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					                                                             BRAIN Project

                                                                                               FAST FACTS
   Brain damage due to hypoxia or ischemia (lack of oxygen to the brain)
   in newborns and adults is one of the most common human patholo-
   gies. Lack of oxygen decreases energy supply to the brain, causing a                          Fact One
   cascade of events which can lead to severe brain damage. In new-                           4700 premature
   borns, this can severely impair growth and development of the brain                        babies are born
   and is the major cause of perinatal mortality.
   By monitoring oxygen directly in the unborn baby during delivery,                            each year.
   doctors are elevating the risk of brain damage. The BRAIN Project
   (Brain Research Advances In Newborns) currently being conducted by
   the RBWH’s Perinatal Research Centre (PRC) aims to impact on the
   areas of stillbirth, brain rescue and improving neuro developmental                           Fact Two
   outcomes. The BRAIN Project will span 5 years and is a comprehen-                           A baby born
   sive approach to preventing or reducing major causes of death and                         before 37 weeks
   disability in the unborn and newly born baby. It has the potential to                     of development
   benefit individuals, their families and society as a whole.                                is considered
   Expected outcomes include:
     •The ability to identify whether stillbirth late in pregnancy can be
   prevented using a new approach to fetal monitoring.                                          Fact Three
     •Discovering methods to ‘rescue’ the brain after exposure to low                          Brain damage
   oxygen levels in the baby.                                                                 resulting from a
     •The ability to examine how the brain heals itself after injury and                     lack of oxygen is
   attempt to enhance these natural mechanisms to assist the brain to                         the major cause
   remodel itself, reducing the long-term impact of disability in the child.                    of perinatal
      The Perinatal Research Centre has an internationally competitive
      group of researchers ready to make further important advances,
                    together with the RBWH Foundation.

The RBWH Foundation, which does not receive any Government funding, was estalished
over 20 years ago to champion and raise funds for the world-class clinical research
undertaken at the Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital. The research covers a range of
diseases and medical conditions from the survival of premature babies to the early detec-      Donate now!
tion of lung cancer. The aim is to find better treatments, methods of prevention and
cures for these conditions, but it can't be done without the generous support of individu-
als, community groups and businesses.                                                          1300 363 786
Research at the RBWH saves the lives of men, women and babies everyday, and the next
life it saves could be yours!

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