad is a “mystery”. Fleming was to be nominated by Queensland,
but it has not been received by the national body.
   Australian officials said last night that the only nominations for the
position were Queensland Secretary, Bill Holland, and Sydney professional,
Frank Guthrie. Officials expect Holland to get the job. Guthrie is tipped to be
named as a paid coach to assist Holland. Fleming told me in Brisbane that
officials of the Leander Club, which he coaches, were to nominate him for the
coaching position, but Australian officials said last night that they had not
received any advice that he was available.
   A top southern official said last night, “It would look as if Fleming has
been dumped by his own supporters.”
   Although Fleming is the best known coach in Queensland, it is most unlikely
that he would have been given the job even if his nomination had been received.
   Australian officials are not at present in favour of a professional coach
being in charge of the Games squad. For that reason, Frank Guthrie, regarded as
Australia’s No 1 coach, is unlikely to be given the job.

C.M. Wednesday 22 February 1956

                                  From Tom Linneth

   Sydney – Attractive Dawn Fraser, of South Australia, last night cracked the
world’s oldest swim record by clocking a sizzling 64.5sec to beat Lorraine
Crapp in the national 110 yards title at the North Sydney pool. Her figure was
0.1sec better than Dutch woman, Willie Den Ouden, who established her world
record over 100 metres 20 years ago.

                            WELD’S NEW AUSTRALIAN TIME

   Cyrus Weld returned to form to knock 0.2sec off the Australian individual
medley 440 yards and reversed his heat defeat. Weld came in at 5m 40.9s to beat
Brian Wilkinson and another good performer in Graham Middleton.
   Graham Middleton knocked 5.3sec off Dave Hawkins Australian record to take
the butterfly stroke 220 yards at 2m 36.5s. Queenslander, Peter Andersen who
led for most of the race, was also under the previous record with 2m 41.6s.
   (Results given)

                            GAMES SQUAD TO TRAIN HERE

   Sydney – Olympic Games swimming squad will assemble in Brisbane on August
24, and will appear at carnivals in Brisbane and country centres while
training. This was decided at the Australian Swimming Union Conference
   The squad will compete at country carnivals at Murwillumbah, Kyogle, Casino,
Lismore, Toowoomba, Dalby, Warwick, and Kingaroy. They also will appear at a
special night carnival at Brisbane on October 15.

                                 HOLLAND’S JOB

   Mr Bill Holland, Queensland Secretary, was appointed assistant manager of
the squad and was also elected an Australian selector again. He will supervise
the Games swim squad’s training and will co-opt professional coaches Frank
Guthrie, Harry Gallagher, and Sam Herford.
   The three professionals were accredited to prepare the team, but were not
appointed official coaches. The Union’s President (Mr Horrie Bennett) ruled
that applications from professionals for the position would not be accepted.
   He made this decision after South Australian delegate, Mr Tom Herraman,
refused to vote for the coaching position when professional, Frank Guthrie, was
listed with Bill Holland. Herraman said he held an application from
professional Harry Gallagher, but did not think it right that professionals
should hold a vital position for the Olympic Games.
   Queensland delegate, Bill Holland, told the Conference he also had a
nomination from Queensland professional Bill Fleming
  (Picture of Bill Holland)

C.M. Friday 24 February 1956

                     JAN LEFT COACH ON EVE OF WINNING 880
                            From Tom Linneth

   Sydney – Queenslander Jan Munro sensationally switched coaches seconds
before she won the national freestyle 880 yards title at Enfield pool yesterday
   Munro had one of her hardest races to narrowly beat Christine O’Farrell
(NSW) and Pam Barton (NSW) in 11m 7.4s – 212.4 sec faster than she recorded
last year.
   Munro recently returned from South Australia where she was coached by Harry
Gallagher. He has controlled her for three years. Jan told Gallagher before she
walked to the blocks that she would start training with crack Sydney coach,
Frank Guthrie this morning. Pam Barton, who was third, also left Gallagher at
the same time and will move to Guthrie.
   Munro led O’Farrell by about a foot for 14 of the 16 laps before she went
away to win with a 1.3 sec advantage. Gallagher stood on the side of the pool
and urged O’Farrell to win. He did not cheer for Munro or Barton. Munro’s
victory makes her certain for selection in the Olympic Games squad.

C.M. Monday 27 February 1956

                         48 MEN AND WOMEN IN GAMES PICK
                            INCLUDES NEW AUSTRALIAN
                        BOY OF 13 OLYMPIC SWIM SQUAD SHOCK
                                From Tom Linneth

   Sydney – Latvian Jon Konrads, 13, was a shock inclusion in the Olympic Games
swim squad of 48 announced yesterday.
   Four Queenslanders – David Theile (backstroke), Peer Andersen (butterfly),
Jan Munro and Cyrus Weld (freestyle).
   Konrads is the first new Australian to be named in an Australian Olympic
squad. He gained selection in the freestyle 400 metres section by winning the
recent national junior championship. Konrads won in 4m 47.3s to greatly reduce
his previous times. But he is still 14.8sec short of Murray Rose’s national
record. Konrads, who is only 5ft 5ins, migrated to Sydney six years ago.

                                     TRAIN HERE

   Australian Swimming Union decided yesterday to send the squad to Brisbane on
August 7 instead of August 24. They will return to Sydney on October 1 before
leaving for Melbourne on October 24. The final trials for selection will be
held on October 25, 27, and 30. The team will be picked on October 31.
   The Olympic Games start in Melbourne on November 22. The first swim event is
on November 28.
                                 AND HERE IS THE SQUAD

   MEN   ; Freestyle 100 metres – J.Henricks (NSW), G.Chapman (NSW), J.Devitt
(NSW), C.Weld (Qld), K.O’Halloran (West Aust).
           Freestyle 4x200 metres relay – Henricks, Chapman, Devitt, Weld,
O’Halloran, M.Rose (NSW), M.Garretty (NSW), G.Hamilton (NSW).
           Freestyle 400 metres – Rose, Garretty, O’Halloran, J.Konrads (NSW),
G.Hamilton, G.Winram (NSW).
           Freestyle 1500 metres – Rose, Garretty, Winram, J.Donohoe (NSW).
           Breaststroke 200 metres – T.Gathercole (NSW), G.Weaver (NSW).
           Butterfly stroke – D.Hawkins, G.Middleton (NSW), P.Andersen (Qld),
B.Wilkinson (NSW).
           Backstroke – D.Theile (Qld), J.Monckton (NSW), J.Hayres (NSW).
           Diving – R.Faulds (Vic), P.Murphy (NSW), J.McCann (NSW), A.Winter
(Vic), K.Crotty (Vic), B.Warren (Vic), W.Tully (NSW), W.Brown (Vic).
   WOMEN – Freestyle 100 metres – D.Fraser (S Aust), L.Crapp (NSW), F.Leech
(Vic), M.Gibson (S Aust), J.Munro (Qld), E.Fraser (NSW), J.Fogg (NSW).
           Freestyle 400 metres – Crapp, Fraser, C.O’Farrell (NSW), Munro,
P.Barton (NSW).
           Backstroke – G.Beckett (NSW), A.Beardsmore (NSW), P.Singleton (NSW),
D.Knight (NSW).
           Butterfly stroke – B.Bainbridge (NSW), Barton (NSW).
           Breaststroke – B.Evans (NSW), B.Sykes (NSW).
           Diving – B.McAulay (Vic), Barton, I.Hutchins (Vic), A Price (Vic).
  (Pictures of Qld squad members)

C.M. Tuesday 28 February 1956

                           From Tom Linneth

   Sydney – Fifteen Queenslanders were named yesterday as swimming officials
for the Olympic Games. Only one applicant failed to gain selection. The
Queensland list is headed by State selector Norm Burn, who has been appointed a
judge. Dr E.Thiele, father of backstroke champion David, is one of four
timekeepers. The others are Bill Morrall, Doug Munro, and J.Stewart. George
Marr has been listed as a call steward, with Miss Kay Stewart in the women’s
   Arthur Cusack, coach of David Theile, is a general steward with George
Marshall of Townsville. George Johnston is a diving secretary, and Jack Davis
as one of the three official recorders.
   Queenslander Bill Holland has a marathon job in front of him as assistant
manager and training supervisor. His job is to see that the Games squad
training gest along smoothly. Holland will have to see the relay teams will
have a perfect understanding between each other although they will be formed
from representatives from each coach.
(Apparently coaches were going to train swimmers from their own squads)
   A problem is likely to arise on training schedules. Naturally all 36
swimmers cannot use Valley pool for training at the same time.
   Training supervisor, Bill Holland, said in Brisbane yesterday that Peter
Andersen and David Theile could be trained by their Queensland coaches when the
Olympic squad started work in Brisbane in August. There would not be any
trouble with the southern coaches.
   Holland said he had asked Bill Fleming to continue to coach Andersen, and
Arthur Cusack of Maryborough to keep on with backstroke star, David Theile.

C.M. Tuesday 20 March 1956

                              MEDLEY TITLE TO ARNOLD

   Australian champion Cyrus Weld was beaten in the Queensland University
individual medley at the Davies park pool last night. Wilf Arnold beat Weld. He
clocked 2m 21.7s to clip 6.3sec off the record. The University championship was
over 200 yards, Weld won the national event over 440 yards.

From mid 1956 there were numerous articles, many by Forbes Carlisle, regarding
the Australian swimming squad training in Townsville for selection to compete
in the Melbourne Olympic Games that year, but very few articles which related
specifically to affairs of the Queensland Association.

C.M. Monday 14 August 1956

                               THIELE BOOSTS GAMES STOCKS

   David Thiele, 18 year old Queensland medical student, sent his stocks high
at the weekend.
as a likely winner of an Olympic backstroke gold medal. His 66.8 seconds for
110 yards in a casual unpaced time trial was an impressive performance.
Covering the first 55 yards in 32.4 seconds, David swam with perfect judgement.
   Although surprised by his effort, his mentor, Arthur Cusack, should be well
pleased with David’s progress during the month he has trained in Townsville.
Thiele’s adjusted time for 100 metres would be 66.3 seconds, less than one
second outside the winning time of Yoshi Oyakawa in the American Olympic trials
last Friday.

                                  COULD DO 65 SECONDS

   There is a great deal of difference between making a cold blooded trial and
competing as was Oyakawa in a race for an Olympic berth.
    I believe that even at this early stage of his training David could do 65
seconds, which would be 4/10 second inside Oyakawa Olympic record.
   Some critics are saying I am bringing my swimmers up too fast, but I think
they are wrong. It is a fact that most of my charges are up to their “best
ever” performances. However, in the main, this would not be good enough to win
Olympic gold medals.

C.M. Saturday 18 August 1956

                             DR THIELE TO SEEK GAMES JOB

   Dr   E.G.Thiele,  Vice   President  of   the  Queensland   Amateur  Swimming
Association, is one of the three nominations for the position of General
Manager of the Australian Olympic team for the Games in Melbourne in November.
The other two are W.T.Uren, President of the Victorian Swimming Association and
Harry Osmond Blake, Treasurer of the Victorian Association.. Dr Thiele is the
father of Australian backstroke champion, David Thiele.

