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Study Guide Exam II Bio Environmental Biology Fall This review by guy25


									Study Guide – Exam II
Bio 115 – Environmental Biology - Fall 2008
This review sheet is only part of a complete study program that would include studying lecture notes and reading the
textbook. The instructor reserves the right to ask questions from material not included on this review sheet.

 Demography, overpopulation                                     US Fish & Wildlife Service
 Crude birth & death rates                                      National Marine Fisheries Service
 Replacement-level fertility                                    Old-growth forests, second-growth
 Total fertility rate                                           Wise use philosophy, preservationists
 Infant mortality rate                                          Clearcutting
 Population crash                                               Silvaculture
 Carrying capacity                                              Selective cutting, Shelter-wood cutting
                                                                Seed-tree cutting, Whole-tree harvesting
 Endangered & threatened species
 Accelerated extinction                                         Marasmus & kwasiorkor
 Taste aversion                                                 Subsistence & industrialized agriculture
 Biocentric ethic, Ecocentric ethic                             Nomadic herding
 Anthropocentric ethic                                          Leaching, weathering
 Lacey Act (1900)


    •   Diagram the growth of a population and explain exponential growth, carrying capacity,
        & population crashes. How does environmental resistance affect population growth?
        Diagram & describe 3 different types of population age structures – give examples.

    •   Explain the main assumptions of the philosophy of conservation biology. List and
        describe at least 4 reasons why we should be concerned about species extinctions.

    •   Explain how coyotes are targeted with Compound 1080. Why might we say that
        ranchers have anthropocentric views about wildlife?

    •   Discuss the major causes (at least 6) of accelerated species extinctions. Explain why
        poaching is a serious problem for African rhinos and elephants.

    •   Discuss how old-growth forests are different from second growth forests. How are the
        philosophies and actions of Earth First! Different from The Nature Conservancy?

    •   What are the most important food resources for humans on Earth? Explain how
        industrialized agriculture is different from subsistence agriculture.

    •   Diagram & describe a typical soil profile. Describe the contents of the different layers
        and explain how they are different.

    • Describe the 3 functions of humus. How is it different from detritus? What problems
      do plants experience in clay & sandy soils?

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