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									                                    Guide to Services
  Health Department
  Tazewell County

Tazewell County Health Department
21306 Illinois Route 9
Tremont, Illinois 61568-9252
(309)925-5511 or 477-2223
                                                                                      Tazewell County
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                                                                                      Health Department

MISSION STATEMENT                                                                     SOLID WASTE SERVICES
To promote and protect the public’s health and well-being.                            Tazewell County Health Department sponsors special
                                                                                      collection programs including the collection of
VISION STATEMENT                                                                      discarded waste tires, household hazardous waste, major
                                                                                      household appliances and other white goods, unwanted
The Tazewell County Health Department will be viewed as an advocate for               electronics, lead acid batteries, and other items not
individual, community, and environmental health.                                      appropriate for land disposal.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES                                                                    RECYCLING EDUCATION – EXT. 270

Values are the behaviors or characteristics that are held in high regard by our       Tazewell County Health Department has extensive in-school and public
organization in all that is done both within and outside the Tazewell county Health   education programs emphasizing resource and energy conservation,
Department. Core values are essential to maintaining and supporting the desired       environmental protection and economic development. The Health
culture of the organization as we collectively shape behaviors, direct our actions,   Department makes available recycling activities
work with each other, and deliver services to customers.                              and lesson plans for students at various grade
Service: Striving to meet the diverse needs of our many internal and external         levels. All programs stress interactive, hands-on
customers with creativity and commitment.                                             participation, assistance and recognition. TCHD
Quality: Continuously seeking to enhance the quality of our services and processes.   utilizes special community events and programs to
Integrity: Fostering honesty and respect in dealing with ourselves and others;        encourage public participation in exchange of
striving for equity and building trust.                                               ideas, concerns and information on recycling,
Accountability: Valuing fiscal and programmatic integrity; practicing good            waste education and energy conservation.
Collaboration: Communicating and working together for the overall good of the         DENTAL HEALTH SERVICES
team, organization, customer, and community, recognizing strength in our diversity.
Teamwork: Encouraging active staff collaboration to solve problems, make
decisions, and achieve common goals.                                                  135 Radio City Drive, North Pekin, Illinois 61554
                                                                                      (309) 382-2229
Tazewell County Health Department is an equal opportunity provider.
                                                                                      Children ages 3.5 and above who live in Tazewell
                                                                                      County may be seen for check-ups and emergency
BOARD OF HEALTH MEMBERS                                                               care. School exams are also available by appointment. Children may
                                                                                      receive fillings, have infected teeth removed or receive sealants.
Chuck Bowen, President             Mike Harris, Vice President
William Ebert, Secretary           Gary Burton                                        Tazewell County residents over the age of 21 may contact the office for
Bill Edwards, M.D.                 Peggy Flannigan, PhD, RN                           an appointment for check-ups, emergency care, extractions, restorative
Erika Hunter, M.D.                 Rich Karneboge                                     treatment and dentures. Adult cleanings are offered at a reduced price,
Gerald Stonecipher, D.D.S.         Jami Walsh, D.V.M.                                 but not covered by the medical card.
Tom Wojtas
                                                                                      Payment is by current medical card, All Kids card (if applicable) or cash
Amy Tippey, Administrator
                                                                                      at the time of service.
9/2008                                    www.tazewellhealth.org   (309) 925-5511
                                                                              Tazewell County
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                                                                              Health Department

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CON’T.                                                   WIC AND FAMILY HEALTH SERVICES
PUBLIC POOLS AND BEACHES – EXT. 272                                           WIC PROGRAM - EXT. 230

Regular inspections of all public swimming                                    The WIC program is federally funded through the
pools and beaches during operation.                                           U.S. Department of Agriculture. WIC provides
                                                                              nutrition education; health assessments; food
Complaint investigations.
                                                                              vouchers to pregnant, breastfeeding and post-
                                                                              partum women and infants and children under
ALSO AVAILABLE – EXT. 272                                                     age five. Clients must reside in Tazewell County,
                                                                              be within the required federal income guidelines
Information on radon, second-hand smoke, indoor air pollution & other         and have a nutritional or medical reason to qualify. Appointments are required.
environmental problems such as childhood lead poisoning prevention.
Vector Program-complaint investigations, bird testing, mosquito testing       FAMILY CASE MANAGEMENT - EXT. 258
and educational presentations.                                                The Illinois Department of Human Services funds the Family Case
                                                                              Management program. The program provides public health nursing services to
                                                                              all medically eligible pregnant women and children up to the age of one. The
SOLID WASTE SERVICES                                                          goal of the program is to improve the health of pregnant women and their
EXT. 226 or 270
                                                                              ALL KIDS - EXT. 277
The Tazewell County Health Department is the coordinating agency for          All Kids is a health insurance program that provides Illinois families with
solid waste planning in the county.                                           affordable and comprehensive health care for children, regardless of family
                                                                              income, immigration status or medical condition.
Tazewell County was the first county to enter into a delegation agreement
with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). This                PREGNANCY TESTING/PRENATAL CLASSES - EXT. 299
agreement, in effect, transfers authority to Tazewell County Health           Free pregnancy testing is available by appointment. Pregnant clients are
Department to assume inspecting, investigating and enforcement functions      assisted with the application process for medical assistance through the
of the IEPA (Bureau of Land) in Tazewell County. The Health                   Department of Human Services. Prenatal classes are scheduled monthly in
Department conducts a program of continuing surveillance and regular          Creve Coeur, Pekin and at the Health Department. Classes are free and open to
inspections of pollution control facilities including municipal solid waste   the public.
landfills, transfer stations and compost sites. Additionally, the Health
Department investigates all other violations of the Illinois Environmental    HOME VISITS - EXT. 258
Protection Act including illegal dumping and open burning.                    Public health nurses provide home visits to families with pregnant women and
                                                                              children up to the age of one.
Through the solid waste management fee program, the Health Department
provides funding to member communities to establish, operate and              BREASTFEEDING PEER COUNSELORS - EXT. 277 or 274
maintain recycling collection programs, including both residential            Breastfeeding Peer Counselors provide home visits and phone counseling to
curbside collection and rural container drop-off collection programs.         breastfeeding WIC moms when they are in need of help for common
The Health Department also assists commercial customers with waste            breastfeeding concerns/issues. The Peer Counselors are available outside the
characterization studies and the development of efficient recycling           normal operating hours of the Health Department.
                    www.tazewellhealth.org               (309) 925-5511       USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
                                                                            Tazewell County
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                                                                            Health Department

