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					                                    St Peters Sport

                                  BOYS TENNIS

                                Prepared by the St Peters Sports Department
  The information contained in this booklet (accurate at the time of printing), may be subject to change.

The latest draw updates will appear in the weekly Sports Bulletin and on the portals of the St Peters website.
From the Head of Boys Sports
Dear Parents, Players and Supporters of St Peters Sport

W        elcome to the 2007 Boys Tennis Season at St Peters Lutheran College.
Congratulations to all students on their selection in the Tennis Team. School sporting representation should
be held in high regard, which can be demonstrated by fulfilling all the necessary commitments and
requirements in a positive manner.

Students are expected to attend all training sessions and matches, to enable continual development and team
cohesion. Part of this commitment also includes arriving at the specified time and contributing to associated
duties within the sport. Such a positive team approach is an aim for all boys sporting teams at this school
and essential if success is to be achieved. It is important that students and parents understand the significant
effect that absences have on the progress and performance of the entire team.

A new position of Head of Coaching has been introduced this year for all sports. Mr Mark Holman will
fulfil this role as we attempt to continually improve the qualifications and level of coaching delivered to the
students of St Peters.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend weekly matches. Such presence sends a very strong and
supportive message to the boys and helps to create an atmosphere that is conducive to quality performances.

This Handbook has very important information for the boys’ Tennis season including match, training and
coach details. Both parents and students are asked to read this information carefully and refer to this
Handbook in the first instance for clarification of any issues. All specific match information or any changes
will be outlined in The Rock (weekly newsletter), on the portals of the school website and often delivered to
students in the daily notices.

I am looking forward to a very productive and successful season where many of the refined and new
practices will enable our performances to continually improve. I ask all parents for their support in assisting
their child to fulfil their commitment to the sport and the school. Such a collaborative approach will enable
the students to maximise their enjoyment and success from this sporting experience. I also appreciate the
role that parents have in this process and would like to thank you all very much in advance for your

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me, as we work together for all boys involved in
sport at St Peters.

Paul Treschman

 Head of Boys Sport                     Tennis Coordinator                    Head of Coaching
 Mr Paul Treschman                      Mr Michael Reibelt                    Mr Mark Holman
 Sports House                                                                 Sports House
 St Peters Lutheran College                                                   St Peters Lutheran College
 Phone 3377 6217 (w)                                                          Phone 3377 6575 (w)
 0434 072 059 (m)                                                             0434 308 564 (m)                                    
                                         Tennis Coaches 2007
Coaching Staff:
Brett Jones
Ellis Symons
Cameron Prebble
Michael Stephenson
Jacob Richardson
John Tomkins
Michael Reibelt

Any questions should be directed to Michael Reibelt or to Mark Holman on 0434 308 564 for any coach
specific information.

Attendance & Absences:
Students are expected to contact Michael Reibelt if they are unable to attend training sessions or matches.
Where possible, this contact is to be made the night before the match or the earliest possible opportunity on
the morning of the fixture. This will ensure that students are committed to their duties and will allow enough
time for a possible replacement player to be organised. We expect students to fulfil all their training and
match commitments, as failure to do so impacts on the entire team. Parents are encouraged to make students
responsible for these duties, including the phoning of the coach with any issues.

Wet Weather Policy:
In most cases training will still occur in the event of wet weather as teams will often work under cover or in a
designated area. If for some reason training cannot occur, coaches will notify players as soon as possible and
will remain with their team until the advertised finish time or until all players have been collected from the
training venue.

Each association has a set of guidelines which involves a consultative process in relation to fixtures being
cancelled due to poor weather conditions. In relation to cancelling matches due to the weather, a decision is
usually left as late as possible for Saturday fixtures as it is a priority to play the game. If there has been no
directive, please assume the game is on and follow the advertised playing details. Cancellation of games made
on match day will be determined from the venue and teams will need to be present.

In the event of prior cancellation due to pre-determined wet weather or any other factor on match days, the
Head of Sport will contact the Coordinator who will in turn contact the Coaches. The Coaches will then
phone the students in their team to advise them that play has been cancelled. Because of this process, it is
critical that players supply the coach with the most suitable contact number for this situation. This should
obviously be done before the commencement of the season.