C.M. September 1956

   There was much discussion as to whether the water was too cold in the Valley
Pool for swimming at 64 degrees for training the Olympic team.
   Coach Harry Gallagher said he would keep his stars in Brisbane until kicked
out. He said this at the Valley Baths yesterday afternoon as he watched the
Olympic swim hopes work out.     He said the weather in Sydney was cold and
dreary. Today the Valley Pool had warmed up to 66 degrees and the Davies Park
pool registered 68. “If we find the Valley Pool too cold, we will switch to the
Davies Park pool,” he said.
   The squad did not train yesterday morning, but in the afternoon Jon
Hendricks and breaststroker Georgina Beckett swam two miles, and Murray
Garretty three miles.
C.M. Tuesday 14 October 1956

                         FIVE FROM QUEENSLAND IN SWIM TRIALS

   Five Queensland swimmers were named yesterday in the Australian squad to
compete in the Olympic trials at the new Olympic pool on October 25, 27, and
   They are David Thiele, Peter Anderson, Jan Munro, Fay McKillop, and Jill
   Thiele is in the 100 metres backstroke, Anderson the 200 metres butterfly,
Jan Munro the 100 metres freestyle (section 1), 400 metres freestyle and 100
metres butterfly, Fay McKillop in the 100 metres freestyle (section 2), and
Jill Buhle in the 200 metres breaststroke.

C.M. Friday 26 October 1956

                                From Tom Linneth
               who has gone to Melbourne to cover the Olympic Games

   Melbourne – Lorraine Crapp broke the world freestyle 100 metres record – for
the second time in five days – with a sizzling 62.3sec in the first Olympic
swim trials here last night.

                           THEILE HITS BEST FORM AGAIN

   Lorraine’s fantastic performance last night was overshadowed only by the
effort by Maryborough medical student David Theile. Theile, beaten easily in
Sydney on Saturday by John Monckton, won the trial in a brilliant 62.9sec. This
is the best backstroke time recorded in the world for the Olympic 50 metres
course. Monckton clocked 63.9 which was only 0.6sec outside his previous best.

C.M. Friday 7 December 1956

                        THEILE TOP SCORES FOR QUEENSLAND

   Melbourne – David Theile, a lanky 18-year-old from Maryborough, last night
won Queensland’s first individual Olympic Games Gold Medal. His win In the 100
metres backstroke swimming was the first of three glorious Australian victories
– our best night at the Olympic Games.
   The other two Gold Medals went to the girls’ 4x100 metres relay swim team,
and to tandem cyclists Ian Browne and Tony Marchant.
   Theile beat his Australian team-mate, John Monckton, for the 100 metres
title. He stripped 3½ sec off the Olympic record for the event.
   Quensland’s first Gold Medal of the games was won in the athletics by Norma
Croker, of Brisbane, in the 4x100 metres women’s relay. But Theile’s is the
first for an individual.
   David Theile, a crewcut 6ft 2in, medical student – son of two doctors Dr and
Mrs E.G.Theile of Maryborough – had his race won almost from the start. His
first 50 metres went by in only 29.5sec, and his time of 62.3sec was the
fastest ever swum in a 50 metre pool.
   His coach, Arthur Cusack, also of Maryborough, delivered a very simple
instruction before the race. “Go out there and win – and don’t make any
mistakes,” he ordered.
   Theile who later confessed he had no pre-race doubts about the result, did
just that.
   This was the way he felt, even though overseas judges had queried his style
of turning at the end of a lap during the heats. Theile made the same turn last
night and not questioned.
C.M. Wednesday 9 January 1957

                         JAN MUNRO PLANS TO RETIRE
                              WILL BE A NURSE

   Jan Munro, Queensland’s greatest woman swimmer, plans to retire. Munro is to
become a nurse on January 28 – three days after the State titles start. She
hopes to compete in the freestyle 100 metres on January 25 and if possible in
the 800 metres on February 1. Munro, 18, was selected in the Olympic Games
team, but she was unable to compete because she sprained her right ankle two
days before her swim.
   Jan has won every Queensland title – the 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 metres –
for the last four years. She also has won the medley event four times and the
butterfly stroke three times in succession.
   Queensland is unlikely to produce another girl swimmer in her class for
along time, if at all.

                             “NURSING FIRST”

   She said last night she hopes to win her fifth 100 metres before retiring.
   “I don’t like leaving swimming so early but my nursing future is to come
first,” she said. “At any rate, I would not be able to get enough time to train
in future,” she added.
   Munro was a member of Valley Club and comes from a swimming family. Her
father was an official timekeeper at the Olympic Games.
   (Picture of Peter Andersen doing butterfly)

C.M. Thursday 17 January 1957

                             THEILE IN SEVEN EVENTS

   Queensland’s Olympic backstroke champion, David Theile, will compete in
seven events at the State swim titles next week.
   Apart from the 100 metres backstroke, 200 metres backstroke, 50 and 100
metres freestyle, 100 metres butterfly, the 100 metres breaststroke, and the
400 metres medley. The 200 metres backstroke is a new event in the State titles
programme and Theile is expected to have an easy win.
   He is also favourite for the 400 metres medley which he won in 1955 and was
placed second last year.

                                DEVITT INVITED

   Australian Olympic swim team captain, John Devitt, has been invited to the
titles which start on Thursday.
   Brian Bryner, 15, of Rockhampton, will swim in fourteen events during the
titles, and a twelve-year-old Bundaberg boy has nominated in the freestyle 800
metres as one of his title swims.
   Wilf Arnold, captain of the Australian Universities swimming team, will not
contest the championships. He will leave Brisbane next Friday for a 12 months
post-graduate course at the California University. Arnold holds the State
breaststroke records over 100 and 200 metres.
   New South Wales junior diving champion, Pam Thickness, will appear in the
   Nominations are 158 up on last year’s entries. There will be 386
competitors, including 187 country, and 10 interstate swimmers at the carnival.

C.M. Tuesday 22 January 1957

                               SCHOOLBOY FOR 800m SWIM

   Bundaberg schoolboy, John Wainwright, is a shock for the freestyle 800
metres in the State swim titles. It is his only senior event at the
championships which start with heats at Valley pool on Thursday night.
Wainwright is also in the Under 13 freestyle 50 metres race and four other
junior races.
   Hayden Kenny who represented Australia in the international surf titles at
Melbourne during the Olympic Games is favourite to win the 800 metres title.
Young Brisbane swimmers Ken Gudenswager and Brian Buggy are other top entrants.
   The 800 metres will be held on January 30.
   Peter Eriksen will have plaster taken off his broken left wrist to compete
in the championships. He is expected to compete in heats of the freestyle 100
metres on Thursday.

C.M. Friday 25 January 1957

                           THEILE’S TURN QUERIED BY JUDGES

   Two touch judges questioned turns by Olympic Games backstroke gold medallist
David Theile at the State titles at Valley pool last night. Judges Frank
Lohning and Garny Nankavill claimed he did not touch the wall during the
backstroke 200 metres event.
   Theile went at about three-quarter pace to win his heat. He will compete in
the final tonight. Lohning claimed Theile had missed by about six inches in his
second turn at the shallow end. After the race Lohning and Nankavill reported
their claim to referee Norm Burn.

                                   PASS AT GAMES

   Theile’s turns were questioned during heats of the Olympic Games at
Melbourne, but he was passed by overseas judges.
   In backstroke, a swimmer must touch the wall with his hand. Theile has been
coached by Arthur Cusack to get down to a phenomenal four-tenths of a second
turn. To do this he touches low in the water, which is impossible for the
public to see.
   John Devit, who finished second in the Olympic Games 100 metres, will
attempt to break the world record of 55.2sec in the final tonight.
   Barry Tudman (60.2) and Ken Gudenswager (61.2) were the heat winners.
   State breaststroke champion Wilf Arnold will have his last race in the
medley relay tonight before he leaves for America.
  (Full heat results given)

C.M. Saturday 26 January 1957

                               DEVITT MISSES WORLD TIME
                                 BUT CUT STATE RECORD

   John Devitt, Australia’s new “king” of swimming, last night shattered the
Queensland freestyle 100 metres record with 55.8sec in the State titles at
Valley pool. It was 9/10sec better than the standing figure set by Olympic gold
medallist Henricks.
   Devitt was out last night to clip his world record of 55.2sec which he
established in the New South Wales championships.
   Queensland’s heat beat him. The water was too hot and did not allow him to
get to his top. Last night the water was 80deg. Best conditions are 72.75deg
for racing.   By the way the strapping Sydney schoolboy swam, it looks like
being the only thing that will stop him from cutting that world time down to
                                    IN 200 FINAL

   A long way behind Devitt was Barry Tudman (60sec) in second place, with Ross
Elkington of Murwillumbah third in 61.4sec.
   Devitt is to compete in the freestyle 200 metres final on Monday night.
   Jan Munro lost her freestyle 100 metres to Lyn Chamberlain who has been one
of her main rivals over the years. Chamberlain came in with 68sec with Munro
(trained only for 1 1/2 weeks) at 70.2sec ahead of Townsville girl Fay
   David Theile, purposely turning slowly so that judges could see his correct
action won the backstroke 200 metres title. Theile won his race without any
effort from young Tony Fingleton.
   One of the best efforts of the carnival was Bruce Mocatta’s swim in the
breast- stroke 200 metres. Mocatta clocked a particularly good time of 2m 55.2s
which lowered his own best by a Queenslander record.
   Rockhampton boy, Brian Brymer, equalled Cyrus Weld’s best by a Queenslander
time in registering 27sec to take the country junior freestyle 50 metres. Brian
looks a good type of swimmer and should develop well over the next few seasons.
   Ann Stewart made a fine come-back by taking the women’s backstroke 200
metres in 2m 56.4sec. This is a record as this is a new State event.

