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         Toys are fun and are an important part of any child's development. Toys for infants often make use of
        distinctive sounds, bright colors, and unique textures. Through play with toys infants begin to recognize
                                                   shapes and colors.
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                               The new toys for Christmas this year. All you need to know
                                                          By steve.last

   All new toys must first of all be tested before they are marketed and all new toys for Christmas this
year will have gone through that process. Of course, health and safety considerations come high on
the list but apart form that, and we shall assume that all new toys for Christmas this year for sale in
reputable stores have passed that test.

New toys for Christmas this year will also of course almost always have been tested by children in play
settings to determine durability, age-appropriateness and play patterns. At least one large toy
manufacturer maintains and in-house, year-round nursery school for this purpose, while others
establish relationships with universities and other educational facilities.

Imagine if you had been a child and taken to one of these purposes. You would already have had a
chance to see, and play with at least some of the new toys for Christmas this year. Wow! That must be
some nursery!

New quality toys are best for your children to use, as they are more durable than old, used toys. If you
would like to give your baby a secondhand toy, do inspect it carefully.

No matter what is really new in the new toys for Christmas this year, there will be thousands of
appropriate for youngsters who just want to play with a G.I. Joe action figure, while vintage and vintage
reissues are more appropriate for toy collectors.

Plastic pellets (beanie animals) are allowed for children over 3 years old, but do take care to avoid toys
with detachable parts (like button eyes) that can be removed and swallowed or inhaled.

It matters not what the children think of these toys, or what is really new in the new toys for Christmas
this year. One big shock in recent years has been the revelation that plastics aren't as stable as we
had previously thought, polymers degrade, and plastic products can begin to shrink and become sticky
even in normal room heat.

So watch out for even the new toys for Christmas this year, for the risk of ingestion of some rather
nasty substances can take place with a child. So make sure aged and elderly plastic toys aren't
showing too much sign of discoloration nor any stickiness at all. If they are, then don't hesitate to

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discard them immediately and buy new. It is simply not worth endangering young lives due to possible
ingestion of carcinogenic substances related to plastic in toys.

However, technology in the new toys for Christmas this year has been transforming the magical world
of the best toys more than ever before. Even a classic toy like Mattel's (MAT ) Barbie is no longer an
inanimate doll that little girls can project fantasies onto.

Barbie is hardly one of the new toys for Christmas this year. But now Barbie Software is all the rage
now. Barbie owners can be real fashion designers with this computer software. There is even an
electronic element to the classic Tickle-Me Elmo, and D-Rex, the latest in dinosaurs.

I only found out recently that Barbie and Ken, her boyfriend, were named after the real children of Ruth
Handler, Barbie's creator, the wife of one of the founders of Mattel, Inc., and the driving force behind
the company for many years. Barbie of course came first. When Ken was introduced, in 1961, Handler
wanted him to be what is referred to nowadays as "anatomically correct," but Mattel's (male) marketing
department said no.

Technology has made great advances especially in the new toys for Christmas this year, but toys are
still toys. A good toy is the same the world over and needs to spark the child's own imagination before
it can provide real play value.

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                                                Hot Christmas Gifts For Your Child
                                                               By Adam Peters

 Buying children's Christmas gifts does not have to be stressful. By planning ahead and shopping
online, you will be on your way to having your Christmas shopping done!

Is it already Christmas again? It seems to sneak up on me every single year. The leaves start falling
and soon the Christmas aisles are full and you hear Christmas carols piped through all of the stores.
Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays, simply becaue it is a time for my family to gather
together. Eating all of those wonderful sweets and foods just raises my spirit. One thing that does not
thrill my soul, however, is Christmas gifts shopping. What new things will my children want this year?
My children are alreay checking out all of the commercials on television and making their lists.

What Christmas gifts have your children been dreaming about? Have you checked out the hottest new
toys? How do you choose which gift your child will really like when they are constantly changing their
minds and their lists? This is one of those difficult questions that parents face. If you can determine
what your child will enjoy before the Christmas rush, however, you will find that your Christmas gifts
shopping will become much less stressful. The new, hot toys are most likely going to sell out before
Christmas even gets here so that is why you need to know what your child likes so that you can buy it
as soon as it comes out. Children usually get their hearts set on one or two specific toys and being
aware of what they want in advance will allow you to buy early. This also helps to cut down on
disappoinment. October is a great time to start that shopping because most people are concerned with
Halloween at this point and have not even started thinking about Christmas.

If, however, you still are unsure of what toys should should buy for your children's Christmas gifts, you
can look online. Searching on for a specific toy is the simplest and easiest way to find that
Christmas gift that you are looking for. Your search results will most likely include They
usually have anything and everything that you want and need. All you do is click and pay. How easy is
that? Christmas gifts without the stress of the mall! Merry Christmas!

Adam Peters writes for . He provides tips and advice about
ornaments as well as on the gifts at

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