            Day                          Lohe St Courts

         Mon am                             13A, 13B
                                            14A, 14B

         Mon pm

          Tue am                            15A, 15B
                                            16A, 16B

          Tue pm                             1st’s, 3rd’s

         Wed am                             2nd’s, 3rd’s

         Wed pm                            13A, 13B
                                         15A, 15B, 16A

         Thur am                                2nd’s

         Thur pm                                16B

          Fri am                                1st’s

          Fri pm                            14A, 14B

                  Am sessions: 6:30 – 7:30
                  Pm sessions: 3:30 – 5:00
This is applicable for all sessions unless otherwise specified
                                      AIC TENNIS DATES

                 Trial Match: 11/8/07                                 SPLC v St Pat’s

                    Round 1: 25/8/07                                    PAD v SPLC
                                                                    Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                                                                      Melaleuca Drive, Boondall
                    Round 2: 1/9/07                                     VILL v SPLC
                                                              Villanova College, 24 Sixth Ave, Coorparoo

                    Round 3: 8/9/07                                      SPLC v SEC
                                                         St Peters Lutheran College, 66 Harts Rd, Indooroopilly

                   Round 4: 15/9/07                                      SPLC v SLC
                                                         St Peters Lutheran College, 66 Harts Rd, Indooroopilly

                           Holidays                                         Holidays

                   Round 5: 13/10/07                                     SPC v SPLC
                                                            St Patrick’s College, 60 Park Parade, Shorncliffe

                   Round 6: 20/10/07                                    ASH v SPLC
                                                                  Marist College, Frasers Rd, Ashgrove

                   Round 7: 27/10/07                                   SPLC v IONA
                                                         St Peters Lutheran College, 66 Harts Rd, Indooroopilly

NB: Home games written first. Due to the number of courts needed, when the school is at home, the
following structure applies: Home – 1st’s, 2nd’s, 3rd’s, 16A & 16B Away: 15A, 15B, 14A, 14B, 13A, 13B

Warm-up to commence at 8:00am with matches to get underway at 8:30am.
Due to clashes with Girls Fixtures on some dates, different venues and times will need to be used. All these
details will be published weekly in the Boys Sports bulletin in The Rock.

As an ambassador to the college, the playing uniform should be worn in the correct manner at all times.
Training: Full St Peters P.E or sporting uniform
Matches: St Peters P.E uniform/Tennis shirt, St Peters red tennis shorts, white socks and sports shoes.
As a representative of St Peters and in adopting a professional approach, this uniform policy should be
carefully adhered to. Failure to do so, may result in students being unable to play their match. Parents are
asked to support us in this area, as we teach the students the importance of conducting themselves
appropriately as a team.
Team Responsibilities

Rolls are kept in order to monitor the commitment of players throughout the season and will become a record
of player’s participation and eligibility for various awards and team photographs.

It is therefore essential that players advise their coach and coordinator PRIOR to the session of any absences
that will occur during the season. This includes absences due to illness, injury, music, drama and other school
commitments and applies to both TRAININGS and FIXTURES.

Dedication from all the boys who have been chosen in the team is necessary if success is to be achieved.

Boys selected to represent St Peters have made a commitment to their team members and themselves and they
will be expected to:

   •   Give 100% effort and commitment to team members and coaching staff at all times.
   •   Attend 2 training sessions per week
   •   Play and complete duty/roster requirements on match days.
   •   Support fellow team members in their matches.
   •   Take responsibility for communicating training times, match details and transport arrangements on a
       weekly basis to their parents and guardians, so that their family can effectively support them and their
   •   Bring all necessary equipment and meet uniform requirements for all trainings and matches.

Medical Forms
Parents/guardians are asked to ensure the college has updated student medical details. This information will
be obtained and kept confidential by the coach/coordinator to assist if there is an accident. All accidents and
injuries will be reported to the college on Student Accident Report forms by the authorities in-charge at the
time of the incident. They will be lodged by the coordinator to the St Peters Personnel and Service Manager
for future reference.

Water and Food
It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they have their own water bottle and that it is not
shared and all necessary precautions are taken in this regard. A canteen will generally be operating at the
venue, however students should bring their own food and drink to ensure they are adequately prepared.

Students will be required to organise their own travel arrangements to and from all games and should arrive at
the venue 30 mins before their match. Transport will be organised for boarders for any away fixtures. Details
will be provided to you during the week of competition.
                                                        AIC TENNIS BY-LAWS
                                                     Effective from 1st January 2007


Clause 1:         GRADES
Grades catered for shall be:
1st IV, 2nd IV, 3rd IV, 16A, 16B, 15A, 15B, 14A, 14B, 13A, 13B.

Clause 2:          TEAM COMPOSITION
(a) Each “A” team shall consist of four players. Provision shall exist for an optional reserve in “B” Teams and, if all players are in
attendance, the reserve may play in the last doubles match.
(b) Any reserve must not have previously played in that round of competition.
(c) In all age groups, the teams shall be graded in order of ability, and the players within the teams are to be ranked 1 to 4 in order
of ability.

Clause 3:         MATCH VENUES
Open and 16 Years and Under teams shall play on courts designated by the home team. All 13 Years, 14 Years and 15 Years and
Under teams shall play on courts designated by the away team. Wherever possible no more than two venues should be used, and
teams within the same age group should play at the same venue.