C.M. Tuesday 29 January 1957


   Husky Sydney sprinter, John Devitt, last night shattered three world
freestyle swim records during the State championships at Valley pool. Devitt
crashed the 100 metres record with a magnificent 54.6sec effort, and the 100
yards long course time with a 49.1sec.
   In a sole dash, 54.6sec was particularly great to lower Amereican Dick
Cleveland’s world time of 54.8sec. Cleveland’s time had been set in a 25 metre
pool, half the length of the Valley pool. Devitt’s 54.6sec also clipped Jon
Henricks time of 55.4sec which was the worlds best over the long course.
   Devitt, one of the most modest boys in Australian swimming, embraced coach
Sam Herford after his swim. He said, “Gee, thanks coach. You’ve been great to
   Later in the carnival Devitt won the Queensland freestyle 200 metres event
in 2m 11s.
   Olympic Games backstroke Gold Medallist, David Theile, lowered the
Queensland record over 100 metres. Theile clocked 63.3 which was 7/10 of a
second better than the time last season.
   Jan Munro surprisingly hung on to her freestyle 400 metres championship. The
Olympic Team member just lasted the distance out to beat Lyn Kingston and Fay
  (Full results given)

C.M. Wednesday 30 January 1957

                       THEILE IN FORM AS A FREESTYLER

   David Theile, Olympic Games backstroke gold medallist, last night figured in
the role of a top freestyler at the State swim titles. Theile clocked a most
impressive 26.5sec to win a heat of the 50 metres at Valley pool. It was 0.7sec
outside Cyrus Weld’s Queensland record.
   Theile’s performance was also 0.7sec better than that of crack Maryborough
sprinter, Barry Tudman who took his heat in 27.2sec. Theile, a tall lad, is
unknown in Queensland swimming for his freestyle sprinting. But on last night’s
performance he looks like taking the title from Tudman, at present No 1 man.
                                  ANDERSEN FAST

   Peter Andersen did well to clock 10:49.6sec to win his heat of the freestyle
800 metres. Andersen was well within the time recorded by Hayden Kenny (11 min)
who won the first heat.
   Maryborough boy, Dan Mahoney, clocked 2:20.2 for his heat of the junior
freestyle 200 metres.
   (Full results given)

C.M. Thursday 31 January 1957

                             GAMES REJECT IN TITLE RECORD
                            ANDERSEN CUTS BUTTERFLY 100 TIME

   Peter Andersen, and Olympic team reject, smashed the Australian record for
butterfly 100 metres in the Queensland swimming titles at Valley pool last
night. Andersen clocked 67.6sec to beat the standing national record of
70.2sec by ex-world record machine John Marshall, who is now seriously ill in
   There is, however, a 65.1sec by Brian Wilkinson in Sydney, waiting
   Andersen had no opposition in the two lap dash, and he led all the way from
Noel Craig (Townsville) who clocked 69.1sec. Blond Andersen, who takes off his
spectacles before racing, turned in a great double when he outstayed the field
in the freestyle 800 metres.

                                      LED AT 600

   Andersen was only fourth in the early stages behind Peter Eriksen, Ken
Gudenswager, and Hayden Kenny, but went to the lead at the 600 mark. Kenny had
a short-lived spell in the lead, but Andersen tackled him and held him off
   Swims by Gudenswager and Kenny in the freestyle 800 helped present the
freestyle 50 dash on a silver platter to David Theile. Theile now swims for
University but came from Maryborough. Tudman and Kenny are also from
   Lyn Chamberlain, of Toowong, won the women’s freestyle 200 by an inch, but
failed by an inch in the backstroke 100.

                                     WELL JUDGED

   Chamberlain had a lead of five metres over junior Lyn Kingston with only 50
to go in the freestyle race, but Kingston nearly pegged her back in the
fighting finish.
   Kingston was earlier unplaced behind Beryl Mason (Mt Isa), Fay McKillop
(Townsville), Rosemary Lassig (Bundaberg), in the junior freestyle 100, and
this took the edge off her.
   Lyn Hancock had a nicely judged win in the women’s sub-junior backstroke 50
over Ann Nelson and Jan Polzin.
   Queensland records for the night were broken by Rosemary Lassig in the
women’s junior breaststroke 100 at 86.8sec, and by Bruce Mocatta, of Dalby, in
the men’s junior breaststroke 100 at 79.8sec.
   (Picture of Peter Andersen and Hayden Kenny in the water after the 800 swim)

C.M. Friday 1 February 1957


   Olympic backstroke gold medallist, David Theile, is fast gaining the
reputation of an outstanding swimming all-rounder. Theile who was unknown as a
breaststroker before the present State titles, last night swam well within
himself to record second fastest time winning a heat of the breaststroke 100
   In last night’s swim, the ex-Maryborough schoolboy introduced a breaststroke
style similar to the controversial stroke used by Japanese swimmers in the
Olympic Games.
   He clocked 1m 21.6s for the heat. Theile swam 2/3 of the first length before
he broke the surface. In the final 50 metres he broke the surface only four
times, taking an average of four strokes under water each time. Only in the
last 10 yards did Theile seem to exert himself to best D.Brandon (Maroochy)
narrowly. The ease of the swim last night suggests that he will extend young
Bruce Mocatta in the final tonight.
   Mocatta clocked the fastest time in last night’s heats with 1m 20.1s.
    (Full results given)

C.M. Saturday 2 February 1957


   Olympic backstroke champion David Theile gave a remarkable display to win
the State 100 metres breaststroke swim title in the record time of 1m 16.2s at
the Valley pool last night. His time was the best ever recorded by a
Queenslander over the distance. The Queensland open record is 1m 13.6s by Terry
Gathercole (NSW).
   Theile’s win last night proved his outstanding versatility. At the
championships which conclude today he has won the 100 and 200 metres
backstroke, 50 metres freestyle, and breaststroke titles.
   Theile from Maryborough, swimming for University Club, swam most of the way
under water until surfacing five times during the race. From the dive-in he
swam at least 30 metres before coming up for a breath. He broke clear about two
yards ahead of Dalby swimmer, Bruce Mocatta, and just led him at the 50 metre
   Mocatta kept after Theile, or what he could see of him, and the Olympic
champion was only slightly in front with about 15 metres to go. He submerged
again and “frogged” his way to a clear win.
   Swimming under water in breaststroke events will be banned after May 1 this
   Mocatta’s time of 1m 18s was the best ever by a Queensland junior.

                                  BEAT ANDERSEN

   Maryborough freestyler, Hayden Kenny, put up another fine swim to down Peter
Andersen, of Brisbane, in the 400 metres open title in State resident record
time of 4m 52s. Kenny and Andersen had a stroke-by-stroke battle all the way,
with Kenny inches in front at each turn. Kenny also won the 200 metres and was
second in the 800 metres at the carnival. Andersen’s time of 4m 52.6s also
bettered the resident record of 4m 53s standing to R.Burns.
   Lyn Chamberlain, of Toowong, swam a powerful race to just beat Fay McKillop
(Townsville) in 30.6sec in the women’s 50 metres open freestyle. Rosemary
Lassig, of Bundaberg, held the leaders for most of the lap, but just faded at
the finish to be third in 31.4sec.
   Ann Stewart, 15-year-old Bundaberg lass and sister of Queensland junior golf
champion, Meg Stewart, put in a strong finish to win the junior 100 metres
backstroke. She was well behind title holder H.Lecky (Valley) at the 50 metre
turn, but caught her in the last few yards to just touch first.
   (Full results given)
C.M. Monday 4 February 1957

                           BRISBANE SWIMMERS TAKE BACK SEAT
                          IN SELECTIONS FOR NATIONAL TITLES
                           COUNTRY GET SIX IN STATE SQUAD

   Country swimmers outnumbered Brisbane representatives three to one in the
official State swimming squad announced by the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association yesterday. Of the eight selections, the country gained six berths
to the National Championships at Canberra from February 16-23. This is the
greatest country representation ever.
   Three Bundaberg swimmers – Dan Mahoney, Rosemary Lassig, and Ann Stewart –
won selection. Other country members are: Bruce Mocatta (Dalby), Noel Craig
(Townsville), and ex-Maryborough student David Theile, who moved to Brisbane a
short time before the State titles.

                                BRISBANE’S TWO

   Gregory Terrace student Peter Andersen, and John McLeod are Brisbane’s only
   Craig and Mahoney are the only two of the official squad to receive limited
financial assistance. Each will receive thirty five pounds towards expenses.
The other six will be fully financed by the Q.A.S.A.
   Thirteen other swimmers, including six from the country, have been named to
compete at their own expense in the national titles. They are – E.Courtney,
A.Fingleton, Beth Kernke, L.Kingston, H.Lecky, P.Stanton, W.Thomas (all of
Brisbane), H.Kenny and B.Tudman (Maryborough), B.Mason (Mt Isa) F.McKillop
L.Miller (Townsville), and Glenys Whybird (Ipswich).
   Mr E.Cichero, of Brisbane, will manage the squad; Mrs E.J.Fairlie has been
appointed chaperone.
   The squad will leave by air for Canberra on February 14. The captain has not
yet been announced.

                                IMPROVED POOLS

   Q.A.S.A Secretary (Mr Bill Holland) attributes the success of country
swimmers to the great improvement of country pools in recent years and the
Olympic swimming squad’s three months training period in Queensland pools.
   “The Olympic squad’s training period here increased interest in swimming
greatly, particularly in the north,” he said. “Country swimmers have also been
aided by the tremendous improvement in pool standards and training facilities.”
   (Head pictures of Theile, Lassig, Caig and Andersen.)

C.M. Thursday 7 February 1957

                              Q’LD TOPS IN BANKS SWIM

   Some of Queensland’s top swimmers will compete at the Combined Banks annual
carnival at the Valley Baths tomorrow.
   Stater women’s 50 metres and 200 metres freestyle champion, Lyn Chamberlain,
and Central Queensland freestyle and backstroke title holder, Pat Neal, will
swim for the Australia and New Zealand Bank.
   The Bank of New South Wales will have three former State representatives –
Kirra surfer Ken Wiles (freestyle), ex-Maryborough star John O’Donoghue
(breaststroke), and breaststroker Kay Stewart.
   The E.S.& A. Bank has another former State freestyle representative, Bob
Burns, and third placegetter in the 1957 100 metres State backstroke title and
current country champion, Jack Purtell, will swim for the Commonwealth Bank.
                              STUDIES FIRST – THEILE

   Queensland Olympic gold medallist, David Theile, will not make any swim
tours this year that will interfere with his medical studies.
   “I had to give up my first year studies last year to concentrate on the
Olympics, and I will not sacrifice them this year,” said Theile from
Maryborough last night.
   Theile was commenting on an invitation to swim at the Japanese championships
in July and August. He has not yet received the invitation, but Queensland
Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Mr Bill Holland) said last night that
an invitation was on the way. Theile will wait until he hears details of the
tour before he decides.
   The Japanese will also invite Games freestyle gold medallists Jon Henricks
and Murray Rose, and breaststroker, Terry Gathercole, all of New South Wales.

                                 VISIT MANILLA

   Theile, world 100 metres freestyle record holder John Devitt, Rose, and
butterfly swimmer Brian Wilkinson, have been invited to the Philippines
championships at Manilla. The Philippines titles start on February 27 and the
swimmers will be home on March 3.
   Theile will start his University studies on March 4, and he and Devitt
accepted the invitation. Rose and Wilkinson have not yet accepted.

C.M. Friday 8 February 1957

                              THEILE’S NEW WORLD SWIM

   Maryborough – Olympic gold medallist, David Theile, last night broke the
world record for 100 yards backstroke in the Maryborough City baths. He swam
the distance in 55.6sec to clip 1/10 sec off the record set in 1954 by Yoshi
Oyakawa (United States).
   Theile flashed over the first lap in 17sec, took one second longer to cover
the second lap, and came home on the last in 20.6sec. David’s record swim was
clocked with standard three watches. He swam unpaced.
   “I used my own turn, but it was not the fastest one I can do,” he said after
his triumphant swim.

