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									                                      technical data sheet
               BOSTIK INSTANT-PRO™
                                                                    APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS
  PRODUCT                                                           •   All surfaces to be tiled must be firm, dry, clean and free
  Bostik Instant-PRO™ Interior Floor Tile Adhesive is a white,          from grease. Building boards must be fixed in
  premixed ceramic tile glue suitable for fixing ceramic tiles          accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  onto building boards, concrete and cement render in interior          Note: Cement render must be allowed to cure for seven
  applications.                                                         days. Porous surfaces to be primed prior to tiling.
                                                                    •   Apply Bostik Instant-PRO™ Interior Floor Tile Adhesive
                                                                        using a 6mm x 6mm-notched trowel. Do not spread
  DESCRIPTION                                                           more than 1m² at a time, as glue may dry.
  Bostik Instant-PRO™ Interior Floor Tile Adhesive is an
                                                                    •   Push tiles into the glue before glue dries. Note: at least
  acrylic based, flexible adhesive ideal for installation of
                                                                        80% of the glue must be in contact with the tiling surface
  ceramic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, decorative feature tiling
                                                                        and the tile.
  and other internal applications. Bostik Instant- PRO™ Interior
  Floor Tile Adhesive is a premixed paste which is easy to          •   Use Spacers between tiles to ensure your rows and
                                                                        columns are glued accurately.
  clean up (with water).
                                                                    •   Clean up any excess glue with a damp cloth.
                                                                    •   Note: not recommended for bonding to timber surfaces
  •    Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundries                               PATS (PRETESTED ADHESION TO
  •    Mosaic tiles (internal)                                      SUBSTRATE) PROGRAMME
  •    Decorative tiling around fire places                         Bostik offer a service in which a program has been
                                                                    established to eliminate potential field problems by pre-
                                                                    testing Bostik adhesives with samples of building materials to
  FEATURES & BENEFITS                                               which the adhesive will be applied. This service is available
  •    Flexible                                                     on large projects where pre-application testing will aid in
  •    Non slip                                                     determining the proper surface preparation method to
  •    Easy to spread                                               achieve optimum adhesion. Consult a Bostik representative
  •    Non-toxic                                                    for further information.
  •    Water clean up
  •    Australian Made                                              HEALTH AND SAFETY
                                                                    •   Wear Gloves when using this product
  PROPERTIES                                                        •   Avoid contact with skin and eyes
Appearance          Thick White Paste                               •   This product is of low toxicity, however, ingestion or
Colour              White                                               contact with the eyes should be avoided.
                    Waterbased acrylic – major use: for adhering    •   Splashes in the eye may cause irritation.
Chemical type       ceramic tiles onto walls                        •   Prolonged skin exposure may cause slight irritation.
Specific Gravity    1.5kg/L at 25°C
Working                                                             CLEAN UP
temperature         5°C to 50°C                                     Bostik Instant-PRO™ Interior Floor Tile Adhesive can be
Tack free                                                           removed from the surface of tile with a damp cloth while the
working time        15 mins @ 20°C
                                                                    adhesive is still wet. Tools and equipment can be cleaned
                    1 Litre = 1m² (using a 6mm x 6mm notched
                                                                    with water before adhesive dries. Use Instant-PRO™ Tile &
Coverage            trowel) Adhesive depth should be kept – max
                                                                    Grout Cleaner if adhesive has cured.
Cure time           24 hours
                    Store unopened containers for up to 12 months
Shelf life          (in cool and dry environment)
                                                                    •   Not suitable for use in continuous water immersed
                                                                        areas, such as swimming pools and fountains.
  PACKAGING                                                         •   Not suitable for exterior applications
  1kg, 4kg, and 10 kg pails.                                        •   Allow glue to dry for 24 hours, prior to grouting.
                                                                                    BOSTIK INSTANT PRO Interior Floor Tile Adhesive
STORAGE                                                                             Item No    Barcode         Stock Size    Ctn Qty
Can be stored in unopened containers for up to 12 months in
                                                                                    293679           9310492442457          1 kg                  6
cool, dry, weatherproof environment.                                                293687           9310492442464          4 kg                  4
                                                                                    293652           9310492442433          10 kg                 1

 The representations and recommendations regarding the products are based on tests which we believe to be reliable. However, no guarantee of their
 accuracy can be made because of the great range of field conditions and variations encountered in raw materials, manufacturing equipment and
 methods. Thus, the products are sold with a limited warranty only, and on the condition that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the
 suitability of the product for their particular purposes. Under no circumstances will Bostik Australia Pty Ltd be liable to anyone except for replacement of
 the products or refund of the purchase price.

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