Survival Guide for the 10th Grade

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					                   Survival Guide for the 10th Grade

Congratulations! You have made it to the very last week of school. Think
back over the year at Davis School for Independent Study. I’d guess you
were a bit excited, a bit nervous and may have had a question or two about
what life would be like here. As an experienced veteran, you have special
knowledge and experience to share; you are an expert on 10th grade. Your
assignment is to write a five-paragraph letter to next year’s 10th graders.
Remember to begin your letter with a date and the proper salutation and
end it with your signature.

Paragraph 1       What was 10th grade like? Did you find the year to be fun?
                  Hard? Challenging? Exciting? Confusing? Crazy? Good?
                  Easy? Explain your thoughts.

                  Write at least ½ page answering this question. Briefly
                  describe your overall impressions about the past year.
                  Remember there is no right or wrong answer.

Paragraph 2       What things did you study in Science, English, Social
                  Studies, Math, and so on? What assignments were the best
                  and which were the hardest? Which seemed like a total
                  waste of time (also known as busy work)?

                  Answer this question in a longer statement between ¾ and 1
                  page in length. It will make your letter interesting to read if
                  you explain why you liked or disliked certain activities or
                  assignments. Focus on the subjects studied and
                  assignments you had to complete.

Paragraph 3       What’s the best way to maintain a good relationship with
                  your DSIS teacher? What can you do, or not do, to
                  contribute to a difficult relationship?

                  Here is your chance to offer some great advice to next year’s
                  10th graders. Let them know what teachers like and don’t
                  like; how one should and should not behave in Independent
                  Study. Be honest in your assessment. Your response
                  should be between ½ and ¾ of a page in length.

Paragraph 4       Listed below are some questions that a new student might
                  have. Select a minimum of five questions to answer. You
                  need to write the question and the response.
                   1. What is the best way to make friends at school?
                   2. What is the best thing that happened to you at school this
                   3. What is the worst thing that happened to you at school
                      this year?
                   4. What should you bring to class each week?
                   5. What electives did you like the most? Why?
                   6. Is it hard to get good grades at DSIS?
                   7. Who is a good person to talk to if things at school are not
                      going well?
                   8. Any other information you wish you had when you started
                      10th grade?

                   Your answers may be short—but remember your goal is to
                   provide expert advice to next year’s students.

Paragraph 5        Identify three things you think are MOST important for
                   success in school and share them in your letter. As this is
                   your last paragraph, if you have anything else to add, please
                   do so. End your letter by signing it.

SPECIAL NOTES: You should submit your letter with a cover page on which the
title “Survival for 10th Grade”, your name, and the date are neatly written.
Include a color illustration depicting some aspect of 10th grade.