                                   STATE RECORD

   Hayden Kenny, selected in the State squad to swim at the National
Championships, swam 220 yards in 2m 14.4s to break Frank O’Neill’s five-year-
old state record.
   Kenny covered the first 100 yards in 58sec.

C.M. Saturday 9 February 1957

                        LYN IN STATE TEAM AFTER BANKS’ SWIM

Toowong swimmer, Lyn Chamberlain, was added to the Queensland team after
winning three events at the Combined Banks carnival at the Valley pool last
night. Eighteen-year-old Lyn set a new carnival record of 37.4sec for 50 metres
backstroke, and equalled her own record of30.2sec for the 50 metres freestyle.
She also won the 50 metres breaststroke and figured in two relay successes for
the A.N.Z. Bank team.
   Lyn, previously unavailable, will go with the State team to the National
Titles in Canberra from February 18 to 23.
   Lyn’s freestyle time of 30.2sec last night was better than the 30.6 sec she
took to win the State title at the Valley pool a week ago.
                                   WILES’ RECORD

   Ken Wiles thrashed his way to a new carnival record of 62.1sec in the men’s
100 metres freestyle. He also led the Bank of N.S.W. team to retain the Chubb

C.M. Friday 15 February 1957

                                 THEILE MAY BE PRESSED

   Canberra – It could be a flash-back to the Olympic men’s backstroke event
when the world’s fastest swimmer, David Theile, of Queensland, meets John
Monckton (NSW) tomorrow. The pair will fight out the final of the National 110
yards title.
   Theile won at the Olympic Games in record time and 16 year old Monckton was
second. But lately Monckton has been training harder than his rival and the
Olympic champion could be defeated.

                                    BREASTSTROKE TOO

   Theile caused a surprise yesterday when breaststroke swimmers found he had
unexpectedly entered for the 110 yards event. The tall Queenslander is such a
gifted swimmer he could closely press Olympic breaststroke finalist Terry
Gathercole (NSW).
   However the serious fact is Theile’s breatstroke is so unorthodox that he
could be disqualified in tomorrow’s heats, which will be swum only 20 minutes
after his more important backstroke heat.
   Although she is considered Queensland’s best bet for a national swimming
title, Lyn Chamberlain has a great chance in the new 220 yards backstroke
   This the first time the long, four lap backstroke event has been held.

C.M. Monday 18 February 1957

                              From Judy Joy Davies

   Canberra – The non-appearance of Olympic swimming stars at the Australian
swimming championships has caused such disappointment in Canberra that the full
conference of the Australian Swimming Union will fully discuss the problem on
 Olympic Gold Medal winners Jon Henricks, Lorraine Crapp, Murray Rose, Dawn
Fraser, Gary Chapman, Kevin O’Halloran, and Faith Leech, all declined to swim
and defend titles at these championships. In fact, our only Gold Medal winners
to show up were David Theile and Sandra Morgan.
   The result on Saturday was that only 700 of the 1500 seats were sold, and
only one Australian record was broken, when usually records topple in very
second event.
  (Then considerable speculation as to reason)

C.M. Wednesday 20 February 1957

                             From Judy Joy Davies
                            Former Olympic swimmer

   Canberra – New South Wales swimmer, John Monckton, again defeated
Queenslander David Theile in the national swimming championships last night.
Monckton won the 220 yards backstroke title by 12 yards, with Theile second.
Another Queenslander, Tony Fingleton, was third.
   Monckton’s time, 2m 23.5s was 3 1/2 seconds outside the world record. It was
also 2.1sec slower than his own personal best.
   A freezing wind was whipping across the pool and the water was only 68deg,
just 5 deg colder than the correct championship temperature.

                                  WATER CHOPPY

   The wind blew the water from the swimmers’ arms into their faces and eyes
and made the pool very choppy.
   Monckton, 18 and 6ft 4in tall, almost collapsed after his win. “I never gave
up hope, but I was taking in water like a sinking ship,” he said.
   Theile lost the 110 yards backstroke title to Monckton last Saturday, but
the time, 63.9sec, was 1.7sec outside the time Theile set in the Olympics.
   Queensland swimmers to gain places in finals were – Lyn Chamberlain (third
in 110 yards freestyle), Lyn Kingston (third in women’s 110 yards butterfly),
Peter Andersen (second in 220 yards butterfly), and Maurice Junk (third in 440
yards medley).
    (Full results given)

C.M. Friday 22 February 1957
   (Excerpts from Judy Joy Davies report)

   Hayden Kenny, of Queensland was fifth in the 880 freestyle – won by Murray
   Lyn Kingston was second to Olympic butterfly swimmer, Maureen Giles of NSW
in the women’s 880 yards. So short-sighted without her glasses that she can
hardly see, strongly built Lyn was lying in third place behind Maureen Giles
and Jan Hayward for most of the distance. But strong barracking by Queensland
team mates was heard by Lyn, and with a grand burst of speed over the final two
laps, she passed Hayward and swam into second place.
   Queensland diver, Les Miller, shocked everyone by beating Olympic
representative Bill Tully into fifth place in springboard diving. Miller was

C.M. Saturday 23 February 1957

                           ANN FOUGHT TO MAKE SWIM FINAL
                                From Judy Joy Davies

   Canberra – Little Ann Stewart, 14, from Bundaberg, swam with lots of fire
yesterday to win her heat of the junior Australian 110 yards backstroke
   She had to fight every inch of the way to beat off challenges from Marilyn
Wilson, of Victoria, and another Queenslander, Wendy Thomas. Fastest time was
recorded by NSW junior Ann Beardmore, but Ann Stewart is assured of at least a
place in the final.
                                 THREE IN FINAL

   Queensland’s three representatives in the junior girls backstroke,
A.Stewart, W.Thomas, and H.Lecky, have qualified for the final.
   Other Queenslanders to qualify for today’s final day of swimming are – Pat
Stanton in the women’s 220 yards breaststroke and Bruce Mocatta in the men’s
220 yards breaststroke.
   Queensland men sprinters, H.Kenny, D.Theile, B.Tudman, and D.Mahoney, all
failed to qualify for the final of the 110 ads freestyle.
  (Full results given)
C.M. Monday 25 February 1957

                            LYN KINGSTON SEEN AS GAMES STAR
                                  From Judy Joy Davies

   Queensland has a future Olympic star in 15-year-old, Lyn Kingston, of
Brisbane, either as a freestyle swimmer or a butterfly exponent.
   Solidly built, Lyn won the junior women’s butterfly at the National swimming
championships on Saturday, was second in the 880 yards freestyle on Thursday,
and gained a third in the open butterfly and a second in the open medley.
   So short-sighted that she can hardly see her rivals during a race, Lyn
nevertheless swims with style, speed, and determination – the essentials of a
class champion.
   A quietly-spoken girl who obviously loves the excitement of racing, Lyn has
the strength to stand up to hard training and hard racing.
   Her only failing is that as yet she has not had the experience to know how
to exert herself in competition. Instead of being tired at the end of races,
young Lyn is always full of fight and as fresh as when she started.
   New South Wales won the Kieran Shield awarded to the State gaining the most
wins in the championship with 11½ points to S.A. 5, and Victoria 2½.
   The New South Wales women’s team won the equivalent Corbett Shield.

C.M. Tuesday 9 March 1957

                             THEILE TAKES FOUR TITLES

   Olympic backstroke gold medallist, David Theile, won four of his seven
events at the University swimming championships at the Davies Park baths last
   He went down narrowly to former Empire Games backstroker Cyrus Weld in the
50 yards butterfly, but easily beat Weld for the championship trophy, the
McTaggert Memorial Cup. Weld came out of retirement to defend the Cup.
Courier Mail, Thursday 12 September 1957

                                2972 GIRL SWIMMERS
                                        By Ruby Robinson

    The mounting interest by women and girls in swimming in Queensland is shown
by last season’s registrations – 428 seniors and 2544 juniors. Of the 2972
total registrations, nine metropolitan Clubs supplied 1441. Valley Ladies Club
topped the list with 298 registered swimmers followed by Commercial with 271.
20 Country Clubs had 997 registered swimmers with Bundaberg top with 202, with
Bundaberg Ladies Club second with 99. 4 District Associations had a total of
534 members registered.
    The Annual Meeting of the Q.L.A.S.A. will be held on September 20 at the
National Council of Women’s Rooms, George Street.
    Miss Flo Granville of Sandgate, who has been Association President,
Treasurer, or Secretary since 1927, will be presented with a Life Member’s

C.M. Thursday 19 September 1957

                          MUST KEEP SWIM ALERT

    Swimming coach Frank Guthrie yesterday warned against complacency about
Australia’s prospects for the 1960 Olympic Games. He said that various overseas
nations had learned all Australia’s methods at the Melbourne Olympic Games last
year and were now putting them into practice with their own swimmers, so it
would be difficult for Australia to keep her lead.

                           THREE POINT PLAN

    Guthrie outlined a three point plan which he believed would help solve the
    The plan is that the Australian Swimming Union send away large
representative teams at every opportunity to help encourage the young swimmers
– tours for second string swimmers should be organised – coaches be on the
alert for any new technique.

C.M. Saturday 21 September 1957

                     LIFE BADGE FOR SWIM OFFICIAL

    The Queensland Ladies Amateur Swimming Association at its Annual      Meeting
last night presented Miss Flo Granville with a Life Membership Badge.     She has
been with the Association and Sandgate Club for 30 years.
    The Association membership of 3000 is expected to be increased this   year.
    Mrs V McGregor-Lowndes (Patroness), and Mrs J.Ross (President) were   elected
unopposed. The Registrar is Mrs V.Anderson, and Mrs Rose and Mrs E.J.     Fairlie
are delegates to the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association.

C.M. Wednesday 25 September 1957

                        STARS LIKELY TO SWIM HERE

   Olympic swimmers John Devitt, Terry Gathercole, Lorraine Crapp and Dawn
Fraser, are sure to be asked to compete in a carnival at the Valley Baths on
December 9     The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Executive will
recommend to the QASA Council that they be invited. Council approval at its
next meeting on October 14 seems assured.
   Devitt, Crapp, and Fraser are freestylers, and Gathercole a breaststroke
                             LYN RETIRES

    Lyn Chamberlain, a Queensland freestyle champion in all age groups and open
status has retired.
    Lyn, 18 years, of Eagle Junction, who hopes to start a nursing career in
November, feels that she has had enough of competitive swimming. A backstroke
stylist in addition to a freestyler, Lyn swam with Toowong Club. At the
National Titles in Canberra last February she finished third in the 110 yards
freestyle, and was a member of the Queensland relay teams, medley and
freestyle, which were placed second.
C.M. Friday 27 September 1957


    “The International Olympic Congress may force swimming out of the Olympic
Games” Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Bill Holland) said
last night.   “This would be a bitter blow to Australia which is the premier
swimming nation of the world today.” Mr Holland is also an Australian Selector
and was the supervising coach at the Melbourne Olympics last year.
    The I.O.C. now meeting at Sofia (Bulgaria) has decided to ban either
breaststroke or butterfly events after the Rome Olympics in 1960. Congress
decided to instruct the International Swimming Federation (F.I.N.A.) to make a
decision on which style it would maintain.