NURSING SERVICES                                                            ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SERVICES
PERINATAL FOLLOW-UP - EXT. 258                                              FOOD INSPECTIONS – EXT. 272 OR 287
All infants admitted to OSF St. Francis High-Risk Nursery receive home
visits at 1-2 weeks after leaving the hospital, 4 months, 6 months, 12      •   Illinois food service and sanitation managers training
months, 18 months and again at 2 years. Growth and development are          •   C.E.U. offerings in food safety
monitored at these visits. Appropriate referrals are made when physical     •   IDPH summer food program
or developmental problems are identified.                                   •   Temporary and special event inspection program
                                                                            •   Restaurants, grocery store, schools, taverns and nursing home
MATERNAL FOLLOW-UP - EXT. 258                                                         inspections
Pregnant women who are admitted to OSF St. Francis Hospital for high-       •   Complaint inspections
risk conditions prior to delivery are provided follow-up care when          •   Training for food handlers
referred. Needs are determined and appropriate referrals are made.          •   Foodborne illness investigations
Nurses also assure that medical/prenatal visits are in accord with physi-   •   Plan review
cian’s orders.                                                              •   Presentations to schools & organizations on food protection

HEARING AND VISION - EXT. 268                                               WATER – EXT. 272
Screening services are provided annually to children in Tazewell County
schools at prescribed ages and grade levels. Screening is offered for       •   Issue permits for wells
pre-school and nursery schools. Certified technicians provide screening,    •   Complaint inspections
referrals and follow-up.                                                    •   Abandoned well inspections
                                                                            •   Inspection requests for real estate transactions
WOMEN’S HEALTH - EXT. 316, 341 OR 308                                       •   Presentations to schools & organizations on groundwater protection
                                                                            •   For a fee, water samples from private water supplies can be checked
Free mammograms and pap smears are offered to low-income
                                                                                    for coliform & nitrates
women with no health insurance. Assistance with diagnostic
                                                                            •   Member of Central Region Groundwater Committee
testing and treatment is available. Education programs are
offered on breast and cervical cancer.
                                                                            PRIVATE SEWAGE SYSTEMS – EXT. 272
                                                                            •   Issue permits for septic systems
The Child Care Nurse Consultant works with Child Care Con-                  •   Inspection of septic installations
nection at Illinois Central College to provide information to child care    •   Complaint inspections
providers in a nine county region, including Tazewell County. Examples      •   Inspection for real estate transactions
of education include safe, healthy child care environments; access to ef-   •   Problem consultation & assistance in design
fective health, dental, and developmental screenings and follow-up care
for all children in child care; provides education and training for child   NUISANCE – EXT. 272
care providers and families, and consultation for providers caring for
children with special needs.                                                On-site investigation of all complaints concerning public health hazards
                                                                            in Tazewell County. Referral to other agencies on complaints outside
                                                                     9/08   Tazewell County Health Department jurisdiction.
                                                                             Tazewell County
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                                                                             Health Department

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS                                                       NURSING SERVICES
EXT. 311
The Health Department prepares to keep the public safe by planning for       IMMUNIZATIONS CLINICS - EXT. 235
emergency situations. Public health also has the responsibility to monitor
any health related changes or patterns in the public. In the event of a      A variety of immunizations are provided for infants, children and adults.
disaster, the Health Department will respond as part of a team and help      Convenient clinic dates and locations are provided throughout the county
provide recovery.                                                            each month. Fees may be charged for immunizations.

