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For A Good Time Call…

Author: Crystal Green

Tamara's Blind Date

Name: Kyle Sullivan Appearance: Black hair, gray-blue eyes — yum! Personality: Confusing: sometimes
wild, sometimes uptight Verdict: Gorgeous and sexy, but there's something just not right...

Tamara Clarkson just wants a guy for some good times. And fun-loving Kyle Sullivan fills the bill! But he's
a puzzling contradiction: charming and superficial one minute, serious and intense the next. It's almost
as if he's not the man he says he is....

When his insensitive cousin decides to stand up his blind date, do-the-right-thing Murphy Sullivan offers
to pose as good-time-boy Kyle. He'll just buy the lady a drink and be done with it. But he finds Tamara
irresistibly sexual — and if pretending to be his uninhibited cousin is what it takes, hey, why not? After
all, it can't hurt to keep up the act for a few more wild nights...can it?

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