Home              1st IV, 2nd IV, 3rd IV, 16A, 16B

Away              15A, 15B, 14A, 14B, 13A, 13B

Clause 4:       MATCH TIMES
Play shall commence for all teams at 8.30am unless otherwise negotiated. Ideally courts should be available for warm ups from

Clause 5:            FORMAT OF MATCHES
(a) Matches shall consist of six sets - four sets of singles and two sets of doubles. The winner of each set shall be the first to six
games with an advantage of two games, or by winning seven games to five. If the games are tied six all, the "tie-break" system
shall apply.
(b) The fixture shall be decided on the number of sets won, or, if the sets are equal, on the number of games won. If the sets and
games are equal the result is a tie.
(c) If a player is absent from a match, the team shall forfeit all sets in which he should have taken part.
(d) If a team is unwilling or unable to commence play within one quarter of an hour of the time set down for commencement, a
forfeit of the first set may be claimed. For each subsequent half hour, a further set shall be forfeited.

Clause 6:          TEAMS AND ORDER OF PLAY
(a) Each member of the team shall play a set of singles against the correspondingly ranked opposition player, and each doubles
pair shall play the correspondingly ranked doubles pair.
(b) For singles play, the team is to be ranked in order of ability. An exchange of team lists must be made immediately on arrival at
the venue and prior to warm up.
(c) For doubles play, the pairings and rankings are at the discretion of each College.
(d) Matches may be played in any order by mutual arrangement, but if agreement cannot be reached, then the order of play shall

One Court Available:
No 1 pair vs No 1 pair (Doubles)
No 2 pair vs No 2 pair (Doubles)
No. 1 v No. l (Singles)
No. 2 v No. 2 (Singles)
No. 3 v No. 3 (Singles)
No. 4 v No. 4 (Singles)
Two Courts Available:

             COURT 1                               COURT 2
        No 1 pair vs No 1 pair                No 2 pair vs No 2 pair                  Doubles
             No 1 v No l                          No 2 v No 2                         Singles
            No 3 v No 3                           No 4 v No 4                         Singles

Clause 7:           WEATHER
(a) If the two teams are at the courts at the time set down for start of play, the decision of the fitness of the courts shall be made by
the coaches. If they do not agree, the existing state of affairs shall continue until agreement is reached. If there is no play the
match shall be drawn.
Clarification of "existing state of affairs": If the match has not started, and the umpires/coaches do not agree, then the match does
not start. If the match is in progress and agreement cannot be reached, then the match is to continue.
(b) If courts are not playable within one hour of the scheduled start of play, the match shall be recorded as a draw.
(c) Unfinished matches shall be recorded as a draw. However, if at least four sets have been played, and a winning margin has
already been established when play is stopped (i.e. 4-0), a win shall be recorded.
(d) If play is interrupted or delayed continuously for one hour, then the above clauses shall apply.
(e) Games shall remain at the venue where they started.

Clause 8:         COMPETITION POINTS

                  Win                          =         2 points
                  Tie/Washout                  =         1 point
                  Loss/Forfeit                 =         0 points

Clause 9:          BALLS
(a) The College at whose grounds the match is being played shall supply the balls. Balls are to be new.
(b) Four balls shall be supplied for each team. Two balls shall be used for singles play, and two for doubles play.
(c) A minimum of ball required for all 1st matches to be supplied is the Slazenger Hard Court. For all other matches the minimum
requirement is the Dunlop and Pro Kennex.

Clause 10:       UMPIRES/SCORERS
(a) Umpires/scorers shall be supplied by the teams participating in the match.
(b) The umpires/scorers from each team shall take charge of alternate sets.

Clause 11:        BALL BOYS
No ball boys shall be in attendance at any AIC fixture

Captains and/or coaches shall sign both scorebooks at the conclusion of each match.

Clause 13:         PUBLICATION OF SCORES
All scores are to be recorded as number of sets won unless the number of sets is tied, then the number of games are to be
published as well as the number of sets. (1st Matches refer to Clause 7 Section B)

Clause 14:        MEDICAL
Adequate first aid facilities and access to ice should be available at the venue.


Clause 1:         COURTS

Two courts shall always be made available for First IV fixtures.

Clause 2:         TEAMS AND ORDER OF PLAY

(a) Each member of the team shall play two sets of singles against the correspondingly ranked opposition player, and doubles
pairings shall play one set against each of the opposition doubles pairings.
(b) For singles play, the team is to be ranked in order of ability. An exchange of team lists must be made immediately on arrival at
the venue and prior to warm up.

(c) Doubles pairings and rankings are at the discretion of each College, but they cannot be changed once play has commenced.