The TCHD is continually working with the county, region                      TB CLINIC - EXT. 235
and state, in order to partner and effectively coordinate                    TB skin tests are provided at the Health Department on Monday, Tuesday,
efforts and resources for preparedness.                                      Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Services include TB skin
                                                                             testing and follow-up for positive skin tests, as well as care and treatment
MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS                                                        for county residents with tuberculosis.
The Tazewell County Medical Reserve Corps is an all
volunteer organization that employs medical and
non-medical volunteers during disasters in Tazewell County. The time         STD TESTING - EXT. 235
commitment is minimal, the need is great!                                    Sexually transmitted disease testing, counseling and treatment services are
                                                                             available by appointment at the Health Department. Testing is confidential
                                                                             and a $5.00 fee is requested, but services are not denied because of an
21ST CENTURY SCHOOLS                                                         inability to pay. Available tests include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia
                                                                             and HIV.
EXT. 243

21st Century Schools provides before and afterschool                         BLOOD LEAD TESTING - EXT 235
services in 18 schools throughout the county. Program                        Testing for children is available by appointment only. Follow-up is pro-
components focus on academics, life skills education,                        vided for elevated test results, including nursing intervention and environ-
parental involvement, service learning, positive adult                       mental
mentors and recreation/cultural activities. The                              inspection.
programs below currently serve over 2,000 students
ages 3 - 15. Each program is run as a partnership between the Tazewell       FLU SHOTS - EXT. 235
County Health Department, the individual school and the school district.
The programs are funded in part by a grant from the Illinois Department      Clinics for persons at increased risk for influenza are
of Human Services: Teen REACH.                                               available every fall.

Programs Offered                 Communities Served                          COMMUNICABLE DISEASES - EXT. 276
Extended Day                       Pekin                                     Nursing staff provides information about various communicable diseases.
Enrichment                         South Pekin                               Reports of communicable diseases, including food and waterborne illness,
Homework Hangout                   North Pekin                               are investigated by the Communicable Disease staff. Nurses also imple-
Tutoring                           Marquette Heights                         ment appropriate control measures to prevent the spread of communicable
IMSA                               Creve Coeur                               diseases in the community.
Summer Camp                        Morton
Holiday Camp                       East Peoria                                                    www.tazewellhealth.org               (309) 925-5511
                   www.tazewellhealth.org              (309) 925-5511
                                                                                   Tazewell County
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                                                                                   Health Department

HEALTH PROMOTION SERVICES                                                          HEALTH PROMOTION SERVICES
SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION—EXT. 302                                            TAZEWELL COUNTY YOUTH BOARD - EXT. 339
Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services to provide                 Seven Tazewell County high schools have students on the Youth Board.
prevention education at the junior high level during the school day. This      These students are drug & alcohol free. The Board is involved in activities
program also focuses on public policy change and community assessment.         throughout the year including community service and leadership training.
—EXT. 253
                                                                               This program, funded by the Illinois Department of
Eighth grade males and females and 9th grade females focus on relation-        Public Health, encourages lifestyle changes for
ships, decision-making, goal setting and refusal skills. Funded by the Illi-   women through exercise and nutrition. These
nois Department of Human Services and emphasize that abstinence is the         changes are tracked over a 12-week period to
only 100% way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.            improve the overall health of women participants.
TOBACCO PREVENTION—EXT. 338                                                    AOK BIRTH TO FIVE NETWORK - EXT. 266
Program focuses on promoting the Quitline and reducing                         Illinois Department of Human Services funds this program to ensure all
secondhand smoke in Tazewell County households.                                children under the age of five and their families have the opportunity to
Funding is from the Illinois Department of Public Health.                      receive the services. These services include prenatal care, well-baby
                                                                               checkups, parenting education, and specialized services, such as speech
COORDINATED SCHOOL HEALTH—EXT. 315                                             therapy, car seat installation or home visits.
Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the CATCH
curriculum is utilized to teach children and their families about health and   TEAMS CHALLENGE COURSE - EXT. 338
wellness. The components of the CATCH program include physical                 Located on the grounds of the Tazewell County Health Department, the
education, food service, classroom education and parent information.           course includes a variety of in-ground stations designed to promote
                                                                               teamwork and communication. A mobile course is also available for off-site
TAZEWELL COUNTY TEENS UNLIMITED                                                activities. Fee schedule is available for each course.
The Conference is held annually and is divided into two sessions: one for      PROJECT SUCCESS - EXT. 261
high school students and one for junior high students. Both Conferences        This program originated in the Governor’s office and is coordinated with
have a keynote speaker, workshop sessions and a meal included.                 schools and community organizations throughout Tazewell County to
                                                                               provide services directly to students and their families.
SPF is a program working with community coalition on the state priority of     ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - EXT. 338
risky alcohol use. Five components: assessment, capacity building, strate-     Designed to address teen safe driving and tween passenger safety. Students
gic planning, implementation of strategies, and evaluation, are the focus of   participate in Decision Driving Curriculum, Graduated Drivers License
the program.                                                                   education, driving simulation and the Driving Skills for Life program.
                                                                               The Health Promotion Department is involved in a variety of additional activities.
                                                                               Staff is available for health education related lessons such as dental health,
                                                                               hygiene and maturation.

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