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          Product Description
IT's That Simple                                                     Updated: November 10th, 2009

     SysAid Product Description

     Welcome to SysAid, the leading IT               businesses alike. All SysAid modules are
     Management Software solution now                fully-integrated, designed for smooth and
     deployed in over 50,000 organizations           rapid installation, and come with pre-
     and 120 countries around the world.             defined templates, basic start-up tools
     Built on core ITIL industry best practice       and fully customizable features. Enjoy
     methodology, SysAid offers a simple,            our comprehensive range of Core SysAid
     yet comprehensive Help Desk and Asset           Modules, or select from our wide range of
     Management software solution for Fortune        Additional SysAid modules to meet your
     500 companies and small to medium               unique business needs.

     SysAid is divided into the following modules:

     Core Modules
     ● Helpdesk
     ● End-User Portal
     ● Knowledgebase
     ● Asset Management
     ● Remote Control
     ● Reports & Analysis
     ● SysAid Chat
     ● IT Benchmark

     Additional Modules
     ● Tasks and Projects
     ● Advanced Monitoring
     ● Manager Dashboard
     ● ITIL Package including:
        ● ITIL Problem Management
        ● ITIL Change Management
        ● ITIL CMDB
          (Configuration Management Database)

IT's That Simple                                                         Updated: November 10th, 2009

     Installation and Implementation

     ● Swift, simple and rapid implementation           ● Low system resource usage
     ● Available in SaaS (Software-as a Service)        ● Agent allows submission of service
     ● model with zero technical overhead, or a         ● requests and automatically submits
     ● convenient installed edition                      ●changes in computer inventory
     ● Deployed on all machines via lightweight         ● SysAid is intuitive, easy to use and fit
     ● agent – by means of three options:                 for technical and non-technical users
         1. Automatic deployment using built-in         ● Fully customizable features to suit your
     ●     deployment tool                                organization’s day-to-day needs
         2. Automatic installation by using login
     ●     scripts or MSI
         3. Manual installation

     Help Desk Administration

     ● Service requests are directed promptly           ● Administrators can get a snapshot of
     ● from the end user computer to the IT             ● department activity using customizable
     ● department with a single keystroke               ● Help Desk Matrix

     ● Automatic routing of service requests            ● Highly integrated with our ITIL CMDB
     ● according to pre-defined parameters              ● module to keep track of the significant
     ● and priorities                                   ● elements in your Help Desk and share
                                                        ● the information with first level support
     ● Automatic logging of all service requests
                                                        ● teams.
     ● and corrective actions until final remedy
                                                        ● Available reports can be scheduled for
     ● Automatic notifications to administrators,
                                                        ● full information regarding your
     ● based on customizable rules. Rules
                                                        ● workflow
     ● may be applied at the asset or group
     ● (department) level and also prioritized          ● LDAP integration to stay up-to-date
                                                        ● with the latest user information
     ● Customizable Help Desk interface
     ● allows sorting of service requests by            ● Quick List items for the easy resolution
     ● type, preferences and severity                   ● of technical issues

     ● Option for multiple system                       ● Permission controls for better
     ● administrators to view all                       ● management of administrator activity
     ● service requests, or limit view to
     ● their individual service requests

IT's That Simple                                                       Updated: November 10th, 2009

