International Economics by P-TaylorFrancis


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									International Economics
Author: Alan Professor Winters

Edition: 6
Table of Contents

Part I: 1 Introduction 2 Patterns of Trade and the Gains from Trade: Insights from Classical Theory 3
Trade Among Dissimilar Countries: Insights from the Factor Proportions Theory 4 Trade Among Similar
Countries: Implications of Decreasing Costs and Imperfect Competition 5 The Theory of Protection: Tariffs
and Other Barriers to Trade 6 Arguments for Protection and the Political Economy of Trade Policy 7
International Mobility of Labor and Capital 8 Regional Blocs: Discriminatory Trade Liberalization 9
Commercial Policy: History and Recent Controversy 10 Trade and Growth 11 Issues of International
Public EconomicsPart II: 12 Balance of Payments Accounting 13 Markets for Foreign Exchange 14
International Derivatives: Foreign Exchange Forwards, Futures and Options 15 Alternative Models of
Balance of Payments or Exchange Rate Determination 16 Payments Adjustment with Fixed Exchange
Rates 17 Balance of Payments Adjustment Through Exchange Rate Changes 18 Open Economy
Macroeconomics with Fixed Exchange Rates 19 The Theory of Flexible Exchange Rates 20 The
International Monetary System From 1880 to 1973 21 Recent Events in International Monetary Relations:
1973 to the Present Glossary Index.

A rigorous and accessible introduction to international economics, stressing the role of theory in
explaining international trade and finance. Statistics and a guide to the more specialized literature are

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