Sunderland City Council Household Alterations and Extensions Guide January Statement by guy25


									Sunderland City Council
Household Alterations and Extensions Guide
January 2008
Statement of the SPD matters


Household Alterations and Extensions Guide -

Subject matter and area covered:

The purpose of this SPD is to set out design guidance for homeowners and
building designers on the design of house extensions and / or alterations.
The design guide has been produced in recognition of the visual and amenity
impact that extensions can have on the quality of individual houses and the
street scene in general. The document provides guidance to assist in the
understanding and implementation of UDP Policy B2 and B2A of UDP
Alteration No 2. The purpose of the design guide is to set out the Council’s
design expectation. It is not intended to impose rigid control over detailed
design matters or stifle originality or innovation. The focus is on encouraging
good design, by concentrating on he broad issues of scale, height, massing,
layout, landscape and parking. The guidance identifies the main design
principles and illustrates with examples the issues should be considered.

Period within which representations must be sent

Comments relevant to the SPD must be made within the consultation period
from 28th January until 7th March 2008.

Address and person to which representations must be sent:

Director of Development and Regeneration
Sunderland City Council
PO Box 102
Civic Centre

Representation by email should be sent, within the same time period to
You can also complete an on line response form at

Notification of adoption request:
Any representations must be accompanied by a request to be notified at a
specific address of the adoption of the SPD.

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