     End-User Portal                                 Asset Management

     ● Easy submission of service requests           ●   All machines, including servers,
       with instant access to the End-User               monitored for hardware and software
       Portal via hotkey command                         changes
     ● End-Users can access their entire             ● Automatic, scheduled scanning of all
       service history to track the status of            machines for changes with SNMP
       submitted service requests                        discovery
     ● Pre-populated Quick List templates            ● Option to update component changes
       that end-users can select for common              manually as necessary
       issues                                        ● All reported changes saved in a historical
     ● Knowledgebase FAQ section so                      log, which contains hardware/software
       end-users can independently resolve               and service history
       their own technical issues                    ● Extraction and display of license keys for
     ● Automatic suggestions and resolutions             Microsoft products
       from the Knowledgebase as end-users           ● Integration with external purchasing
       begin to type in the title of their               and order systems via XML
       service requests
     ● End-user participation in ITIL Change
                                                     Remote Control
       Management processes
     ● Easy integration of the End-User Portal
                                                     ● Anywhere to anywhere access via secure
       directly into your internal website
                                                         web connection
                                                     ● Gain full IT control over remote
    Knowledgebase                                        computer
                                                     ● Communicate with remote users via
     ● Automatic or manual addition of                   SMS, IM, or email
       common service requests and their             ● Access to computers and other machines
       resolutions to the Knowledgebase                  can be granted for users working from
     ● Quick search function to locate service           home or using a remote machine
       request solutions based on category and
     ● Solutions for end-users in the
       Knowledgebase Self Service Portal
     ● Automatic suggestions for issue
       resolution as end-users begin to enter
       the title of a service request

IT's That Simple                                                         Updated: November 10th, 2009

     Reports and Analysis                               Tasks and Projects
                                                        (available only in Full Edition)
     ● Extensive reporting capabilities to
       monitor system data and analyze costs            ● List and monitor various tasks and
     ● Calls recorded on log files to support             projects
       detailed reporting capabilities                  ● Track progress, times and activities, as
     ● Large selection of pre-defined reports for         well as generate relevant reports
       services and assets, with option to create       ● Gantt Charts available to view the
       on-demand tailored reports                         progress of projects
     ● Analysis of your helpdesk activity on an         ● Assign tasks or projects to specific
       up to per-hour basis to identify peak              administrators
       points                                           ● Creation of manual or automatic
                                                          reoccurring event templates on a daily,
                                                          weekly, or monthly basis
     SysAid Chat
                                                        ● Customizable reoccurring event
                                                          notifications via service request,
     ● Initiate chat conversations with any
                                                          email, or text message
       end-user logged in to the network
     ● Manage queues of end-users that have
       initiated chats                                  Monitoring
     ● Access the end-user’s entire service             (available only in Full Edition)
       history from within the chat conversation
     ● Create new service requests from within          ● Constant testing for memory usage,
       the chat conversation                              hard disk usage, vital OS services and
     ● Automatic archival of all chat                     processes, network services,
       conversations within the end-user’s                software/hardware updates and more
       service history                                  ● SysAid sends a warning or error
                                                          notification when issues arise, by
                                                          opening automatic service request,
     IT Benchmark
                                                          e-mail or even SMS
                                                        ● Access a visual representation
     ● Automatic conversion of your IT data
                                                          of monitoring tests on daily, monthly,
       into statistics and ratios
                                                          weekly and yearly graphs
     ● Dynamic measurements to benchmark
                                                        ● Configure monitoring templates to apply
       your IT performance
                                                          to any number of servers or workstations
     ● Local History Chart to track trends over
                                                        ● Monitoring of specific asset fields
       the previous 60 days
                                                          including your SNMP assets
     ● Worldwide SysAid Distribution Chart to
       compare your performance with
       thousands of other IT departments

IT's That Simple                                                        Updated: November 10th, 2009

     Manager Dashboard                                ITIL Change Management
     (available only in Full Edition)                 (available only in Full Edition)