    “The decision is ridiculous” Mr Holland said. “Butterfly and breaststroke
are as distinct from one another as freestyle and backstroke. This move could
lead to FINA withdrawing from the Games and holding its own World Games similar
to the Cycling World Amateur Championships.”
    “If swimming eliminated one of the events, the I.O.C. should allow three
competitors to each as in the other swimming styles and introduce more relay
events,” he said.
    The Congress also decided that after the Rome Olympics there would be no
team awards in equestrianism, gymnastics, modern pentathlon, and cycling.
Canoeing events would be reduced from nine to seven.
(Picture – Three 13 year olds – Could be some of our future Olympic stars. Lyn
Kingston of Bowen Hills, State 110 yards Junior freestyle champion, Helen Lecky
of Newmarket, State backstroke representative, and Estelle Jay of South
Brisbane, prominent breaststroker.)

C.M. Tuesday 1 October 1957

                         Q.A.S.A BACKS NEW POOL PLAN

    The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association last night backed the Lord
Mayor’s (Ald Groom) plan to build a modern swimming pool at Gregory Terrace.
    At its Annual Meeting last night it passed the following motion – “That the
Q.A.S.A, noting the announcement of the Lord Mayor’s proposal to establish a
modern swimming pool on Gregory Terrace to commemorate Queensland’s Centenary
in 1959, expresses its full and unqualified support for the proposal and offers
the Lord Mayor its co-operation and assistance in bringing this proposal to a
successful conclusion.”
    The Association also conferred Life Membership on the Secretary, Mr
W.Holland. Mr Holland has been actively associated with swimming in Queensland
since 1931. He coached the Australian swim team at the Empire Games in Auckland
in 1950, and was Manager/Coach to the 1954 Games team to Vancouver. Mr Holland
was also supervising coach to the Australian team at the Melbourne Olympics.
    The following five Vice Presidents were elected from eight nominations – Dr
E.G.Theile, Messrs W.S.Johnston, H.Weld, W.McLeod, and E.Barnacle.

    Australia could lose its position as the world’s premier swimming nation
following the International Olympics Congress held recently in Sofia
   The title would go to the country with the best training facilities. Of the
six clauses approved by the Congress, the one relating to the International
Committee’s definition of an amateur will affect seriously the training of
Olympic Games teams. This clause states – “A person is not an amateur if he
gives up work or employment for a continuous period of over thirty days in
order to train or take part in competition.”
   This would prevent Australia from sending its best team to Townsville for
training. Last year Australia’s Olympic Games swimming squad trained in
Townsville for eight weeks.

                           “WARM   POOL   NEEDED”

   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary and Australian selector
(Bill Holland) said last night that the clause would not apply to all
Australian champions who were at school, or the like of the backstroke gold
medallist, David Thiele, studying at a University. “This will help however, to
bring better training facilities,” Mr Holland said. “It would force several
Associations to increase their efforts to obtain heated pools for winter
training to eliminate the necessity to send a team to Townsville.”

                           “NOT TRUE SPIRIT”

    “The Australian team for the Empire Games in July will have less than
thirty days training in Townsville,” Queensland Amateur Athletics Association
Secretary and Australian selector (Mr J.Barlow) said last night. “We consider
it is not in the true spirit of sport.”

C.M. Wednesday 2 October 1957

                       NEW EVENT FOR STATE TITLES

   A new State Title, the Women’s 100 metres Breaststroke, is to be contested
for the first time this season.
   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Mr W.Holland) said
last night that this event was sure to be approved by the Q.A.S.A Council
meeting on October 14. Introduction of the event would bring the State
programme into line with National Championships. No dates have been fixed for
the State Championships, but usually they are held at the end of January or
early February.
   Australian Swimming Union’s Secretary, Mr W.Berge-Phillips, has announced
that the Australian Empire Games team would tour Japan after the Games in
Cardiff next July. The team will compete at the Japan National Titles in Tokyo
from August 14 to 17, and an International carnival and other fixtures are to
be arranged.

C.M. Friday 4 October 1957


   Sam Herford, coach of triple Olympic gold medallist, Murray Rose, predicts
sensational times this season for his sprint charge, John Devitt.
   Speaking from Sydney yesterday, Herford said, “John sprinted 56.7 seconds
for 110 yards in the old North Sydney pool last Saturday, suggesting great
things from him. He has filled out a lot since last season, and I will be
bringing him to Brisbane for a carnival on December 9, to let him attack his
world 100 metres record of 54.6 secs.
                               POOL PERFECT

“The Valley pool where John set his world time last January is perfect for
breaking records,” Herford said. “he water is fresh, not like some Sydney
pools, its temperature of around 75 degrees is ideal, and its length of 50
metres conforms with the new International Swimming Union’s recommendation for
world records.”
    Devitt, 21 years, beat Gary Chapman at North Sydney pool last Saturday in
water temperature of 61 degrees.

                                INVITE DAWN

    Devitt, Dawn Fraser, and Lorraine Crapp, will be invited here on December 9
to help raise funds for the Empire Games Fund for Cardiff (Wales) next July.
    Herford also expects great things for his middle and distance freestyler,
Murray Garrety.
    (Picture of Devitt in the water)

C.M. Saturday 12 October 1957

Picture “Escaping yesterday’s heatwave was Violet Mercer of Warwick who took a
timely dip in Warwick’s £62,000 Olympic swimming pool which was opened last

C.M. Tuesday 15 October 1957

                           STATE SWIM TITLE DATES

    The 1957-58 Queensland Swimming Championships will be held from January 24
to February 1. This was decided at the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association’s Council meeting last night. Nominations for the championship will
close on January 10.
    The meeting also approved the QASA delegates committee’s decision to invite
Olympians John Devitt, Terry Gathercole, Lorraine Crapp and Dawn Fraser, to a
carnival in Brisbane on December 9.
    It decided to introduce a new event, the 100 metres Women’s Breaststroke,
into the State title programme.
    The December 9 carnival will be an “all ticket” one.
    An attempt to reimburse Australian Junior Butterfly Champion, Lyn Kingston,
for her share of expenses ( 17) to the Australian Championships in Canberra
last February was defeated.
    The Council re-elected Dr D Dowling as Chairman, Mr W.Holland as Secretary,
Mr R.Lyons as Treasurer. Messrs N.Burn, W.Holland, and G.Nankerville, were
named State Selectors. Messrs G.Marr, G.Nankerville, M.Munro, E.Cichero, and
E.Morris, were appointed the Country Committee.

C.M. Saturday 19 October 1957

                         DEVITT MAY DEFER SWIM

    John Devitt’s Brisbane attempt on his world 100 metres record of 54.6
seconds may be postponed from December 9 to 16.
    Devitt is one of the four Olympians the Queensland Amateur Swimming
Association hopes to attract to the carnival at the Valley Baths. Devitt’s
studies will prevent him coming sooner.
    The New South Wales Association has advised that Dawn Fraser and Terry
Gathercole seem certain to appear, but Loraine Crapp is still in doubt. Her
father, Mr K.Crapp, said that because of her recent American and present
European tour, Lorraine may be unable to obtain leave from work.
    The Olympians will also swim at a Warwick carnival on the Saturday prior to
the Brisbane appearance.
C.M. Wednesday 6 November 1957

                               SWIM RELAYS
                         392 SWIMMERS IN TEAM EVENT

   392 swimmers will compete in one event at the Valley pool tonight. The race
– the mercantile relay – has attracted a record 98 teams each of four swimmers.
This is four better than previous greatest.
   The teams, which will represent Brisbane business houses and firms, will
consist of men women and children.
   The race, which will be run in heats, will be over 4, 50 metre laps, with
each competitor swimming one lap.

C.M. Thursday 11 November 1957

                             ANN CLOCKS FAST SWIM

   Ann Nelson, 13-year-old backstroker, last night swam the fastest 50 metres
recorded in Queensland by a junior. Ann, of Wavell Heights, clocked 34.8sec,
which is 1.8sec faster than Lyn Chamberlain’s junior record. Junior age limit
is 16 years.
   She was swimming in an associate event with the Valley Club mercantile relay
at the Valley baths.
   The C.O.R No 3 team swam consistently to win the event and the Elphinstone
Shield. Northgate Railway came second and English Electric No 1 came third.

C.M. Saturday 9 November 1957

                         SWIM CLASSES AT VALLEY POOL

   A varied programme will open the Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce Adult
Learn to Swim classes at the Valley pool tonight. Competition races will bring
together top Brisbane swimmers, and diving and Life Saving displays, a
mercantile relay, and a mannequin parade, are included in the programme.

Wednesday 13 November 1957

                               GOOD SWIM PROGRESS

   150 prospective swimmers are splashing around in the Valley Baths this week
in the Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce Learn to Swim week. Quick progress is
being made by many of the swimmers, according to the chief instructor and
organiser of the week, Mr Frank Fleming.

C.M. Friday 15 November 1957

                             DEVITT TO SWIM HERE

   World 100 metres freestyle record holder, John Devitt, will make three
appearances here on December 16.
   With co-Olympians Murray Garretty, Terry Gatherole, and Dawn Fraser, he will
appear in a Queensland Amateur Swimming Association carnival at the Valley
   Devitt’s main mission is to crack his 100 metres record (54.6sec) which he
set here last February. Devitt will also contest the 100 metres freestyle and
the 2 x 50 metres brace relay.
                               IN RELAYS

   Gathercole will start in the 200 metres breaststroke, Garretty in the 400
metres freestyle, and Miss Fraser in the women’s 100 metres freestyle.
   All will swim in the brace (man and woman) relay.
   The carnival will be the first all-ticket meet staged by the Q.A.S.A.

C.M. Monday 18 November 1957

                        TOP COUNTRY SWIMMERS AT CARNIVAL

   Leading country swimmers are nominating for the December 16 carnival at the
Valley Baths. Entries have been received from outstanding Bundaberg youngsters
Dan Mahoney and John Wainwright.
   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, is
anticipating a flood of country nominations.
   Mahoney holds all the State junior freestyle titles (100, 200, and 400
metres) and is the Under 15 100 metres freestyle holder.
   Wainwright is one of Queensland’s most promising sub-junior freestylers.
   The carnival has attracted southern Olympians, Terry Gathercole, Murray
Garretty, John Devitt, and Dawn Fraser.

C.M. Thursday 21 November 1957

                              AFTER SWIM RECORD

   Ann Nelson, 13, will attack the State junior 100 metres backstroke swim
record on December 16. She will make her attempt at the Q.A.S.A carnival at the
Valley pool. Ann, a strong Empire Games hope, has already clocked 34.8sec for
50 metres, which is the fastest by a Queensland woman, and 1.1sec inside Lyn
Chamberlain’s 1953 junior record.
   The age limit for a junior is 15.
   Olympic stars Terry Gathercole, Murray Garretty, John Devitt, and Dawn
Fraser will appear at the carnival.
   Another State record attempt will be made at Bundaberg on December 3 by
local Dan Mahoney. Mahoney, State junior 100 and 400 metres freestyle champion,
will chase Ross Murray’s 400 metres, and Peter Andersen’s 440 yards junior
freestyle times. Murray’s best is 5m 1.7s and Andersen’s time 5m 21.6s.

