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									    Use of Keyword(Research and
    This topic shows you
    What is keyword?
    How to choose and use keyword
    Keyword has no specific definition but You can say that
    "A keyword is the key topic about the website or blog that you are using".
    A keyword tells other people or Search engine that on which topic your site
    depends on.

    Before making a site please research the keyword,Because if you go right you can
    make huge money but if you go wrong this all will be a waste of time.
    Now there are a good numbers of keyword research tools that provide you each
    and every thing about a keyword some of them are free some of them are paid

    FREE tools

       1. Google adwords keyword
       2. Wordtracker free keyword suggestion
       3. Word stream keyword tool(
    Paid Tools

       1. Wordtracker(
       2. keyword country(
       3. Keyword spy(
    You can use any of these keywords for a good research tool
    Now for under standing a keyword has following things
    These tool will help you to choose a niche keyword to boost your earnings
    in above line you read a word "Niche",What is that??
    you have heard it on many places
    So here is a correct and very good definition about niche
    NICHE:An search engine advertising company(Adsense etc) when cannot generate
    traffic on such keyword,It makes very difficult to have its correct advertising budget
    of advertisers,Thus instead of sharing the high paying ads of top companies with
    high ranked sites,The search engines shares these ads with you,Whatever your
    rating/ranking is.
    Therefor every thing talks about choosing a niche keyword.
    Here are more subtopics in a keyword:
    CPC(Cost per click):Its the most important and the first part of keyword,When
    you think of using a keyword,the first thing you think that "What amount i will be
    paid on each click!!!".Its basically the amount that an advertiser is paying for each
    valid click on the adsense ad,Remember its not the only thing which will pay you,Its
    just small part of a keyword.Now there are some questions that you should answer
    to yourself of CPC

    What will happens if your keyword has no advertiser behind it,It's like that "a car
     has no fuel it it and you suppose to run that car at 200mph" Is that possible? ask
     your self.
    If search engine is paying all the profit to high seo sites,What will be left to you?
     ask your self.
    Those are two most important that every one does not thinks about,
    "Remember High CPC does not mean that you will be paid the most"
    So advertisers are most important part of it.
    Advertisers: now you have an idea that what is cpc,The second thing is a cpc
    should have sponsors behind it,means somone should Bid for it like "I will also pay
    the specified host for clicking ads".So when choosing keyword you should know that
    there are a good number of sponsors behind it.If you choose a key like "Health is
    very good for us",this keyword probably have no one bidding for it.So it means that
    high number of sponsors means high per click earnings.

    Clicks:The third thing when choosing the keyword is you should see that if number
    of clicks are less then just ignore those ads,But if you see that per month clicks are
    average but advertisers are good ,that one is most profitable keyword for you.
KEI(keyword effectiveness index):The most important part for seo.Whe you
research for a key word,Do take in notice of the KEI.A KEI basically a formula that
analyses the number of searches and competition that if number of searches
increase then KEI increase and decreases with more competition,So a keyword with
the HIGH KEI is more profitable,Because it has low competition and large number
of search and,By using the high KEI keyword you have a very good chance of
getting at the top of the list by search engines.

Now the next thing is how to choose a keyword
open google adword keyword tool its looks like this

Put your master keyword in it
Fill the capcha
Click get keyword ideas
A report like this will be shown
This is a report for the keyword "Health" as you can see on the top in 2nd column
some keywords has green bar filled this shows the high competetion of
advertisers,So avoid using the keywords which has a red box around it and
relitavely the keywords wth green boxes have a good competition too.If if you
choose these keywords you have a better chance of getting a goof rank.
So whats the Summary
A Niche keyword has following things

   1. Good CPC(Cost per click)
   2. Good number of sponsors(Very good if keyword has 25 to upwards)
   3. Not a high competition(Better chances that top level for you)
   4. Good KEI(Better chances of rank well in listing)
Work for you
Don't choose keywords like finance,money,health because your site will not be
ranked well
Choose relative keywords like health solution(Specified)
Do not over use the keyword

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