Sunrise Sunset Before After School Program Guide Rules and Regulations by guy25


									   Sunrise~Sunset                   Rules and Regulations                        Sunrise~Sunset Program Fees
Before & After School                                                                     (per week)
                             We encourage your child to be positive, co-
   Program Guide                operative and demonstrate appropriate
                              behavior. Safety will be our first priority at
      2008-2009                  all times. All children must follow our
                                program rules and respect not only our
                             staff, but other children as well. We will not             No Cash Accepted
                                  tolerate physical harm, aggression,               Check or Money Order Only
                                stealing or profanities. We reserve the
                                  right to remove your child from our
                                                                               Registration Fee - $40.00 (per family)
                               program if any of these behaviors occur.
                                                                               Registration fees are non refundable.
                                     Children may only be picked up by         Sunrise Program Fee - $15.00 per week
                                     authorized persons listed on the          Sunset Program Fee - $45.00 (4-5 days)
                                     enrollment application.                   Sunset Part-time Fee - $30.00 (1-3 days)
                                     Children are not to be left               Sunrise~Sunset - $60.00 per week
                                     unattended before or after school         Full Day Sessions - $20.00 per day
                                     when the staff is not on duty.
                                                                               Returned Check Fee - $25.00 - $40.00,
                                     Parents must Sign-In and Sign-Out
                                     their students when they are              based on original amount of check. After
                                     dropped off and picked up.                one check is returned, all payments must
                                     You must have a Photo ID to pick          be made by cashier’s check or money
                                     up your student.                          order.
                                     Child Information Sheets must be
      Sunrise~Sunset                 updated as soon as possible to            Payments are due on the Friday before
    Program Director                 keep all information current.             the start of the program week.
                                     Students will have designated
       Brynn Wilson                  times for homework, snack,                Late Payment Fee - $5.00 per child, per
Palmetto Elementary School           physical activities and other play        day will be assessed until the amount due
     3000 10th Ave, SE               activities.                               is paid in full.
                                     Students will be supervised by
     Naples, FL 34117                teachers, teacher assistants and          Late Pick Up Fees:
        239-377-9115                 student assistants at all times.          (Refer to Late Policy Agreement for
                                                                                       1-10 minutes- $10.00
                                                                                       11-20 minutes- $20.00
                                                                                       21-30 minutes- $30.00
        Hours of Operation                               Discipline Policy                        Sunrise~Sunset Calendar

The Sunrise Program (before school) will      Students are expected to conduct                August 19, 2008        Program Begins
operate daily from 6:30 – 7:45 AM             themselves in accordance with the               June 2, 2009           Program Ends
                                              established guidelines, while not infringing    ____________________________
The Sunset Program (after school) will        on the rights of others. Parents will be
                                              notified of any misbehavior. Student safety           Early Release Days:
operate daily from 2:50 – 6:30 PM
                                              is a program priority, so behaviors that put          (included in your weekly fee)
The program will be offered from 12:50 –      other students and/or adults at risk will not
6:30 PM on Early Dismissal Days               be tolerated. If a child has ongoing issues     August 28, 2008        February 4, 2009
                                              with unacceptable behavior they may be          September 25, 2008     March 6, 2009
Full Day Camp will be offered from 6:30       excluded from activities or withdrawn from      October 29, 2008       April 22, 2009
AM – 6:30 PM with the exception of            the program, at the discretion of the                                  June 2, 2009
                                                                                                                     (Last day of program)
recognized holidays, as identified on the     Sunrise~Sunset Director, in conjunction
yearly calendar.                              with the principal.                             ____________________________
                                                                                                 Full Days: (6:30 AM – 6:30 PM)
              Enrollment                               Mission Statement
                                                                                              $10.00 days:
                                              The mission of the Sunrise~Sunset               October 17, 2008       Teacher Planning
Enrollment is limited to students currently
                                              Program at Palmetto Elementary is to            January 5, 2009        Teacher Planning
enrolled at Palmetto Elementary.
                                              provide students with high quality before       March 9, 2009          Teacher Planning
Enrollment must be processed with the
                                              and after school care that is in-house, on-     $20.00 days:
Sunrise~Sunset Director, paperwork must
                                              site, and consistent with the District’s and    Dec 22-24 & 29-31      Winter Break
be completed in full and payments must be
                                              School’s missions. The Sunrise~Sunset           April 6-13, 2009       Spring Recess
made prior to beginning the program.
                                              Program will support the ongoing                ____________________________
                                              development of identified character traits      The Program Will Be Closed On:
                                              and provide opportunities for academic
                 Snacks                       enrichment in an environment that is safe –
                                                                                              September 1, 2008      Labor Day
                                              physically and emotionally.
                                                                                              November 26-28, 2008   Thanksgiving
Afternoon snacks are provided. Your child                                                     December 25-26, 2008   Christmas
may bring his or her own snack if he/she                    Medications                       January 1-2, 2009      New Year’s
does not wish to eat the snack that is                                                        January 19, 2009       Dr. MLK Jr. Day
provided. Soda, candy and/or gum are not      The Sunrise~Sunset Staff does not               February 16, 2009      President’s Day
allowed.                                      administer medication. If your child is         May 25, 2009           Memorial Day
                                              identified as having medical needs, please      June 3, 2009           Teacher Planning
Full Day Camp – Parents may provide two       provide written documentation to the                                   Day
(2) snacks and a packed lunch that do not     School Nurse, in order for your child to
require heating or refrigeration.             receive their medication prior to entering
                                              the after school program each day.

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