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									                                      Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink
                                      Phillips Avenue, Canterbury 2193
                                      Phone: 9789 4044 Fax: 9789 4094


ARROWS CLUB MEMBERSHIP: We encourage you to become a
Club member this season and if you are a first year speed skater you can join
the club at a reduced rate of $70. This entitles you to join in with all of our club
sessions on the ice and at our off ice .When you become a full club member
you can still attend skate school but you can also participate in any of the
NSW Association club racing events and in the NSW and Australian Championships. If you need a new
membership form just ask Grae or Gemma

SKATING during the school holidays. You can come along to the following sessions
to get in that extra practice…. We hope to see you at most of them!!!
 Friday 11th April 6.30PM Sunday 13th 6AM Monday 14th 7.15PM Wednesday 16th 6AM
Thursday 17th 6.30PM     Friday 18th 6.30PM Sunday 20th (2 sessions) 6AM and 3.30PM
Monday 21 7.15PM         Wednesday 6AM Thursday 6.30PM and Sunday 27th 6AM……then it’s back
to school on the Monday 28th!

TWO f’ ONE passes – collect your passes from Grae, Gemma or Maggie. The school
holidays are a great time to bring a friend along to one of our speed skating sessions and they can give
it a go and see why you like it so much.

SKILL BADGE TESTING : Good news folks! We have some more badges in stock and Maggie will
be testing LEVEL ONE on Thursday 10th AND LEVEL TWO on Thursday 17th. Once you pass your skill
test you can buy a badge from Gemma or Grae for $5.

SKATE SCHOOL COMPETITION- coming up SOON…….Our first competition for 2008 will be on
THURSDAY 8th MAY 6.30PM. Skaters will be allocated into a group of a suitable ability and small prizes will
be awarded to each group. Hope to see lots of skate schoolers!!!!

VOLUNTEERS WORKSHOP –A Volunteers Workshop was presented by Andrew Morgan President
and Chief Referee of Ice Racing NSW on Thursday 3rd April. Six of our newer parents attended and we hope
to see some of the skills they learnt at the workshop put into practice at our first skate school competition.

SKATING EQUIPMENT: Pop in and chat with Margaret at the rink shop as she will be able to help
you get started with boots and blades for a reasonable price. Check it out on

We have a busy time coming up so we hope to see you at lots of speed skating sessions.

Maggie Holland. Head Coach.
Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink
Phillips Avenue, Canterbury 2193
Phone: 9789 4044 Fax: 9789 4094

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