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									The Romans
Understanding Ancient Civilizations

Author: Kevin McGeough

Edition: 1
Age Group: 7 - 17

The Romans: New Perspectives is the ideal starting point for investigating this extraordinary
civilizationóits remarkable rise and decline, the scope of its power and wealth, the details of everyday life 
for its people, and its signature contributions to human culture (food, architecture, government, public
works, art, and more).||The Romans takes readers from the establishment of the monarchy (circa 753
BCE) through the rise of the republic (circa 509 BCE), the imperial period, and ultimately to the fall of the
empire and the coronation of the barbarian king Odoacer. It is an engaging account of current thinking on
Roman life and culture informed by a number of dramatic recent discoveries. The book provides a
coherent introduction to the field, while pointing the way toward further reading on specific topics and

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