Study Guide for Colonial Unit by guy25


									                               American Revolution Vocabulary words

Albany Plan of Union: proposal by Benjamin Franklin to create one government for the 13 colonies.

Ally: nation that works with another nation for a common purpose.

Blockade: shutting of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out.

Boycott: refusal to buy certain goods and services.

Calvary: troops on horseback

Committee of Correspondence: letter writing campaign that became a major tool of protest in the

1st Continental Congress: in 1774 meeting in Philadelphia of delegates from 12 colonies

Loyalist: colonist who remains loyal to Britain

Mercenary: soldier who fights for pay, often for a foreign country

Militia: army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency

Natural Rights: rights that belong to all people from birth

Parliament: representative assembly in England

Patriot: colonist who favored war against Britain

Petition: formal written request to someone in authority, signed by a group of people

Preamble: introduction to a declaration, constitution or other official document

Ratify: to approve

Repel: to cancel

Siege: military blockade or bombardment of an enemy, town or position in order to force it to

Traitor: person who betrays his or her country

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