C.M. Wednesday 27 November 1957
                            TO DISCUSS SWIM PAIR

   Sydney – Australian Swimming Union next February in Melbourne will consider
the eligibility of Jon Henricks and Murray Rose to compete for Australia at the
Empire Games.
   Australian Swimming Union Secretary (Mr W Berge-Phillips) said no decision
would be made before the meeting.
   Henricks and Rose are both studying at American Universities.
   The Australian Swimming Union’s rule is that any Empire Games competitor
must first compete in Australia at time trials.

                           R.U. REF NOW SWIM COACH

   Queensland Rugby Union Test Referee, Noel Haydon, has turned professional
swim coach. Haydon has resigned the position of Secretary and honorary coach of
Sandgate swimming Club. His wife has taken over as temporary Secretary.
   Haydon has been coaching for three seasons under leading Australian amateur
coach, Len Stanton.

C.M. Tuesday 3 December 1957

                               INVITE TOP SWIMMERS

   The Queensland Amateur Swimming Association will ask eight of the world’s
best swimmers to Warwick and Brisbane next March. t.
   The swimmers are, world 100 metres record holder John Devitt, and co-
Olympians, Bruce Wilkinson (butterfly), John Konrads; women’s champions
Lorraine Crapp, Dawn Fraser, and their close rivals, Ilsa Konrads, Sandra
Morgan, and Faith Leech.
   If they accept the swimmers will compete at Warwick on March 1 and at the
Valley pool on March 3.

 C.M. Saturday 23 November 1957

                        THEILE TO MISS TITLES AND GAMES
   World backstroke swim champion, David Theile, will not be available for the
Empire Games or the Australian Championships.
   Speaking from his Maryborough home last night, Theile said his medical
studies would prevent him from competing at the Cardiff Games next July, and
National Service would keep him away from the national championships to be held
in Melbourne next February.
   Theile expects to enter camp with the January intake.
   He hopes, however, to defend his State 50 metres freestyle, 100 and 200
metres backstroke, and 100 metres breaststroke titles between January 24 and
February 1.

C.M. Friday 6 December 1957

                         SWIM TITLES GO TO MT. MORGAN

    Mt Morgan, for the first time, will stage the Central Queensland swim
championships this season.
    The modern 33 1/3 yard Mt. Morgan pool has been named as the venue for the
titles to be held next March or April.
    Townsville will again hold the North Queensland championships at Easter.

C.M. Wednesday 11 December 1957

                    3 GAMES SWIM HOPES IN BIG SWIM TEST

   Queensland’s three serious Empire Games prospects face their toughest test
this season at the Valley pool next Monday night. They are Peter Andersen, Lyn
Kingston, and Ann Nelson.
    Andersen and Kingston will swim against Murray Garretty and Dawn Fraser,
and Ann Nelson will attack Lyn Chamberlain’s Queensland 50 metres Queensland
backstroke record of 35.9sec.
   Olympians Garretty, Miss Fraser, Terry Gathercole, and John Devitt are guest
swimmers at the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association carnival.

                                BUTTERFLY HOPES

   Andersen, a strong butterfly candidate for the Cardiff Games next July, is
also an outstanding freestyler. He will oppose Garretty, holder of the
Australian championship records from 22 to 1650 yards, in a 440 yards event.
   Lyn Kingston is national junior butterfly champion and a smart freestyler.
She could well make one of the women’s three butterfly berths for Cardiff. On
Saturday she will tackle the world 100 metres record (62sec), pet distance of
the holder, Dawn Fraser.
   Ann Nelson, a 13 year-old prodigy, seems Cardiff-bound. She has already
bettered the State 50 metres junior record by 1.1sec, which is the fastest 50
metres backstroke recorded by a Queensland woman.
                                WORLD ATTEMPT

   Devitt’s main aim is to crack his world 100 metres freestyle time of
54.6sec. He set the time at the Valley pool last February. Devitt set a new 110
yards record - 58sec – for the slow Coogee Aquarium pool, Sydney, last Sunday.

C.M. Monday 16 December 1957

                            DAWN AFTER 3rd RECORD

   Olympian Dawn Fraser will aim for her third State swim record in four days
at the Valley pool tonight. Miss Fraser, 20, world 100metres freestyle record
holder, will attack her Queensland 100 metres freestyle time – 63.3sec.
   In Perth last week, Dawn swam 110 yards freestyle in 64.1sec. On Friday
night at Adelaide, she lowered her South Australian 220 yards medley time to 2m
53.3s and on Saturday, bettered Margaret Gibson’s South Australian 110 yards
butterfly time with a 1m 21.5sec swim.
   Dawn, who arrived in Brisbane from Adelaide last night, said she would
concentrate on freestyle sprinting for the Cardiff Empire Games next July, and
would then set herself for the Rome Olympics.

                               WORLD ATTEMPT

   Dawn and breaststroker Terry Gathercole will join co-Olympians John Devitt
and Murray Garretty for tonight’s carnival.
   Devitt will attack his 100 metres freestyle time of 54.6sec. Gathercole has
clocked 2m 37.4s for 200 metres. Tonight Gathercole will give an interpretation
of the new breaststroke rules.

C.M. Tuesday 17 December 1957

                           ANN IS NOW GAMES HOPE

   Brisbane 13-year-old, Ann Nelson took on the glamour from four Olympic
swimmers at the Valley pool last night. Ann broke the junior and open State
resident backstroke records and swam right into next July’s Cardiff Empire
Games calculations.
   Ann clipped 1.7sec off Lyn Chamberlain’s junior 50 metres time of 35.9sec,
then, one hour later, lowered Lyn’s open 100 metres time in 1m 18.7s – an
improvement of 0.9sec.

                          EQUALS AUSTRALIA’S BEST

   Ann swam on the same programme as world 100 metres freestyle record holders,
John Devitt, and Dawn Fraser, and their Olympic team-mates Terry Gathercole
(breaststroke), and Murray Garretty (distance freestyler).
   Ann’s 100 metres time equals the best by an Australian woman swimmer this
year, and shades the current time of Olympian Pat Huntingford.
   Devitt failed by 2.7sec to crack his world 100 metres time. A great start
was offset by exceptionally warm water and a bad turn. Although Herford was
slightly disappointed, Devitt said he was satisfied and hopes to break his New
South Wales 110 yards record of 55.2sec, this season.
   Second to Devitt was Ken Gudenswager in 60.2sec, his fastest time for the
   Later Devitt covered 50 metres in 24.9sec, which was 0.1sec slower than the
first leg of world record swim in January.
   The hot water had most effect on the distance swimmers. Garretty sauntered
home half a lap ahead of Dan Mahoney in the 400 metres freestyle to clock 4m
46.8s. Mahoney, of Bundaberg, reached within 2sec of Barry Tudman’s junior 100
metres freestyle record.
C.M. Friday 24 January 1958

                      TWO SWIM RECORDS SET BY RIGBY

   Unknown 15-year-old, John Rigby broke the State open and junior resident 400
metres freestyle records at the Valley pool last night.
   Swimming in the State championships heats, Rigby clocked 4m 46.4s, 15½ sec
better than the previous resident junior record. His time is also 8sec outside
John Konrads junior record.
   Rigby’s time also compares favourably with that of New South Wales champion
Warren Hatt who swam 440 yards in 4m 45s. Rigby is coached by former national
sprint champion, Bill Fleming.

                              CUT 26SECS OFF

   Rigby, a 15-year-old St Laurence schoolboy, has chopped 26sec off his time
in the past six weeks.
   In 80 deg water he sprinted over the last 25 metres last night and finished
half a length and 26 sec ahead of his nearest rival.
   Empire Games hope, Ann Nelson, 13, sliced 7.2sec off Anne Stewart’s open 200
metres backstroke time. Miss Nelson’s first 100 metres was 0.7sec faster than
her recent 100 metres open record.

                              BROKE MINUTE
   The only swimmer to break the minute for 100 metres freestyle was Peter
Eriksen, 59.5sec. Eriksen will clash with Ken Gudenswager, Dan Mahoney, and
Peter Andersen in tonight’s final.
   Beryl Mason, 15-year-old Mt Isa prodigy, won two freestyle heats, one out of
her division. She took the junior 50 metres in the fastest heat time, 31.4sec,
then sauntered in the open 100 metres event in 72.3sec.
   Ipswich breaststroker Jill Ruhle returned to form with a smart 200 metres
heat win. She beat Beth Kernke in 3m 8.2s.

C.M. Wednesday 29 January 1958

                          SWIM RECORDS TO SCHOOLGIRL

   Thirteen-year-old schoolgirl, Ann Nelson, set two more records during heats
of the State swim titles at the Valley pool last night. She knocked 3.8sec off
the women’s 50 metres sub-junior backstroke record with an effortless 33.4sec,
and her 1m 18sec for the women’s 100 metres backstroke was a Queensland junior
record. She has now set four records at three carnivals.
   On Thursday night, Ann, an Empire Games prospect, set new State junior and
senior 200 metres backstroke figures in the heats, and she beat her own records
in the final on Friday night.
   Leander swimmer, Priscilla McLennan, equalled the race record with 32sec for
the women’s 13 and Under 14 50 metres.
   Bundaberg schoolboy, Danny Mahoney, took the first heat of the men’s 200
metres junior freestyle with a State record time of 2m 18.2s.
   Another Bundaberg junior, John Wainwright, 13, put up a brilliant
performance to win the first heat of the men’s 800 metres freestyle. His time
of 10m 31.8s gave him a 10sec margin over Western Districts competitor,

C.M. Thursday 31 January 1958

                       SURF STARS IN SWIM THRILLER

   Maryborough railway shunter, Hayden Kenny, last night won the most thrilling
State 800 metres freestyle swimming title seen at the Valley pool. Kenny, 21,
State senior surf champion, beat 17-year old State junior surf champion, Peter
Andersen, by a touch. Blond 13-year-old Bundaberg schoolboy, John Wainwright,
finished only 10ards back, third.
   Kenny and Andersen “played cat and mouse” for the full distance. Each waited
for the other to break, but neither gained more than half a yard advantage.
They turned together at the last three turns and sprinted the last 50 metres
stroke for stroke.
   Andersen, a real Empire games butterfly hope, crept closer to Cardiff with a
100 metres title win in 65.6sec. This improved on his previous best by two

                                ANOTHER RECORD
   Ann Nelson, Wavell Heights backstroker, won two gold medals during the
night, one for the sub-junior 50 metres and one for the open 100 metres. Her
100metres time (1m 16.7s) cracked Dutch girl, Greta Galliard’s race time and
set a new best by a Queenslander record. It also brought her to within half a
second of the State record held by No 1 Empire Games tip, Gergaynia Beckett.
    (Full results given)

