Business Transformation Improving the customer experience

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					Business Transformation
Improving the customer experience
By streamlining our clients marketing and operational
processes we improve their customers experience
and create business success
     ‘We capture and
 manipulate data from
   multiple sources to
  create powerhouse
       workflows and
    electronic record,
document and content
management systems.’

                         Enabling business success           Our imaging service itself          Another of our smart services
                                                             is pretty special. It captures      is online document distribution.
                         Business Transformation is the      all types of information from       We’d love to show you what
                         secret weapon in the continuing     barcodes to signatures and it’s     we can do to create business
                         struggle for more profitable        super fast and accurate which       efficiency with documents that
                         customer relationships.             means our document processing       can be viewed, emailed, or
                         We start with the premise           service can be offered with         faxed from archives at the
                         that by streamlining our clients    a 24 hour turnaround.               flick of a finger.
                         marketing and operational
                                                                                                 All it takes is some encryption
                         processes we will improve
                                                             Savvy services                      and our own version of
                         their customer’s experience.
                                                                                                 abracadabra and you have
                         Business Transformation             What’s really clever is that
                                                                                                 instant access to documents
                         creates success by transforming     we provide a central point for
                                                                                                 from multiple locations.
                         separate and unrelated data         storing all paper documents
                                                                                                 We can replicate images and
                         and processes like a returned       like cheques, invoices, and
                                                                                                 create search interfaces that
                         address, an email, a customer       deposit slips and we organise
                                                                                                 are customised as well.
                         support call or a payment           them electronically which means
                         advice into information that        they can be searched and
                                                             manipulated to generate all sorts   It’s about capturing
                         packs a competitive punch.
                                                             of new and useful information.      hearts and minds
                         The secret is in the rigorous
                         capturing and manipulation          Our call centre services are        The campaign to capture the
                         of data from multiple sources       another valuable tool. Turning      customer’s hearts and minds
                         to create powerhouse                a call centre function into a       doesn’t stop with quick retrieval
                         workflows and electronic            strategic business advantage is     of electronic records, we also
                         record, document and content        about more than call times and      provide services like return mail
                         management systems.                 scripting, it’s about being able    management and accounts
                                                             to apply continuous learning        payable and receivable solutions.
                         At the heart of the matter is       and process improvement to live
                         our unique ability to accelerate,                                       Together all of our Business
                                                             campaigns simply and efficiently.
                         secure and streamline database                                          Transformation services create
                         solutions including data            We pride ourselves on being         a formidable weapon in the
                         cleansing, database creation        reactive and being able to take     battle to better manage the
                         and database management.            immediate advantage of what         customer experience.
                                                             we learn from customers.
                         It certainly helps that we                                              We’d love to share the war stories
                         are an industry leader in           We also provide a number            and look forward to giving you
                         imaging and that we provide         of other savvy services like        all the glorious details.
                         document management                 feature-rich customer survey
                         solutions for big names             solutions which help clients
                         in Finance, Government,             capture better information from
                         Telecommunications                  their customers. Adding our call
                         and Commerce.                       centre solutions to our ability
                                                             to manage data from scanning
                                                             and imaging to cleansing and
                                                             augmentation, makes our lead
                                                             generation services worth
                                                             learning more about.
                                                 SEMA Group Pty Ltd
                                                 ABN 58 002 012 320

                                                 6 The Crescent
                                                 Kingsgrove NSW 2208
                                                 T   +61 2 9554 0000

                                                 10 William Angliss Drive
                                                 Laverton North VIC 3028
                                                 T   +61 3 9927 5444

                                                 36 Northlink Place
                                                 Virginia QLD 4014
                                                 T   +61 7 3866 8444


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