Everyday Life and Cultural Theory by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Everyday Life and Cultural Theory
Author: Ben Highmore

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments. 1. Figuring the Everyday 2. Arguments 3. Simmel: Fragments of
Everyday Life 4. Surrealism: The Marvellous in the Everyday 5. Benjamin's Trash Aesthetics 6. Mass-
Observation: A Science of Everyday Life 7. Henri Lefebvre's Dialects of Everyday Life 8. Michel de
Certeau's Poetics of Everyday Life 9. Psotscript: Everyday Life and the Future of Cultural Studies
Bibliography. Index.

Everyday Life and Cultural Theory provides a unique critical and historical introduction to theories of
everyday life. Ben Highmore traces the development of conceptions of everyday life, from the cultural
sociology of Georg Simmel, through the Mass-Observation project of the 1930s to contemporary theorists
such as Michel de Certeau.
Individual chapters examine:
* Modernity and everyday life
* Georg Simmel and fragments of everyday life
* Surrealism and the marvellous in the everyday
* Walter Benjamin's trash aesthetics
* Mass-Observation and the science of everyday life
* Henri Lefebvre's dialectics of everyday life
* Michel de Certeau's poetics of everyday life
* Everyday life and the future of cultural studies.

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