Study Guide for Industrial Revolution Test

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					                 Study Guide for Industrial Revolution Test

Part 1 Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution (Monday)
___ Industrial revolution vocabulary. Know the definitions and be able to apply the following

        Cottage industry, craftsmanship, self-sufficient, limited resources, introduction of
        technology, factory, commodity, assembly line, division of labor, labor, management,

___Review notes for Industrial Revolution

___Explain the preliminary and main causes of the increased population of England and the short
term and long term results of this increase.

___Explain the arrival of the industrial revolution in the USA and explain how the industrial
revolution was different in the US than in England

Part 2 Basic Economics (Tuesday)
___Capitalism vocabulary - Know the definitions and be able to apply the following terms:

        Boom and bust, capital, capitalism, depression, entrepreneur, free market, industrial
        capitalism, laissez-faire, monopoly, profit, Adam Smith, invisible hand, John Maynard

___Apply concepts of supply and demand to specific events to judge the impact on price.

        For example: What would be the effect on the price of Coca Cola if there was a
        worldwide shortage of sugar?

___Compare and contrast the economic systems of communism, capitalism, and socialism.

___Explain the basic working of the stock market, be able to read a stock chart, and be able to
explain the following terms:

        stock screen, P/E ratio, volume, market capitalization, dividend, target price, analyst
        recommendations, moving average, PEG ratio, opportunity cost, risk/reward ratio and

Part 3 Effects of the Industrial Revolution (Wednesday)
___Define and apply the terms “push factor” and “pull factor” to the immigrant experience.

        For example: Is it a push or pull factor at work if you leave your country because a war
        breaks out?

___Review notes for Immigration

___Explain the following items related to the immigrant experience and effects of the industrial

        Progressive movement, muckrakers, Pure Food and Drug Act, rise of socialism,
        prohibition movement, trust busting, The Jungle, How the Other Half Lives, Modern
        Times, bosses, rise of unions.

Look over everything BRIEFLY Thursday night and you will be well
prepared for the test!