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									The Dragon Man
Author: Brian Stableford

The Dragon Man is the story of Sara, a teenager growing up in a post-Crash household, struggling with
the burden of having eight parents and conducting the remainder of her personal life in virtual space. In a
world in which everyone lives for hundreds of years, children are very scarce—but not as scarce as
people who were born during the Crash, who grew old before biotechnology reached the pitch of
sophistication required to keep them young.

Sara’s first tentative attempt to assert her individuality, by equipping her artificial second skin with a
purple rose, has unexpected side-effects. Her quest to correct the error brings her into contact with the
two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old Dragon Man—an encounter that gives her the opportunity to put her life into
a broader perspective, and to gain a better understanding of what e-mortality might mean for herself and
the whole human world.
y might mean for herself
and the whole human world.

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