C.M. Friday 31 January 1958

                            BEAT DEVITT’S STATE TIME
                              WEBSTER’S FINE SWIM

   Mt Isa schoolboy, Warwick Webster, last night bettered a record of world
record holder, John Devitt, for the second time in a week.
   In the State championships at the Valley pool last night Webster, 16, won
his 50 metres junior freestyle heat in 26.7sec. This is 0.2sec inside Devitt’s
former State record. Last Thursday night Webster set a new State record of
26.1sec. Last night he also set the fastest time by a Queensland junior for 100
metres freestyle, 59.5sec.
   The unprecedented performance of juniors, Webster, Dan Mahoney, and John
Rigby, must force the State selectors to send the trio to the national titles
in Melbourne next month.
   Schoolgirl national title tip, Ann Nelson, set a race record of 79.3sec for
100 metres junior backstroke. Tonight Ann may beat her best by a Queenslander
time of1m 18.7s.
   (Full details given)

C.M. Saturday 1 February 1958

                          LASSIG BEATS NANCY LYONS BEST

   Bundaberg blond, Rosemary Lassig, set an Australian 100 metres breaststroke
record to win the State open title at the Valley pool last night. Rosemary, 16,
led home Jill Ruhle and Pat Stanton, in 1m 23.6s, which is 0.4sec under he time
demanded for a national record under the new breaststroke rules. Her time beat
Queensland Olympian Nancy Lyons national record under the easier old rules by
   The new rule allows only one kick and arm stroke under the water at the
start and at each turn.
   The win gave Rosemary her fifth State title. She has also won the open
freestyle 100 and 200 metres, country freestyle 100 metres, and the 100 metres
country breaststroke titles.
   “She’s fantastic,” said Sydney Olympic coach Frank Guthrie who was at the
pool to see his Casino protégé, John Kissane, win the 400 metres freestyle.
“That swim puts her in world class,” he added.
“Rosemary and young Ann Nelson could put Australian women in world class in the
two strokes at which our swimmers have been weakened, breaststroke and
                                   ANN AGAIN

   Ann, 13, who makes a habit of breaking her own records, lowered her 100
metres backstroke time to 1m 15.2s last night. She was only 0.2sec outside
Gergaynia Beckitt’s national record, and this after a tough week of
   Guthrie said after the race, “This girl is the best prospect I have seen.
She is fully equipped, has a wonderful technique, and is a better prospect than
Beckett.” Beckitt is hot southern tip for the Cardiff Empire Games in July.
  Kissane won the 400 metres freestyle, but as a non-Queenslander, the title
goes to Hayden Kenny who was second.     (Full results)

C.M. Monday 3 February 1958

                     Q’LAND SWIM TEAM HAS 3 GAMES CHANCES

   Queensland swimmers could win eight titles and three Empire Games berths at
the national titles in Melbourne this month. Title hopes are; Ann Nelson (3),
Rosemary Lassig (2), Lyn Kingston, Alan Humphreys, and John Rigby. Backstroker
Ann, Rosemary (breaststroke), and butterflier Peter Andersen are Cardiff Games
   State selectors (Bill Holland, Garney Nankaville, and Norm Burn) yesterday
named a strong team of 18 for the championships in the Olympic pool from
February 15 to 22. Eight will have their expenses fully paid, and four have
each been allocated twenty pounds towards their expenses. The rest will travel
at their own expense.
   The team of 11 city and 7 country representatives is –
        All expenses paid – P.Andersen (Leander, men’s open 110 and 220 yards
butterfly, 440 yards medley, relays); A.Humphreys (Valley, men’s junior 110
yards breaststroke, open 110 yards breast- stroke, medley relay); L.Kingston
(Valley, women’s junior 110 yards butterfly, 110 yards freestyle, relays);
R.Lassig (Bundaberg, women’s open 110 and 220 yards breaststroke, relay);
I.Miller (Townsville, men’s 3 metre springboard dive); A.Nelson (Valley,
women’s junior 110 yards backstroke, open 110 and 220 yards backstroke,
relays); J.Rigby (City Pastime, men’s junior 110 and 440 yards freestyle,
relay); W.Webster (Mt Isa, men’s junior and open 110 yards butterfly).
     20 pounds allocation – J.Ruhle (Ipswich, women’s junior 110 yards
breaststroke, open 110 and 220 yards breastsroke); H.Kenny (Maryborough, men’s
open 20, 440, 880, 1650 yards freestyle, relay); D.Mahoney (Bundaberg, men’s
junior 100, 440 yards freestyle, open 110 yards freestyle, relay); V.Payne
(Ayr, women’s junior 110, 220 yards freestyle, open 440, 880 yards freestyle,
   At own expense – A.Fingleton (Valley, men’s open 110 and 220 yards
backstroke, relay); B.Kenrke
(Valley, women’s open 110 and 220yards breaststroke); P.McLellan (Leander,
women’s junior and open 110 yards freestyle, relay); T.McMahon (Valley, men’s
junior and open 110 yards backstroke); P.Stanton (Leander, women’s junior 110
yards breaststroke, open 110 and 220 yards breaststroke); W.Thomas (Valley,
women’s open 110 and 220 yards backstroke).
   There are eleven juniors, the youngest, 13-year-old dual backstroke
champion, Trevor McMahon.

                                 WILL IMPROVE

   Miss Nelson, 13, second youngest team member, could take the junior 110
yards and senior 110 and 220 yards titles. Although a raw tactician, she
improves with every swim, and should be suited to the cooler southern water.
   Rosemary Lassig has swum the fastest 100 metres breaststroke in Australia
this season, and has the essentials for the 220 yards title.
   Humphreys has clocked the fastest junior 100 metres breaststroke in
Australia this season, 1m 21s.

C.M. Thursday 6 February 1958

                            AYR GIRL OUT OF SWIM TEAM

   Fourteen-year-old Ayr swimmer, Yvonne Paine, has withdrawn from the
Queensland team for the national titles. Miss Paine was one of the four
swimmers allowed £20 financial assistance.
   Holder of five State open and junior freestyle titles, Miss Paine was to
have contested the junior 110 and 220 yards freestyle, and the senior 440 and
880 yards freestyle and the relay at the titles which start in Melbourne
tomorrow week.
   Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary (Mr Bill Holland) said
that no replacement would be made.

C.M. Monday 10 February 1958


   Queensland swim selectors will move for financial assistance to two other
members of the State team for the national titles. Tonight they will ask the
Executive to share Yvonne Paine’s expense allocation between two of the
financially assisted members of the team.
   Miss Paine, of Ayr, has withdrawn from the team which leaves Brisbane for
Melbourne on Thursday. The titles start with heats on Friday.

                                TWO LIKELY

   Likely beneficiaries are backstroker Tony Fingleton and one of the two
breaststrokers, Patricia Stanton or Beth Ruhle. The younger Miss Stanton may be
preferred because she can compete in the junior events as well as the open.
   Empire Games prospect, Peter Andersen, has never worked better, according to
his coach, Bill Fleming. Fleming predicts Andersen will better Bruce
Wilkinson’s national 220 yards butterfly record of 2m 24.9s.

C.M. Thursday 13 February 1958

   (Picture of John Rigby in starting dive, and predictions of Queenslanders
hopes for national titles)

C.M. Saturday 15 February 1958


    Nine Queenslanders from eleven competitors will swim in tonight’s finals.
    Wendy Thomas is a reserve for the women’s 110 yards backstroke, and Peter
Andersen failed to qualify for the men’s 220 yards freestyle. Andersen caught a
heavy cold yesterday after training in the cool Olympic pool and it could
hinder his 220 yards butterfly and Empire Games chances.
   Ann Nelson and Rosemary Lassig were the most impressive Queenslanders.
   Miss Nelson finished second to Gergaynia Beckett in the open 220 yards
backstroke clocking 2m 51.5s, and finishing two yards behind the Olympian.
   Miss Lassig pushed Olympian Beverley Bainbridge to a Victorian open
individual medley record.
   Other god Queensland swims were by John Rigby (4m 53.9s) and Dan Mahoney (4m
56.2s in the junior 440 yards freestyle. Rigby looked good enough to win
tonight’s final.
   Queensland junior Alan Humphreys entered the open 220 yards breaststroke
final with fourth placing in 1m 20.8s, his fastest time yet.
   Pat Stanton and Jill Ruhle each clocked 1m 30s to make the final of the
women’s junior 110 yards breaststroke.
   Seven Victorian records were broken at the meet.   (Full results given)
C.M. Tuesday 18 February 1958

                       ANN AND ROSEMARY HIT TOP SWIM FORM
                         2 QUEENSLAND GIRLS BREAK RCORDS

   Melbourne – Two Queensland girls, Ann Nelson and Rosemary Lassig, broke
Victorian records at the Australian swimming championships last night. Ann’s
1m16.8s for 110 yards open backstroke bettered former Olympian Judy Joy Davies
time by 1.1sec.
   Rosemary’s 110 yards open breaststroke time – 1m 26s – clipped 2.7sec off
the Victorian record and was two seconds outside the time demanded for a
national record.
   The girls and four other Queenslanders will swim in tonight’s finals. The
others are Dan Mahoney and Warwick Webster (junior 110 yards freestyle),
Patricia Stanton (open 110 yards breaststroke), and John Rigby (open 440 yards

                                  COACH’S PLEA

   Rigby’s coach, Bill Fleming, argued with Queensland officials Jack Davis and
Bill Holland to have Rigby withdrawn from the junior 110 yards final to allow
him to swim in the open 440 yards final. “Rigby is a 440 swimmer,” said
Fleming, “and I want him in the open for experience.”
     (Details of other States swimmers given in full results)

C.M. Wednesday 19 February 1958

                           ANN FINISHES SECOND

   Queensland’s Ann Nelson led for 85 yards of the open 110 yards backstroke,
but she lacked the strength to hold off Olympian Gergaynia Beckett. Ann, 13,
set a new Australian junior record of 1m 15.6s. Sixteen-year-old Miss Beckett
claimed a new Australian time of 1m 14s. Ann was dejected after the race. She
has not yet perfected a turn and again it lost her valuable ground.

                            BEATEN BY COLD

   A heavy cold beat Peter Andersen in the open 220 yards butterfly. Andersen
finished second to Bruce Wilkinson in 2m 33.3s. Wilkinson won in the Victorian
record time of 2m 27s. “I could not breathe in the last lap,” said Andersen. He
stayed with Wilkinson to the last 55 yards.
   Warwick Webster’s glide to touch cost him the junior 110 yards freestyle
title. Webster, of Mt Isa, went under by a whisker to David Goodman (NSW). Both
were clocked at 59.2sec. Maryborough’s Dan Mahoney touched in 59.4sec. Webster
misjudged the end and Goodman sneaked a touch.