(d) Matches may be played in any order by mutual arrangement, but if agreement cannot be reached, then the order of play shall

             COURT 1                              COURT 2
        No 1 pair vs No 2 pair               No 2 pair vs No 1 pair                  Doubles
             No 1 v No l                         No 2 v No 2                         Singles
            No 3 v No 3                          No 4 v No 4                         Singles
        No 1 pair vs No 1 pair               No 2 pair vs No 2 pair                  Doubles

Clause 3:         FORMAT OF MATCHES

(a) 1st IV fixtures shall consist of eight matches, which require the playing of eight sets of singles and four sets of doubles. The
winner of each set shall be the first to six games with an advantage of two games, or by winning seven games to five. If the games
are tied six all, the "tie-break" system shall apply.

(b) In singles each match shall consist of two sets. If one player wins both sets then he shall be the winner of that match. If the sets
are tied 1-1 then a “tie break” shall be played to establish the winner of the match. This “tie break” is purely designed to
provide a winner for an individual singles match and shall not be counted as a set if a countback is required as outlined in
Clause (c) below.

(c) The fixture shall be decided on the number of matches won, or, if the matches are equal, on the number of sets won, or, if the
sets are equal, on the number of games won. If the matches, sets and games are all equal then the result is a tie.

Clause 4:         BALLS

Eight balls shall be supplied by the home team for all 1st IV matches (four per court).

Clause 5:         UMPIRES/SCORERS

If mutually agreed, players shall call their own lines.

Clause 6:         WEATHER

If at least five matches have been played in unfinished fixtures, and a winning margin has been established, when play is stopped
(i.e. 5-0), a win shall be recorded.


All scores are to be recorded as number of matches won if tied, then sets won are to be included. If number of sets is tied as well
then, the number of games are to be published as well as the number of matches and sets.
                                Associated Independent Colleges (AIC)
                                       CODE OF CONDUCT


The main aim of the Associated Independent Colleges organisation shall be “to promote and conduct various
forms of inter-school activity, with a view to fostering a spirit of fellowship”. It is acknowledged and accepted
that each school has its own standards of conduct and that it is within the jurisdiction of the Head of College
to ensure that those standards are maintained; never the less it is hoped that some commonly accepted norms
of behaviour designated herein would be observed on a uniform basis throughout the Association.

   General Behaviour
         a) Healthy, vigorous exercise; scrupulous regard for the spirit of the rules of the game; a
             willingness to submit to disciplined training; and the cultivation of a generous sportsmanship,
             should be the goals of AIC sports.
         b) The Host School has the right to expect that both visitors and members of its own community
             will adhere to its own particular customs and practices.
         c) The competition tables should not be regarded as the sole reason for competing.
         d) Schools should ensure that players compete in the their correct age group and that they adhere
             to the General Association Rules and By Laws for various sports.
         e) Racial abuse or any other form of harassment will under no circumstances be tolerated by AIC.
             Players should be given no more than one warning before being sent off and reported to the
             school. Spectators likewise should be reported and asked to leave the sideline if guilty of racial

   Conduct of Players
        f) A high standard of conduct is expected at all times, both on and off the field.
        g) Each and every player should be an example of what a sportsman should be, including an
             appreciation of good play and an acceptance of the mistakes made by fellow players.
        h) The game should be played hard, but never unfairly.
        i) Ill temper or spite should never be shown; assistance for opponents when it appears desirable
             should be given.
        j) The meeting of opposing coach and captain by opposite numbers is to be commended.
        k) Congratulations, thanks or cheers appropriate to the game, by the captain and/or players is to
             be encouraged.
        l) The orders or instructions of the umpire, referee or designated official should be obeyed
             quickly, and any decisions, however unfavourable, should be accepted without question.
        m) The use of drugs, including pain killers, to improve or maintain the performance of any
             individual player, or group of players, is strictly forbidden.
Conduct of Spectators
     n) Good play by either side should be acknowledged by spectators in the appropriate manner.
          This can encourage players and help them to lift their game as the match or contest progresses.
          Unwise or fanatical barracking can make a players perform foolish actions in his play, or incite
          him to foul play, which is not to be condoned.
     o) The Head of College has the legal right to remove any person or persons who do not conform
          to the acceptable standards of behaviour as laid down by his school.
     p) Consumption of alcohol by spectators during the conduct of a match or contest is not
     q) Referees or umpires are not to be approached by spectators at any time before, during or after a
     r) Cheering and supporting one’s own team is recognised as part of the conduct of the game and,
          provided this barracking is within the requirements of the By Laws (with respect to Athletics
          and Swimming), it is to be encouraged. However, negative barracking against another school is
          not acceptable, and should be discouraged.
     s) While the Host School should make every endeavour to provide for the disposal of rubbish, all
          should make every effort not to litter any parts of the playing fields and/or grounds.

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