Study Guide Chapter 11

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					                             Study Guide Chapter 11
                             Sustaining Biodiversity
You must be able to answer all of the following questions if you wish to do well on your
   1. Sketch a Venn Diagram for the three types of
      extinction. Be sure to include 3 examples of
      species undergoing each type of extinction. You
      will need to look up this information.

   2. List the characteristics of a species that would
      them to become endangered and potentially

Be sure to explain any that are difficult for you to

   3. Currently how many plant, mammal and bird
      species are at risk for extinction on earth?

What is the significance of this number?

   4. How have humans affected the rate of species

What is the current extinction rate?

   5. Make a T chart comparing the advantages and
      disadvantages of ecotourism

Do you think ecotourism should be allowed? Why or
why not? Should there be any stipulations regarding it?
   6. Since all species will eventually become extinct
      in time, what, if any, role do humans have in
      preventing this extinction

Is there anything that you can or will do to facilitate the
extinction or preservation of species on earth, be

   7. What does the book Ishmael or My Ishmael have
      to say about the extinction of species and the role
      of humans in it?

   8. Why is it that deliberately introduced species are
      so hard to control?

   What effects do these species tend to have on the
   environment around them?

Do you think it’s worth it to have introduced species in
our nation? Explain.

   9. What is CITES and what does it do?

   10. What is CBD and what does it do?

   What are some issues concerning CBD?
   11. What is ESA and what does it do?

   What are some of the issues concerned with ESA?

   12. How has ESA been modified since 1995?

Do you think ESA is effective and should it still
continue to exist? Explain.
   13. Do you think that implementing reconciliation
       ecology is a realistic goal? Explain.

   Write 3 multiple choice questions (a-e) that could be
   found on your APES exam


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