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					                                                   CLOUD STORAGE
Secure, reliable                                   With obligations to retain ever-increasing amounts of data for longer periods,
online data storage                                businesses are finding it harder than ever to keep everything in-house. Skybox
                                                   provides a secure cloud-based service for storing, managing and sharing any
                                                   kind of data. This increases productivity, adds value and cut costs immediately.

   Pay-as-you-go pricing
   Seamless integration with other Skybox
   Instant scalability
   Anywhere access
   Support for all file formats
   Advanced security
   Permission management
                                                   As part of our range of ‘IT on demand’ services, Skybox now deploys the highly
   Streamlined sharing and linking                 secure Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform™. This is a highly secure platform offering
                                                   SSL encryption of files for transfer and 256 bit AES encryption in storage. Our cloud
                                                   storage service integrates seamlessly with our other hosted IT services such as
EASE OF USE                                        Hosted Desktops, Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint etc. to provide a single
Cloud storage technologies in essence allow        computing environment characterized by its interoperability and efficiency. Users
you to store your documents and data in            can upload, store and instantly share files of any type or size, including documents,
data centres instead of on your local PC or        presentations, PDFs, web site graphics, photos, videos, music and more.
office server. Having data centrally available
means that you can share it with colleagues        KEY BENEFITS
and other users and it becomes easier to           Data storage requires power, space and capital expenditure – hence the growing
manage.                                            demand for off-site storage and, specifically, cloud storage. This involves the
                                                   delivery of data storage as a service, via the internet, and is usually billed on a utility
ACCESS AND CONTROL                                 computing basis. Cloud storage platforms allow organisations to cut costs and
You connect to the data just like you would        eliminate the burden of management, giving them the freedom to focus on their core
if you were using your local hard drive or         activities.
shared file server, i.e. you have a drive in “My
Computer” which you can save to. Simply
install a small client on to your PC, hosted
                                                   SAFE AND SECURE
                                                   All data resides in our data centres rather than on local machines, so it cannot
desktop or laptop etc. You can then drop files
                                                   be lost or stolen, nor is it subject to individual hardware failure. Because the
and data into the drive and through a web
                                                   applications are constantly backed up, data cannot be accidentally erased or
interface share with other users. You can
                                                   corrupted. It is transmitted using industry-standard SSL encryption, as used for
manage access to your files with the web
                                                   online banking and by the likes of Amazon and This means that it’s
interface. You can also just access the data
                                                   impossible for outside parties to access your data. We run multiple data centres on a
from the web without installing any clients -
                                                   highly available, fully resilient, constantly mirrored, Grid computing model to ensure
all you need is a web browser.
                                                   99.99% availability even in the unlikely event of a disaster at one of our facilities.

                                                   Cloud storage is ideal for storing and managing data of any kind, with applications
                                                   including off-site backup for disaster recovery and business continuity, business
                                                   collaboration, web development, online content service providers, and photo, music
                                                   and video sharing.

                                                   INSTANTLY SCALABLE
                                                   A true cloud computing model means you can add and remove resources as and
                                                   when you need them. Using this flexibility, you can avoid both expensive capital
                                                   expenditure and lengthy tie-ins to leases or other long-term financial obligations.

                                                   PAY-AS-YOU-GO PRICING
                                                   Like our other services, cloud storage is available on a pay-as-you-go model. Monthly
                                                   rates with no long-term commitment let you optimise your cost/performance
                                                   balance and return on computing investment. You only pay for the computing power
                                                   you need and use – a much more efficient use of resources.

                   KEEPING IT SIMPLE
Skybox’s cloud storage service offers core advantages, automated services                  CLOUD COMPUTING
expertise, and industry-leading Private Network to provide the highest level of
security, flexibility, and ease of use. It is available as a stand alone service, or can   Skybox presents the full suite of
be seamlessly integrated with Skybox’s other hosted services to create a unified           services needed for a business to
computing environment with unequalled efficiency and interoperability.                     manage and maintain it’s IT systems in
                                                                                           the cloud.
Work with Skybox and our partners to drive your off-premise strategy and efficiently
reduce costs without giving up control.                                                    All Skybox’s services are delivered on
                                                                                           a transparent monthly pay-as-you-go
                                                                                           arrangement, scale up or down as

                                                                                           These services include:
                                                                                           Follow the links for more detail...

                                                                                               HOSTED DESKTOPS »
                                                                                              Finally, a truly cost effective
                                                                                                  alternative to traditional PCs
                                                                                               HOSTED EXCHANGE »
                                                                                              Sync email and calendars over all
                                                                                                  your devices from PC’s to Mobiles
                                                                                               HOSTED SHAREPOINT »
                                                                                              Collaboration & document control for
                                                                                                  all your workforce
                                                                                               HOSTED VOIP »
                                                                                              Low-cost phone systems over your
                                                                                                  broadband connection
                                                                                               GROUP MANAGEMENT »
                                                                                              Manage your virtual network remotely
                                                                                                  without the cables or the fuss
                                                                                               SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE »
                                                                                              Any software you need as a service, no
                                                                                                  need for annoying web-browsers
                                                                                               VIRTUAL SERVERS »
                                                                                              Benefit from our highly scalable and
                                                                                                  efficient server architecture
                                                                                               CLOUD BACKUPS »
                                                                                              Backup your data without any effort,
                                                                                                  hassle free peace of mind
                                                                                               CLOUD STORAGE »
                                                                                              Scalabale and robust data storage
                                                                                                  only pay for what you need

                                                                                                                       KEEPING IT SIMPLE
                                                                                           SKYBOX CLOUD COMPUTING
                                                                                           Level 1, 530 Lonsdale Street
                                                                                           Melbourne 3000

                                                                                           T: 04322 80093
                                                                                           Skybox is the trading name of On Software Proprietary Ltd. ACN:137936317

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