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									Sams Teach Yourself Networking in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself

Author: Uyless Black

Edition: 4

Sams Teach Yourself Networking in 24 Hours, Fourth Edition, is written in a unique task-oriented, step-
by-step format that allows you to learn the essentials of networking from beginning to end. Chapters are
broken out into hour-long lessons, each one focusing on a specific topic, beginning with a basic overview
of networking. After 24 one-hour lessons, you will have an understanding of the concepts, hardware and
software that are needed to build a network, as well as wireless networks, SSID broadcast, security and
anti-spam technologies. New Areas for coverage include broadband over cable Bluetooth Linux hypervisor
and virtual machines CIFS Microsoft Virtual Server Ethernet NICs Fibre channel adapters FCoE SAN
switching using Fibre channel switches

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