     ● Gain an immediate and customizable             ● Create changes using built-in basic or
       overview of the state of affairs in your         advanced change templates
       organization with multiple four-chart          ● Customize workflow processes and
       Dashboard views                                  change templates to suit any change
     ● Automatic scheduling of a wide selection         scenario in your organization
       of reports on assets, workflow and             ● Perform multi-level risk assessments
       service quality                                  and authorizations in workflow tabs with
     ● Customizable charts that can rotate in           a full audit trail
       a constant slideshow                           ● Permission-based to ensure that only
     ● Drill-down option on charts to directly          permitted users view details
       access specific data                           ● Set targeted notes, tasks, permissions and
     ● New reports can be designed and added            automatic notifications for key stakeholders
       to the system                                  ● Track, monitor and report on all past and
                                                        current change activity
                                                      ● Highly integrated with all SysAid modules
     ITIL Problem Management
                                                        for shared accumulated data processes
     (available only in Full Edition)
                                                        and functionality
                                                      ● Full control over all planned change
     ● Based on ITIL industry best practices
                                                        activities for minimal business exposure
     ● Track and manage root problem causes
                                                        and service disruption
       to prevent incident recurrence
                                                      ● End-user participation in change
     ● Group Helpdesk SR incidents into higher
                                                        processes via the End-User Portal
       level problems and themes
     ● Create multiple problem templates to
       suit any scenario in your environment          ITIL CMDB
     ● Access detailed problem descriptions           (available only in Full Edition)
       and historical log of all changes
     ● Build a knowledgebase of known errors          ● Keep track of significant elements in
       and work-around methods                          your IT network
     ● Highly integrated with all SysAid              ● Holds an unlimited number of CIs
       modules for shared accumulated data              (Configuration Items) of all types
       processes and functionality                    ● More than 250 customizable fields
     ● Minimize incident-related business             ● Visual indicators that show the current
       impact on your business operations               state of your CI’s
                                                      ● Helps you predict the influence of
                                                        changes in your network on future
                                                        developments and business impacts

IT's That Simple                                                  Updated: November 10th, 2009

     SysAid Architecture

     ● SysAid Server:                            ● SysAid Agent:
       ● Full Web interface                        ● Installed on all company computers
       ● Application Layer                         ● (desktops, laptops and servers)
       ● (Apache Tomcat included, IIS)             ● Allows users to submit service
       ● Database Layer (Internal Derby DB         ● requests including an automatic
       ● included, MSSQL MYSQL, Oracle)            ● screenshot
       ● Various Interfaces                        ● Automatically collects and sends
       ● - Email Server                            ● updates about computer inventory
       ● - LDAP                                    ● (hardware/software)
       ● - Text message gateway                    ● Extended monitoring capabilities
       ● - SSO                                     ● Built-in remote control tool
       ● Secure Access for IT Personnel

IT's That Simple                                                            Updated: November 10th, 2009

     System Requirements
     The minimum requirements for SysAid are:

     ● Server                                            ● Administrator Station
        ● OS:                                               ● Internet Browsers: IE5 and up,
        ● Windows - NT, 2000, XP, 2003,                     ● Firefox, Chrome
        ● or Vista
        ● Linux/Unix – with SUN Java 1.5                 ● Agent (End User station)
        ● or above                                          ● OS:
        ● CPU – Pentium 4 processor or                      ● - Windows 98(*), 2000, XP, 2003,
        ● equivalent                                        ● - Vista, and Windows 7
        ● RAM – 1 GB                                        ● - Linux
        ● Disk Space (for application) – 1GB                ● - Mac
        ● Disk Space (for database) – May vary              ● - Unix – all platforms(**): IBM’s AIX,
        ● according to use and attachment                   ● - FreeBSD , Solaris , HP-UX
        ● frequency and size (as a rule of thumb -
        ● an estimation of 10 MB for each end
        ● user). In addition, it is recommended          (*) Advanced features for Windows 98 not included,
        ● when using more than 500 users/                please contact our support for more information.
        ● assets, to use an external database            (**) Through 3rd party tool, please contact SysAid
        ● (Oracle, MSSQL or mySQL).                      support for more information.

     SysAid Security

     As a web-based software solution, SysAid maintains the highest level of security for
     all system components.

     ● Secure web interface using 128-bit                ● SysAid Agents communicate with the
       SSL-secured and TLSv1 channels                       server via secure http protocol
     ● Secure access to system via username/             ● In the SaaS Edition: All user and service
       password only                                        data is stored in central and secure
     ● SysAid administration interface is fully             database with multiple backup servers
       permission based                                     located around the world
     ● Securely interact with your network
       components and services:                          For more information about SysAid, please
        ● Email Server                                   contact us at, or visit
        ● LDAP                                 
        ● SSO                                            Our friendly and expert support team will
        ● Databases                                      be more than happy to assist you.


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