BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace Written Assessment by lindayy


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									BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace
Written Assessment

Name of candidate:

You are required to respond to all of the following questions and scenarios, and
submit this assessment to your teacher or assessor upon completion.

1. Identify sources of information in an organisation that may inform employees what
    is performance and behaviour is expected of them.

2. Respond to the following scenario:
You have recently commenced employment in an organisation that does not have a
Code of Conduct. You have been asked to develop a Code of Conduct for your
new employer.

a. What aspects of employee performance and behaviour might you address?

b. Explain the concept of contingency theory in regard to leadership.

c. List the steps you may follow in developing a performance plan.

d. What are the objectives of formal performance appraisals?

e. Describe some of the characteristics of well-designed KPIs.

f. What are the functions of KPIs?

g. What aspects of the organisation’s operations may be shaped by the
   organisation’s values?

3. Respond to the following scenario:

a. Your manager has asked you to speak at the next senior management team
   meeting about methods that may be used to promote ethical and values based
   standards. Outline some of the points you may wish to cover in your presentation.

b. What constitutes a workplace culture?

c. Describe some events that may occur that would trigger an evaluation of the
   organisation’s current values and standards.

4. You have been asked to mentor a colleague who has recently been promoted to a
   frontline manager position. Outline the information you would share with your
   colleague regarding establishing credibility in the workplace.

5. Describe the steps involved in decision making in organisations.

6. Describe the benefits that an organisation may expect where consultation with
   staff members is part of the workplace culture.

7. Respond to the following Scenario.

Your manager has asked you to investigate and report on the benefits of establishing
an online ordering facility for customers.

a. Discuss the sources of information you would use to gather data and information in
   order to develop recommendations.

b. List the issues that you would address when conducting a review of the
   implementation of an action plan designed to implement innovation in the


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