                                LASSIG AGAIN

   Rosemary Lassig, 16-year-old Bundaberg girl, took her second national title
– the open 110ards breaststroke. Rosemary led all the way and finished in 1m
25.9s, a new Victorian record. Rosemary is now Queensland’s only Empire Games
chance, but she must record a good 220 yards national title winning time.
     (Full results given)

                          STATE’S TITLE BID FAILS

   Queensland failed in its bid to host the 1959 Australian Swimming
   The Australian Swimming Union Conference yesterday rejected Queensland’s
proposal to hold the diving titles in a separate State from the swimming, thus
making Queensland an ineligible venue.
   New South Wales and Western Australia supported Queensland’s motion. The
voting was split three all, but a 4-3 majority was needed.
   The national titles were last held in Queensland in 1949.
                              HOLLAND SELECTOR

  Queensland Amateur Swimming Association Secretary, Mr Bill Holland, retained
his position on the Australian and Empire games team selection panel. The
selectors are the same as last year, Holland, Mr W Berge Phillips (NSW), and Mr
A Blue (Vic).
   They will name the Games team next Sunday. The team will train at Townsville
from May 25 to June 28 under a professional coach to be appointed.
   On June 27 a test carnival will be held, and swimmers who have not the form
for Games competition, will be dropped from the team. No replacements will be

                                TEAM MANAGER

   Mr A.Blue (Vic) will manage the Australian swim team for the Cardiff Games,
and Mrs M.Williams was appointed chaperone. Queensland had one nominee, that of
Mrs C.Ross as chaperone.
   Mr Joe Emmerson’s application for the position as manager, which was
tendered by Leander (Brisbane) Club, was not considered because it was not a
nomination from the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association.

C.M. Saturday 22 February 1958

                                       From Frank O’Callaghan

   Melbourne – Bundaberg Empire Games hope, Rosemary Lassig, downed her main
Games rival last night to enter tonight’s final of the open 220 yards
breaststroke national swim title. At the Olympic pool Rosemary, 16, touched off
12-year-old Jan Hagan (NSW) in Victorian record time of 3m 6.9s.The record,
however lasted barely five minutes. Olympian Barbara Evans won the next heat in
3m 5.7s.
   Tonight’s final will probably decide Australia’s breaststroke representative
for the Games.
   Rosemary held a little back last night but Miss Hagan looked even more
   Evans time surprised. Studies have been interrupting her training, and she,
too, is a big threat.
   Rosemary said after the race she could lower her heat time if she was pushed
in the final. There is no doubt she will have to be at her top to win tonight.
Rosemary changed her tactics last night. Her coach, Tom McIntyre, told her to
make her run late, instead of following her usual practice of burning off her
rivals. She came from behind to beat Miss Hagan, and will use the same plan
   Queensland’s Patricia Stanton finished fourth in Rosemary’s heat. She
clocked 2m 10.6s, but missed the final by 0.3sec.

                           ANN’S GAMES CHANCE

   Ann Nelson, 13, drubbed her rivals to win her junior 110 yards backstroke
heat in 1m 16.5s.
   If, as is likely, no diver is chosen in the Games team, Ann is an outside
chance. She again turned badly last night, mainly because she has had little
turning practice since coming to Melbourne.
   Queenslander, Peter Andersen, still suffering from a chest cold, faces the
110 yards butterfly final tonight. Andersen’s cold has improved, but he would
need an outstanding time tonight to win a Games place.

C.M. Monday 24 February 1958

                           GAMES TEAM TO TOUR HERE

   Melbourne – A team comprising nearly every member of the Australian Empire
Games swim team will tour southern Queensland from February 28 to March 1.
   The team includes John Devitt, John Konrads, Dawn Fraser, Lorraine Crapp,
and Ilsa Konrads, who all share world freestyle records for international
competition. John Monckton, holder of all backstroke records, and butterfly 110
yards record holder, Bruce Wilkinson.
   They will swim at Dalby next Friday night, and with the exception of Gary
Winram and Gary Chapman, at Warwick on Saturday night.
   Winram and Chapman, Olympians and Cardiff Games selections, will swim at
Nambour on Saturday night. All will compete at the Valley pool on Monday night,
March 3.
   The Empire Games swimming team is: Men – J.Devitt (Capt), G.Chapman,
J.Konrads, G.Shipton, G.Winram, J.Monckton, J.Hayres, B.Wilkinson, T.Gathercole
(all NSW). Women – B.Evans (Capt, NSW), L.Crapp, A.Colquhoun, (Vic), D.Fraser
(SA), I.Konrads, S.Morgan, G.Beckett, R.Bainbridge, (NSW), A.Nelson (Q).

C.M. Thursday 27 February 1958

                         GAMES REP. IN VALLEY SWIM

   Queensland’s only swimming representative in the Empire Games team, 13-yesr-
old Ann Nelson, will compete in the Q.L.A.S.A. carnival at the Valley pool on
Saturday night. Entries, well over 200, are from the State’s best swimmers.
   Highlight of the meeting will be the 100 metres invitation backstroke in
which Pat Huntingford (NSW) will be Anne’s most serious rival. Anne narrowly
defeated Pat three times in the national championships in Melbourne a fortnight
ago. Other entrants in this event are Wendy Thomas, Helen Lecky, Lorraine
Hancock, Jan Evers (Ipswich), and Helen Lindholt (Bundaberg).

                                TOPS APPEARING

   Lyn Kingston, national 110 yards junior butterfly champion, Rosemary Lassig,
national breaststroke title holder, and other members of the State team will
also compete.
   Priscilla McLellan (freestyle), Pat Stanton and Jill Ruhle (breaststroke),
and Jennifer Corish (butterfly), all leading swimmers, have nominated for their
grade events.
   The four relay events look like going to Valley Club which holds all State
relay titles.
   The Margaret Sharpe Memorial Cup goes to the sub-junior who gains the most
points in events in that grade.

C.M. Friday 28 February 1958

                               SPECIAL CARNIVALS

   The Empire Games swim team will compete in special carnivals to be staged by
the Australian Amateur Swimming Union with a dual purpose. First, the national
swim body has to raise £16,000 pounds to send our swimmers to Cardiff, and
secondly, they want Queenslanders to see our stars before they go overseas.
   Of the £16,000 pounds allocation, Queensland has to find £2,000 pounds. The
three carnivals are expected to bring in about £1,500 pounds.
   The swimmers will be motored to Dalby where they will have lunch, and rest
in the afternoon. Tonight the swimmers will be billeted privately in Dalby.
Dalby’s carnival, to start at 7.45, has been completely booked out. More than
1000 seats have been sold besides standing room.
                                SEATS SOLD OUT

   The squad is expected in Warwick for lunch tomorrow.      Again they will have
private billets for the night. Warwick’s capacity seating    of about 1800 is sold
out, the tickets being sold in three hours.
   Brisbane’s Monday night’s carnival is also a sell         out. More than 200o
tickets have been released and temporary seating will        be need to hold the
   Queensland Secretary, Bill Holland, said last night       members of the team
would have “reasonably hard” swims at Dalby and Warwick.

                                 NAMBOUR TOO

   While the main body will visit Dalby and Warwick, Gary Chapman and Gary
Winram will go to Nambour where they will appear in a special carnival tomorrow
night before joining up with the other members in Brisbane on Sunday.

C.M. Saturday 1 March 1958

                                     From Frank O’Callaghan

   Dalby – Empire games swimmers Terry Gathercole, Sandra Morgan, and Dawn
Fraser, hit top form at an Empire Games fund-raising carnival at the Dalby pool
last night.
   After his 2m 45s for 200 metres breaststroke, Gathercole said he would
attack the world’s standard of 2m 40s at the Brisbane Valley pool on Monday
   Sandra Morgan broke 5min for 400 metres freestyle for the first time, and
Dawn Fraser’s 63.5sec was 2sec outside her world 100 metres record set in
Melbourne last week. Miss Morgan, 15, finished second to 13-year-old Ilsa
Konrads in 4m 59.6s. Ilsa won in 4m 59.5s after swimming stroke for stroke with
Sandra. It was the fourth time Ilsa had broken the 5min barrier.
   Dawn, suffering slightly from sinus and sore throat, beat Olympian Elizabeth
Fraser by 5 yards. She went through her first 50 metres in 29sec.

                                  £700 “GATE”

   Fifteen hundred spectators from a 120 mile radius paid more than £700 to
watch the championships.
   Other highlights of the meet were Bruce Wilkinson’s 100 metres butterfly in
64.5sec – 1sec outside his 110 yards world record – and Beverley Bainbridge’s
10 metres butterfly in 76.6sec. This time bettered her Queensland record by
1.3sec.      Although John Konrads merely cruised through his 400 metres
freestyle, his winning time of 4m 42s was only 6sec outside this year’s United
States national 440 yards title-winning time.

                                   POOL RECORD

   World 100 metres backstroke record holder, John Monckton, lopped 6.2sec off
David Theile’s 100 metres pool record with an easy 64.5sec.
   (Picture of team members at Brisbane airport arrival)

C.M. Tuesday 4 March 1958

                            JOHN DEVITT AT TOP OF FORM
                        WORLD’S RECORD BEATEN IN RELAY SWIM

   Australian Empire Games swimmers broke the world’s 4 x 100 metres freestyle
relay record at the Valley pool last night. John Devitt, Geoff Shipton, John
Konrads, and Gary Chapman, clocked 2m 46.3s which is half a second inside the
time set by Japan.
   Konrads (57sec), and Shipton (57.2sec) swam their fastest times yet, but it
was team captain John devitt who made the record possible. Devitt, the last
leg, took off after Shipton and thrashed through in 55.1sec, or 0.7sec outside
his world record.
   Later n the night he clocked the fastest 50 metres yet recorded. Devitt
clocked 24.2sec in a brace relay.
   An attempt on the women’s world 4 x 100 metres freestyle relay record by
Dawn Fraser, Ilsa Konrads, Sandra Morgan, and Elizabeth Fraser, failed by
6.6sec. They took 4m 23.7s.

                               JUNIOR’S FEAT

   Queensland’s best woman backstroker, Anne Nelson, smashed the Australian
junior 100 metres record in 1m 14s. Anne set the time of 1m 14.5s last Saturday
night. Anne, 13, also equalled the best time by an Australian junior or senior
set by Empire Games representative, Gergaynia Beckett, in Melbourne last night.
   Dawn Fraser, still suffering from the effects of a tough Darling Downs tour,
chopped 1.5sec off her State 100 metres freestyle record during the relay swim.
Dawn went through in 61.8sec, 0.3sec outside her world record.

                               LASSIG AT TOP

   Bundaberg’s Rosemary Lassig swam 20 metres breaststroke in a time which if
done at the national championships would have won her Empire Games selection.
Rosemary beat Jan Hogan (NSW) in her fastest time, 3m 2.4s. Barbara Evans won
Games selection with a similar time at the nationals.
   John Konrads powerful relaxed style pulled him through 400 metres freestyle
in the Queensland junior record time of 4m 37.8s. This was 16sec slower than
his world record.
     (Full results given)


 All reports of swimming during March and April were confined to school and
inter-school swims, in which a few names that were to become familiar in later
years appeared. As not directly related to Queensland Swimming activities
currently, they were not recorded by me.

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