Boilermaking (Metal Fabrication)

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					         APP R E NT I CES H IPS

Boilermaking (Metal Fabrication)

    WHAT IS AN APPRENTICESHIP?                                   BOILERMAKER
    An apprenticeship is a training program providing an         A boilermaker assembles, installs and fits tanks, boilers
    opportunity to learn all aspects of a trade. Apprentices     and other storage equipment and performs other types of
    enter a contract (usually for four years) with an employer   metal fabrication.
    and are paid wages whilst receiving practical onsite
    training and offsite tuition with a Registered Training      WHAT A BOILERMAKER DOES
    Organisation (i.e. TAFE) to Certificate III level.           n   read and interpret plans
                                                                 n   layout and cut steel plate
    ABOUT THE MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION (MBA)                  n   roll and cut sheet steel
    GROUP APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING SCHEME:                        n   weld using oxyacetylene and electric arc equipment
    Group training is where apprentices are employed             n   fabricate metal structures to a given specification
    under an agreement with the MBA. The MBA manages
    the quality of training and provides pastoral care for       ESSENTIAL
    the apprentice.                                              n 16 years or older
    A training employer provides the job, and the MBA            n A desire to achieve excellence
    takes care of all contractual requirements. Training         n Competent in Maths and English
    employers are businesses that require the labour and         n Physically fit and agile
    skills of an apprentice and in return provide the training   n Able to work at heights
    and guidance required for a particular trade. Training       n Aptitude for working with your hands
    employers allow paid time off to attend any formal           n Enjoy working as a team
    training such as TAFE that may be required.                  n Willing to travel to different sites

    Since the formation of the MBA Group Apprenticeship          DESIRABLE
    Scheme in 1977, over 8000 apprentices have                   n Completed a VET or Pre Apprenticeship course
    graduated from the MBA apprenticeship programme.             n Industry work experience
                                                                 n Own transport

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