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Board of Selectmen Mins 09-09-09 _DOC - Mainegov


                      Minutes for the Selectmen’s meeting Wednesday, 09 Sept 2009
Charles Collins called the meeting to order at 7 pm with Geoff Birdsall and Dolores Pinette present. Don Ludgin joined them,
and CEO Bob Trabona joined later.

Minutes of the meetings: Selectmen approved minutes of 26 Aug 2009 meeting.

New bills; property transfers: Selectmen signed new bills and reviewed property transfers.

     Memo from Planning Board with supplemental data for the DEP response; and a letter from them to 14 property owners.
Action: John Evans came in to update the Selectmen: the Planning Board has completed its work on the DEP rebuttal and
intend to send the letters to the property owners tomorrow. He needs to know who is going to be signing the letter to the
DEP. We have a note in to legal to determine.
Also: Note from Misty Green on Crisis Leadership Training 21&22 Sept in Bar Harbor; MRRA annual meeting and dinner
22 Oct 09; Note from Rep. Bruce MacDonald again opposing the Excise Tax and Tabor II initiative; Note from Town of
Westport Island asking for information on storage vaults; Invite to Mid Coast Hospital tour of the new emergency room on
18 Sept; Memo from MMA on voting credentials for the MMA annual business meeting; Memo from MMA on proposed
by-law amendments; Invite from Maine State Chamber of Commerce to the Maine Business Leaders Economic Summit on
Early Childhood on 24 Sept; Lincoln County Recycling numbers for August; NCCI with Workers Compensation
Experience ratings; Heating Assistance meeting on 15 Sept. Action: Send note to Westport Island to talk to the Historical
Society; Mary will try to attend heating assistance meeting; all others filed or recycled as appropriate.

  Minutes: Solid Waste Management Committee 16 Jul 09; Board of Appeals, 14 Aug 09
Old business:
     Gunnell appeal: no news other than a copy of letter from Gunnell to the Commissioners in response to the hearing and
Bill VanTuinen’s discussion. Action: none needed; will await word from the Commissioners.
     Update regarding the Strater boat in Five Islands Harbor: no news Action: will need to await court action, currently
scheduled for 22 September.
     Boundary line agreement with Wren/Holtwijk: note from Skip that he has the recordable plan and will have an
agreement for all parties to sign by the end of this week. Action: Reminder email to Skip today.
     Haddock-Montgomery: Board of Appeals hearing scheduled for 29 Sept at 2:30pm. Action: noted.
     Abatement requests: still awaiting word from Bill on final one. Action: Reminder email to Bill yesterday.
     Aleada Pinkham house: ad in paper last Thursday, Friday, and this Tuesday and Wednesday. Action: noted.
     Title to the Town woodlot (10R-025); no news yet. Action: noted.
     Appraisal of Eileen Stevenson lot (03R-033): no news. Action: Charlie updated the group on his work with Dan
Shipley. of Associated Appraisers of Maine. The Selectmen authorized obtaining a soils survey to determine whether the lot
will support a septic system.
     Responses from owners of holding tanks: none. Action: none
     Bay Point Road -- paving came in under on tonnage but Dale will need a little more to complete shoulders and driveway
work. Action: noted.

New business:
    Letter from MMA about regional presentations on Excise and Tabor II initiatives on 16 Sept 09 @ Wiscasset High.

Other Items: Linda Hjortland came in to the office to request the use of the lower floor of the church by the Working
League to store no more than a dozen chairs to be refurbished and sold at the next fair. Selectmen approved request with the
understanding that if the Church Committee gets moving on fixing the building that they may need to move them.
    Charlie requested a listing of fuel consumption of the church for last year. Action:. Mary will run report and advise, as
well as calling Linda.
    Follow up on conversations with Road Commissioner on issues around town: Dale has been very receptive and is
checking on items brought to his attention.
    Julius Blanchard came in to the office today to complain about the fact that we do not accept bulky waste on Wednesday.
Action: forwarded to the Solid Waste Committee for their information.
    Deb Thibodeau was in to the office to let us know that Big Brothers Big Sisters is not supporting any new children from
the Georgetown School. They have 1 student in the program currently, and four others that would like to be in it. Action:
Geoff noted that he had been at a meeting today with BBBS and stated that he would be more that willing to call the
communications director with whom he met if need be. He also noted that they have 166 children in Cumberland County
looking for matches. Mary will let Deb know that if she wants us to take any action to let us know.
    Mary spoke with Don Cowing about the sign for the Town Office. If we get it down and repaired he will work on it over
the winter. Bob Trabona offered to take it down and see about repairing it if need be.

Other New Business
    Charlie attended a Wind Power Consortium at the Edgecomb Eddy School on 3 Sept and brought back some info for the
group. They are doing preliminary test sites for 3-5 years.
    Bob Trabona reported that he had been up to the Jewett Road area and that the Magliozzi’s (01R-013) are not building in
accordance with the permit that was issued. The foundation footprint is in accordance with the plan but the building itself is
not within the parameters submitted. A stop work order will be issued.

Scheduled Appointments:
          Shawn Crosson came in to volunteer for the Recreation Committee. Selectmen discussed and signed his
          Jim and Sharon Butler came in to discuss issues that have arisen at their property on Davis Landing Rd. including
setbacks and minimum lot size. They have (or will) take care of the issues with conveyances. The Selectmen voted to sign
an authorization to the CEO for a no action letter.
          Tom Burgess came in to discuss his homestead exemption application due on 1 Apr and received on 28 Aug. The
Selectmen let him know that he is eligible for the exemption for the 2010-11 tax year. Tom wants an adjustment for the year
2007 and beyond. The Selectmen advised him that this is a State form and is granted only IF it is submitted by 1 Apr and
that they cannot extend the date or issue any type of refund. He was advised to speak to his representatives.

Public comment: none
Executive session: on motion, the Selectmen went into executive session at 9:05pm under 1 MRSA § 405.6F to discuss a GA
matter; emerging at 9:15pm.

Adjournment: On motion, the Selectmen voted to adjourn at 9:26 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary F McDonald
Assistant to the Selectmen

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